Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Archive for March, 2009

Macon Speedway Announces 2nd Annual Spring Fling/Opening Night Saturday April 4 and Special Racing Events

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

(Macon, IL) Macon Speedway gears up to roar into action for the 2009 racing season. Opening Night on April 4, will kick off an exciting season of racing at Macon Speedway, Macon, IL, featuring Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks and Hornets. The 2009 schedule showcases a variety of traditional fan favorite special events plus Nights of NASCAR stars when NASCAR drivers are available for autographs and actually compete with local favorites.

Macon Speedway’s exciting summer schedule includes a Memorial Day Special featuring the Northern All-Star Late Models plus NASCAR Stars on May 25, followed by the Lite Beer Twin 50’s on June 6 and NASCAR Night II on June 11. The action heats up at the track for the Herald & Review 100 in combination with UMP Summernationals on July 2. Return to the track for the Firecracker 40’s on our nation’s birthday, July 4, as we will definitely fire things up for the Independence Day holiday for another spectacular week at the super-fast 1/5 mile.

Two time NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart will be the Grand Marshall for the second  Night of NASCAR Stars at Macon Speedway on June 11. The POWRi Series will make several stops at Macon Speedway this year with dates to be announced soon.

Fans won’t want to miss any of the action at Macon Speedway with a full summer of hot weekly racing action every Saturday night combined with an exciting mix of special events. Macon Speedway will run regular weekly racing through the end of September, so bring your family and friends out to the track and experience the hottest ticket in town.

Macon Speedway is located 9 miles south of Decatur, IL on US 51 then .6 miles west on Andrews Street, then south on Wiles. For information, call 217-764-3000 (track), 217-764-3220 (information hotline). Also visit or for additional information.

Jason Davis tops Modifieds at Volusia Speedway Park

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Barberville, FL – In spite of the dark clouds overhead and the high winds, the weather did not stop racing at Volusia Speedway Park. With Ocala Speedway rained out the night before, the drivers were ready for some dirt racing and so were the fans.

Two Boy Scout Troops made the trip from Jacksonville to help open the Saturday night show. Troop 522 and 26 presented the flag during the National Anthem and a few Scouts also were made “official” flagmen throwing the green flag for the racers. This was a thrill not only for the Scouts but also for the fans. Next year, 2010, the Boy Scouts will celebrate their 100th anniversary and this is one of the best organizations there is for young men these days.

Six Thunder Stocks ran the feature race with Scott Mooers on the pole and taking his fourth win in that division. Mooers quickly took the point on the green followed by Tommy Roberts, Doug White, James Sullivan, III and Todd Roberts. Todd Roberts quickly took over fourth as Sullivan went to fifth.

Lap 3 sees Sullivan go into the pits, done for the night as Richard Calmes takes over fifth. Lap 5 sees Todd Roberts and Tommy Roberts doing some great side-by-side action for the fans but Tommy Roberts holds his postion in second keeping Todd in third.

Mooers holds on for the checkered taking his fourth win of the season followed by Todd Roberts, Doug White, Tommy Roberts and Richard Calmes. Todd Roberts took the heat win.

Alan McCafferty had the pole for the 20 car field for the Street Stocks. But it was Grady Christian who quickly took the point over McCafferty, Charles “Bubba” Christian, D.J. Nobles, and Steve Oldaker. But the yellow comes out on lap 1 for debris on the track which may have come off the #89 car of William Palmeri. The debris is quickly cleared and the race goes back green on lap 1.

Once again Grady Christian takes the point over Charles “Bubba” Christian, Alan McCafferty, D.J. Nobles, and Charlie Macnichol. The caution comes out again on lap 3 for Michael Tovet who has stopped dead still on the backstretch close to the pit entrance. Tovet looks to have a flat and is quickly towed into the pits.

The race goes back green on lap 3 as Grady Christian leads the way over Charles Christin, Nobles, Macnichol and McCafferty. Lap 6 sees Oldaker take over fifth from McCafferty as McCafferty slides to sixth. Lap 7 sees James Smith take his machine to the pits, also done for the night. The halfway flag is thrown as Grady Christian leads the way over Charles Christian, Nobles,
Macnichol, and Oldaker.

Lap 12, Steve Mooers puts heat on McCaffety for sixth but McCafferty holds his position. Lap 12 sees the yellow come out once again for debris on the track which seems to be a lead weight on the frontstretch from one of the cars. No number on the weight, so no one knows which car has lost it.

Twelve cars are left from the original 20 that started on lap 12 as the cars now go single file for the restart. Grady leads the way over Charles followed by Macnichol, Oldaker, McCafferty, Mooers, Mark Maresca, Justin Simons, Matthew Holbrook, Mick Kulak, and Kenny Sowers. Lap 16 sees Steve Mooers off the pace and by lap 17, Mooers has retired his ride to the pits for the night.

Grady Christian holds on to the point to take the win followed by his nephew Charles “Bubba” Christian, Charlie Macnichol, Steve Oldaker, and Alan McCafferty. Steve Oldaker and Grady Christian took the heat wins.

McCafferty, who also races an asphalt modified, hopes to enter the big Modified race at Bronson Motor Speedway in a few weeks.

There were 18 Modifieds in the field for their feature race with Dale Murray on the pole. But it was a very short green as James Erickson and Wayne Allen, Jr. got together on the frontstretch close to the flagstand on lap 1. Both were fine and able to return to racing at the rear of the field.

The field is realigned for the restart as Jason Davis quickly takes the point over Barry Sheffield, Dale Murray, Jimmy Carter and Rob Underwood. Davis seems to be on rails going around the track with only three wheels touching the surface.

James Erickson hits the frontstretch wall on lap 4 but continues racing. Murray and Carter are doing some great side-by-side action as they battle for third. Davis is leaving the field way behind him as Carter passes Murray and takes over third. Suddenly the caution comes out on lap 11 for Dale Murray who has spun in turn 4. Murray is fine but must go to the rear for the restart.

Davis once again takes the point on the green followed by Sheffield, Carter, Nick Kirkus, and Underwood. Carter puts the heat on Sheffield on lap 16 and takes over second as Sheffield goes to third followed by Kirkus and Underwood. Davis continues to the lead the way and takes the checkered for his second win of the season followed by Jimmy Carter, Nick Kirkus, Barry Sheffield, and Robert Underwood. Jason Davis and Jimmy Carter won the heat races.

Sixteen 4 Cyl Challengers were in the field for their feature race with Hank Goodrich on the pole. Goodrich quickly took the point followed by Dalton Strehle, RJ Glaser, Danny Lunn, and Daniel Laird. Lunn quickly takes over second from Strehle as Strehle slides to fifth and Mark Comitale in fourth. Lunn now puts the heat on Goodrich and takes over the point. Suddenly on lap 4,
Glaser slides backwards in the field to seventh.

Lunn continues to lead the way over Tony Laporta, Comitale, Goodrich, and Strehle. With no cautions in the race, Lunn is able to hold on to the point and take his first feature win of the season over 3 time winner Tony Laporta, Mark Comitale, Hank Goodrich, and Dalton Strehle. Mark Comitale and Dalton Strehle took the heat wins.

Steve Shead had the pole for the Sportsman field with 23 cars in the line-up. But before a lap was down, the yellow comes out for Dan Lane, Sr. who was spun in turn 1. A complete restart is in order as Shead takes the point over Ken Hall, Sr., Alan Peacock, Shaun Daugharty, and Trevor Gamble. Daugharty quickly puts the heat on Peacock taking over third as Peacock goes to fourth.

Daugharty puts the heat on Shead and quickly takes over the point with Shead in second followed by Hall, Sr., Gamble, and Peacock. The caution comes out on lap 4 for Karl Heinz Haas who has hit the backstretch wall. The wrecker goes out quickly with Haas done for the night.

The race goes back green with Shead on the point followed by Daugharty, Gamble, Hall, Sr., and Danny Vogel, Jr. Daugharty once again takes over the point. Lap 5 sees Peacock retire his machine to the pits as Daugharty leads the way. Vogel and Shead get together on the backstretch but no yellow is thrown as they both continue on. Halfway is shown as Daugharty leads the way over Trevor Gamble, Ken Hall, Sr., Danny Vogel, Jr., and Todd Ponce.

Lap 11 sees Mike Haney with problems as he slows on the frontstretch and is stopped at a dead standstill. The yellow is thrown for Haney’s hurt machine. The race goes back green on lap 12 with 18 cars running.

It is a single file restart as Daugharty leads the way over Gamble, Vogel, Jr., Hall, Sr., and Ponce. Ponce puts the heat on Hall, Sr. and takes over fourth as Hall, Sr. goes to fifth. Gamble puts the heat on Daugharty on lap 13 but Daugharty will have nothing to do with it and holds on to the point keeping Gamble in second. It is Daugharty on the bottom and Gamble on the top
but Daugharty holds on to the point.

The caution comes out on lap 18 for Ponce who has spun off turn 4. Ponce rejoins the field in the rear for the restart. The field is realigned for the restart but it is a bad start as Ken Hall, Sr. tries to make it two wide and it is a single file restart.

At this time, Ponce takes his car to the pits, done for the night. Daugharty once again holds the point on the green followed by Vogel, Jr., Gamble, Hall, Sr., and Shead. Lap 18 sees Gamble and Hall, Sr. get together in turn 1. Hall’s hood goes flying in the air as Gamble has a flat tire. Both are done for the night after a very good run.

Fourteen cars are now left for the restart as Daugharty leads the way over Vogel, Jr., Shead, Garret Stewart, and Richard Wells, Jr. Daugharty, who has been nicknamed “The Destroyer” takes the checkered followed by Danny Vogel, Jr., Steve Shead, Garret Stewart, and Richard Wells, Jr.

Alan Peacock, Shaun Daugharty, and Ken Hall, Sr. took the heat wins.

Next Saturday, April 4, it is 4 for 44 night at Volusia with Daytona Dodge Chrysler Late Models, Budweiser Modifieds, Taylor Racing Products Sportsman and the UMP DIRTcar Street Stocks. The 4 for $44 package includes admission for 4 adults PLUS 4 hot dogs and 4 iced teas or coffee.

Quartet of First Timers Occupy East Bay Victory Lane

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

The opportunity presented itself for first time winners to make their mark on the 2009 season with four new names added to the list in Saturday night racing action.

The action started with a field of 10 Outlaw 4 division cars taking the opening green in their 15-lap main. Mavrick Varnadore jumped into the early lead with heat race winner Mickey Wright giving chase. A hard-charging Amanda Rogers worked her way through the field, moving into second with two laps to go. Despite the charge, Rogers couldn’t catch Varnadore, who posted a
wire-to-wire victory and nailed his first feature of the year. Rogers came home second with Wright third. Shirlene Hammond’s steady race earned her a fourth place run with last week’s feature winner Stephen Hohlbaugh in fifth. Hohlbaugh claimed the earlier heat win.

The Gagel’s Auto Parts Open Wheel Modifieds got off to a rocky start when a red flag stopped action for a multi-car pileup in the front stretch, touched off when Wayne Hammond tagged the front stretch wall. When action resumed, early leader Buzzie Reutimann went to the bottom of the track in search of grip. He found plenty as the car rocketed off the corners. Pursuing competitors kept falling back. Shane Burrows was first to challenge, but drifted high to give Jeff Mathews his turn. Mathews made the best of it, but couldn’t catch Reutimann’s ride. In Victory Lane, Buzzie joked that he was racing under duress, driving his son David’s ride. “If I didn’t win, he was going to put me on a budget,” he said. Reutimann also owned up to an engine that was pushing the temperature gauge to 240 degrees. “What was this, 500 laps,” he joked. Mathews claimed second, ahead of heat winner Alex Boerner, double duty driver Roger Crouse and Burrows. Hammond won his heat before suffering the wreck in the

The 25-lap feature for the South Shore Auto Sales Late Models began with brothers Jack and Keith Nosbisch taking the front row start. Jack got the best of Keith in the drag race to turn one, but only two laps were completed before a caution waved for Maxx Bennett. Once the green returned, former pavement late model racer Rich Pratt was turned, bringing another yellow. When action resumed, heat winner Patrick Williams was in charge of third and locked in a desperate battle to hold the spot. His first challenges came from Jeff Mathews and the pair exchanged the spot until Mathews wrestled it away. Pratt and former Street Stock champ Paul Gibbs tangled to bring a lap 9 yellow and realigned the field. In the Ybor City restart, Keith Nosbisch chose the outside line to keep Jeff Mathews low. The two contested for second, giving leader Jack Nosbisch some breathing room. Keith Nosbisch never officially lost second, but it would be as high as he would get. Jack Nosbisch doubled down, adding the feature win to his earlier heat. In Victory Lane, he acknowledged that it seemed like it took forever to get the first win of the year. He knew the competition was coming, but he focused on keeping the car in the fast lane to victory. Mathews came up with a third with Williams keeping fourth. Bennett rebounded from the early race spin for fifth. David Schmauss also scored a heat triumph.

The Four Cylinder Bombers
were in for a wild night. Three heat races opened the program, but the wildest moment came late in the second race. Benny Metzger’s car turned sideways onto the front stretch, rolling three times before coming to rest on its wheels with the driver’s door panel ripped away. Metzger was unhurt and the repairs were made to bring the car back for the extra-distance feature. The class was given an additional 10 laps, bringing the distance to 25. There were 27 of the scheduled 30 starters on hand for the green. Heat winner Bubba Puyear took immediate command of the race, followed by Raymond Vann, who has scored a
feature win this season. Puyear kept Vann into second until Vann and third-place Tommy Hufstutler tangled in the backstretch, knocking both out of contention. Roberto Morfin Jr. began to pursue Puyear, but his first win was in sight and he made it stick. Morfin Jr. had to settle for second, ahead of George Handy, Wayne Kissam, and Roberto Morfin Sr.

ASA sanctioned racing resumes at East Bay Raceway Park Saturday, April 4, 2009 at 6:30pm. “Adams Used Auto Parts Night” will see action for South Shore Auto Sales Late Models, East Bay Sprints, Street Stocks and 4 Cylinder Bombers. For more information call the track office at 813-677-7223 or visit us on the web at

Red River Speedway Excited to be Entering its Second Season as an ASA Member Track

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Red River Speedway located in Wichita Falls, TX, is in pre-season mode as it prepares for its second
season as an American Speed Association Member Track. The track saw a lot of benefits last season with its membership and cannot wait for its grand opening on April 4th with Greg Biffle in attendance.

“It was fantastic, it was a new deal for us and when everyone figured out what it was all about, they were more than willing to become members and that grew throughout the year,” Hank Cournoyer, Red River Speedway Track Manager stated. “Being a member of the ASA Member Track program gives the drivers notoriety. It gives them something to hang their hat on. They are proud to be a member, its bragging rights. It also increases the whole aspect of racing at Red River Speedway, it’s so much better for everybody.”

When reflecting back on Red River’s first year in the Member Track program, Cournoyer shared two stories, “The biggest piece was at the end of the year at our awards banquet. For so many years, these guys have been racing and haven’t received much in the way of contingencies or point funds. ASA stepped up and the top five in our Thunder class all received checks. It was great, everyone was very pleased.”

The second was the benefits of the insurance plan that comes with being a member, “It’s just one of those things where you hate to say you had to use the insurance because something happened. But, we had a couple that benefited from it and it got them out of a bind,” Cournoyer stated. “Just the comfort of knowing they have that insurance available if something were to happen really does put them at ease. We make it known to them that when they hook up their trailer to the truck and head in our direction that they are covered under this insurance program. A lot were not aware of that and that helps a bunch as well.”

Red River Speedway opened this past Saturday, March 21st and will race again this Saturday, March 28th. Both of these nights are considered more like pre-season events. The 2009 season officially opens on Saturday, April 4th with a special guest, “We are going to have Greg Biffle come in and he is bringing some of his crew members. We are going to put them in our LMST Super Trucks, which is an ASA Member Class, and some of his crew members in our Charger cars, which is a lower class of car we have,” Cournoyer explained. “They came down last year and we had Hornet cars for them and they had a blast. This year we are going to give them a little more of a performance car for them to drive.”

But, that is not all as the Speedway issued a challenge to Biffle, “A challenge has been put out to Greg to break the track record which is a 14.89 and he has taken the challenge,” Cournoyer announced. “He is going to try to break the track record in the Super Trucks; it ought to be a very eventful evening.”

Most of their Saturday night shows consist of their Thunderstock, Mod 4, Charger and Hornet divisions. The track will welcome late models, NASKART, and Texas Pro Sedans throughout the season.

Cournoyer wouldn’t mind seeing the ASA Member Track National Championship stay in Texas, but this time at his track, “Last year, Cary Stapp at Thunderhill Raceway represented Texas very well with winning the National Championship. It would be a huge feather in our cap to have our track as the home of the 2009 National Champion.”

More information can be found at

Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil, sponsor of the American Speed Association National Short Track National Championship, is the same oil developed and used by Joe Gibbs Racing. The team sells the oil so racers across the country can have access to the latest technology in racing lubricants.

Joe Gibbs Racing is one of the premier organizations in NASCAR, currently fielding three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams, two NASCAR Nationwide Series teams and a driver development program. Based in Huntersville, N.C., and owned by Joe Gibbs – a three-time Super Bowl winner as head coach of the Washington Redskins and a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame – JGR has
competed in NASCAR since 1992, winning three Cup Series championships and more than 80 NASCAR races, including three Brickyard 400s and the 1993 Daytona 500.

The American Speed Association Short Track National Championship is another step by the industry leader in creating new and innovative programs. This follows the recent announcement about extending the insurance coverage for ASA members traveling to, from, and during an ASA-sanctioned event. For updated ASA National Points, just click on the “Points” link at

ASA members in good standing are eligible for a $500,000 Excess Medical Benefit as well as a $20,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit. Coverage for the member begins while traveling to a location promoting an ASA-sanctioned event and continues until arrival home again. The American Speed Association, in conjunction with WSIB Motorports Insurance, is the
only sanctioning body to offer insurance coverage which extends beyond the boundary of the racetrack itself (complete details are available online at

The ASA Member Track program is comprised of more than 35 short tracks around the United States, as well as a variety of regional and national touring series. For more information, call (386) 258-2221 or send an e-mail to For news and information from all the racetracks and tours involved in the ASA, visit

ASAT, ASA RacingT and American Speed AssociationR are trademarks of Racing Speed Associates, LLC. Racing Speed Associates, LLC is not related to or affiliated with ASA Late Model Series, LLC.

Saturday 3/28 Budweiser Modified Nationals Results

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Waterford, CT – Jason Palmer was the last Legends Car competitor in Speedbowl Victory Lane in the 2008 season, and picked up where he left off on Saturday capturing the 20-lap Legends Car race during the Budweiser Modified Nationals opening weekend. Saturday marked the 59th consecutive season of operation for the ‘Bowl.

Other winners from Saturday’s action include Allen Coates (Speedbowl Truck Series), Paul Tuthill (Allison Legacy North Racing Series), Curt D’addario Sr. (X Car) and Jon Porter (Super X Car).

Palmer, the 2007 and 2008 Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday Legends points champion, topped a full field of talented Legends competitors. He outdueled Shaun Buffington and Ryan Morgan in an entertaining 20-lap event. An extended red flag situation was necessitated after a scary incident in turn 4 involving Tom Gray. Gray’s car became airborne and slammed the wall. He was transported to L & M Hospital for observation, but did get out of the car under his own power and acknowledged the crowd.

Coates picked up his 65th career Speedbowl victory leading the 25-lap Truck Series event from start to finish. A late race caution regrouped the field and Coates was able to hold back the challenges of Keith Chapman. The four-time Speedbowl track champion (Late Models, Street Stocks) has won two consecutive starts in a Truck, also winning last July’s 100-lap ARTS event at the shoreline oval.

Qualifying action on Saturday was completed for the SK Modifieds, Late Models, Mini Stocks and Street Stocks. Winning Bud Pole honors for the SK-150 was Keith Rocco who posted a 14.138 second lap around the three-eighths mile Speedbowl. After time trials, Rocco drew the top ten for a redraw, and will line up seventh when the green flag falls. Frank Ruocco drew the pole after setting second fastest time. Bruce Thomas Jr. won the Bud Pole for the Late Models setting a track record for the Late
Models in the process. Thomas posted a 15.240 second lap besting his own previous record of 15.268 seconds, set during last summer’s Pepsi 300 event. He will start from the pole in the 50-lap Late Model event.

In other Saturday action, D’addario Sr. went on to victory in the 20-lap X Car event after an entertaining battle with Brad Voglesong and Pete Zaikarite through lapped traffic. Jon Porter won the 20-lap Super X Car feature over John Yagmin and Michael Caprio. Paul Tuthill triumphed the 30-lap Allison Legacy North Racing Series event.

Sunday’s portion of the Budweiser Modified Nationals was washed out by rain. The 30-lap features for the Mini Stocks and Street Stocks, plus 50-lap Late Model feature and the 13th annual $5,000 to win Budweiser SK-150 will be made up at a
later date. Speedbowl Management expects to make an announcement of that date soon. Please visit or contact the track office at 860.442.1585 for more information.