Sunday October 21, 2018
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Archive for January, 2007

Petersen/White Lightning Looks Back on Euromilhões Dakar 2007

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Now that the event has been run – Michael Petersen (Las Vegas, Nev., USA) drove to 23rd overall finishing the full distance – the Nevada-based team can look back with a sense of accomplishment and pride but, more importantly, vastly more knowledge to go back and challenge for overall victory in January, 2008.
The 6,906 km/4,291 mile journey from Lisbon, Portugal to Dakar, Senegal takes its participants from the tight, wooded, stages of Europe to the spectacular vistas of the Atlas Mountains, then to the wind-open dunes of the Sahara Desert before the final stage around Lac Rose in Dakar. Rookie teams are not expected to finish this daunting, 15- stage, 16-day mission across the desert, let-alone earn a finish near the top of the 177 car field. Nonetheless, that is exactly what driver/owner Petersen and entrant/program manager Dale White (Bozeman, MT, USA) accomplished. Petersen and co- driver Matthew Stevenson (Ipswich, England) earned an extraordinary 23rd overall in the car class – fifth in the two-wheel drive category – in the No. 351 MMPIE/PAWS/?.com/BF Goodrich Chevrolet T1.3 class buggy.

“The experience overall was a good one,” reflected Petersen. “We had some problems; we had the serpentine belt that cost us about two and a half hours, we had the air compressor hose for the tire inflation system and that cost us about 30 minutes, we pulled Philippe [Gache, Team SMG owner] out and then got stuck ourselves. We had a couple of driver errors on my part and a couple of navigational problems that cost us. If you look at the overall time I don’t think it was representational of our performance. But, the race is all about overcoming obstacles. There were quite a few more finishers than everyone expected. My goal was to finish and the problems that got most of the guys were because they went out to win the whole thing in the early stages. Where I felt comfortable, I attacked and on other days we wouldn’t attack.”

The goal for their first attempt at the event was simple: learn. Final finishing position was not important as long as they could acquire as much data as possible – both good and bad – in the effort. There were no delusions of grandeur that the No. 351 would cross the finish line first, the hope was that it would cross it at all. With each mile, Petersen, White – who was driving the No. 671 Toyota Land Cruiser – and longtime team technicians Nico Castellaccio (Tracy, Calif.) and Dennis Chizma (Las Vegas) – both of whom were in the No. 891 six wheel, three-person, T5 class support truck – added to a library of notes that each was taking to prepare for the 2008 return.

“I completely filled a notebook with ideas for our return,” said White. “I have followed this event for many years and not too many things surprised me but I did not realize the number of support trucks/vehicles. Each day the assistance vehicles follow the same type of road book and GPS paralleling the race course. It is a race within a race but with a speed limit. It was an unforgettable experience and I am very proud of Mike. I’m also really proud of Dennis and Nico who really put in some tough hours and all- nighters working. I feel like I have been prepared by all of my personal and racing experiences for this event and look forward to our return.”

“We learned what we need to be in the desert and what it takes to finish,” offered Petersen. “From a team standpoint we are looking forward to going back. My goal for next time is a top-15 finish.”

On January 6, four vehicles associated with the program left Lisbon, Portugal with the vision of reaching Dakar. On the second stage, the No. 572 T4 category support truck of Darren Skilton (Long Beach, Calif., USA) had an engine failure and was out of the event. With no one in direct support of the No. 351, the event took on an even more trying aspect. Now, if anything were to happen on the course, Petersen and Stevenson would be left to their own devices and the mercy of fellow competitors. As a testimony to Castellaccio and Chizma, as well as Team SMG who built the buggy for Petersen/White Lightning, the No. 351 suffered only one mechanical failure on course- a serpentine belt breaking on Stage Seven (January 12).

Stage Seven was to mark the low-point for the team in the overall standings. Not only had the belt repair cost the driving pair, but earlier in the stage they had stopped to assist Team SMG owner Philippe Gache (Cannes, France) who had become stuck in the sand. In the process of helping, the No. 351 also became ensnared. They lost several hours to the leaders at the end of the stage and fell over seven hours behind. They finished 80th on the day and dropped from 21st to 34th overall.

Petersen rallied back however, showing his strength in the sand dunes of Mauritania with consecutive finishes of 17th, 16th and 18th in the next three stages (Stages Eight through 10). Petersen/White Lightning was again knocking on the door of the top- 20 when two consecutive problems knocked them back first one position and then two. Petersen and Stevenson became lost in the dust on Stage 12 – not uncommon at Dakar but a first for the pair – and had to slowly make their way back on course. The next day, after being slowed by making his way through the traffic of slower cars and trucks, Petersen was caught-out and struck a tree in the savannahs of Senegal and sustained heavy damage. They finished 57th and 54th respectively in the two stages. Now entering the final off-road stage of the rally, from Tambacounda to Dakar, Petersen opted to conserve his equipment and just make the finish line. The end result was the team’s worst stage finish of the event, 91st. However, he held the 23rd-place ranking overall and, more importantly, was there to start the final stage in Dakar on Sunday, January 21. The final stage, Stage 15, offered a short, blast around Lac Rose outside of Dakar. Petersen made the most of it earning his highest stage finish of the event, eighth.

At the end of the Euromilhões Dakar 2007, Petersen/White Lightning was 23rd overall, 14 hours, 14 minutes and 22 seconds behind overall winner Stéphane Peterhansel who earned his ninth Dakar victory. In total, it took Petersen, who ranked as the third-highest American, and Stevenson, who was one of only two Brits still running, 60 hours, seven minutes and 59 seconds to complete the thousands of kilometers of special timed sections.

Petersen summed-up the feelings of the team; “It didn’t sink in until I was up on the podium what we accomplished. I was approached by many people at the last stage that told me about all the people that paid a lot of money to get where I was standing and never made it. You can probably count on one hand the number of first-time amateurs that have finished this race.”

“I have to thank the guys because without them we would never have made it half-way through, Petersen continued. “It was a total team effort. My part was rather small. A lot of mornings I woke-up and the guys had never been to sleep. Matt was a total asset through the whole thing. He knew his navigation and he is mechanically inclined. Maybe even more importantly, he has been around and he knows everyone. Knowing people makes a big difference in whether you’ll get help if you need it or not. I want to thank not only our guys but Team SMG and Darren [Skilton]. We never had one single puncture, the BF Goodrich tires were incredible. Our relationship with BFG goes back a long way and they are still the best in the business. Also, a special thanks to all the people that made it possible for us to go; especially my Mom and my fiancé who support me through all of my wild adventures.”

Progress of the No. 351 MMPIE/PAWS/?.com/BF Goodrich Chevrolet
Best Overall Standing: 21 (Stage 6, 10, 11)
Best Stage Finish: 8 (Stage 15)
Worst Overall Standing: 28 (Stage 1)
Worst Stage Finish: 91 (Stage 14)
Average Overall Finish: 24
Average Stage Finish: 36.8
Stage 1- 28, overall 28
Stage 2- 20, overall 24
Stage 3- 36, overall 25
Stage 4- 33, overall 25
Stage 5- 32, overall 26
Stage 6- 26, overall 21- tied for highest overall ranking
Stage 7- 80, overall 34
Stage 8- 17, overall 24
Stage 9- 16, overall 22
Stage 10- 18, overall 21
Stage 11- no special stage, overall 21
Stage 12- 57, overall 22
Stage 13- 54, overall 23
Stage 14- 91, overall 23 – worst stage finish
Stage 15- 8, overall 23 – best stage finish

Petersen Motorsports/White Lightning Racing has won nearly all the world’s major motorsports endurance classics including the 24 Hours of Le Mans (’03 & ’04), the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 overall (’95- ‘97), the 24 Hours At Daytona (‘01), the 12 Hours of Sebring (‘05) and the Petit Le Mans (’05 & ‘06). They have won over 50 off-road events and the American Le Mans Series GT2 Class Driver and IMSA Cup Championships (’05 and ’06) and Team Championship (’05). 2007 marks the first of a three year Dakar program to complement their ongoing American Le Mans Series effort which will compete with drivers Tim Bergmeister (Langenfeld, Germany) and Tomas Enge (Monaco) in a Ferrari F430 GT in 2007.

14-Year-Old to Balance Schoolwork with Nine Races

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

The Iron Station, North Carolina, youngster will be taking part in nine races at two tracks during Florida Speedweeks. Stroupe will compete in four Pro Challenge races and five Legends car events at two facilities for the Ocean Properties team owned by SPEED television personality Bob Dillner.

Stroupe’s mini-season of racing will be shoehorned into nine days on the calendar, starting with two Pro Challenge races at Orlando Speedworld on February 9th and 10th, followed by another two Pro Challenge races at New Smyrna Speedway on February 12th and 13th. Then Stroupe will head back to Orlando for five-straight days of Legends racing. It’s a crazy schedule, but Stroupe is not concerned about being able to maintain the hectic pace that he faces. He’s already used to busy weekends at the track.

“It is going to be a lot of fun racing at two different tracks during Speedweeks,” said Stroupe. “I think that as long as I get the chance to practice, I’ll be fine. We’ve run both cars at the same track on the same weekend before. We did that at the Mason-Dixon Meltdown [at Virginia’s South Boston Speedway in November], and it worked out well. We were up to third with the Legends car when it broke, and we almost won the Pro Challenge race.” (Stroupe finished second in a photo-finish.)

Stroupe has raced at Orlando before during Speedweeks. Last season, he ran seven races between the Pro Challenge and Legends events there and came away with a victory and three podium finishes.

On the other hand, New Smyrna Speedway will be a new experience for him. It’s going a be an extra-special one too, since car owner Dillner has attended the Modified and Super Late Model events there for nearly three decades and will now have a car racing there for the very first time. Stroupe would like to give Dillner a special trophy to remember Speedweeks 2007.

“It makes it that much more special if I can win one for him,” said Stroupe. “He’s told us a few stories about Speedweeks, and I’m sure that it will be quite a new experience.”

While at New Smyrna, Stroupe will also benefit from a pool of Modified and Super Late Model drivers on hand who he has met. The popular young speedster has made some friends among the older professionals and might be able to pick up a few pointers from them.

“Things are a little different between the Modifieds, Super Late Models and our cars,” said Stroupe. “They have a lot more horsepower than we do, but those guys will be able to give me knowledge that I’ll need to know about the racetrack itself. It will be good to talk to those guys and try to get a few tips. Every little bit helps.”

The New Smyrna track is also coated with a new layer of asphalt, which should be ripe for some quick speeds by the powerful Pro Challenge machines.

“I think that it will be very fast,” said Stroupe. “I usually like shorter tracks where you can wrestle the car around and if you bump, it’s not a big deal. At New Smyrna, if someone gets bumped, it’s not going to be very good. I know I am going to remember that. It should be a great experience for everyone, and I think it will be a great race for the fans.”

The week down in Florida won’t be all about racing for Stroupe. The eighth grader at Lincoln Charter School (NC) will have a full-slate of schoolwork to do while he is on the road as well. Class will be in session that week, so Stroupe can’t get behind with his academics.

“We got all of my teachers to approve going to Florida to race,” said Stroupe. “I’ll miss seven days of school, but I’m going to keep up with my schoolwork on a laptop that Bob is going to give me to use. I’m sure that it will work out fine. I’ll be busy, but I want to do well on my assignments so that I’ll be allowed to do this again next year.”

Stroupe’s younger brother, Nick, 11, will be competing in Bandolero competition at Orlando Speedworld, as will teammate Meghan Dillner, 13. Both are part of the BDI Racing / Ocean Properties team.

Ocean Properties is a vacation rental management company that represents nearly 400 properties throughout the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna areas. The properties consist of condominiums, as well as private, single-family homes that are available for rental year-round. Ocean Properties has been in business since 1987 and is proud to be the largest family-owned independent real estate firm in the area. Ocean Properties is also recognized as the leading company, ranking number one in real estate sales, property management and vacation rentals in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Jason Sides Wins His First 410 Sprint Car Race In East Bay Opener

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Tuesday was opening night of the three-day 410 Sprint Car 31st Annual Winternationals here and a block-buster field of 52 of the best drivers were on hand. But, it was the Bartlett, Tennessee, pony-tailed, Sides that impressed everyone with his mastery of lapped traffic in the first 19 non-stop green flag laps of the 25-lap feature while being hounded by Danny Lasoski.

Although eight other drivers timed ahead of Sides, luck was on his side, because three drivers who timed ahead of him failed to qualify through their heats. With six inverted to start the A-Main, ‘lucky’ Jason started on the pole.

“The track was really good tonight…..Al (Varnadore) did a great job. I made zero changes on my car, except for a tire change for time trials,” explained Sides. “Credit goes to my Mom and Dad, my wife Farrah and daughter Skylar for their support. I couldn’t do this without my sponsor WTS Tractor Service and my crew Wade Oliver and Sumo.”

When asked about the heavy lapped traffic, he admitted, “There were two lapped cars running side by side around lap 14, and that scared me, because I could see someone trying to challenge. I didn’t think I could get through, but I did.”

His Maxim chassis was not new, it was his “old faithful” and he did get laps on the new Don Ott engine the night before in the Sprint Bandit race. The No. 7S was equipped with Hoosier tires, Weld Wheels, VRP shocks and a FSR radiator.

Sides and Lasoski shared the front row at the start, followed by Lance Dewease and Tim Shaffer in row two with Craig Dollansky and Greg Hodnett in row three. It was Sides who took command and set a fast pace, lapping his first car on lap five. Most of the time, Sides was low and Lasoski tried several times to set him up, pulling equal at times, but never was recorded as leading a lap.

As the two diced their way through traffic, they finally had a bit of clear sailing from lap 16 through lap 19. They were exiting turn four with Lasoski a car length back, when Lasoski lost the handle and spun to the inside to bring out the only yellow flag of the event.

Tim Shaffer was running third at the time and advanced to second with Lasoski’s error with Dewease moving to third. They stayed in that order to the finish with Dollansky crossing fourth and Hodnett staying with a top five finish. Rounding out the top 10 it was Chad Kemenah, Zach Chappell. Jason Solwold, Lucas Wolfe (up from 24th) and Terry McCarl finishing tenth after starting 22nd.

Heats went to Randy Hannagan, Tom Busch, Mark Smith and Danny Smith. The last chance race went to Michael Dehner. The C-Main sent Jeff Busby, Brady Short, Robbie Vaugh and Jeff Vandusen to the B-Main. Dustin Lindquist, Jesse Hockett , Kemenah and Wolf found their way to the A-Main by advancing from the B-Main.

Hodnett topped the qualifying efforts with a lap of 12.346, far off the track record of 11.638 set by Kemenah in 2003.


Qualifying Results:

1. 22 Greg Hodnett – 12.346; 2. 87 Alan Krimes – 12.356; 3. 7 Craig Dollansky – 12.445; 4. 6 Tim Shaffer – 12.516; 5. 25 Lance Dewease – 12.527; 6. 83 Danny Lasoski – 12.532; 7. 70 Chad Kemenah – 12.533; 8. 75 Jesse Hockett – 12.540; 9. 7S Jason Sides – 12.583; 10. 11 Brandon Martin – 12.643; 11. 29 Travis Rilat – 12.644; 12. 8K Zach Chappell – 12.644; 13. 5 Dustin Lindquist – 12.648; 14. 6S Brad Sweet – 12.656; 15. 20 Paul McMahan – 12.688; 16. W20 Greg Wilson – 12.735; 17. R19 Jason Solwold – 12.747; 18. 15S Nick Smith – 12.750; 19. 55 Mark Smith – 12.754; 20. 4 Danny Smith – 12.804; 21. 1X Randy Hannagan – 12.815; 22. 4B Tom Busch – 12.823; 23. 10C Jeremy Campbell – 12.828; 24. 32 Justin Barger – 12.835; 25. 15 Sam Hafertepe, Jr. – 12.838; 26. 00 Danny Martin, Jr. – 12.841; 27. 36M Jason Martin – 12.852; 28. 24 Terry McCarl – 12.872; 29. 17B Steve Buckwalter – 12.919; 30. 5W Lucas Wolf – 12.928; 31. 51 Fred Rahmer – 12.941; 32. 18 Tony Bruce, Jr. – 12.963; 33. 6F Bob Felmlee – 13.067; 34. 5C Chad Hillier – 13.105; 35. 28 Brian Paulus – 13.107; 36. 20E Brian Ellenberger – 13.108; 37. 36 Brady Short – 13.111; 38. D12 Jason Meyers – 13.112; 39. 47J Jeff Busby – 13.292; 40. 4R Robbie Vaughn – 13.427; 41. 17 Michael L. Dehner – 13.561; 42. 3 Kaley Gharst – 13.630; 43. 56 Jeff Vandusen – 13.723; 44. 7V Tim Vandervere – 13.908; 45. D4 Danny Holtgraver – 14.002; 46. 89 Cody Darrah – 14.212; 47. 16 Lee Stark – 14.342; 48. 7R Riki Likowski – 14.566; 49. 07H Rob Hartman – 15.562; 50. 72J Johnny Johnson – 16.561; 51. 6X Mark T. Cole – 17.766; 52. 9 Gary Wright – N/T

Last Chance Race (Top 8 tagged back of the heats) – 1)Michael L. Dehner 2)Kaley Gharst 3)Jeff Vandusen 4)Cody Darrah 5)Danny Holtgraver 6)Tim VanderVere 7)Lee Stark 8)Riki Likowski 9)Johnny Johnson 10)Rob Hartman DNS 11)Mark T. Cole DNS 12)Gary Wright DNS

1st Heat – 1)Randy Hannagan 2)Jason Soldwold 3)Lance Dewease 4)Jason Sides 5)Greg Hodnett 6)Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 7)Dustin Lindquist 8)Bob Felmlee 9)Steve Buckwalter 10)Brady Short 11)Danny Holtgraver 12)Michael L. Dehner

2nd Heat – 1)Tom Busch 2)Brandon Martin 3)Danny Lasoski 4)Nick Smith 5)Danny Martin, Jr. 6)Lucas Wolf 7)Brad Sweet 8)Jason Meyers 9)Chad Hillier 10)Tim VanderVere 11)Alan Krimes 12)Kaley Gharst

3rd Heat – 1)Mark Smith 2)Travis Rilat 3)Jeremy Campbell 4)Fred Rahmer 5)Craig Dollansky 6)Chad Kemenah 7)Brian Paulus 8)Jason Martin 9)Jeff Vandusen 10)Jeff Busby 11)Lee Stark 12)Paul McMahan

4th Heat – 1)Danny Smith 2)Zach Chappell 3)Greg Wilson 4)Terry McCarl 5)Tim Shaffer 6)Jesse Hockett 7)Justin Barger 8)Brian Ellenbergber 9)Cody Darrah 10)Robbie Vaughn 11)Riki Likowski 12)Tony Bruce, Jr.

C – Main (Top 4 go to B and get times back) – 1)Jeff Busby 2)Brady Short 3)Robbie Vaughn 4)Jeff Vandusen 5)Danny Holtgraver 6)Tim VanderVere 7)Lee Stark 8)Riki Likowski 9)Cody Darrah 10)Kaley Gharst 11)Michael L. Dehner 12)Johnny Johnson 13)Jason Meyers DNS 14)Rob Hartman DNS 15)Mark T. Cole DNS 16)Gary Wright DNS

B – Main (Top 4 go to A and get times back and can start no higher than 7th) – 1)Dustin Lindquist 2)Jesse Hockett 3)Chad Kemenah 4)Lucas Wolf 5)Brad Sweet 6)Jason Martin 7)Brian Paulus 8)Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 9)Bob Felmlee 10)Chad Hillier 11)Brian Ellenberger 12)Jeff Busby 13)Jeff Vandusen 14)Robbie Vaughn 15)Justin Barger 16)Steve Buckwalter 17)Brady Short 18)Alan Krimes DNS 19)Paul McMahan DNS 20)Tony Bruce, Jr. DNS

A – Main (25 Laps) – 1)Jason Sides 2)Tim Shaffer 3)Lance Dewease 4)Craig Dollansky 5)Greg Hodnett 6)Chad Kemenah 7)Zach Chappell 8)Jason Soldwold 9)Lucas Wolf 10)Terry McCarl 11)Greg Wilson 12)Danny Lasoski 13)Randy Hannagan 14)Dustin Lindquist 15)Jesse Hockett 16)Mark Smith 17)Jeremy Campbell 18)Danny Smith 19)Danny Martin, Jr. 20)Brandon Martin 21)Fred Rahmer 22)Nick Smith 23)Tom Busch 24)Travis Rilat

POS CAR # DRIVERS 1-30Q 1-30H 1-30M 2-1Q 2-1H 2-1M TOTAL TIMES
1 22 Greg Hodnett 10 6 146 162 12.346
2 6 Tim Shaffer 7 6 149 162 12.516
3 25 Lance Dewease 6 8 148 162 12.527
4 7 Craig Dollansky 8 6 147 161
5 7S Jason Sides 2 7 150 159
6 70 Chad Kemenah 4 5 145 154
7 8K Zach Chappell 9 144 153
8 83 Danny Lasoski 5 8 139 152 12.532
9 R19 Jason Solwold 9 143 152 12.747
10 W20 Greg Wilson 8 140 148 12.735
11 1X Randy Hannagan 10 138 148 12.815
12 24 Terry McCarl 7 141 148 12.872
13 5W Lucas Wolf 5 142 147
14 55 Mark Smith 10 135 145
15 75 Jesse Hockett 3 5 136 144
16 4 Danny Smith 10 133 143
17 10C Jeremy Campbell 8 134 142
18 11 Brandon Martin 1 9 131 141 12.643
19 5 Dustin Lindquist 4 137 141 12.648
20 4B Tom Busch 10 128 138 12.823
21 00 Danny Martin, Jr. 6 132 138 12.841
22 51 Fred Rahmer 7 130 137
23 29 Travis Rilat 9 127 136 12.644
24 15S Nick Smith 7 129 136 12.750
25 6S Brad Sweet 4 123 127
26 15 Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 5 120 125 12.838
27 36M Jason Martin 3 122 125 12.852
28 28 Brian Paulus 4 121 125 13.107
29 6F Bob Felmlee 3 119 122
30 87 Alan Krimes 9 1 110 120 12.356
31 5C Chad Hillier 2 118 120 13.105
32 20E Brian Ellenberger 3 117 120 13.108
33 32 Justin Barger 4 113 117 12.835
34 47J Jeff Busby 1 116 117 13.292
35 56 Jeff Vandusen 2 115 117 13.723
36 4R Robbie Vaughn 1 114 115
37 17B Steve Buckwalter 2 112 114
38 36 Brady Short 1 111 112
39 20 Paul McMahan 1 109 110
40 18 Tony Bruce, Jr. 1 108 109
41 D4 Danny Holtgraver 1 96 97
42 7V Tim Vandervere 1 95 96
43 16 Lee Stark 1 94 95
44 89 Cody Darrah 2 92 94 14.212
45 7R Riki Likowski 1 93 94 14.566
46 3 Kaley Gharst 1 91 92
47 D12 Jason Meyers 3 88 91 13.112
48 17 Michael L. Dehner 1 90 91 13.561
49 72J Johnny Johnson LC 89 89
50 07H Rob Hartman DNS DNS 0 15.562
51 6X Mark T. Cole DNS DNS 0 17.766
52 9 Gary Wright DNS DNS 0 N/T

The Owosso Speedway Returns to the ASA Late Model Series

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

After all the ASALMS is based in Lexington, Michigan and in ASALMS history, the most events held in one state is indeed the great state of Michigan (17). As the ASALMS celebrates its’ Fifth Anniversary Season in 2007, events within all three divisions of the ASALMS are spread out throughout the United States from as far West as Texas to as far South as Florida and as far East as Virginia and of course, as far North as Michigan.

The ASALMS has in the past and always will hold events in the series’ home state for as long as ASALMS Co-Founders/Presidents, Ron and Sandy Varney own and operate the series. With that in mind, the most talked about and anticipated weekend each season is the widely popular Mid-Michigan Doubles Weekend! Two races in two days in the state of Michigan. For the 2007 season, the ASALMS has gone back to the past while also looking ahead to the future.

The Cars and Stars of the ASALMS Northern Division will wrap up the 3rd annual Mid-Michigan Doubles Weekend on Saturday August 18, 2007 at the fast 0.375 Mile High-Banked Paved Oval of the historic Owosso (MI) Speedway, located Northeast of Lansing, in Ovid, Michigan for the running of the Great Lakes 125.

In a tribute to the Owosso Speedway, who hosted one of the most exciting races in the ASALMS Five-Year history back in the USPRO Cup Series days, the historic Ovid, Michigan speed plant is the only track on any of the three 2007 ASALMS Five-Year Anniversary Schedules that was also on the inaugural seasons’ 2003 USPRO Cup Series Schedule of events!

Joining the ASALMS Northern Division at the Ovid, Michigan speed plant will be three of the tracks regular divisions; Outlaw Bodied Late Models, as well as Open Wheeled Modifieds and Street Stocks. Day One of the 3rd annual Mid-Michigan Doubles Weekend will be held the previous evening, an hour Northeast of the Owosso Speedway on Friday August 17, 2007 at the near-by Dixie (MI) Motor Speedway for the Wolverine 125.

Watermelon Bowl 125

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

The Top Five in the ASALMS Southern Divisions’ final 2006 Point Standings were all teenagers with the oldest coming in at the ripe old age of 18! As the ASALMS Southern Division looks ahead to the 2007 season, more and more drivers have announced their intentions on running the 2007 Southern Division schedule of events. One facility is at a track where those said teenagers rules as the Top Five finishers still had the word “teen” in their age!

After the 2007 season opener in Bronson, Florida on March 16-17, 2007, the ASALMS Southern Divisions’ second race of the 2007 season will come almost two months after the Opener; The cars and stars of the ASALMS Southern Division will travel to the Watermelon Capital (GA) Speedway in Cordele, Georgia on Saturday May 5, 2007 for the running of the Watermelon Bowl 125.

“We are extremely pleased to be going back to Cordele.” ASALMS Co-Founder/President, Ron Varney said. “The race there last year was great and we are looking forward to making this a long term deal with the great people at Watermelon Capital and we hope to return year after year to such a nice facility.” Varney added.

The ASALMS Southern Division made one appearance in 2006 to the Cordele, Georgia speed plant as the great state of Georgia was the stage for the ASALMS Southern Divisions 13th race of the 2006 season. In the Watermelon 100, the Top Five finishers were all teenagers while a freak accident involving the pace car hampered the start of the century grind.

Once order was restored, 19-year-old Ryan Lawler would walk away with his second Feature of the 2006 season to take back to Colleyville, Texas after taking the lead from outside pole-sitter, John Wes Townley on lap 19. From there, Lawler would hold off Matt Hawkins, now 19-years-old, who would finish second, to pick up his second Feature win of the season.