Sunday October 21, 2018
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Archive for September, 2007

IMCA Lone Star Nationals, presented by TETCO @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Finals round of qualifying were held in the IMCA Modified, Southern SportMod and IMCA Stock classes, with the IMCA Hobby Stocks deciding the title at night’s end. Four cars from each qualifier would be added to the fields, while the others added crucial points for the last chance qualifiers. Hobby Stocks would run one final qualifier to set the starting field.

Fain Finds Faith in Modified

The 24-car, 15-lap IMCA Modified A-qualifier was paced to green by Cody Smith and Kelly Allen. Allen inched into the lead on the high side of turn 1, but Tommy Fain came from row two, ducked under Allen and got lead on lap 1. Wesley Veal got around Kenny Stone and Alen on lap 1 for second, but Allen fought back on lap 2. Allen held second through turns 1-2, with Veal finally securing the spot in turn 4.

Kevin Sustaire saw his night end early when his car went up in flames on lap 3. The fire was contained in the engine area and was quickly extinguished. Fain got away clean on the restart, while Monte Bolton and Keith White ran wheel to wheel for seventh. Chad Estes and Jason Sartain made contact and spun, but both continued without a yellow waving. Charlie Harmon would bring out a caution when his car rolled to a stop high in turn 2.

Bolton tried to jump around Stone for fourth as the green waved again, but was
unable to get by. Troy Taylor then put slide job on Bolton for fifth in turn 1, but Bolton came back in turns 3-4. Stone was able to take third from Allen on lap 5, while Taylor and Bolton continued to slug it out for fifth. By lap 7, Fain and Veal had put some distance on the rest of the top five and the field.

Once Taylor finaly cleared Bolton, he moved in on Allen running side by side on lap 8 before Taylor took the spot. Two laps later, Taylor got past Stone for third and Veal was turning up the heat on Fain for the lead. Allen continued to backslide giving up sixth to White on lap 12. As the white flag waved, Veal took one last shot at Fain for the win, but came up short as Fain in the God is Awesome Racing,, Hanner Chevrolet, Pflugervile Engine & Machine, Hughes Chassis scored the victory.

“I had a good starting spot and started on the outside,” said Fain. “We got up on the high line pretty quick and were able to get around everybody on the first lap.”

“You just never know how the track is going to change, or when they’re going to farm it. You’ve just to pay attention to what the track and cars are doing in the races before yours. It’s just a guess, and obviously we guessed right last night.”

“This pasing points system really depends on where you draw to whether you like it or not. Here you want to draw bad, start near the back and have cars to pass. Thursday I started on the front row of my heat, won and barely qualified for the back of the qualifier.”

“I’m looking to go to the front and stay there in the A-main tonight. We’re starting up there and In hope to stay there and be competitive. That will be a good night for me.

Gieber Grabs SportMod Slugfest

Outside polesitter, Bobby Mercer beat Matt Mueller out of turn 2 for the lead of the 15-lap IMCA Souther SportMod A-qualifier. Dennie Gieber moved to second, Mueller third, with three and four wide racing in the pack behin the top three. The top three began to inch away as the field continued three wide racing for every position. David Phillips got turned around from one of those scrambles collecting Josh McGaha, Johnny Torres and Bradley Poor. Phillips and Torres were both done for the night.

On the restart, Gieber ducked inside Marcer and got by in turn 1. Mercer tried to crossover out of turn 2, but was not able to reclaim the top spot. Scotty Wallace got by Travis Evans for fifth on lap 3 leaving Evans side by side with Kevin Nixon for sixth. Chris Cogburn joined that battle getting past Nixon on lap 4. Back in the pack, Tim Clonch, who looked to be last night’s winner until mechanical failure put him out, worked his way from 18th to the top ten.

Tyler Young brought out the yellow on lap 5 when he blew up and and rolled to a stop in turn 4. Gieber got huge jump when the green waved, with Evans looking under Wallace for fifth and Cogburn on top side challenging both. Robert Black moved up to join that free-for-all on lap 6 as Cogburn made it to fifth. Black got past Evans on lap 7 and moved along side Wallace.

While Wallace and Black ran side by side, Clonch caught both, with Cogburn and
Mueller wheel to wheel for fifth. Clonch passed Black on lap 9 and as he and Wallace made contact, Black was able to get back by for sixth. The top three had put some distance on all the scraps behind them with five to go. Cogburn and Mueller continued thier fight for the last transfer spot. Coming to the checkers it was Gieber driving the Excel Concrete, Automotive Machine Shop, Qwik Chassis getting the win.

“I had a pretty god car tonight,” Stated Gieber. “That’s what is takes to get the job done. These guys from Excel Concrete give me this Limited to drive, and they do a good job of preparing the car. We had a lot of luck go our way and we were able to stay up front.”

“We just looked for some moisture on the track, try to put the car there and keep it freed up. These cars don’t have a whole lot of motor, so you try to keep the car kind of neutral and balanced.”

“I’m hoping to get a good start tonight.. Hopefully we can get the car dialed in. There’s a lot of fast cars up there, Keith(White) and those guys are real good. It may take a little luck and hopefuly we’ll have a good enough car to stay with them.”

“We really like the passing points simply because if you get a bad draw you can pass some cars and accumulate enough points to be able to start up front in the qualifiers. We really like it.”

Sustaire Struts his Stuff in I-Stock Qualifier

Bryan LaRiviere and Daniel Parker led the 24-car IMCA Stock car A-qualifier to green for the 15 lapper. LaRiviere was first into turn 1, with two and three wide action throughout the pack. Wendall Bolton moved into second with Parker third. Tim Pyle got past Parker on lap 1, while Kevin Sustaire was sailing around the top fom his row five starting spot. Parker continued to fall back giving way to Benji Kirkpatrick on lap 2. K. Sustaire grabed a top five spot on lap 3 getting past Raymond King and Parker.

Kirkpatric caught Pyle for third and as they battled side by side, K. Sustaire
closed in for the kill. Chris Hale brought out the caution on lap 6 when his car went up in smoke. As Hale tried to make the infield, he nearly took Duain Pritchett along with him. LaRiviere got a good lead on the restart, while K. Sustaire looked inside Kirkpatrick for third. On lap 7 Bolton took a peek inside LaRiviere for he lead with Kirkpatrick and K. Sustaire side by side for third.

Kirkpatrick and K. Sustaire caught Bolton and made it three wide for second with Kirkpatrick and K. Sustaire getting by. Kirkpatrick was now on LaRiviere for the lead with K. Sustaire hanging on to hs bumper. On lap 10 it was three wide for the top spot that saw K. Sustaire get the best of both for the lead on lap 11. Kirkpatrick would get loose in turns 1-2 giving Bolton the chance to duck inside for second.

Kirkpatrick and LaRiviere both got around Bolton on lap 12 for second and third. In the meantime, K. Sustaire was building his lead and Randall Jones began sneaking up on Bolton for the final transfer spot. Jones was able to get that last spot on lap 13. Up front K. Sustaire was on cruise control as he put the Darby’s Deisel Repair, Tunes Used Cars, All Star Signs, Performance Transmissions, Simply Great Catering & Events, Cen-Tex Motorsports Engines, Scorpion Race Chassis in the winners circle. LaRiviere, Kirkpatrick and Jones took the other three transfer spots.

“I kind of got lucky tonight,” replied Sustaire. “It seemed like I had a better
starting spot in the middle of the pack. The track came in and we were able to find some lines that the other guys didn’t. That was probably the biggest key, hitting the set-up right on the money. We’ll see what happenes tonight.”

“The work my crew does Monday through Thursday at the shop is what wins races.”

“After breaking while leading Thursday, we looked the car over pretty good, so I didn’t think anything about it. It was kind of a freak deal, but we checked the car over for tonight.”

“I’m looking to get a good start in the Championship race. We’ll have to keep a real close look t what the track is doing. With them changing it up with farming, the lines change, well have to keep on top of the track tonight. I think that’s going to be the key.”

Kansas driver, Dauer takes home Texas Loot

Twenty IMCA Hobby Stocks answered the call for the 25-lap Championship raced led to green by Charles Cosper and Allen Montgomery. B J Dauer saw his race get off to a shakey start when he spun in turn 1, but continued on. Dauer caught the big break when Buddy Baker spun in turn 2 to bring out the yellow and set up a complete restart. On the second try, Cosper got into turn 1 first to get the lead, while Chris Hughes looped his ride and kept going. Dauer moved in on Montgomery and Cosper getting past both for the lead on lap 2.

Perenial front runner, Chris Ater began smoking on lap 3 while running in the top five. Montgomery had trouble on lap 4 when spun with a flat left front giving up third position. Once back to green Dauer and Cosper got the jump on the field with Barrett Hutchinson getting by a slowing Ater. Bryan Sewell was making a charge from his 13th starting spot getting by Ater and Hutchinson for third. Ater was finally forced to retire.

Bryan Wilson got along side Hutchnson on lap 6 for fourth as Montgomery made his way back up to the top ten after changing a tire. Sewell reeled in Cosper for second on lap 8 and dove under Cosper in turn 3. Cosper did a classic crossover and retook the spot. At the crossed flags it was Dauer, with a half straightaway lead, Sewell back by to second, Cosper, Wilson and Hutchinson.

Montgomery caught Michael Guenat and Corbin Taylor in a three car battle for sixth only to have run come to an end on lap 12 when the right front locked up. Dauer had a two lapped car buffer on Cosper as the race went green again and easily built a slight advantage as Sewell got hung up behind one of the slower cars. Sewell finally cleared traffic a lap later, but Dauer was already in the distance.

Lap 14 saw Hughes, Hutchinson and Guenat running three wide for fifth. With Dauer inching away ever farther from Sewell and Cosper, Geunat took sixth from Hutchinson. With two to go, Dauer had rebuilt his half straightaway lead over Sewell, with Hughes catching Wilson for fourth and Geunat and Hutchinson still fighting for sixth. As the double checkers waved it was Dauer in the Crane Rentals, Bob Dauer Trucking, Jason Schoenberg Racing, CT Graphics, Stark Rentals, Stuckey Valley Farms, Phillips Motorsports, BJ Dauer Race Chassis.

“I’m proud to take the Texas trophy back to Kansas,” Said Dauer. “I came down here hoping to take the trophy home. We came down the the Icebreaker(Abilene Speedway) a few years ago and had a really good time. I’ll sure do what I can to come back and defend my title next year”

“It feels a lot better now than it did the first lap, I guarantee that. I got a good start, got there and the car felt good and then it took off on me. I tried something else the second start, I hate running the bottom so I went up top. I like running near the wall. We brought a lot of our stuff from back home. We changed gears. The tracks up there are big, the one in Norton(Kan.) is huge. So we have experience on these type tracks”

“We don’t worry so much about points racing anymore,” added Dauer who is 11th in National points. ” The way IMCA has it set up now, it’s your best thirty out fifty races. So if you’re running for points you have to watch where you’re at and have to go good in those first fifty. I chased National points twice, the first year I was second and I was never home. I have to kids that got to be five and I never knew it. It just got to be where it wasn’t worth it anymore”

“I really think we might had something for BJ(Dauer) in the big featue,” replied runner-up Sewell.” On the that restart, they started two lap cars between us. One was smart enough to get out of the way, the other tried to race with us. By the time I got past him, BJ had already checked out.”

“The guys from up north have been running the Hobby’s and I-Stocks a lot longer so they have some advantage there. We’re just now catching on down here, it won’t be long, we’ll be there.”

Sewell Sweet in Second Hobby Qualifier(10 laps)

After suffering a set back in Thursday’s Hobby Stock qualifier, Bryan Sewell showed he was the class of the remaining Hobby Stock field in the second A-qualifier. Sewell start on the pole flanked by Caleb Stone and quickly jumped out front on green. Stone got turned around on lap 1 after contact with Justin McNeil in turn 2. On the restart Sewell was easily pulling away from the field.

Erik Miles and Corbin Taylor began what turned out to be a race-long battle for
second, that saw the duo, at times, door to door for the position. Jason Brooks
moved by O N Harcrow on lap 5 for third as the short field strung out. Up front
Sewell was continuing to increase his lead. Miles had an axle break on lap 7 ending his chance for top spot and keeping him out of the Championship race. Sewell easily took the win with B&B Redi-Mix, Seagoville Used Cars, Motors by Clint, VooDoo Race Chassis, ahead of Taylor.

“In didn’t figure I’d be able to run away with that like we did.” stated Sewell. “We had a pretty good group of cars out here. I just hapened I started on the front row pole, got out front and never looked back.”

IMCA Lone Star Nationals, presented by TETCO @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track,

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Fields in each class would be set through a series of heat races and qualifying features, with the finales in the Modifieds, Sportmods and Stocks on Saturday. The Hobby Stock main event is scheduled for Friday night, with the Sprint Series of Texas moving in on Saturday to make for a full weekend of racing. Clonch KO’s Competition in Modifieds

The 15-lap, 24-car IMCA Modified A-qualifier was paced to green by J P Dowell and Wesley Veal. Dowell was first into turn 1 for the lead, with IMCA Modified Regional Champion P J Egbert taking second and Tim Clonch moving to third. Coming to complete lap 1 P J Egbert, Clonch, Veal and Keith White were four wide for second, with Clonch coming out with the spot. Clonch then quickly got past Dowell for the lead on lap 2. P J Egbert tried to go by Dowell on the high side on lap 3, but nearly got squeezed into the back wall and had to regroup for another try. Robby Edwards snagged fourth from Veal on lap 5, as Scotty Brown moved into sixth getting by White and Kevin Sustaire. P J Egbert got another run on Dowel for second and made the pass stick on lap 5. Up front, Clonch was already showing his dominance as he increased his lead.
Edards picked up another spot getting by Dowel for third on lap 7, while Brown moved into the top five besting Veal for the position. Brown was then able to snare fourth from Dowell on lap 8. Dowell then fell into the clutches of Veal as they ran side by side for fifth. Clonch had built a full straightaway lead over P J Egbert on lap 11, as Brown gained another spot taking third from Edwards, who was starting to fade.

Clonch caught the back of the pack on lap 13,but easily cut through traffic and
never lost an inch of ground. On the last lap Dowell was able to retake the fourth and final transfer spot from Edwards. Meanwhile, Clonch driving the Bill Brown Tach’s, Jeff’s Performance Racing Engines, Smileys Race Products, Skyrocket Chassis, was taking the runaway victory over P J Egbert and Brown.
“We put a special set of shocks on the car,” stated Clonch. “AFCO came up with set that (Kelly) Shryock has been using. I don’t know if that was the key. We get around this old track pretty good. It’s kind of like Abilene to me. I can get in and get out good. Of course the car has to be good, too and it was. After hot laps, all we did was put fuel in it.”

” I think we’ll be pretty good for Saturday. We’ll have to look at what the track is doing. We may free the car up. Once before it was real bad slick and I ran the right rear off. ”

White Whips SportMod Field

Robert Vetter and Tom Earl led the 24-car IMCA Southern SportMod field to green for the 15-lap A-qualifier. Vetter was able to get out front, while Tim Clonch made a hard charge on the outside moving from eighth to second. Clonch nosed past Vetter on the back stretch, but Vetter fought back running side by side through turns 3-4. Clonch finally completed the pass on lap 2 for the lead. Two-time IMCA SSM champion, Keith Whte was on his own tear taking fourth from Bobby Malchus on lap 3. Sid Kiphen tok over second on lap 4 geting by Vetter on the inside. In mid-pack, Bobby Skinner and 2007 SSM Champ, Jeff Turner were wheel to wheel for sixth, while White was taking third from Vetter. White then reeled in Kiphen and got along side in turns 1-2, as Turner took fifth rom Malchus. Even as White and Kiphen battled for second they were closing on Clonch, who appeared to be slowing.

White ducked low on Clonch, who was now smoking and losing power, and grabbed the top spot on lap 11. Scotty Pyle brought out the races only yellow when he spun on lap 11 coming out of turn 4. Clonch pulled off during the caution. White got a good jump on the restart, while Turner got around Vetter for third.
Malchus and Cody Smith then pressured Vetter for fourth as the laps wound down. With two to go, Turner made his way past Kiphen for second as the fight for fourth, and the final transfer, raged on. As the checkers waved it was White in the Tracy’s Auto Sales, D&S Painting, Central Texas Pest Control, Finishline Restoration, RC Racing Converters, Belton Steel & Pipe, Dan Corbin & Associates, Pflugerville Engine and Machine, Big Chief Chassis taking the win. Turner, Kiphen and Smith completed the top four transfer spots.
“I think we were reeling in Tim(Clonch) a little at a time,” said White. “I don’t know we’d have caught him if hr didn’t have trouble. I saw him puffing a little smoke. I think we ha a shot at running him down.

“I think this passing point format is awesome. Luckily I haven’t drawn the front yet, So I’ve been able to get the passing points. If you sit on the front row, you definitely have to win it, you can’t give up any spots.”
“I’ll be looking at the track close on Saturday and see how it’s going. Whether they farm the top and the bottom. I think tonight(Friday) will be a lot more indication of what the track will do. Last night was pretty racey, a little rough in spots, but you could race all over the track.”

Turner Tops in IMCA Stock Car Scramble

In the 24-car, IMCA Stock Car qualifier, Shawn Stephenson and Kevin Sustaire paced the field to green for the 15 lapper. K. Sustaire was first out turn 2 to get the lead, with Southern Region point leader, Benji Kirkpatrick getting second from Stephenson. On lap 1 Jeff Sustaire and Stephenson were side by side for third as Scotty Brown moved to make it three wide. J. Sustaire got tagged in that fight and spun to bring out yellow.

Under caution, brother Kevin rolled to stop in turn 1 and retired, surrendering the lead to Kirkpatrick on the restart. Brown caught everyone naping on the restart and snagged the lead on lap 3. Chris Hale, Tim Pyle and Chrlie Wilson got tangled in turn 4 to bring the yellow back out. Brown and Kirkpatrick and Jeff Turner broke away from Stephenson and B J Dulock on the restart. Turner then took second from Kirkpatrick, as Dulock and Chad Estes got by Stephenson. Turner caught Brown for the lead on lap 5 and gave his B&B Racing teammate a friendly rap on the bumper as he moved along side. After a brief door to door fight, Turner tok the point on lap 6. Stephenson brought out the yelow on lap 6 as he got turned around. Turner got a huge jump on green, to good in fact, with the yellow waving instantly. Once bck to green the top five inched away from Rex Higgins, Jimmy Gore and Stephenson.
Estes and Kirkpatrick ran side by side for the final transfer spot with Estes
getting the position. Up front Turner was motoring away from Brown, while Kirpatrick continued to slide back yeilding fifth to Stephenson. In the final laps, Brown cut into Turner’s lead, while Stephenson, Kirkpatrick and Higins had a battle for fifth. As te white waved, Turner in the B&B Concrete, B& B Redi-Mix, Southside Graphics, Motors by Clint, Jet Phantom Chassis, took the checkers by a comfortable margin over Brown. Dulock and Estes held third and fourth for the transfer to Saturday’s A-main. “The race track was pretty good, a little rough in a few places,” replied Turner. But we ended up coming out on top. Giving Scotty(Brown) a bump was just racing. If somebody in front of you is a litle slower, You’ve got to make your way around him. We don’t race each other any different than anyone else. I was a little faster than he was so we got by him.”

“Every car we have is different, drives a litle different, but having multiple cars helps you figure out what the track is doing. So yes, it helps a little bit.” “I’m just going to try to get out front and stay there,” added Turner about Saturday’s championship race.

Cosper Captures Hobby Stock Honors

Front row runners, Bryan Sewell and Charles Cosper stayed door to door for the
entire first lap of the 15-lap IMCA Hobby Stock qualifier, before Cosper edged into the lead on lap 1. Sewell fought back in turn 2 and got the lead on the back stretch to lead lap 2, with Caleb Stone getting third and Chris Hughes and Barrett Hutchinson side by side for fourth. Stone and Hughes made contact on lap 4 allowing Hutchinson to get by both for third.

Sewell slid high in turn 4 with Cosper jumping on the chance to retake the lead on lap 5. Sewell regained momentum and got back by Cosper in turn 2 to lead lap 6. Hughes retook third followed by Stone and Jeremy Bost moving to fourth and fifth. Sewell and Cosper were back racing side by side when Stone got turned around to bring out a caution. On the restart Cosper was back in the lead and Allen Montgomery was getting around Hutchinson for fifth. Up front the fight for the lead came to a boil when Sewell got into Cosper, who spun on lap 7. Cosper was given the lead back and Sewell was sent to the pits. Once back to green Montgomery got past Bost for third as Cosper inched away.
Montgomery got along side Hughes in the battle for second, with Chris Ater, who
started near the tail, got past Hutchinson and Bost for fourth. Mongomery and Ater
moved up on lap 11 taking second and third from Hughes. Bryan Wilson, who started dead last after a heat race DQ found his way to the top five. Bost spun and got drilled by Ben Raines in turn 4 to bring ut the final caution. Both drivers were OK, but done for the night.

On the restart, Montgomery was trying to second again after the caution gave Hughes the spot back. The duo continued to battle for second as Cosper pulled away. On the final lap Hughes and Montgomery were side by side while Cosper in the Brazos Roofing, Left Hand Graphics Destroyer Chassis,was sailing away to take the checkers. Montgomery edged out Hughes at the line for second.
“I was able to keep the car hooked up,” said Cosper. “It was dry in the feature and we have these little tires, if you burn them off, you’re going to the back. You just find a good line, stay smooth and kep it hooked up. My dad, my Uncle Jim and friend Will help me get the car right.”
“After that last restart I was looking up at the board and saw that 38(Allen
Montogomery moved into second. That got my nerves going a little bit. I knew that if I held a god line and was smooth I could hold him off. I run with Allen every week at Kennedale Speedway Park, and knew I could hold him off. “

Persistance Pays Off For Phillips In Night One Late Model Win

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

“I looking forward to tomorrow night,” said Phillips, “It felt good tonight.”

Phillips roared to the front of the field after a restart. On the opening lap of the feature event, Clint Bowyer spun heading down the back straight bringing out a yellow. Once the field went back to green, Phillips was a man on a mission. During the early laps of the feature, Phillips had more than a straightaway lead on the field. Only yellow flags would help close the competition on the leader.

John Anderson took a different route than Phillips and he started deep in the field. Lap by lap, Anderson made his way closer to the front. As many drivers were taking to the middle or high groove on the race track. Anderson was heading to the extreme bottom looking for something extra to get him to the front. He found it.

“When you are leading, you want to finish it with a win,” said Anderson, “We tried something different and we are happy, from where we started from 2nd isn’t too bad.”

Anderson shouldn’t feel bad. He caught up to Phillips on a late race yellow and with a handful of laps went to the lead. After gaining the lead he put some distance between he and the 2nd place car of Phillips, but the bottom line he was using around the track went away.

“We stayed on the bottom, I have been beat moving around and I wasn’t going to come off the bottom,” said Anderson, “coming out of four on the bottom wasn’t where it was at.”

Phillips used the momentum and the high line to roar back into the lead and he would never look back. Phillips would take the checkered flag extending his lead.

Clint Bowyer had the crowd on it’s feet most of the night. The former modified track champion returned to Lakeside Speedway with his new love, dirt late models. During the night, Bowyer showed his power. Running into some bad luck in the feature event would end his night. Bowyer spun early in the feature and had to go to the tail end of the field. By the half way point, he was just outside of the top 10 and racing his way back to the front. While moving up he got caught up in a crash with Delbert Smith that would ultimately end his night.

Finishing behind Phillips and Anderson was Kyle Berck, Jeremy Payne and Chris
Simpson to round out the top 5.

Heat race winners were Terry Phillips, Kyle Berck, Alan Vaughn, Voit and Clint Bowyer.

A total of 55 late models raced at Lakeside Speedway on night #1 of the Capitol
Federal Late Model Showdown and Modified Shootout.

Landers Prevails At Capitol Federal Late Model Showdown & Modified Shootout

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Jared Landers came to the ‘Sunflower State’ on Wednesday night. He didn’t have the run he was looking for at ‘Capital City Clash’, but after visiting with several people he decided to hang around Kansas a little bit longer and head to Lakeside Speedway Friday night

“I was kind of nervous at first,” said Landers, “I liked it, but I was kin da
nervous. You never know out there. I just wanted to get a good start and I found a sweet spot.”

When Landers got to Lakeside Speedway he heard about the track conditions always being on the heavy side. He thought the key would be to get a good finish there that would put him toward the front of the A Main.

For a driver that fancies a dry and slick track, you wouldn’t have noticed it in the heat race. Landers ran down early heat leader Steve Glenn and drove right passed him winning his heat convincingly. From there it was time to redraw for the feature event. An event that would pay $1,200 to win and a standing room only crowd would be watching every single lap. On the redraw Landers took home a good position, third row outside.

As the drivers watched the races before the main event, it was evident that the
track was beginning to dry out and become slick.

“When it got slick, this is what I am looking for,” said Landers, “It’s tough to win with these guys, especially Kelly.”

Lakeside Speedway track champion, John Allen, took the early lead in the feature event. Allen would start on the pole position. As the race got underway, Landers sliced is way to the 2nd position before the 1st lap had been completed. He then set his sights on taking down John Allen. A couple of yellows would help him get his priorities straight.

On the restart Landers would use the high side and the momentum to roll past John Allen and take over the lead. Landers would have smooth sailing until some
competitors from the back half of the field would make there way to the front of the field. One driver in particular, Kelly Shryock.

Shryock finished 3rd in his heat race, which landed him squarely in the B Main. In the B Main he would finish runner-up to Dustin Boney. In the downtime he would make the necessary adjustments to his Skyrocket Chassis that would give him a chance to win. A tall order considering he was going to start in the 18th position. It wouldn’t matter where he started. With 6 laps to go Shryock was in 3rd place (from his 18th starting spot). At one point he pushed the race for the lead to 3 wide and would come out with the lead.

One of the contenders for the win, Jim Moody, went off the pace and another yellow was thrown on the speedway. This would set up a wild, green, white and checkered finish.

As the race resumed, Landers was content to follow Shryock and build up so momentum. As they came to the white flag, Landers pulled a daring move to the bottom between’s 3 and 4 and then to the top hard coming out of turn 4. The move gave him back the lead, but he would still have to hold off a driver, who most say is the best in the business today. Driving Shryock to the bottom of turn 1, Landers held the lead as they exited turn two.

Going down the back straight. Landers was able to stay in front of Shryock and block him from making any pass. Landers would hold on and make it to the checkered flag first. Shryock finished a well fought, 2nd place finish.

“Yeah, yeah. I think about it in my mind,” said Landers of the possible was to hold off Shryck in the end, “If I would have entered the turn like I had been he would have went under me, this way I kept him from making that move.”

One of the big stories of the night, was Nextel Cup driver Kenny Wallace. Wallace ran a strong heat race and picked up the win in the 8th and final heat race of the night. He parlayed his good starting spot into one of his best modified finishes, 3rd place. Wallace used the bottom of the track and his great straightaway speeds to make up a lot of ground on the bottom of the track. A few times he went so low that he was actually in the infield.

Dustin Boney would finish 4th followed by John Allen in the 5th spot.

Four special visitors made there way to Lakeside Speedway. Former modified track champion and Nextel Cup Chase competitor, Clint Bowyer was on hand to race his 07 Jack Daniel’s late model. He had a very competitive car and looked to be on his way to a solid race. Unfortunately for Bowyer he would spin on the first lap and have to head to the rear of the competition. As he was moving his way up through the crowd, he got hung up in a crash with Delbert Smith. It was a solid return for the legend of Lakeside Speedway.

Kevin Harvick, teammate to Bowyer in the Nextel Cup and Chase Competitor, piloted Bowyer’s Jack Daniel’s 07 Skyrocket Modified. As he took more laps, the better he got around the track. A Daytona 500 winners provisional was taken by Harvick to make his way into tonight’s main event. It looked as if he earned the respect of his fellow competitors.

Richard Childress’ grandson, Austin Dillon, also made his first appearance to
Lakeside. He raced his No Fear #3 late model on the night. He came up just short of making the A main event.

Nextel Cup driver and television personality, Kenny Wallace, had the best run of all the guests on Friday night. Wallace powered his modified to a 3rd place finish.

75 Modifieds were on hand for the opening night of the Capitol Federal Late Model Showdown and Modified Shootout.

Tonight will be the 2nd night of the Capitol Federal Late Model Showdown and
Modified Shootout at Lakeside Speedway. Gates will again open at 5 p.m., with hot laps at 6:30 p.m. and racing going green at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25.00 at the gate for adults, children 8 to 14 are $10.00 and kids 7 & under are free.

Jimmy Heavlow Makes Debut in Legends Car Victory Lane

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Heavlow arrived at Southside Speedway last weekend feeling confident about his chances in the Legends race, but knew the setup needed a little work after practice. “Practice went pretty smooth, we thought we had a decent car,” said the 14-year-old racer.

The heat race was pretty uneventful for the No. 3 Jim’s Marine/Mercury Legends car, starting in the top five and finishing fourth. That meant he would start the 25-lap feature from the seventh position. After feeling out the car for a few laps, Heavlow started to move up in the running order by making clean, precise passes. Then, late in the event the caution flag waved setting up a two lap, green-white-checkered finish.

Jimmy restarted 5th and avoided major trouble by driving under two flipping cars in the backstretch on the last lap. He took the checkered flag third in the order, but first in the Semi-Pro division, giving the young driver his first win in this style of car.

For most, the victory at Southside would be enough for one weekend–not for Jimmy Heavlow. He followed up that performance by entering two karting events at Nicholson Speedway the following day. He has already wrapped up four WKA titles this year in karting.

This weekend, he would compete in the Briggs Jr. Stock and Briggs Jr. Restricted classes. He started inside the top three and won both races, proving why he is a multi-time WKA champion. This weekend Jimmy will be competing in his Legends car at Wall Speedway under a different format. There will be no practices, just one heat race followed by two feature events. “It’s a pretty short track at Wall and I like running there”

Jimmy Heavlow is being helped with his career development by The Future Stars in Racing Academy. The Academy helps prepare young drivers for success outside the car in public speaking, sponsor presentations, working with the media and behavior on and off the track. The Academy is the exclusive driver development partner of the ASA Late Model Series. Their marketing partners include Awesome Racewear, Sunbelt Web Solutions and Safety-Kleen. The Academy features a staff with decades of experience in all aspects of Motorsports. To learn more about Jimmy and the Academy, please visit