Sunday October 21, 2018
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Archive for July, 2004

Rain Forces Cancellation of Racing Action at Jennerstown

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

The Wheeler Bros., Inc. Super Late Models will be in action along with the New Enterprise Stone and Lime Late Models, Day Ford of Monroeville Street Stocks, and Advance Auto Parts Hobby Stocks. Hoss’s Steak & Seafood will present the Charger 15. In addition the Pittsburgh Circle Track Club Senior Series plus the PA Legacy Series will also be in action. Main Gates will open at 4:30 with racing to start at 6:00. For more information on this and future events on the 2004 schedule contact the track office at 814-629-6677 or visit our website,

Shippensburg Washes Out

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Symons Sees Winner Circle at New Smyrna Speedway

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Mark Vandevender had the pole for the Open Wheel Modified feature but before a lap was down, Max Moxley brought out the yellow as he spun off turn 4 going to the green. The field was realigned with Rob Underwood taking the lead followed by Vandevender, Jerry Symons, Red Vann and Tank Tucker.

Symons, who has not seen Winner’s Circle very often this year, puts the pedal down and passes Underwood althought he had to work for it and takes over the point. The caution comes out for Mark Vandevender who spins in turn 2 and Moxley retires to the pits.

On the restart it is Symons, Underwood, Vann, Tucker and Jimmy Britts in the top five. Tucker brings out the caution as his sway bar has broken and he has raced three laps with a broken sway bar causing him to spin in turns 3 and 4. Symons holds the point on the restart as Red Vann tries everything to pass Underwood for second but Underwood is not budging. Britts is all over Vann for third but Vann is not budging. Symons takes the checkered for the win followed by Robert Underwood, Red Vann, Jimmy Britts and Bobby Blake.

Tank Tucker and Jimmy Britts took the heat wins.

Barry Parks had the pole for the Super Stock feature but before a lap was down, Michael Williams brings out the caution as he spins coming off 2 calling for a total restart. Parks takes the point on the restart but it is Josh Wronkowski who passes Parks and takes over followed by Jason Foster, Ron Whaley, Jack Lenzen, and Parks. Whaley passes Foster for second. The caution comes out for Chuck Smith and Barry Parks who have gotten together in turns 1 and 2. Both are sent to the rear for the restart.

Wronkowski holds the point followed by Whaley, Foster, Lenzen, and Jay Trocki. Trocki puts the pedal down and passes Lenzen for fourth with Wronkowski taking the checkered followed by Ron Whaley, Jason Foster, Jack Lenzen, and Jay Trocki.

Jason Foster and Ron Whaley took the heat wins.

Brian Bellaw had the pole for the Mini Stock feature but it was hard for all the Mini Stocks to focus after seeing Alli Owens and Chad Carpenter both sent to the hospital from the heat race. Carpenter spun in turns 1 and 2 with Owens hitting him with no place to go. Owens is reported to be okay but with a very sore neck and Carpenter has a very bruised foot but not broken.

On the green for the feature, Bellaw took the point followed by Ben Cutler Jr., Pug Puglisi, Ted Vulpius and Rex Christensen. Vulpius makes his way up to second but cannot pass Bellaw for the lead. Bellaw takes the checkered followed by Ted Vulpius, Ben Cutler, Jr., Rex Christensen, and Pug Puglisi. Bellaw was protested after the race for his steering column and found illegal giving Vulpius the win. Ben Cutler Jr. won the heat race.

With only two Super Lates in the field, the Super Lates and Lates ran together. On the pole for the Super Lates was Shane Nichols and for the Lates Troy Atkins. When the green was waved, it was David Rogers and Shane Nichols for the Super Lates and Atkins, Chuck Burkhalter, Alan Bruns, Don Hess and Randy Dye. Atkins and Dye bring out the yellow as Atkiins spins in front of Dye with Dye having no place to go in turns 1 and 2. Atkins continues but Dye retires to the pits. Also retiring to the pits was Gig Smith and Mark Smith, who does return.

Rogers holds the point for the Super Lates on the restart followed by Nichols with Burkhalter leading the Lates followed by Alan Bruns, Don Hess, Sam Watts and Hank Baker. Watts passes Hess for third with Hess now in fourth. Brian Shubert brings out the yellow when he spins cominig off turn 4 down the frontstretch. The race goes back green with David Rogers taking the checkered over Shane Nichols and Chuck Burkhalter taking the checkered over Alan Bruns, Sam Watts, Don Hess and Hank Baker.

David Rogers won the first heat race for the Super Lates and Randy Dye won the first heat race for the Lates. Shane Nichols won the second heat race for the Super Lates with Chuck Burkhalter winning the second heat for the Lates.

Don Tracey had the pole for the Sportsman feature but it was Mike Soukup who took the point on the green followed by Randy Jones, Dale Clouser, John Nusbaum and Donnie Williams. Clouser passes Jones for second as Williams makes his move and passes Nusbaum and then Jones for third with Jones in fourth and Nusbaum in fifth. Soukup makes Clouser work for the pass but coming off four, Soukup washes up high and Clouser dives under for the lead. Williams tried but cannot pass Soukup. Clouser takes the checkered followed by Mike Soukup, Donny Williams, Randy Jones and John Nusbaum.

Dale Clouser won the heat race.

Travis Scott had the pole for the Strictly Stock feature but it was Bruce McGonigal Jr. who took the point on the green followed by Tim Logue, Scott, Mike Dahm, and Todd Driscoll. Scott passes Logue and takes over second with Driscoll coming along for the ride in third and Logue in fourth. Driscoll then puts down the pedal and passes Scott and takes over second. The caution comes out for Chris Ridley who breaks coming down the frontstretch and has to be pushed into the pits.

On the restart, it is McGonigal Jr., Driscoll, Logue, Scott and Dahm. Kent Bruns now makes his first appearance into the top five when he passes Dahm for fifth. Driscoll passes McGonigal and takes over the lead as Scott has problems and must retire to the pits. Driscoll takes the checkered followed by Bruce McGonigal Jr., Kent Bruns, Mike Dahm and Chris Guidry.

In tech, Driscoll was disqualifed for having driven a Super Stock last year and Bruns was disqualified for failing to go to scales. The new finishing order was Bruce McGonigal Jr., Mike Dahm, Chris Guidry, Tim Logue, and Brian Shubert.

Todd Driscoll won the heat race.

McIntire, Estep, Gray, Potter All Set Fast Time and Win at Lakeport

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

The only exception on this blue-moon evening was George Abella, who started on the pole of the modified bomber feature and led the non-stop event all 30 laps to collect his second season win.

The modified feature saw Gerald Christensen bring out his old 12 year old “Bogart Special” modified and qualify for the pole with Jeremy Nowlin sharing the front row. Christensen had wrecked his other mount two weeks earlier when it climbed the wall both before the track exit gate and after the gate.

Nowlin forged ahead at the start with Lance Blacker driving around Christensen for second on the fourth round. Bob Strauss and McIntire assumed third and fourth on five, and Aaron Hicks and Todd Coburn both passed Christensen on seven. McIntire was the first to pull along side of Blacker, stealing second on lap 13 and seizing the lead on 16. Hicks followed his path as did Strauss, and by the 20th circuit it was McIntire, Hicks, Strauss, Nowlin and Blacker.

Blacker decided to try his luck in the outside lane, found that his car liked it out there, and passed Nowlin for fourth on lap 27. The final three rounds went smoothly with McIntire collecting his fourth win of the 2004 season. Hicks settled for second with Strauss third, Blacker fourth and Nowlin fifth. The entire non-stop event was run in less than nine minutes.

McIntire set fast time of 13.061 seconds with Strauss close at 13.062. Hicks won the trophy dash and Coburn took heat race honors.

The Airport Auto Brokers late model series supported six cars with Estep enjoying a clean-sweep by setting fast time of 12.805 and winning the dash, heat and feature event. Like all events at Lakeport Speedway, the race supported an inverted field with Estep at the rear. It only took him four laps to catch and pass early leader Janice Buschiazzo and then proceed to run away from the field.

Marc Edrich inched by Buschiazzo on lap nine and Mike Swaney swapped places with Buschiazzo on ten. Swaney drove under Edrich on lap 17 when Edrich’s car pushed high, but Edrich closed the door on Swaney, the pair made contact and both spun in turn four.

This put Buschiazzo back in second, but when racing resumed Edrich rammed into the back of Buschiazzo, spinning her around. Edrich was black-flagged, and at the same time Swaney retired to the pits.

Estep led the way the remaining laps to claim his third season victory. Buschiazzo finished second and Kevin Waycik was third. The AAB late models return to the speedway on August 28th.

The mini stock 30 lapper saw heat race winner Drew Braun take the lead away from James Devries at the start with John Barker challenging Braun on the outside. Barker pulled ahead on lap five but his lead was short-lived as points leader Matt Preston pushed his car to the top spot on lap seven.

Gray came from last to third in only eight laps, passed Barker on 11 and set his sights on Preston. Gray inherited the lead when Preston’s car broke loose and spun in turn two and was then t-boned by brother Mitch Preston. Although Matt was able to continue, Mitch watched as his severely damaged #16 was towed to the pits. At the same time both Braun and Fred Schmitt also retired from the race.

Gray drove the following rounds to his fourth season win followed by Barker, Devries and Matt Preston. Mitch Preston won the trophy dash. Gray’s fast time was 13.798.

Eleven cars took the green flag in the Guy Strohmeier Auto Center bomber main event with Scott Griffin powering past Wayne Bates at the drop of the green flag. Trophy dash winner Richie Schwarm was next to slip by Bates and Potter came from nowhere to assume third on lap three.

Schwarm challenged Griffin on the outside for three rounds before losing ground, allowing Potter make his move. Potter hooked up and grabbed the lead on the sixth circuit. As Potter pulled away, Schwarm and Griffin continued to battle back and forth for position until Schwarm was black-flagged on lap 24 for excessive smoke.

Meanwhile Eric Johnson joined the front runners as did Mark Hatfield. The final caution came on 26 when Griffin and Hatfield came together. The final five laps saw Potter hold off Johnson to collect his fourth win. Johnson finished second ahead of Hatfield, Guy Minyard and Jimmy Sorrels. Sorrels blew an engine in the heat race and was running April Drake’s car. Heat wins went to Joe Nolasco and Johnson.

The modified bomber main event was the exact opposite from the other four features as the non-stop event ended almost like it started. Abella and Bill Mucci started first and second and ran side-by-side the entire distance with Darren Tubbs and Nicholie Rhodes in the second row waiting for something to happen.

The only incident in the race came on lap seven when Rhodes suffered engine woes and retired to the infield. This moved up points leader Charlie Collins and Chris Salmina where the pair diced back and forth with each pass.

Abella held off Mucci for his second season win. Tubbs, Salmina and Collins rounded out the top five. Tubbs won the trophy dash and Collins set fast time of 13.993 and won the heat race.

Auto racing continued this Saturday night with round two of the “Marinemax Bombers and Boats” boat races. The boat races with follow the regular program of NCRA modifieds, mini stocks and modified bombers. Gates open at 5:00 pm with racing at 7:00 pm.

Half Mountain Rained Out Again

Saturday, July 31st, 2004

Half Mountain Speedway will return to racing this coming weekend August 7th with all 6 divisions racing a regular show for the highest payout in Eastern KY. Super Late Models $1,500 to win $100 to start, Limited late Models $800 to win $75 to start, Modified $650 to win $50 to start, Bombers $400 to win paying back 8 spots, Modified 4-Cylinders $200 to win paying back 8 spots, and Half Mountain Speedway’s newest division, Stock-4 Cylinders $150 to win paying back 8 spots

Half Mountain Speedway would like to think all the race fans and drivers that have supported the track this season and look forward to this weekends event and continuing the season at East KY Biggest and Fastest Dirt Track.