Sunday October 21, 2018
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Archive for July, 2005

Markham, Anderson, Wiles, Morrow and Phillips winners at Wayne County

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

The third leg of the exciting faster pastor series is in the books. It was Pastor Brian Phillips from the Wyandott Freewill Baptist Church jumping out to the early lead. He pushed the Ford Escort Mini Stock hard the opening laps to extend a large lead enabling him to cruise to victory. He joins Pastor Wantz and Pastor Coblentz as qualifying 2005 faster pastors. The grand finale is scheduled for September 3, 2005. Over 1,500 food items have been collected to date for charity with the faster pastor program.

In the American Payroll Advance Super Late Models it was Ryan Markham and Eric ‘Spud’ Myers dueling it out the opening laps. Myers slipped by Markham to open up a sizeable lead. Myers was needling his way through lap traffic when he lost the handle bringing out the caution on lap 14. He was sent to the tail of the field. That handed the lead over to Markham. It wasn’t smooth sailing as Doug Drown pressured Markham. Drown passed Markham, only to have Markham slip back by the next circuit. As the checkers would fly it was Markham, Drown, J.R. Gentry, Myers and D.J. Miller. Dave Wirt and Dave Hornikel won heat races. Markham won the Dash and George Lee won the B-Main.

It was the fifth time this year that Markham placed the Advance Cylinder, Biscottis Restaurant, Stu’s Place, J & D Door Company, Bert Transmission; Malcuit powered Rocket Chassis in victory lane.

In the RPM Motorsports Modified division is was Dave Atkinson lead the first lap but it was all Took Wiles after that as he led the next 19 laps to take the checkers. He was followed by Larry Kugel, Mike Lonas, Rocky Kugel and Kyle Brown. Rocky Kugal and Darrick Hubbard were heat race winners and Larry Kugel won the dash.

In the Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stock division it was Dundee Ohio racers Fred Snyder blasting to the lead early. He battled Todd Werntz and Troy Anderson for several laps before succumbing to Anderson and Werntz. As the checker flag waved it was Anderson, Myers, Werntz, Snyder and Keith Tish rounding out the top five. Tim Myers and Travis Mensching were heat race winners, while Werntz won the dash.

In the Federated Auto Parts Mini Stock division it was Brandon Morrow leading the field to the green flag. Morrow was pressure by Dale Beckett throughout the race. But Morrow would cover the field taking the checker flag. He was followed by Beckett, Jeff Theil, Josh Robinson and Henry Britton. Theil and Britton were heat race winners and Bo Yarnell won the B-Main.

Next week August 6th is the popular fan appreciation. The American Payroll Advance Super Late Models, the RPM Motorsports Modifieds, the Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks and the Federated Auto Parts Mini Stocks will be in action. Gates open up at 3:00 PM, time trials at 5:30 PM and racing starts at 7:00 PM.

Wayne County Speedway is celebrating 40 years of history, tradition & excitement and races every Saturday night. WCS is located nine miles east of Wooster, OH or 15 miles west of Massillon, OH on US Route 30 then one mile north on Carr Road. For more information contact: 330.682.7435 (track), 419.522.8761 (office) or WCS GM Tina Heil at 300.465.9058 or email: Website:

American Payroll Advance, Ltd. Super Late Models

Heat 1
1. Ryan Markham 2. Eric Myers 3. Charlie Duncan 4. Doug Drown 5. Scott Peltz 6. DJ Miller

Heat 2
1. Dave Wirt 2. Thomas Baker 3. Blaine Aber 4. Clint Coffman 5. Harold Snell 6. Randy Pollock 7. George Lee II 8. Jeff Wages 9. Eric Smitley 10. Gary Hensel 11. Mike Giess

Heat 3
1. Dave Hornikel 2. Justin Chance 3. JR Gentry 4. Jeff Wright 5. Stephen Hollabaugh 6. Jim Gentry 7. Hans Grossniklaus 8. George Delaney 9. Mark Gardiner 10. Jeremy Canada 11. Brian Huffman

B-Main 1
1. George Lee II 2. Hans Grossniklaus 3. Jeremy Canada 4. Brian Huffman 5. Gary Hensel 6. Randy Pollock 7. Eric Smitley 8. Jeff Wages 9. Jim Gentry 10. Mike Giess 11. Mark Gardiner 12. George Delaney

A-Main (Feature)
1. Ryan Markham 2. Doug Drown 3. JR Gentry 4. Eric Myers 5. DJ Miller 6. George Lee II 7. Hans Grossniklaus 8. Thomas Baker 9. Jeff Wright 10. Blaine Aber 11. Clint Coffman 12. Dave Wirt 13. Dave Hornikel 14. Brian Huffman 15. Harold Snell 16. Scott Peltz 17. Jeremy Canada 18. Justin Chance 19. Charlie Duncan 20. Stephen Hollabaugh

RPM Motorsports Modifieds

Heat 1
1. Larry Kugel 2. Dave Atkinson 3. Took Wiles 4. Mitchell Lam 5. Mike Lonas 6. Wayne Maffet, Jr.

Heat 2
1. Rocky Kugel 2. Kevin Morehouse 3. Corey Camillo 4. Tom King 6. Rory Reed 7. David Liles

Heat 3
1. Darrick Hubbard 2. Matt Shroyer 3. Kyle Brown 4. Rob Cutlip 5. Justin Morey 6. Gary McGregor 7. John Morehouse 8. R. Bruce Miller

A-Main (Feature)
1. Took Wiles 2. Larry Kugel 3. Mike Lonas 4. Rocky Kugel 5. Kyle Brown 6. Dave Atkinson 7. Matt Shroyer 8. Rory Reed 9. Mitchell Lam 10. Gary McGregor 11. Rob Cutlip 12. Wayne Maffet, Jr. 13. John Morehouse 14. David Liles 15. Tom King 16. Darrick Hubbard 17. Corey Camillo 18. Kevin Morehouse 19. Justin Morey 20. R. Bruce Miller

Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks

Heat 1
1. Todd Werntz 2. Fred Snyder 3. Verne Siegrist 4. Troy Anderson 5. Keith Tish 6. Jim Nicely

Heat 2
1. Tim Myers 2. John Swinehart 3. Randy Nisly 4. Jeremy Lynch 5. Robert Wile 6. Roger Drouhard 7. Donna Gentry

Heat 3
1. Travis Mensching 2. Chad Craver 3. Bill Cramer 4. Don Baney 5. Jack Wile 6. Dave McMillen 7. Denny Shear 8. Paul Holmes 9. Bryan Baker, Jr.

A-Main (Feature)
1. Troy Anderson 2. Tim Myers 3. Todd Werntz 4. Fred Snyder 5. Keith Tish 6. Robert Wile 7. Donna Gentry 8. Travis Mensching 9. Verne Siegrist 10. Don Baney 11. John Swinehart 12. Paul Holmes 13. Jeremy Lynch 14. Roger Drouhard 15. Chad Craver 16. Randy Nisly 17. Denny Shear 18. Bill Cramer 19. Jack Wile 20. Dave McMillen 21. Jim Nicely

Federated Auto Parts Mini Stocks

Heat 1
1. Brandon Morrow 2. Dale Beckett, Jr. 3. Jeff Thiel 4. Josh Robinson 5. Trevor Phillips 6. Brad Hensel

Heat 2
1. Henry Britton 2. Nick Smith 3. Neil Nisly 4. Mitch Reichard 5. Matt Wohlford 6. Cody Renard 7. Josh Morrow 8. Josh Gentry 9. Reggie Stoltzfus 10. Mitchell Johnson

Heat 3
1. Jason Thiel 2. Ed Ray 3. Charlie Ray 4. Edwin McCalmont 5. Bryan Baker, Sr. 6. Willard Yarnell 7. Pat Malone 8. Ziggy Kugel 9. Joe Nichols 10. Robert Norris

B-Main 1
1. Willard Yarnell 2. Cody Renard 3. John Raber 4. Josh Gentry 5. Pat Malone 6. Robert Norris 7. Ziggy Kugel 8. Reggie Stoltzfus 9. Josh Morrow 10. Joe Nichols 11. Mitchell Johnson

A-Main (Feature)
1. Brandon Morrow 2. Dale Beckett, Jr. 3. Jeff Thiel 4. Josh Robinson 5. Henry Britton 6. Jason Thiel 7. Nick Smith 8. Brad Hensel 9. Trevor Phillips 10. Mitch Reichard 11. Charlie Ray 12. Neil Nisly 13. Cody Renard 14. Willard Yarnell 15. Josh Gentry 16. Edwin McCalmont 17. Ed Ray 18. Bryan Baker, Sr. 19. John Raber 20. Matt Wohlford

July 31, 2005 Faster Pastors

Scott Provins-Orrville Christian Church
Denny Miller-Trinity United Methodist Church
Michael Oyler-The Star in the East Messianic Synagogue
Steven Caler-St. Peters Lutheran Church
Bob Neidlinger-West Hill Baptist Church
Brian Phillips-Wyandott Freewill Baptist

Point Races Tighten in East Bay Action

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Street Stocks opened the five-division program as heat race winners Mac Kersey and Matthew Grissom brought the 22-car field to the green. Kersey and Grissom raced side-by-side on the opening lap with Kersey prevailing. Austin Sanders began a move from the 15th starting position that saw him gain eight spots in the first five laps. Sanders moved into the top five within a few laps from the first caution on lap 5. Donnie Reed held off Sanders’ challenge for a few laps as they had a strong position battle with Sanders using the outside line. Grissom spun while running second, moving Reed into a position to challenge Kersey. Sanders dispatched Reed by lap 10 and made a bid for the lead on the next lap. Heavy contact between the top two cars was seen on the frontstretch, but both kept the cars under power and held their positions. Kersey maintained the spot through another late race caution and ended up with the victory. Sanders’ strong run yielded a second place finish with Steve Burch taking the checkered in third. The top five included Reed (fourth) and Tony Traina (fifth). Kersey, sitting second in the point standings, gained ground on division leader Steven Johnson.

Outlaw 4 racing got off to a rough start with a pair of caution flags in the early stages. Heat winner Jim Coursen was strong at the drop of the green, but he had plenty of company. Coursen got caught in a three-wide battle with Eddie Mercer and Jeff Conyers that saw Coursen fall to third. Mercer set about the task of protecting the lead, but couldn’t stave off the effort of Conyers, who scooted by when the field hit lapped traffic early. Mercer dropped out with mechanical issues, giving the challenging spot back to Coursen. Point leader Chad Rose, after an earlier spin, worked from the tail to move back into the top five by lap 9. Rose gained fourth then shot by Pete Grantham for third but could go no further. Conyers took the win with great effort coming from Coursen in second. Rose, Grantham, and Cecil Martin rounded out the top five. Brad Boerner also claimed a heat win.

A field of 19 Limited Sprints went to work for their 15-lap main event, but the race was quickly red flagged. Rich Alexander clipped another competitor as the field was slowing for a yellow and Alexander’s ride tumbled. The driver was unhurt, but the car was badly damaged. Back underway, polesitter Bryan Eckley moved out to a strong lead, leaving the rest of the field to choose a position. Tyler Godwin moved up a couple of spots to gain second before falling from competition. Frank Beck III and Greg Leonard swapped third and, upon the departure of Godwin, kept that battle for second. A late race caution for a two-car incident that sidelined point leader Tim George put the challengers on the leader’s tail. Eckley kept his composure despite the building temperature in the car and the cockpit and prevailed for the win. In Victory Lane, Eckley acknowledged his first win and credited 360 Sprint racer Brian Maddox for his assistance. Leonard held off Beck for second with Andy Kelley coming on for fourth. Fifth place went to David Kelley with Eckley and Leonard as heat winners.

David Simpson was the only point leader to protect his territory as Simpson topped the Limited Late Model field. Simpson held the top spot at the start as Forest Gough and Bruce Harvey started their charges. Heavy action was seen from third through eighth and Harvey moved from his 12th starting spot to second before caution flew. At the halfway point, Harvey moved up to challenge Simpson, but settled back. Contact between Shane Koperda and Jeff Mathews put both challengers to the rear. Timmy Bronson inherited third and Tommy Evonosky charged into the top five in the late stages. Simpson kept the pace to the win with Harvey up 10 spots to second. Bronson kept third, followed by Evonosky and Forest Gough. Simpson and Koperda scored heat wins.

The largest field of the season graced the 4 Cylinder Bomber 12-lap finale. A field of 14 was led by heat race winners Buck Skinner and Brenton Gardner. Skinner snatched the lead in short order, leaving Gardner behind to battle with point leader D.B. Hogwaller. Hogwaller swung past Gardner into second and set sail for the leader. The red flag came out when Danny Harrell made contact with Hugh Williams on the frontstretch with Williams hitting the wall head-on. The driver was okay and the big lead of Skinner was erased on the restart. At the drop of the green, the front three shot off for their own battle while J.R. Prather and Harrell mixed it up for fourth. Prather prevailed for the spot and the front three held their position to the end of the event. In his Victory Lane interview, Skinner thanked the second-running Hogwaller for selling him the winning car Gardner returned from a vacation hiatus to snatch third with Prather fourth and Landy Font fifth.

East Bay Raceway Park will run a limited schedule in August. The only event scheduled on the 1/3-mile will be held August 20. An Enduro will headline the date, which will also feature Street Stocks, Outlaw4s, 4 Cylinder Bombers, and Gunslinger Trucks. Complete information is available at

Miller Dominates for 2nd ARCA Win in Three Attempts

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

But on Friday night, a lot of people were admiring his other ride; his #9 Country Joe Racing / Hagans Racing Dodge. That’s because at Gateway, Miller’s ride was the class of the field. In fact, it was in a class all by itself.

Miller led 107 of the race’s 120 laps en route to his third-career ARCA RE/MAX Series victory, and his second of the season. In fact, Miller’s two wins in 2005 have come in the last three races, and both have come in dominating fashion. Just two weeks ago, Miller led 162 of 202 laps at Berlin Raceway (Marne, MI) to score his first win of the season. On Friday night, his car was just as dominate, if not more so.

“I knew we would have a good car there,” said Miller. “I knew when we tested there that we had a good piece. After practice and qualifying, we knew we were going to be fine. We were hoping to get the pole too, but it just didn’t work out. We ran the clean race that we needed to run. Nothing went wrong, nothing broke and everything went our way.

“It was nice to finally get a win for that team, for the Hagans Racing team. We had the Country Joe Racing team up at Berlin when we won, so it was nice to have won for both teams so far this year; especially to win the race that way. There is nothing like that. That beats winning a race on the last lap. This was a totally different type of a win when you dominate the race like that. It was fun.”

And who know? It might have been three-straight dominating wins had Miller not suffered engine problems last week at Pocono Raceway (PA). Miller won the pole at Pocono and led the first few laps of the race before falling out of the event early with engine problems.

Now, after falling further behind championship point leader Frank Kimmel after Pocono, Miller is crawling his way back into the hunt. He still sits in second, 245 points behind Kimmel.

“It is nice to go from blowing up to having such a dominate car and winning the race,” added Miller. “I think we gained like 50 points on Kimmel tonight. It makes you go from ‘oh shucks’ and wondering if you are out of the championship to knowing that if we keep on doing this, we can probably get the job done.

“I think we need to keep working at it like we have been. If we can get rid of the bad weekends and run like we have the last couple of weeks and have dominating cars, there is no reason why we can’t be right there. I’m sure Frank will minimize his trouble, but I think we can still be as close as anyone has been to Frank over the last few years.”

Miller and the team will be right back at it next week with the ARCA 200 presented by Hamot & Biomet at the half-mile Lake Erie Speedway in Pennsylvania. The race is set for Saturday, August 5th, at 9 pm.

“Things are just really falling into place with all of us. We are coming to some tracks that I think we can really shine at. Our crew works really well together and I think we can excel at some of these places, especially setup wise.

“I think we’ve got a good shot at places like Lake Erie and some of the other tracks coming up. We have been running good on all types of tracks and I think we will be able to continue this.”

For more information on Joey Miller, Matt Hagans and Hagans Racing, please contact Mike Twist at (207) 590-1786 and be sure to visit as well as

Smith Rebounds From Crash to Win Meegan Ford 100

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Last Saturday Smith plowed his Richter Motorsports Ford Taurus into the inside retaining wall after breaking a sway bar in his qualifying heat. After repairing the car this week Smith dominated the century grind by taking the lead on Lap 4 from pole sitter Paul Urso. Once in command Smith, who has accumulated five feature wins at the Somerset County half-mile paved oval, pulled away from the field to win by over a straightaway over second place finisher Richard Mitchell.

In Victory Lane, Smith praised his crew, who worked around the clock to put the car back in running order. “We had everyone working on this car,” Smith said. “The car was excellent before we wrecked it last week. We really didn’t think we would get it back to the way it was, but it’s almost there.”

Following Smith and Mitchell across the line were Tommy Beck, Barry Awtey and Mark Poole. Finishing sixth through 10th were Kyle Martel, Urso, Dave Houpt, Mark Cottone and Jason Lasky.

Rick Boyer continued to set the pace in the late model class, collecting his fifth win of the year. The Blairsville driver started last in the field, and charged through the pack to take the first spot from Wade Champeno on the back straight of Lap 16. Champeno hung on for second over Melt Wilt, Andrew Wylie and Dusty Rhoads.

Roger Onstead picked up his second straight 20-lap Advance Auto Parts street stock checkered flag, after passing Adam Kostelnik on the 13th go round. Trailing were Richard Nicola, Joe Nicola, who led the first eight laps, and Tom Knight Sr.

Kraig Coffin made his initial visit to Jennerstown a worthwhile trip, coming all the way from New England to take the checkered flag in the wild and wooly PA legacy feature.

“This is the biggest track we’ve been on,” said Coffin, who will turn 14 next month. “We fell back a little during the cautions, but we were able to keep up once the race was green.”

Four different drivers, Ken Pearce, Jayme Beck, Chris Brink and Kyle Martel, all took turns leading, before Coffin claimed the first spot for good on the final three laps. Martel was second, followed by Brink, David Campbell and Jayme Beck.

In the 15-lap Pizza Hut hobby stock finale, it only took Gregory Lohr five laps to get from his 11th starting spot to the lead, as he rolled to his fourth triumph of the 2005 campaign. John Steely, Cindy Shaulis, Deidre Petrie and Jeff Zillweger were second through fifth.

Ron Robbins Jr. of Glen Burnie, MD won the super mini cup main event.

Photo by Howie Balis

Southern Nationals Invade Crossville

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

In Southern National qualifying it was #17 Kyle Sheer of Bremen, AL setting fast time to start on the pole for the feature. Joining him on the front row would be #28 Eddie Carrier Jr. of Salt Rock, WV. At the start Carrier jumped out front. Several cautions then took place, damaging some of the top five cars. #66 Jake Knowles badly damaged his car in one of the melees, as he had his spoiler tore off the back of his car, and #77 Joe Armes also took extensive damage from the wrecks. After all the cautions subsided, it was down to business again, as Carrier jumped out to the lead again, with Sheer and #2 Anthony White in pursuit. White quickly got by Sheer for second and set his sights on Carrier. The top two cars closed fast on slower cars and White pulled a bonzai move down to the bottom of the track to grab the lead. Carrier stayed on White’s bumper for the next few laps until he powered by him for the lead once again. Current points leader for the series #99 Jeff Cooke was making his way to the front in a hurry. Late in the race #116 Randy Weaver was trying to get by Sheer for third when contact between the two forced Weaver hard into the wall, which ended his night. Carrier went on to lead the final laps to pick up his first win on the tour. White finished a close second, Sheer wound up in third, Cooke fourth, after starting in the seventh row, and #10 Jay Brinkley rounded out the top five. Finishing sixth through tenth was #17 Brett Wyatt, #56 David Gentry, #55 Terrance Nowell, #31 Tony Morris, and #108 Chuck Southard.

The Street Stocks raced on this night, and like the rest of the classes they had a beat and bang feature. In the end it was Crossville’s #8 Trent Mullinax picking up another feature win. Rounding out the top five was #91 Clayton Forsyth, #16 Vernon Mason, #61 Marty Seney, and #23 Rusty Mellette.

The Mini Stocks saw a first time winner, as #12 John Stout made his first appearance at the track this year pay off. Stout didn’t have it easy as he had to hold off #26 Jason Todd for the win. Coming in third was #32 Jason Manley, fourth was #7up Kurt Owens, and #3R Robert Edwards had a strong run to round out the top five.

The Front Wheel Drive feature resembled more of a demolition derby than a race. When the checkered flag flew it was #B00 Josh Henry crossing the line first, as he edged out the #5x of L.B. Stewart. After the race though an altercation errupted on the front straightaway between drivers and crew members. This resulted in Henry be disqualified for the race. L.B. Stewart was declared the winner. Coming in second was #23 Rusty Mellette, third was #80 Terry Kimbrell, #46 Cody Rector fourth, and #J27 J.D. Rctor finished fifth in the sixteen car race. Henry and Stewart won the heat races.

Taking home the win in the Cruiser class was #96 Warren Sweezey/Jessica Forsyth.

The next racing action at Crossville’s Raceway USA will be on August 12th, as the Chevettes will make their first appearance at the track with the race paying $500 to win. Check out the schedule on our website for more information.