Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Archive for November, 2007


Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The Florida 400 is the only 400 lap sprint car race in the world and the second richest pavement sprint car event as well. In order for a driver to stake claim to a Florida 400 victory he must battle twenty-nine other
competitors for 400 laps around the high banked 3/8 asphalt oval. He must also contend with heavy lapped traffic the entire night as well as completing two
mandatory pit stops.

Entries continue to pour in as Thursday’s opening practice draws near. Drivers from USAC, HOSS, TBARA, ASCS, and AVSS among others have already been
received. The entry list is headed by defending Florida 400 champion, Dave Steele, from Tampa , FL who also is a two-time USAC Silver Crown champion as well as the 2005 TBARA titlist. Other notables include 8-time Little 500 champion Eric Gordon, Bill Davis, Racing NASCAR development driver Bobby Santos III, and ASCS Rebel Region Champion T. J. Winegardner among
others. Santos III heads to Desoto Super Speedway fresh off of his Turkey Night sprint car win at Irwindale , CA and is considered an early favorite.

Long distance sprint car races in the state of Florida are nothing new. In the late 70′s 500 lap sprint car were attempted at the now defunct Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa and at the Orlando Speed World. Then again in’93 and ’94 two more Ill fated 500 lap sprint car races were contested at Charlotte County Motorsports Park in Punta Gorda. These long ago events were mere memories until the Desoto Super Speedway event was unveiled last December with huge success.

Action gets underway Thursday Nov.29 with an afternoon practice and qualifying the next afternoon. The thirty-car 400 lap event is scheduled to take the
green at 8PM Sat. Dec. 1, 2007 . For more information go to or contact Jack Nowling at (727) 527-5078 as well as the Desoto Super Speedway
(941) 748-3171 for ticket info.

Snowball Derby Brings Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of Cars To Pensacola; Snowball And Snowflake Bring In Big Numbers, And So Do The Support Divisions

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

As of Sunday, November 25th, there were already paid 65 entries for the 40th
running of the Snowball Derby, one of the biggest and most prestigious races
in the country. On top of that, the Eighth Annual running of the Snowflake
100 for Pro Late Models has already received 80 total paid entries as of
November 25th. That makes for 145 cars expected to show up in Pensacola for
just two races.

“We are ecstatic with the entry list,” said Tim Bryant, promoter of Five
Flags Speedway and the Snowball Derby. “I guess, we are nervous more than
anything because we want to make sure it’s a good experience for everybody.
When you have that many cars in a confined spot, there will be some glitches
along the way. We just try to handle everyone in the best way that we can.”

A total of 13 states will be represented in drivers vying for starting spots
at the Snowball Derby. Drivers will come from as far from Maine, Oklahoma,
Michigan and Indiana and from as close as right in Pensacola.

Drivers racing for spots in the Snowflake 100 will also represent 13 total
states, including Delaware, Kentucky, Michigan and Colorado.

“It is always nice when you see a lot of teams and drivers come in from
around all over the Southeast and the greater Eastern part of the United
States,” said Bryant. “That makes the whole weekend more enjoyable because
you get to see a lot of guys race with each other who haven’t raced with
each other very much.”

In addition to the Snowball and Snowflake races, there are Modified, Super
Stock, Sportsman and Bomber races all expected to go off during the weekend.
While those four classes have 53 pre-paid entries up to this point, Bryant
expects plenty more cars to show up and pay for entries during the race

“What we are seeing with the local classes are guys that are building next
year’s cars and thrashing on them at the last minute to get them done,”
added Bryant. “A lot of them will come to the Snowball with new cars and
fresh paint schemes. It is their Snowball Derby too.

“A lot of those guys will enter when they come through the gate on their
particular racedays. The Super Stocks will probably get around 25 cars.
The Sportsman Division will get between 30 and 35 cars, and before its over,
I think we’ll have around 40 Bombers. The wild card is the Modified
Division. We have 17 confirmed entries as of Monday, but we really think
that number could as much as triple. It should be a good show.”

Tickets and RV Parking spots for the 40th Annual Snowball Derby weekend are
still available, but they are going fast. Four-day advance Reserved seats
are only $70. For more information on tickets and RV passes, contact Five
Flags Speedway at 850-944-8400 or order tickets online at

For more information on the 40th Annual Snowball Derby event, contact Matt
Kentfield at (704) 788-2134 x 5 and visit

1st Annual Orlando SpeedWorld Winter Series Race this Saturday Afternoon, December 1

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

To show our fans appreciation for their support of Orlando SpeedWorld
throughout the 2007 season, Saturday’s event will be FREE ADMISSION in the
grandstands only.

In fact, you are welcome to bring coolers in the grandstands this Saturday
with your favorite soft drink and sandwitches. COOLERS are welcome this

Pit gate will open at 10 A.M. with racing at 1 P.M.

Come and enjoy us this Saturday afternoon as we celebrate the first Orlando
SpeedWorld Winter Series race.

Bordeau wins race, Reeves crowned 2007 Advance Auto Parts Pro Truck Champion at New Smyrna Speedway

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Points leader Kevin Henry set fast time and also pulled the 0 pill starting
the field straight up. Scott Reeves, sitting only six points behind Henry,
started alittle further back and would definitely have to work his way up to
the front and finish at least three spots ahead of Henry for the Championship.

After an on-track autograph session and a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus,
Chad Akins, the 2006 Pro Truck Champion, gave the command to start your
engines and we were off to the races.

Henry quickly took the point on the green over Logan Bordeau, Scott Bishop,
Dalton Zehr, and Travis Hanson. As they fought for position, the caution
came out on lap 5 for Phil Luizzo, Jarred Cawley, and Michael Pilla. All were fine but rejoined the field in the rear for the restart.

The race goes back green on lap 9 as Henry continues to lead the way over
Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, Hanson, Austin Howell, Jessica Murphy, Scott Reeves, and George Gorham, Jr.

Jessica Murphy puts the heat on Howell for sixth as Reeves follows Murphy
for seventh putting Howell in eighth. Just as racing is heating up, Jen
Crossman brings out the yellow as she spins rejoining the field in the rear. Henry once again holds the point followed by Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, Hanson,
Murphy, Reeves, Gorham and Howell.

Gorham is looking high and low to pass Reeves but each time Reeves shuts the
door and holds his position. But on lap 20, Jen Crossman spins again in
turn 2 bringing out the yellow once more.

Lap 22 sees the green as Henry leads the way over Bordeau, Bishop, Zehr, and
Hanson. Henry begins to build his lead seeing that Championship right
before him but 78 laps are left and there are no guarantees in racing. Gorham once again puts the heat on Reeves but Reeves quickly shuts the door.

Suddenly on lap 28 Gorham spins in turns 1 and 2 due to lap traffic. Gorham
is giving back his spot and the race goes back green. As the racers chase
Henry, the caution comes out again for Jim Campbell who has spun low in turns
1 and 2. At this time Gorham quickly goes down pit road for a few
adjustments on his truck.

On the restart, Bordeau begins to put alot of heat on Henry for the point
but Henry holds him off while Hanson finds himself going side-by-side with
Jessica Murphy for fifth. Murphy is running the outside with Hanson on the
inside. Just as Hanson really feels the heat, A.J. Factor spins at the bottom of turn 2 bringing out the yellow.

Bordeau once again looks on the restart to pass Henry but Henry will have
nothing to do with it. Murphy, who has taken over fifth, goes high giving
Reeves the opportunity to slip by and take over fifth as Murphy settles into

On lap 49, midway, Bordeau takes advantage of Henry’s slip and passes Henry
for first. Henry quickly gathers the truck back up for second followed by
Bishop, Zehr, Hanson and Reeves. Murphy goes high and Reeves goes low for
sixth but Reeves holds his position as Murphy settles back into seventh.

But Murphy is not done and tries once again taking over sixth as Reeves goes
seventh. In the meantime, Bordeau sets sail on the field with a half lap
lead over everyone. Jim Campbell brings out the caution as he spins in turn 2 which somehow Bordeau does a great job of avoiding the spinning car.
Campbell is fine and rejoins the field in the rear of the lead lap.

On the restart, Zehr puts heat on Bishop for third but Bishop holds strong.
Bordeau continues his lead over Henry, Bishop, Hanson and Zehr. Zehr and
Hanson give the crowd a great show as they go side-by-side for fourth. But Zehr proves he is the stronger truck and holds his position in fourth as Hanson must settle for fifth.

Bishop now puts the heat on Henry for second but Henry is too strong and holds him off. Bishop runs low, Henry high as Henry slides just alittle allowing Zehr and Hanson to move pass him for third and fourth and Henry in fifth. Now the top two in points are right behind each other – Henry in fifth and Reeves in sixth.

Lap 90 sees the yellow for Jessica Murphy who has spun on the backstretch.
Since the last 10 laps must be under green, the race restarts on lap 90 as
Bordeau leads the way over Bishop, Zehr, Reeves, Hanson, Henry and Gorham.

Then the heartbreaking moment arrives when Henry suddenly slows and is forced on pit road. Thinking he might be out of gas, it is sadly discovered that he has lost his MSD Box and is out of the race and no longer in the lead for the Championship.

With only a handful of laps to go, Bordeau crosses the checkered followed by
Scott Bishop, Dalton Zehr, Scott Reeves, and Travis Hanson. Both Bordeau and Reeves celebrate in Victory Circle as Reeves is the new 2007 Advance Auto
Parts Pro Truck Champion.

IMRS Major Rule Change Announcement

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

The IMRS officials have worked closely with McGunnegills Engine Performance to introduce a rule that will allow any engine to run in the series after it has been dynode, sealed, and a restrictor plate selected. The
original series rule of the 425 Ford crate engine and the 604 Chevrolet crate engine will still be the series preferred sealed engine and will be ran unrestricted. The new rule will allow for a race team to bring the engine they currently have to an event with the seals and a mandated restrictor plate and compete in the IMRS.

This amendment to the rules is to help bring the cost factor of an engine to a race team down. All engines will still be required the 6200 RPM limit and will be dynode as such. Engines that exceed the mandated horsepower rating on the dyno will be mandated to run a restrictor plate of a certain size. If the competitors engine has a lower horsepower than the series base horsepower, no restrictor plated will be needed. This is in efforts to keep cost down for the racers.

For more information regarding the rules change or the Indiana Modified Racing Series please visit For information on McGunnegills Engine Performance please visit