Saturday October 20, 2018
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Archive for February, 2005

USA Sprints Posse Storms Hialeah Speedway

Monday, February 28th, 2005

These cars are often seen pulling wheelies and sometimes they may flip wildly end over end at speeds well over 140 mph if the driver’s wheels touch. Sprintcar Racing is one the most exciting forms of oval racing there is and some of the very best racers in the world are sprintcar drivers like NASCAR stars, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne. Indy Car greats like Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Pancho Carter & Johnny Rutherford are bonified Sprintcar Drivers too!

The USA Sprints are a traveling “Winged Dirt Sprintcar Series” that has racers who have Won hundreds of Races and Dozens of Championships.The USA Sprints are a Nationally recognized All-Star Series that has a $40,000 contingency program with National Sponsors and All-Star Drivers who live in States as far away as New York and Colorodo and Arizona.

Sean Namor who is one of the top USA Sprints drivers states “When there is a chance to race locally to showcase our cars and talents that gets everyone pumped”. Family, friends,co-workers and neighors will be in attendance says Bob Parrow. ” People are always asking me when are we going to race locally “. According to Bob Parrow now is thier time!

These Sprintcars are some of the most powerful types of oval track cars that will ever race in the Miami area. They weigh about 1400 lbs and have over 500 horse-power with no transmissions or batteries and no starters. They burn methanol fuel and need to get push started.These cars have 25 sqaure feet wings on top and 12 square foot front nose wings.The top wings develope well over 700 lbs of downforce @ 100 mph.

Its easy to see how the level of excitement has been raised from the addition to the local racing schedule and what it means to these local racers to race near home. Be sure to come out and visit the Famed Hialeah Speedway Saturday night March 5th at 7pm and witness the first ever race for “Winged Dirt Sprintcars” on pavement in the Miami area.

All the USA Stars will be there including 2004 Champ Andy Hammer Down” Kelly and 2003 Champ Shane Kriedler. David “Skeeter” Kelly who was 2003 Thundercross Champ along with USA newcomers Larry “The Magician” Gentsch and “Hot-Rod” Rod Sanders in the Pro-One racing J & J Chassis mount.Call Andrew for more information at the Track (305) 821-6644 or visit USA Sprints website @

Florida Sprints Starwars Challenge Series Rescheduled

Monday, February 28th, 2005

The Ground Thundering-Pavement Pounding FAST Sprints will match race against the Dirt Slinging “Winged Warriors” The USA Sprints in a series of Heat Races followed by a 30 lap Feature. What will make the racing very intriguing will be that purpose built Pavement Non-Winged 360′s will match race Purpose built Dirt Winged Limited Sprints. The cars have tested together and adjustments have been made to create a competitive “playing field”.

There has been much talk about who will flex thier muscles on both sides of the fence with the FAST Sprints and USA Sprints. Fact is both groups have very accomplished racers who are capable of winning any race in any circumstance. Race fans around the State have cited that a few more drivers who had previous committments will show this time around. One thing is for sure it will be one of the most exciting races that anyone anywhere will see in the State of Florida for Sprintcars.

Qualifying will kick off at 12:00 noon with Racing starting around 2:00pm. Sprintcar Teams and drivers are expected between 9 am and 10 am. Please visit the all new USA Sprints message board @ for all the latest news and updates. Along with the Sprintcars you can also watch the Fastrucks and Fastkids with the Roadwarrior Challenge. Any questions call Donna at the track for more information @ 941-575-7223.

Hogan Wants To “Snake” the Competition at the Rattler

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Hogan, who has proven himself to be one of the most talented young racers in the country over the last couple of years, has been close to getting that Rattler win. He’s be in that position twice. So now that Hogan can taste it, he wants the win even more.

“This race would rank right up there with the All American 400 I’d say. I want to win it bad,” said the 22-year-old Hogan. “It’s one of the top-five races that I’d like to win because of the prestige and the years that it’s been around. It’s a big race down here in the South. It’s the year opener for a lot of people and it’s a tradition that has been around for almost as long as races like the Snowball Derby. It’s a big event and there have been a lot of big names that have won it.”

The Rattler at South Alabama Speedway has an illustrious name of former winners. Some of those include Pete Hamilton, Dave Mader III, Mickey Gibbs, Ronnie Sanders, Wayne Neidecken Jr., Charlie Bradberry and Wayne Willard. The race has been run every year since 1974.

Not only is it one of the biggest races of the year for Hogan and one of the wins that he wants more than any, but it is also the kick start to his season. Every year for the last several years, Hogan has begun his year at the Rattler.

“It has pretty much been our first race every year for the last several years,” added Hogan. “We like going there and we run well there. We have wins at the track, but just not in the Rattler. If we could win the race, it would be a good momentum builder into the regular season.

“I’ve finished second there the last two years, so I think the place kind of owes us one. We’ve come close quite a few times and I think we have the equipment to do it again. We’ve got the team to do it and I think we have as good of a shot at it this year than ever before.”

The season will also put to rest what has been a very busy off-season for Hogan. In addition to participating and being a part of the final 10 in Roush Racing’s “Race for the Ride,” Hogan also became a winner in the Snowball Derby…as a crew member for winner Steve Wallace.

When not at a race, Hogan’s been keeping up his skills any way he can.

“I’m ready to get back behind the wheel,” said Hogan. “I’ve been tearing up the video game on the computer trying to just keep myself sharp. I’ve also been going to any race I can find a way to. It sucks having to be there watching when you go to races because I want to be out there in the car (or truck) racing myself. So I’m ready to get it going.”

“I’m just trying to get around and get myself out there as much as I can and see as many people as I can,” added Hogan. “I’ve just been going to a lot of truck races and trying to find a truck ride for a few races this year. And, of course, I’m always working on the sponsor thing. That is just something you do as a racer.

“The Roush deal during the off-season was awesome. It gives you a lot of momentum and pumps you up as a race car driver knowing that you are one of the best and most sought after drivers in the country.”

South Alabama Speedway is set to open the 2005 racing season on March 4th and 5th with the 29th Annual Rattler Weekend. A full weekend of racing action is planned, capped off with the Rattler 200 Super Late Model race on Saturday evening.

For more information on a marketing partnership or other driving opportunities with Jason Hogan, please contact him at (706) 878-9769. And be sure to check out

MACS Releases First Draft of ’05 Schedule

Monday, February 28th, 2005

“We have been busy working with promoters during the last four months to bring our events to larger audience,” continued Geesey. “At this stage, we have 18 dates, and we are still talking to more host facilities about adding additional shows. “Currently, we will be presenting shows at 11 host speedways in four states including Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia”, emphasized Geesey.

To-date, the tracks presenting MACS events include, in alphabetical order: Brushcreek Motorsports (OH), Challenger Raceway (PA); Hagerstown Speedway (MD); Hesston Speedway (PA); Lernerville Motorsports, Inc. (PA); McKean County Raceway (PA); Potomac Speedway (MD); Portsmouth Raceway Park (OH); Sharon Speedway (OH); “The Rock” Alleghany County Speedway (MD); Virginia Motor Speedway (VA).

“We aren’t done yet” Geesey stated. “Other promoters continue to express interest as they ponder the remaining dates available. Tracks still interested in securing date(s) for this season are: Bedford Speedway (PA); Central Pennsylvania Speedway (PA); Eriez Speedway (PA); KC Raceway (OH); Muskingum County Speedway (OH); Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway (PA); Stateline Speedway (NY), plus others. We may not add all of those listed, but I think we will be at the majority of them plus maybe some surprises,” related Geesey.

“The balance of the remaining open dates will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. We want to accommodate the promoter’s needs but the window of opportunity for picking and choosing is rapidly coming to a close. Once we get to 30-35 shows we are not going to schedule anymore”, summarized Geesey.

Other notable news about the schedule Geesey added, “We are nearing the one million-dollar mark in prize money for the season and by the time we are done I expect to easily top that mark. If we gain the rest of the shows that are currently being discussed, then we’ll eclipse that mark”.

Specific details about each event will be forthcoming in the next several weeks with the kick-off this season only a seven short weeks away.

Pistone Wins Pole, Opens Lots Of Eyes At Pro Cup Opener

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Pistone made the rest of the Pro Cup Series, both rookies and veterans alike, sit up and take notice on Saturday night as the Hooters Pro Cup Series opened their 2005 season at USA International Speedway in Lakeland, Florida.

Pistone shocked everyone by grabbing the pole for the event, beating the likes of Mike Garvey, Shane Huffman and defending Pro Cup Series champion Clay Rogers, in just his first career Pro Cup race, and the first race for FastTime Motorsports. Pistone then proceeded to lead the race’s first 13 laps before falling back into the top-five and riding.

“I think I shocked a lot of people by winning the pole,” said Pistone. “I think I also built a lot of confidence in people by showing the patience to do that. I knew deep down that I could do it and the team could do it, but I don’t think anyone else thought I could because a lot of people have never seen me race. It turned some eyes on me, so that is always a good ting. And it was great because everyone in the pits was very supportive of it and a lot of people came and congratulated me.”

The first 30 laps weren’t completely uneventful for the rookie, however. Pistone lost the lead on lap 14 after having transmission problems off of one of the first restarts.

“The car just popped out of gear off that early restart, which is why we lost the lead. Thankfully, I was able to turn the car down and didn’t get run over while I got the car back into gear. But it kept popping out of gear, so for about 20 laps there, I was driving with one hand while holding the gear shift until we could come in and fix it. We finally came in during one of the cautions and put a bungee cord on it, but that meant we had to stay in fourth gear the rest of the night.”

Despite having to restart in fourth gear all night, Pistone was able to claw his way from the back of the pack all the way back up to third, where he found himself running with about 30 laps to go. That is when a few more problems took their toll on the rookie.

“I was coming up through the field and was having some problems with a few of the lapped cars. One of them did a four-wheel slide while I was trying to pass them and squeezed me into the outside wall coming off of turn two. While I was trying to make those positions up that I had lost, I was getting a little impatient and got into the back of another lapped car and the officials put me at the back of the field. It was my own fault. It was just brain fade on my part.”

Pistone’s problems still weren’t over. While again charging up through the field, Pistone’s car suffered a cut right-front tire, likely a result of the earlier contact with the wall. That brought Pistone to pit road and put him a lap down. He got back out and made up a couple of more spots before eventually coming home 14th.

“I’m disappointed because we had the Rookie of the Race award covered,” added Pistone. “We had one of the best cars there for sure, but there were just a few too many problems we couldn’t overcome. Everyone at the track knew we had a top-five car and to come home 14th… that is what I’m kicking myself in the butt for.

“I think people took notice of us and that is great. I think we can do this all year long with the help of crew chief David Pletcher and the great crew we have. It was a great showing for our new, in-house engine program as well.”

And like all rookies, it was a great learning experience.

“It was a good learning weekend, though, and I learned a lot about these cars. I learned what not to do again. The race is never over until it is over. If I had to grade our performance, I’d say from everything up until about 30 laps to go, I‘d give myself an A. Those last 30 laps… I’d give myself a D. I just got a little frustrated from getting pinched into the wall by a lapped car. Thankfully, though, that is stuff I’ll learn from.”

Pistone and the FastTimes Motorsports team will return to action on March 12th at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, GA, for a 250-lap showdown.

For more information on Chase Pistone, please contact Jeremy Troiano at (704) 726-6849 or checkout the all-new