Saturday July 21, 2018
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Archive for the ‘WISSOTA’ Category

Richards Brothers Dominate Red Cedar Speedway

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Menomonie, Wisconsin–The Red Cedar Speedway presented Kid’s Club Night sponsored by Thunderhill Speedway, Trail Dodge, and Tri-Mart DBA Midwest Food and Tobacco Group. Additionally, Bus Night from Westside Bar and Grill transportation was provided by Right Way Shuttle. The WISSOTA Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, Late Models, and EVS Hornets were all on the card. Feature winners included Kevin Adams, Tommy Richards, Shane Halopka, Danny Richards, George Richards, and Jeremy Johnson. The Late Model feature was postponed due to time constraints.

The WISSOTA Modified heats were won by Kevin Adams and Ashley Anderson as Adams started outside of Cory Williams at feature time. It was Adams into the lead early as he eventually drove to the sweep on the night. However, it was certainly no easy task as third starting Ashley Anderson hounded him the entire distance. The two swapped the lead on multiple occasions and put on a show which will be hard to top. The win certainly was hard earned as the crowd was entertained as the two modified aces plied their crafts.

Details of the race included a lap one yellow for mechanical issues for Steve Hallquist. Adams was scored the leader as Williams sat in second with Anderson in third of the restart. Anderson moved to the highline on the restart and overtook second as Jeremy Nelson moved to the low side and into third. Initially Adams tried to drive away in the lead, but Anderson closed the gap and caught him on lap five.

A caution flag reset the field and Anderson used the opportunity to drive under Adams for the point. Adams fought back and was able to pull even as the two charged side by side for the lead. It was Adams using the low groove to retake the position, but Anderson applied very heavy pressure. A Cooper Berlin caution in turns three and four again reset the field. The restart was aborted on lap 12 of 15 which was called on Mike Knopps.

The three-lap dash to the finish saw Adams in the lead on the restart as Anderson challenged him the entire remaining distance to the checkered flag. Nelson finished a strong third over Brandon Jensen and Clayton Wagamon who used a late charge to finish fifth.

The WISSOTA Super Stock heats were bested by Tommy Richards, Ben Hillman, and Jesse Redetzke. Rick Hallquist and Chad Gullixson paced the feature and after an initial attempt at a start was thwarted by a caution, the second attempt saw Chad Gullixson in the lead at the end of lap one. Bart Steffen overtook second position as Dan Gullikson moved into third. It looked to be Stephan’s night early as he moved to the outside of the leader, raced him side by side, and moved out into the front. Unfortunately for him, a caution flag flew before the lap was completed and Chad Gullixson was relegated back as the leader.

On the restart, Stephan chose to start on the outside of Dan Gullikson and it was Dan Gullikson who used the low line to drive under the leader and take control. However, ninth starting Tommy Richards moved into second position and it was becoming clear he was certainly a threat for the win. A caution flag flew resetting the field and a green, white, checkered finish was in store. On the restart, Richards completed his journey as he drove under the leader for the point and quickly stretched an advantage on the remaining field. As Richards scorched the pack, Dan Gullikson came home in second over Stephen in third. A late charging Ben Hillman bested Chad Gullixson as the two rounded out the top five.

Dan Larson, Nick Koehler, Jake Smith, and Kevin Adams, won the WISSOTA Midwest Modified heats as Karl Kolek led cover to cover, winning the B Feature. It was Josh Wahlstrom and Dan Larson leading the group to green in the feature as Wahlstrom took the early lead. Shane Halopka immediately moved into the runner up spot, and on lap two, he drove under Wahlstrom for the top position. On lap three, Adams had moved from his eighth starting position into the runner up spot but he struggled to catch the leader. A lap six restart was followed up by yet another caution, but once under green, they raced to the checkered flag thereafter. It was Halopka in charge as he stretched his advantage over Adams who himself drove was from third. Tommy Richards moved through the pack late to take the third position as Nick Koehler overtook Wahlstrom for fourth before the checkered flag flew.

It was Mike Knudtson over Danny Richards in the heat as Richards bested Knudtson in the feature. Ashley Wahlstrom started inside of Knudtson at feature time as she moved into the lead on lap one. It was Richards moving into second position as Hunter VanGilder drove to third. A lap two caution slowed the pace and the restart saw three wide racing as VanGilder moved to the top and Richards below Wahlstrom. It looked as if VanGilder would overtake the lead but Richards clawed hard at the bottom groove and himself claimed the position. As they raced one, two, three, a turn two spin saw heavy contact between Wahlstrom and VanGilder, ending both driver’s evening.

The restart saw Richards in control with Knudtson in second and Braden Brauer in third. As the top two sped away, Brauer found himself in a battle for position with Kolby Kiehl. Brauer was able to secure the position and close the gap on the leaders, but it was Richards, Knudtson, then Brauer at the line. Kiehl held off a hard charging Ron Hanestad with a side by side finish for fourth.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks saw George Richards sweep the night as he started outside of the polesitter, Krysta Doughty in the feature. A three car crash on the opening lap forced a complete restart. The second attempt saw Richards drop back into the crowd as Doughty lead early and Kent Harmon moved into the runner up position. Kyle Copp looked strong as he moved into third but as Richards found his preferred low groove, he began to move forward. Richards drove under Copp as a yellow flag once again slowed the action.

Under green, Harmon moved to the lead below Doughty as Richards made the same pass into the runner up position. Tucker Quinn and Copp began to race side by side for the fourth position as Richards made a bid for the point down the backstretch, overtaking the lead below Harmon. Harmon wasn’t done however, as he inched back to the front at the white flag. Richards used a good run off turn two to once again get under Harmon and take the lead on the backstretch, this time making it stick. Richards raced under the checkered flag first over Harmon who was hot on his tail. Doughty finished in third as Quinn nipped Copp at the line for fourth.

The RCS Hornet heats were won by Jeremy Johnson and Lucas Brackin as Brackin started outside of Dean Butler in the feature. Butler lead early as Jordan Langer moved to second but it only took two laps for Johnson to move from eighth at the start to the third position. Butler slipped up the track and Langer overtook the lead on lap four. A series of cautions kept the race cars under pace speed but an eventual green white checkered restart saw Johnson on the point and driving home to the win. It was Langer in second over Butler as Sean Svee raced to fourth over Brackin.

The Red Cedar Speedway will be taking some time off and not returning to action until Friday, June 01, 2018, as DKS Construction, E.O. Johnson Business Technologies, and Fairmount Santrol sponsor the Open A Mod Special and Kid’s Club Night. The open motored modifieds will be in action with the Late Models, Super Stocks, and Midwest Mods. There will be no Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, or Hornets. As the name implies, the modifieds will be in action, but it will not be a WISSOTA sanctioned race.

Five First Time Winners at Rice Lake Speedway

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Rice Lake WI, May 12 – It was a night of firsts Saturday night at the Rice Lake Speedway. All five feature winners won their first mains of the season in their class while two also won their first features ever at Rice Lake on a busy Saturday night as one hundred and forty three drivers signed in to race including twenty four WISSOTA Late Models. The Late Model winner was Steve Laursen from Cumberland. Winning their first feature wins ever at Rice Lake were Kyle Copp and Karl Genett while Tony Bahr, Curt Myers and Kevin Adams also visited victory lane for the first time in 2018 at Rice Lake.

Copp spent a lot of time getting his picture taken Saturday night as early in the evening he received a plaque for having been voted the Best Appearing Car in the Pure Stock class. Later he would return to victory lane to get his picture taken once again. Copp would win a time shortened Pure Stock main as the Pure Stocks had a tough time keeping everyone pointed in the proper direction and the event was finally checkered three laps short of its scheduled distance when the time limit for the event expired due to too many yellow flags.

Bob Thompson would lead much of the early going of the race with rookie Adam Pratt and Copp challenging. Copp would actually have quite a challenging race as he would trigger the first yellow, as he was spun while running third and nearly got clobbered by traffic. However, everyone would miss him and he would get his position back for the restart. On the green, Thompson was again the leader but Copp then moved to second and began to challenge while George Richards and Andrew Hanson were both charging to the front. Randy Graham was having a strong run along with Mike Pratt and there was quite a swarm of cars in the lead group. Each time racing would start to get hot and heavy though, the yellow would return for minor spins and the race would be slowed down once again.

Thompson would get wide in turn one on the fourth restart and Copp was right there to jump to his inside and coming off turn four, Copp would pull into the lead. Hanson was making a big run too while several of the other challengers got tied up together and while they remained racing, they lost several positions. Just as Hanson was making a move to the outside, looking to pass both Thompson and Copp, the yellow waved for a sixth time for a two car spin and with the time limit exceeded, the race was ruled complete.

Copp was declared the winner with Thompson and Hanson next in line. Rounding out the top five were Cory Jorgensen, who came from sixteenth and Richards. Genett would win his first ever feature race in the Street Stocks in an event where the official results weren’t determined until the technical inspectors had a look at the cars. In fact, Hunter VanGilder actually crossed the line first, got his picture taken in victory lane and the program had moved on to the next event before VanGilder’s car didn’t pass inspection.

The Street Stocks ran off a smooth main event with only one yellow flag slowing the action as VanGilder charged off the outside pole to take the early lead with Genett and Jimmy Randall chasing him. Genett was showing lots of speed and he closed to the bumper of VanGilder as he looked both high and low, searching for a route around the leader. Genett made several attempts and got close on a couple of occasions, but just couldn’t quite make the passing attempt pay off. Behind the top three, there was a swarm of cars battling for position with the running order changing on nearly every lap.

A minor spin on lap ten triggered the lone yellow of the race and on the green, VanGilder got a good break as he put several car lengths on the leaders. Genett was now being challenged hard by Randall for second and his focus was on holding that position, not challenging VanGilder for the lead. At the finish, VanGilder had a couple of car lengths on the field as it appeared that he had won for the first time in 2018. However, in technical inspection, a safety violation was found on the car and while it was not a performance enhancing item, it was nevertheless a violation of the rules and his car was disqualified. This elevated Genett to his first victory ever at Rice Lake and he was followed on the official score sheet by Randall, Ashley Wahlstrom in a great run, Braden Brauer and opening night winner Kolby Kiehl.

Bahr has driven in many different classes and won events at Rice Lake over the years, most notably in both the Modified and Late Model class. Now, after being away from the sport for several years, he is back in a Midwest Modified that he will race as time allows. Saturday night his time was quick as he came from the third row to win his first ever MidMod feature at Rice Lake and add to a long list of wins here over the years.

He survived a wheel banging duel with Kevin Adams and made the winning pass on George Truscott with just two laps to go to win a wild main event. Truscott had led the first thirteen laps as the veteran from Greenland Michigan was having one of his finest runs ever here. He was challenged very hard by Shane Halopka for a number of laps before Adams and Bahr showed up to apply even more pressure. Halopka had nearly gotten by for the lead on several occasions but Truscott was able to fight him off until a lap nine yellow for a two car spin bunched the field and Truscott found Bahr and Adams right behind him.

On the green, Bahr threw a bold slide job at the other two, diving into the lead but then sliding up the track in turn one. Truscott was able to turn inside of Bahr and regain the lead but Bahr and Adams were then battling hard side by side, for second. Neither would give an inch and they banged wheels at least twice as they fought for the runner up slot. Suddenly, Adams slowed and parked in turn three with a flat tire and the yellow light came on again. Adams would eventually retire to the pits. A three laps duel saw Truscott continue as the leader but Bahr moved up to the cushion and came flying by on the outside with just two laps to go to take over the lead and he would then pull away for the win. Truscott would finish a strong second ahead of Tyler Vernon. Michael Truscott, George’s nephew, would drive quite a race himself as he had to qualify for the feature by winning the B main, and he then drove up from seventeenth to finish a strong fourth with Halopka rounding out the top five.

Bahr’s last win at Rice Lake previous to Saturday was a 2011 Super Stock win as he has now won feature races in four different classes at Rice Lake, an enviable statistic itself. Myers has visited victory lane at this track many times over the years and he added yet another win as he drove Greg Kuklinski’s Super Stock to the win. He came from the third row to outslug some other tough competitors in a very competitive main event.

Willie Johnsen led a number of laps in the Super Stock feature with Randy and Terran Spacek, Myers and Nick Oreskovich all putting heavy pressure on him. Myers was eventually able to get to the high side of the track and from there, drive around Johnsen to take over the lead. Meanwhile the Spaceks, Oreskovich and Scott Lawrence were all battling incredibly hard for position with the running order changing on nearly every turn of the track. After a lap eleven spin triggered the yellow, the final nine laps of the race ran off nonstop.

Oreskovich, looking for two in a row here, would put heavy pressure on Myers for the lead. Curt would continue to roll around the top side of the track while Nick O would dive low and try to beat Myers back up to the top spot. This continued lap after lap and as they took the white flag, they were nearly side by side for the lead. However, Myers got a great run off turn one and held a slight lead down the back chute. Oreskovich took one last shot but came up a car length short as Myers drove home for the win. Terran Spacek had a strong run for third with Lawrence and Johnsen completing the top five.

Adams visited victory lane last week in the MidMod but Saturday he got his first Modified win of the 2018 racing season. His win was a tough one as he had to fight his way past a fast Steve Hallquist and then hold off a couple of other hard chargers in Kevin Eder and Cory Mahder to take the checkered. Hallquist took the early lead from the outside pole as he beat Jeff Spacek to take the initial advantage. Adams quickly followed him into second and the battle for the lead was on. Meanwhile, Eder, Adam Hensel, Brent Prochnow, Mahder and others were battling hard for position.

Adams was putting the pressure on Hallquist, several times getting close but not quite able to make the pass for the lead. Just before the midpoint of the race, Adams was able to get an advantage in turn four, slide up the track and clear Hallquist for the point. However, Steve remained close and the battle continued. The leaders got into heavy traffic and things turned ugly for Hallquist. While Adams was able to clear the group of back markers, Hallquist had to slam the brakes to avoid an out of shape car and he spun on the front chute, where he was very nearly clipped. Hallquist would get his spot back but his restart was not a good one and he would lose several positions and eventually fall out of the race.

Eder moved into second on the restart and tried to pressure Adams but they only made two more laps before another spin would slow the action. This time, with six laps remaining in the race, Mahder would move past Eder into second and he would take his shot at Adams for the lead. While Cory was able to cut the advantage to a couple of car lengths, he couldn’t mount a serious challenge and Adams would drive home for the win. Mahder’s first outing of the year provided a strong second place finish with Eder getting yet another solid finish. Ashley Anderson made a late race charge that saw him move up to fourth with Hensel completing the top five.

A big crowd enjoyed the race program on Saturday with more racing to come in the next few weeks. Next Saturday a full five division program will again be presented with warm ups slated for 6:30 pm and the next special event will be on Saturday, May 26th when the Sprint Car fans will get their night with both winged and traditional Sprint Cars in racing action for full programs along with the Super Stocks, Street Stocks and Pure Stocks.

Laursen Tops Rice Lake Speedway Late Model Special

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Rice Lake WI, May 12 – Taking over the lead on lap ten when early leader John Kaanta pulled off the track under the yellow flag, Steve Laursen led the last thirty one laps to win the Trackside Collectibles 40 for WISSOTA Late Models Saturday night at the Rice Lake Speedway.

Laursen started on the outside of row two and battled with Pat Doar and Rick Hanestad for second in the early going as Kaanta assumed the early lead. Making some strong moves, Laursen was able to grab second while Kaanta continued to show the way.

Terry Lillo, challenging for a top five position, suddenly rolled to a halt on lap ten, triggering the first yellow flag of the event. Suddenly, without warning, leader Kaanta stopped in turn one, had a track official check out his car and then he turned and pulled into the pits. The report was that a suspension part had broken and Kaanta called it a night.

This surprising turn of events elevated Laursen into the lead and he took off on the green with Hanestad and Doar chasing. Doar went to the top side of the track to take over second and he appeared to be on the move temporarily but then he slide back a couple of spots. The yellow waved again on lap twelve when Ben Hanke spun and Denny Cutsforth got into the front stretch wall trying to avoid him.

Laursen continued to lead but the driver on the move was Jimmy Mars who started twelfth on the grid but was quickly slicing his way to the front. When the third and final yellow waved on lap nineteen for a Greg Nippoldt stall, Mars was all the way up to third and continuing to challenge.

The last twenty two laps ran nonstop with Mars quickly shooting past Hanestad for second on the green and nearly getting past Laursen in a banzai turn one move before Laursen fought him off down the back chute.

The race then settled in with Mars stalking Laursen and looking for an opening to get past. On lap twenty six Laursen slid off the bottom and Mars was nearly able to squeeze past but the Cumberland Wisconsin veteran fought off Mars in turn four and continued to hold the lead.

The last few laps moved by quickly and after Mars made one last attempt with four to go, Laursen stabilized his lead and as he crossed the checkered flag, he had Mars one car length behind as he took the victory. Hanestad ran a solid race to finish third with Darrell Nelson fourth and Marshall Fegers came from fourteenth to round out the top five.

For Laursen, the long time veteran who got his start racing at the Rice Lake Speedway many years ago, it was his twenty first career Late Model win at the track but first since the 2005 racing season. It was also the first for Laursen in his new #T18 ride that he co-owns with T.J. Adams.

The Late Models will return on July 28th for a Wollak Construction WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series event.

3rd Annual Randy Buss Ice Breaker

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Menomonie, Wisconsin (May 04, 2018) the Red Cedar Speedway presented the 3rd annual Randy Buss Ice Breaker, PLUS Kid’s Club Night presented by Accurate Construction, T&T Construction, and Dirt Track Specialties. After the event had been cancelled the previous two weeks due to weather, clear skies and comfortable temperatures greeted race fans and drivers alike.

Red Cedar Speedway has developed the opening weekend to honor Randy Buss, a local man who spent his life working for the good of the track. Randy eventually passed after a long and courageous battle with cancer and his memory and support of the Red Cedar Speedway is not forgotten. The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Late Models (17), Modifieds (14), Super Stocks (17), and Midwest Modifieds (27), took to the track as Jimmy Mars, Dave Cain, Tommy Richards, and Kevin Adams stood in victory lane at the end of the evening.

The WISSOTA Late Models saw three heats won by Darrell Nelson, Jesse Glenz, and Mike Keller as the feature was paced by Mike Prochnow and Glenz. At the drop of the green, it was Mike Keller who blasted from row two to grab the early lead as Prochnow settled in behind him. Jimmy Mars was quick to show he was a factor as he moved from the sixth position to third and then underneath Prochnow into the runner up position.

The caution flag was displayed on lap four as Denny Cutsforth spun into the infield edge as you enter turn three. The restart saw Prochnow regain second but a lap later, he went high and Mars went low to split the leader coming off turn four. It was Mars blasting to the lead, a position he would not relinquish on his run to the checkered flag. As Mars dominated the remainder of the event, it was Nelson who carved his way, passing both high and low to move to second. Glenz, who had faded somewhat early, began to find his groove as he raced his way back to third as Prochnow and Keller rounded out the top five.

The WISSOTA Modifieds saw Kevin Adams and Dave Cain win their respective heats as the two held the front row with Cain on the pole for the feature. It was Adams taking early command as Cain settled into second and Mike Anderson raced from fifth to third. However, Adams began to show tire smoke which became greater and greater as Cain dug on the low side to take advantage. Adams tire couldn’t hold out as he retired from the event inside of turns one and two. Cain now led the parade as Mike Anderson ran in the runner up position. Ashley Anderson was parlaying bad luck from his heat as he drove from the last starting position to third.

Cain began to stretch his advantage as Ashley Anderson pounded the raceway, taking the rough areas of the springtime racing surface head on. Ashley Anderson caught Mike Anderson, drove underneath and set out toward the leader. Cain had built a solid margin however, and was the first under the checkered flag. It was Anderson and Anderson as Ashley finished an impressive second and Mike came home in third. Cory Bruggeman was scored fourth as Michael Truscott brought his A Mod from starting 12th on the field to fifth at the line.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks ran three heats which were won by Nick Oreskovich,

Tommy Richards, and Dan Gullixson as Oreskovich and Luke Schultz held the front row of the feature. It was Oreskovich on the jump, but a spinning Matt Deragon forced a complete restart. Once again it was Oreskovich to the lead as second row starter, Dave Mass moved into second. Jesse Redetzke came from the fifth starting position to challenge and took second position from Mass as Ben Hillman settled into fourth.

Deragon drew a second caution with a turn four spin and the field was reset. As Oreskovich continued to lead, Tommy Richards carved his way toward the front, using the high groove to take over second. The final caution flag flew for a spinning Tyler Lamm. On the restart, the leader continued to look strong as Richards clawed to get beside him. Coming off of turn four, Oreskovich jumped the cushion and Richards pounced.

As Richards drove to the checkered flag, Oreskovich maintained second position. Redetzke finished third as Hillman beat the late charging Dan Gullikson to the line as they closed out the top five.

In the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds Calvin Iverson, Nick Koehler, Michael Truscott, and Dan Wheeler each won heats as Travis Anderson and Tyler Vernon led the field to green. It was Anderson early as Vernon settled into second and Truscott moved from seventh to third. As Vernon challenged and Anderson withstood in the lead, the caution flag flew for Matt Klukas who spun to the inside of turn four. He was not able to continue as Shane Halopka was called for the foul and restarted at the rear of the field.

The restart proved that passing was going to be the tone of the evening as Truscott went low in turn one to take the lead from Anderson. Anderson fought back and tried to move side by side to retake the point. Suddenly, Kevin Adams appeared in the top three as he worked the low groove and had come through the crowd from his 11th starting spot. A caution flag regrouped the field as Josh Wahlstrom retired for the night.

The restart saw Truscott leading Anderson but it was Adams who drove low and made an impressive pass of both cars on the inside of turns one and two. Truscott stayed near to battle for the win as Anderson began to fade. Tommy Richards moved from 14th on the grid to finish in the third position as Adams drove to the win with Truscott in tow. Shadow Kistner looked very strong, finishing fourth as Vernon scored a top five.

The Red Cedar Speedway will return to action on Friday, May 11, 2018, as PLUS Kid’s Club Night is sponsored by Keyes Chevrolet, Mars Racing, and Air Tec Sports. The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifies, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and the Red Cedar Speedway Hornets will all be in action.

Truscott Tops Modifieds at Rice Lake Speedway Opener

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Rice Lake WI, May 5 – After three failed attempts to get the racing season underway due to the finicky Spring weather this year, the sixty sixth opening night of the Rice Lake Speedway was finally held on Saturday night. Dodging sprinkles most of the evening, all racing action was completed and heading the list of feature winners was Michael Truscott, who won his first ever Modified feature event at the Rice Lake Speedway, holding off all efforts of two pretty tough customers in Dave Cain and Kevin Adams. Other winners on opening night included Nick Oreskovich, Adams, Kolby Kiehl and Andrew Hanson.

The Modified feature saw Truscott start on the pole and take the early lead over Ryan Viltz with Jamie Davis and Andy Davey close behind. It was Davey that made the moves early as he moved to the cushion and launched his way up to second. Continuing his charge, he blew past Truscott to take over the lead and immediately extended his advantage.

If the yellow flag wouldn’t have flown, it looked like Davey was going to be very tough to catch. Unfortunately for the Hibbing Minnesota native, the yellow flag did fly and he got a bad restart, dropping back several positions as Truscott jumped back into the lead.

Gradually working his way up after starting in the third row, Cain moved into the second spot and began to apply the pressure to Truscott. Several times Cain got a nose inside the Chippewa Falls driver but each time Truscott held his groove and didn’t give Cain an opening.

The race really bogged down at this point with the yellow waving seven times in the next six laps, primarily for one car spins. So the pressure continued to be applied to Truscott on each restart to not make a mistake. Eventually Adams worked his way up from the fourth row to take third and he made a few shots at Cain as well.

Finally, the last two laps were completed and Truscott continued to be solid in his line and gave the competition no holes and he drove home to the historic win. Truscott, a veteran Midwest Modified driver, just moved into the Modified class the end of last year and the transition has been a seamless one. Cain and Adams finished just behind Truscott with Davey holding on for fourth ahead of Kevin Eder.

Perhaps the best side by side racing for the win was conducted in the Super Stock main event with Oreskovich and Scott Lawrence going side by side for many laps with Oreskovich barely hanging on against the hard charging Lawrence. Terran Spacek and Bart Steffen battled early for the lead with Spacek pulling down the top spot and leading the first few laps. Oreskovich was on the move using the high side of the track, as he normally does, and he was able to drive past Spacek on the cushion and take over the lead. Meanwhile, Lawrence was coming on the low side and he moved in to make it a three car fight for the lead following a yellow flag.

Another yellow slowed the action once again and while Oreskovich continued to show the way, Lawrence was gradually starting to pull in on him while Curt Myers, who started in row four, became a factor also. With a long period of green flag racing, the top two drivers got side by side and it was a show as they raced around the track, side by side inches apart. Just as Lawrence edged ahead for the lead, the yellow waved with only four laps to go. Lawrence hadn’t been able to complete his pass for a full lap before the yellow waved, and since they were under five laps to go, the restart went single file with Oreskovich on top.

Nick dropped to the low side to protect his line and Lawrence was all over him, trying to get past. However, Nick never offered a big enough space to make a pass and as they sped across the line, Oreskovich held on by a car length for the win. Myers finished a close third and was trailed by Spacek and Dan Nissalke.

The Midwest Modifieds offered up the smoothest of the main events with only one yellow flag and two cars not completing the distance. Adams has been a surprise addition to this class this Spring, driving Michigan’s George Dalbeck’s car, and he made it a sweep on the weekend shows at area tracks, edging past Joe Chaplin Jr and then holding off Truscott, a two class driver also, for the win.

Early on, it was national Rookie of the Year in 2017 Calvin Iverson leading in the early going with Chaplin Jr and Austin Ellis pressuring. Chaplin Jr, who had a breakout year in 2017, looked to continue that pattern as he drove past Iverson to take over the top spot. Adams, meanwhile, had started in the third row and gradually worked his way into contention.

The only yellow flew with six laps complete as Fran Hanson and Terry Reilly got tangled together, with it taking several minutes and three wreckers to disengage the two cars.

Chaplin Jr continued to lead on the green but Adams was able to slip past Truscott for second and then he and Chaplin Jr engaged in a great battle for the lead, once that saw them even brush together momentarily. Adams dove deep into turn three and was able to edge past Chaplin Jr and take over the top spot and once in front he was able to put distance on the field.

However, the race behind him was a good one as bad luck struck Chaplin Jr on the final lap as he had a tire go flat and he failed to finish. Truscott settled for second to complete a fine night’s worth of racing and he finished ahead of Ellis, Travis Anderson and Paul Suzik, who raced up from the fifth row.

For Adams, who has not raced much in the Midwest Mods for years, it was his first Rice Lake win in the class since the 2006 racing season.

Kolby Kiehl continued the momentum that he started to build last year as he led from wire to wire to win the Street Stock feature race. Kiehl, who won his first ever feature race at Rice Lake last year, held off multiple challenges as he never once strayed out of his line on the track and showed consistency when many around him were going in all directions.

The Street Stocks had a rocky time getting started with three yellow before a lap could be completed as cars were twirling every which way. Finally, things settled down and the last ten laps of the main ran off nonstop. Kiehl led every lap but he was challenged by several different drivers including Mike Knudtson, Adam Soltis and Cody Kummer.

In fact, Knudtson lost second spot when his car started to emit steam and smoke on the final lap and he shut the machine down and failed to finish. For Kummer and Jay Kesan, they made great comebacks after their heat races were less than spectacular as as they came from the seventh and eighth rows respectively to take the runner up and third finishing positions. Soltis ran a consistent race to finish fourth and Kevin Bogdanovic went from the outside pole to the back before a lap was completed and then worked his way back up to a top five finish.

Andrew Hanson has now won two features in a row at the Rice Lake Speedway. The senior at Northwestern High School won the Labor Day Invitational Pure Stock feature last year for his first ever win at Rice Lake and backed it up with an opening night victory Saturday. He started on the pole and also held off several challenges to take the win. At the end, it was George Richards who made a big rush and nearly stole the win on the final few laps.

As Hanson led, several drivers pushed to challenge him including Bob Thompson and Tucker Quinn, who eventually settled into second and put the heat on Hanson. Meanwhile, Mike Blevins and Richards were marching to the front and picking off car after car.

Richards was making the high groove work and he took Blevins for a spot and then set off after the leader. A late spin set up a four lap dash to the finish and while Richards continued to work the top side and close on Hanson, Andrew maintained a smooth groove and he held on by a car length for the win. Quinn settled for third ahead of Blevins and Randy Graham.

A fine field of one hundred and eleven drivers signed in for opening night action representing four states and Canada.

Next Saturday night, May 12th, will be the big one that Late Model fans have been asking for. Late Models will make an early season appearance at the track for the first time ever, with a two thousand dollar to win, two hundred dollar to start forty lap main event, “The Trackside Collectibles 40.” A solid field of Late Models from the area and beyond is expected and they will race in addition to a full program in the five classes that normally run at the track. It is expected to be a night for the record books and fans will want to arrive early for this one. Watch the speedway face book page for more information on this race. Hot laps will begin at 6:30 pm.