Thursday November 15, 2018
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Archive for November, 2005

Drivers, Fans ‘In the Hunt’ with O’Reilly USMTS in 2006

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

In 2005 the series brought in a new title sponsor with O’Reilly Auto Parts, and the best season yet for the O’Reilly USMTS was provided for fans and drivers. The series will make a few more changes to make it more lucrative for more drivers, and more exciting for fans to follow the title chase throughout the season.

The 2005 schedule was divided into five sections (swings) with a champion of each swing being crowned, along with the overall National Champion at season’s end. In 2006, the O’Reilly USMTS will continue with the multiple-race “swing” system, but will instead divide the 2006 schedule into geographic regions.

Each region will comprise between 9 and 14 races in a defined area rather than 9 or 10 races in a row. The first event in a particular region may be staged in April and the last in August. The O’Reilly USMTS schedule will be divided into four regions, with the champion of each region earning $2,000. The top-10 drivers in the final standings for each region will be “In The Hunt” for the O’Reilly USMTS National Championship.

The ‘Hunt’ will be comprised of the final 14-16 races of the season and travel throughout most or all regions. The O’Reilly USMTS National Championship points system will be used at all events, with the top-10 in the final standings for each region earning 10 points for first place, 9 points for second place and so forth, descending to 1 point for tenth place in the region. The total points earned for all regions will serve as the base points that each driver will be “In The Hunt” with.

For instance, if a driver finishes first in two regions, second in one region and fourth in another region, that driver will earn 37 regional points (10-10-9-8) and be “In The Hunt” with 37 base points. The O’Reilly USMTS National Championship points system will be used at the remaining events for the drivers “In The Hunt” to determine the 2006 O’Reilly USMTS national champion.

Drivers must finish among the top-10 in any of the four final regional standings to be “In The Hunt.”

“We are really excited about the 2006 points system for our fans and competitors,” said USMTS President Todd Staley. “While it has become increasingly expensive, time-consuming and physically taxing for teams to travel the entire O’Reilly USMTS circuit, we feel we have come up with a way to encourage more drivers to participate in our national championship, while not penalizing those drivers who support us week in and week out.

“For our fans, the final 14 or 16 races of the season will serve as a “playoff” for the O’Reilly USMTS national championship. While handicapping gives a slight “home field” advantage to the drivers that compete on the entire national tour, each of the top-10 drivers in any of the four regions has a legitimate shot at capturing the national crown by competing “In The Hunt” at the end of the season.”

As few as 10 and as many as 40 different drivers could be “In The Hunt” when the final national championship series begins.

For 2006, the regional champions will earn at least $2,000 each — twice as much as each swing champion earned in 2005 — and the national champion (winner of “In The Hunt”) will earn at least a $6,000 payday.

The 2006 season for the O’Reilly USMTS is tentatively scheduled to begin with the 3rd Annual Nebraska Spring Thaw at the Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction, Neb., on Friday and Saturday, March 10-11.

For more information on the O’Reilly USMTS, call 515-832-7944 or visit on the Web.


“A” Main Finish:
1st place – 100 points
2nd place – 95 points
3rd place – 91 points
4th place – 87 points
5th place – 84 points
6th place – 81 points
7th place – 78 points
8th place – 76 points
9th place – 74 points
10th place – 72 points
11th place – 70 points
12th place – 68 points
13th place – 66 points
14th place – 64 points
15th place – 62 points
16th place – 60 points
17th place – 58 points
18th place – 56 points
19th place – 55 points
20th place – 54 points
21st place – 53 points
22nd place – 52 points
23rd place – 51 points
24th place – 50 points

• All additional drivers (if any) starting the “A” main earn 50 points.
• All drivers that fail to qualify for the “A” main earn 45 points.
• All drivers leading at least one lap in the “A” main earn 1 bonus point.
• The driver leading the most laps in the “A” main earns 2 bonus points. Tie goes to the highest-finishing driver in the “A” main.
• Each driver will earn 1 bonus point per car passed in the “A” main, based on original starting spot versus finishing position. Drivers must have qualified for the “A” main via their finishing position in a preliminary event (i.e. heat race, “B” main). Provisional starters will not earn bonus points for passing cars in the “A” main.
• Only drivers holding a 2006 USMTS National License will earn points toward the National Championship. Only drivers holding a 2006 USMTS National or Regional License will earn points toward the Regional Championship.

(based on National Championship points earned per region)

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 9 points
3rd place – 8 points
4th place – 7 points
5th place – 6 points
6th place – 5 points
7th place – 4 points
8th place – 3 points
9th place – 2 points
10th place – 1 point


ONE-DAY & TWO-DAY/TWO-PAY SHOWS: Drivers will draw for starting positions in heat races. Heat races will award 59 points to the winner, then descending by 4 points for each finishing position thereafter (55-51-47-43-39, etc.). Each driver will earn an additional 1.5 bonus points for each car passed in the heat race, based on original starting position versus finishing position. The top 12 in points will qualify for the first 12 positions in the “A” main. The top 8 in points will redraw for starting positions 1-8, with the remaining four drivers starting in positions 9-12 based on points earned. One or more “B” mains will be staged with starting positions being “heads up” by heat race points. The top 12 drivers in the “B” main(s) will qualify for the “A” main, and will be lined up “heads up” in positions 13-24 in the “A” main based on their finishing position in the “B” main(s). Up to two (2) provisional starters may be added to the rear of the “A” main line-up.

TWO-DAY/ONE-PAY SHOWS: Same as above, except the following: The top 4 finishers in the “A” main on the first day will automatically qualify for one of the first 8 starting positions in the “A” main on the second day, along with the top 4 drivers in heat race points earned on the second day. Those 8 drivers will redraw for starting positions 1-8 in the “A” main.

At any event, USMTS officials may elect to stage a “dash” race among the top 8 qualifiers to determine the starting line-up for positions 1-8 in the “A” main.


ASA Late Model Series Seeks Tech Officials for 2006

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

These Part-time positions work as sub-contractors to the ASA Late Model Series. Round trip gas expenses, motel accommodations, daily at-the-track pay, and one race-day meal, comprise the compensation. Uniforms will be provided. The caliber of personnel being sought by ASA Late Model Series is identified below;

General Qualifications and Job Description:
ASA Late Model Series Officials are required to look professional and maintain a proper decorum at all times. Tech Officials will report directly to the Technical Director of selected Division as a working member of the Tech Team with specific assigned duties at each event. Officials work the Tech Line and Pit areas observing activities and doing non-intrusive inspections when not otherwise assigned.

Job Requirements:
1. Minimum of two (2) years experience as a Technical Inspector with another sanctioning body or two (2) years as Crew Chief or Crew member of a Late Model racing team or current employment with a supplier of Motor Sports Industry related equipment, spotter for a touring late model stock car team or ASE Certificated Mechanic.

2. Commitment to minimum of 90% scheduled ASA Late Model Series events within assigned Division

3. An understanding of ASA Late Model Series philosophies and familiarization with current ASA Late Model Series Rule Books.

4. Ability to problem solve and make knowledgeable explanations

5. Knowledge of ASA Late Model Series technical equipment, calibration and usage of same.

6. Ability to learn and adapt to new methods or technology relating to the Motor Sports Industry.

7. Willingness to work long hours at the track.

8. Interpersonal skills to deal with Owners, Teams, Fans, Sponsors, Promoters and ASA Late Model Series personnel in an even tempered, even handed manner.

9. Ability to keep personal feelings separate from professional knowledge when dealing with Owners, Teams, Fans, Sponsors, Promoters and ASA Late Model Series personnel.

10. May be assigned to work selected ASA Late Model Series Challenge Division events nationally televised on The Outdoor Channel.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Ability to perform visual and technical inspections quickly and thoroughly in the tech line, pit area or on the track, noting and reporting discrepancies.

2. Assure all race cars pass Technical Inspection prior to Practice, Qualifying or Race following written procedures for car failing any part of inspection process.

3. Assist in all facets of qualifying from inspection process, line-up, impounding and lining up cars for the GM Performance Parts Shootout and/or Main Event.

4. Participate in Tech Line setup, tear-down and loading of tech trailer.

5. With assistance, perform Master Mechanical and Safety Inspections on all first time entrants race cars.

6. On occasion work as Pit Steward for selected races.

7. Willingness to attend ASA Late Model Series Technical Training during the off-season and other meetings or seminars as may be requested. Meetings generally scheduled for weekends in a central location.

8. All other duties as may be assigned by Technical Director or ASA Late Model Series Management

Interested personnel send resume via email or regular mail to;
Northern Division applicants; e-mail
Southern Division applicants; e-mail
Direct to the ASA Late Model Series Office @

Direct Mail Address:
ASA Late Model Series LLC
Attn: Ron Varney
7360 Elm
Lexington MI 48450

RL Promotions Will Hold Rules Meetings for Three Tracks

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

At each gathering, officials will be selling USRA licenses, parking spots and car numbers for the 2006 season. A discussion of all rules, classes and any information in regards to these three tracks will be on the agenda.

Officials will also be handing out payoff schedules, as well as selling season passes to each speedway. For a limited time, discounted season passes are available for the 2006 racing season. Drivers, fans and crew members may purchase season passes through Dec. 31, and passes are good for all events staged by RL Promotions.


Southern Iowa Speedway
Location: Southern Iowa Fairgrounds, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Time: 10:30 a.m.

Bloomfield Speedway
Location: Davis County Fairgrounds, Bloomfield, Iowa
Time: 1:30 p.m.

Scotland County Speedway
Location: V.F.W. Center, Memphis, Mo.
Time: 4:00 p.m.
The Scotland County Speedway awards banquet will follow

For more information call the RL Promotions office at 515-832-7944.

Hanks Prepares for the Snowflake 100

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

“I’m looking forward to my first Snowflake appearance. It will also be my first race at Five Flags Speedway and will conclude the 2005 season for me. It’s a good race to end the season with and get us prepared for 2006, which I’m looking very much forward to.” Stated Hanks. “I’m very happy with the way testing went, I think we were able to get some good speed out of the race car and it handled really good. I have set some high goals for the race weekend, I want to set fast time and win the race. It would be huge to be able to achieve those goals!” He added.

For the 6th annual Snowflake 100, Keeton Hanks Racing will team up with Total Performance Race Products located in Nashville, Tennessee as a primary sponsor for the Snowflake. Total Performance will be on the hood for the Snowflake. In addition, Hanks will unload their primary ASA Late Model Series machine for the event which will be sporting a special paint scheme just for this race!

Hanks also recently announced the hiring of Chuck Moores as Crew Chief for the 6th annual Snowflake 100 as well as the upcoming 2006 season. “I’m very pumped up about making our first appearance at the Snowflake.” Added Moores. “Keeton and I are each going down there with the same mind-set and goals, so I think we will have some great success.” He added.

In addition and just for the Snowflake, KHR hired Bobby Hamilton Racing 2 as the pit crew for the Snowflake 100 as well to give Hanks the maximum opportunity for a win in what is becoming one of the fastest growing and premiere end of the season event in the country in addition to the well established 38th annual Snowball Derby.

As for the 2005 season, Hanks had a solid rookie season in the ASA Late Model Series. His first season in a full bodied Late Model, with one top five and four top 10 finishes which helped him finish 12th in the final overall points standings as well as seventh in the final Pat Bourdow Memorial Rookie of the Year title chase. Hanks’ season high finish was a fourth place showing back on June 18th at the I-70 (MO) Speedway during the KC Star 100.

For the 2005 season, Hanks carried sponsorship on the side of his Chevrolet Monte Carlo from the family owned company, Hanks Construction Company. Additional support also came from Mother’s Polishes-Waxes, and Cleaners, Lava Hand Cleaner, A.R.P. Aluminum Racing Products, Parrish Auto Parts, T.P.M. Environmental, Franklin Transmissions, Simpson Performance Products, and M.P.H. Promotions, who all sported decals on the side of his Randercar Chassis this season. In addition, Keeton and his family continue to be heavily involved with the Shriners Hospitals for Children across the country.

After the Snowflake 100, the Keeton Hanks Racing Team will look ahead to the 2006 season and is actively seeking sponsorship for a full run in both the ASA Late Model Challenge division as well as the ASA Late Model Series Northern Division. In addition to select shows in the ASA Late Model Series Southern Division with two of the Southern Division events at Keeton’s home track of Beech Bend (KY) Motorsports Park. Saturday April 29, 2006 and Saturday July 15, 2006.

To learn more about Keeton Hanks Racing, log onto the team website at:

Photo: ASA Late Model Series competitor, Keeton Hanks (90) will be sporting a special paint scheme for the 6th annual Snowflake 100. The Snowflake will be held during the prestigious 38th annual Snowball Derby Weekend on December 1-4, 2005 at the Five Flags (FL) Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. (Keeton Hanks Racing Photo)

Doug Drown Signs Two New Product Sponsors For ‘06

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Bert Transmissions, of St-Constant, Quebec, Canada, was founded in 1984 by Bert Robidoux and is currently one of the industry’s leaders specializing in transmissions and various drive train and suspension components.

“Bert Transmissions set the standard these days in their field and to have them join our team makes our 2006 prospects look even better,” commented Doug Drown, who just came off the 2005 Wayne County Speedway championship. “Our team has been believers in Bert Transmissions since we started racing and it adds a new level of confidence that we will be out there racing with top-quality equipment, equipment that is reliable and nearly bullet-proof from Bert Transmissions.”

Also signing on with Doug Drown Racing for 2006 is Mason Racin’, Inc., of Millersburg, OH, a large all-encompassing parts supply distributor and the manufacturers of the famed Mason Racin’ Starter. Founded by multi-titled champion and National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame inductee Racin’ John Mason, the company offers all the latest hardware for any team’s dirt track needs. Mason Racin’, Inc., is also a dealer for a wide variety of companies in addition to all Bert products including Rocket Chassis, Coleman, Fire Bottle Systems, Inc., KSE Racing Products, Turbo Start Batteries, Winters Performance Products and many others.

“John Mason is not only a local but a national star and our entire team takes pride in being associated with John and his staff at Mason Racin’, Inc.,” stated Drown. “John, George Lee and the entire staff at Mason Racin’, Inc., stand behind their products and their customers 100%. They also build the best starter in the business as far as I’m concerned. Having quality parts and components means you finish races and both Bert Transmissions and Mason Racin’ will help us be there at the end of the race.”

Bert Transmissions is located at 395 St-Regis North, St-Constant, Quebec, Canada, J5A2E7. Telephone: 450-638-2960. Fax: 450-638-4098. Email: Website:

Mason Racin’, Inc., is located at in Millersburg, OH and can be contacted at: P.O. Box 28, Millersburg, OH 44654. Telephone toll free at: 877-572-7141. Email: Website:

Drown will start his 2006 ‘Black ‘n Blue Tour’ on the road with an early season trip to Georgia for the 2nd Annual Coca-Cola Young Guns Shoot-Out at Oglethorpe Speedway Park in Savannah, GA. The historic half-mile speedway will once again showcase some of the nation’s best dirt track racing talent the first weekend of February 2006 when Oglethorpe Speedway Park will host it’s 2nd Annual Coca-Cola Young Guns Shoot-Out on February 2, 3 and 4, 2006.

The race, featuring drivers age 23 and younger, provides an opportunity for professional teams to observe and meet the talented young drivers in one location. Drown, coming off the 2005 Wayne County (OH) Speedway track championship, and a former Renegade and MACS regular, will hit the road in 2006 concentrating on sanctioned races, television races and major unsanctioned events.

For more information on Doug Drown and Drown Racing visit: or telephone: 330.465.7691 or email:

Doug Drown Racing would like to acknowledge the support of: Wooster Glass Company, The Wooster Doll Shoppe, MCP, Incorporated, Hites Racing Stables, Lehman Motorsports Services, Santmyer Oil Company, Boals and Boreman Enterprises, Malcuit Racing Engines, Bert Transmissions, Mason Racin’ and Bilstein Shocks.