Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Archive for June, 2009

Daniel Barrett Wins A Jammer Ticket, Wins The Jammer Race

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

B.C.R.A. Midget winner John Sarale with his family.Lakeport CA,–The Lakeport Speedway hosted the next “King of the Hill Challenge Series” event last Saturday night with a “’50s and ’60s Nostalgia Night” after a day with the Kulture Shock Car Show in Lakeport. Kulture Shock exhibitions included some of the vintage cars and bikes, booths, and shows from the earlier show in the Lake County Fairgrounds. The B.C.R.A. Vintage Midgets were also on-hand to perform several exhibition races.


This special Kulture Shock night Jammer race was not run for points and included some veterans just racing for fun like Rick Tommila (Modified 28, Bomber 19) and Andy Norton (Bomber 69 before his daughter KC took over). The raffle winner from last week was Daniel Barrett from Kelseyville. A life-long race fan at Lakeport Speedway, he was outfitted and trained Friday for Saturday racing. Nolan Forsythe and Kevin Asman led the standing start. Carl Gronroos stalled and Darrel Lavier, showing typical Jammer sportsmanship, push-started him. While the pack shuffled and adjusted around the slow cars or those that missed a shift, Barrett took the high road and ran with the wall all the way around the track, passing the jumbled pack until he found himself in third behind the blue truck of R. Tommila chasing Asman. As Barrett passed R. Tommila low, Gary Judd passed both of them high to challenge Asman for the lead. However, Asman drifted high in turn four slowing them both and allowing Barrett to move up on the inside through the frontstretch.


In turn one, Asman came down too soon and caught himself on the nose of Barrett. Barrett slowed and moved up and around Asman as Asman turned sideways momentarily blocking Judd and the rest of the field. There are no yellow flags with Jammers and, when they had gotten themselves untangled, Barrett found himself, in lap seven of his very first race ever, in the lead by over half the track. The rest of the race saw Asman, James Adkins, Lavier, and Judd battling for position with each other while chasing Barrett. In the final lap, Judd, who had been side-by-side with Lavier, made the inside pass on both Lavier and Adkins. Asman lost grip in turn one and drifted high into R. Tommila sending him into the wall. Barrett claimed the checkers. With both Asman and Lavier down a lap, Judd finished second followed by Adkins, Hayley Bishop, and Norton.


Barrett says driving a Jammer is “Freakin’ Awesome” and immediately turned to series promoter David Furia and said “I gotta build me a Jammer!”. He credits his victory to all of the other drivers who helped train and advise him. “They told me to rev it up, keep it in low gear, and pass high in the corners. I took them
seriously and it worked.”


Barrett, age 23, said he’s never won anything before in his life, even when he was in 4H. The thing he most looks forward to now is taking his trophy home to, and showing this article to, his mother who did not attend to watch him: “… and then I won. Ha!”. B.C.R.A. Midgets


The Midget fast time of 11.869s was set by Tanner Swanson. Bill Lindsay and Floyd Alvis led the field to the start. Alvis and Nick
Foster Jr. touched tail-to-nose, slowing them and the upper line. Nick Chivello passed Lindsay low for the lead. Foster shot by inside Lindsey forcing Travis Berryhill to dodge high into Lindsey’s back bumper. Foster, John Sarale, Berryhill, and Swanson followed Chivello. Sarale leap-frogged Foster when he clipped the turn three infield apron. In lap 22, Sarale made the inside pass for the lead by Chivello. When the white flag fell, Chivello tried to nose under Sarale in turn two, but Sarale had already come down and clipped his nose slewing him sideways.


Sarale crossed the line first, followed by Berryhill, Swanson, Foster, and David Prickett while Chivello was left in turn two
beating his hands on his steering wheel in frustration.


For more details on the B.C.R.A. Midgets, Vintage Midgets, and their races, browse to “”.


Airport Auto Brokers Late Models
Mike Doss from Nice set the Late Model fast time of 11.734s and won the 75 lap main event. Forrest Kuecker (in his snazzy new black 79) won the fast trophy dash. Jimmy Stillman held the lead first and lost it to Charlie Collins in lap six. Eric Graham and Mike Doss battled for second as Kevin Ostern made a long outside climb up to fourth.


Doss gained the outside of Collins in lap 18 and passed him for the lead, followed by Graham and, eight laps later, Ostern. The pack settled into a long green-flag session during which Ostern made it past Collins on the outside in turn four into third.


After a lap 40 yellow, Ostern gained the outside of Graham, passed him for second in lap 45, and continued past Doss in lap 48 for the lead. After a yellow for a Joey Aiken spin, the leaders were battling in pairs: Doss chasing Ostern for the lead, Graham and Jeremy Hopkins for third, and Collins and Kuecker for fifth. In lap 60, Doss swung outside Ostern on the backstretch and
re-took the lead on the frontstretch. One lap later, Collins was trying to fend off Kuecker’s outside pass when he spun out into the frontstretch infield. Nine laps later, Doss finished victorious, followed by Ostern, Graham, Hopkins, and Kuecker. For more details on the Airport Auto Brokers Late Models and this race, browse to


The Mini-Stock fast time of 13.842s was set by Kyle Tellstrom. The track record for Mini-Stocks was reset this week since the old record was made without a restrictor plate, so this time now stands as the new track record. The rest was all Robert Schmidt from Lucerne, winning the trophy dash, his heat race, and the main event.


The bright blue station-wagon of Jay Strugnell took the main event lead as the slower “Fast” Freddy Schmidt pushed the inside line back. After avoiding a fish-tailing Mark Zimmerschied in turn four, and a few cautions, Jessica Aceves took the lead in lap ten followed by R. Schmidt when Don Presler got trapped behind Strugnell.


However, in turn three, Aceves lost grip and spun out inside R. Schmidt. R. Schmidt took the lead and points leader Kyle Tellstrom
chased for the rest of the race. At the white flag, Aceves and Jason Pratt finished a nine-lap side-by-side battle by spinning out sending Aceves nose-first into the backstretch wall.


R. Schmidt finished first followed by Tellstrom, Presler, Marcus Hatfield, and John Johnson.


Mike Rose from Lakeport (driving for Roman Rose) set a track record fast time of 14.115s. Chuck Hackbarth and Jimmy Shankles
(driving for Theresa Sorrels who broke during time-trials) led the start. Shankles drifted back, pushing the outside line of Scott
Griffin, Mike Bray, Brenton Smith, and Gary Collins with him. Rick Tommila swung outside Hackbarth but could not keep up. Jimmy
Sorrels swung under and then outside Hackbarth. George Lovrin. M. Rose, D. Rose, Collins, and Smith tucked behind him expecting a quick pass, but Sorrels stayed even with Hackbarth for 12 laps. In lap 15, a caution was thrown for debris in turn three. Because it was an official’s yellow, the restart was single-file with Hackbarth followed by Sorrels, Dylan Rose, Lovrin, Collins, M. Rose, and Smith. It was called off when Sorrels was put back a position for jumping the start.


Sorrels got stuck behind Hackbarth when D. Rose swung outside followed by Lovrin, Collins, M. Rose, and Smith. Behind D. Rose,
Collins was inside Lovrin when they came up to lap KC Norton. Norton was a little high in turn four, so Lovrin went high and Collins low. As Norton came back down on the frontstretch, Collins dove to the apron and made the pass cleanly before turn one.


This put Collins behind Lovrin. In lap 28, he had swung outside when they came up on Norton again. This time, Lovrin dove low on the frontstretch apron as Collins passed high. However, Lovrin did not have enough time to finish the pass before turn one, and he and Norton slewed sideways barely missing M. Rose and Smith who passed along the outside wall.


Lovrin suffered a flat tire and retired. While under the yellow, a huge cloud of smoke suddenly billowed from under the car of Collins. When he was stopped it was discovered he’d blown a seal and was leaking oil. This forced Collins to retire.


After the final green-white-checker, it was D. Rose who won, followed by M. Rose, Smith, Sorrels, and Bray.


Coming Up
King of the Hill Challenge Series racing returns to the Ukiah Speedway this Saturday night June 27 for “Things That Go Bump In The Night”. Featured will be the Pro-4 Modifies, the Legends Cars Series, and the Bandoleros. King of the Hill racing includes Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Bombers.


For more information, browse

Start Bests Kilgore in Mods at Thunderhill

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Sturgeon Bay, WI — Egg Harbor’s Tom Stark survived heavy pressure from New Franken’s Shawn Kilgore to capture the IMCA modified feature win at Prestige Yacht Coatings Thunderhill Raceway.

Stark shot out to the early race lead, followed closely by Tim Czarneski. Stark and Czarneski ran the top groove around the track, with Mike Wedelstadt and Kilgore down low. A late caution bunched the field, with Kilgore getting past Wedelstadt to grab the second spot. Kilgore tried to make a move down low on Stark, but Stark powered to victory. Kilgore settled for second, followed by Wedelstadt, Todd Dart and Jay Matthias.

Brussels’ Troy Muench survived a wreck-filled IMCA stock car contest to pick up his second feature win in a row at Thunderhill. A spin by Charlie Kroll wiped out multiple drivers in the top 10 in points, including Pat Davister, Shawn Havel and Dave Bouche. Muench pulled away from the field to pick up the win, followed by Mike Pierrard who came through the infield, Bret Koehler, Jamie Suchocki and Von Eytcheson.

Forestville’s Roger LaViolette picked up his 1st career feature win in the IMCA hobby stock division, doing so rather convincingly. Kelsy Hayes and Marcus Moede battled for second, but tangled in turn 3, sending both to the rear of the field. Brandon Peterson would capture the runner-up spot, followed by Luke Lemmens, Frank Paul and CJ Weckler.

Last year’s runner-up in points in the IMCA northern sport mod division Brad Lautenbach shot out to the early lead and never looked back, taking home his 1st feature win of the season. Lautenbach held off challenges from last week’s winner Bernie Reinhardt, who settled for the runner-up spot, followed by Eric Arneson, Tim Mcormick and Jesse Kroll.

Green Bay’s Todd Everard beat out rivals John Sternard and Jeremy Wiitala to capture the NEW super stock feature win. Sternard and Wiitala battled side-by-side while they caught Everard, but neither could make the pass. Sternard finished second, Wiitala third, James Anderson fourth and Tim Jandrin fifth.

Green Bay’s Tony Everard picked up his 3rd feature win of the season in the 4 cylinder division.

Next week’s action is sponsored by Arctic Glacier. Races begin at 6pm on Saturday evening, with IMCA modifieds, stock cars, hobby stocks, northern sport mods, NEW super stocks and 4 cylinders in action. For more information, visit or call (920) 743-7052.

Chris Budzban
Budzo Designs LLC
(920) 366-0381

New Car Gets Dicely the Speedweek Win; Chad Myers Dominates Sidewinders

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Hanover, PA– Mike Dicely shut out his competition by quickly taking the lead on the first lap and never letting go. After gathering the second highest point total in Sprint Bandit Qualifying, Dicely took advantage of his front row starting spot and dominated the race.

The 25 lap main event saw 20 caution free laps, before Mike Rutherford, who was running third, came to a stop in the fourth turn. Dicely’s opponents saw a chance to win and attempted to steal his victory lane moment, however Dicely showed his
endurance as he lapped cars one by one and didn’t let up.

“You pass lapped cars just like anyone else. They won’t move over for you,” said Dicely while in victory lane. Dicely drove the Hyper Racing sponsored #44 to victory lane for the second time this season at Trail-Way Speedway.

Although it seemed like Shane Lewis might overtake him in the closing moments of the race, Dicely kept strong and eventually ran out with the win and $2,500 top prize for the first race of the PA 600 Speedweek.

After the caution flew on lap 23 for a spinning Isaac Sneeringer, Lewis again tried to steal the lead from Dicely on the restart. The two made contact, both drivers maintained control and Dicely kept the lead.

Lewis crossed in second with Robbie Kendall, Luke Thomas, and Brian Racine completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were Keith McIntyre Jr., Jimmy Brookens, Tyler Walton, Aaron Spahr, and Tim Buckwalter. Brian Racine accumulated the most points in qualifying.

Chad Myers dominated the Sidewinder feature for the second week in a row. Myers started on the pole and led every lap. “A front row starting spot helps a lot,” explained Myers after winning by a straightaway over Michael Zielonis.

The Sidewinder feature saw only one caution at the half way point when Mark Strickler made contact with Gary Funck causing Strickler to spin. Finishing behind Myers and Zielonis were Brian Racine, Rohan Beasley, and Jason Morrison.

Next Friday (7/3), the 358 Sprint Cars sponsored by Miller Racing Parts, Thundercars, Extreme Stocks, and Limited Stocks are on the card. Racing begins at 7:30 p.m. and the gates open at 5:30 p.m.

Next Saturday (7/4), Trail-Way will have a Junk Car Demolition race with Figure 8, Powder Puff, and two Scramble Car features. Racing begins at 6:00 p.m. with gates opening at 4:00 p.m.

For all the latest news and related information from Trail-Way Speedway, fans are reminded to visit the speedway website at The complete story and agate from each race night is posted shortly after the final checkered

Kids Shine on Exciting Night of Racing at Macon Speedway

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

(Macon, IL) On a monthly basis, Macon Speedway hosts a Kids Club meeting. In the June meeting, kids from all around, sons and daughters of drivers or just fans, began construction on box cars for the July meeting where they put the finishing touches on them, showed them off and raced them in front of a packed front stretch. 20 children, two groups of ten, formed a line and raced from the cone in front of the judge’s stand to the entrance of turn one. Six-year-old Blake Dulgar took the first race and nine-year-old Matthew Brewer claimed the second race. The ages ranged from two-to-six in the first race and six-to-eleven in the second race.

As the stock car races entered the turn two gate, the Touchstone Energy Sportsman raced a cautionless 15 laps with a first-time winner taking the checkered flag. Steve Hill from Edinburg started on the pole position and raced 15 perfect laps as he stayed away from lapped traffic and the wall. Two weeks ago, Hill took his Sportsman up the wall in turn three and down the wall in turn four. It was a wild ride two weeks ago but not as wild as his first checkered flag and feature win. Hill took the honors over Terry Reed, Rick Roedel and Timmy Dick.

The Modified feature saw rather bizarre situations during their 20 laps. A storm was forming to the north of Macon Speedway with a brief lightning show but nothing materialized until the race started. The wind, which was light and variable shifted and began howling out of the north letting everyone know that the hot and humid weather was about to change. Luckily, no precipitation fell throughout the races but lightning still flashed throughout the skyline to the north and to the northwest.

Lightning struck for the third time for Jeremy Nichols as he took hold of his third consecutive feature win in 2009. A race in which Nichols dominated after wrestling the lead away from Dick Taylor early was far from entertaining. Seven caution flags which saw three cars (Dick Taylor, Dave Crawley, Jr. and Don Koehler) come to the infield on lap 11 with flat tires. After fixing the mess, the cars jumped back to the tail of the field and resumed the race. Nichols took the win but Clark Robertson of Shelbyville ran a good second place; Wendell Zulauf, Jr. of Springfield sealed third place and Steve Ewing (who started from the back on lap six because of a take-out) took fourth.

In the tune-up before the 29th Herald & Review 100 on Thursday, the Late Models saw an unfamiliar face in victory lane. Roger Brickler, who has one career Late Model win-that coming in 2004-was the third fastest car in qualifying, won his heat over Kyle Logue and started aside Greenfield, WI, native Jayme Zidar took the 25-lap feature and took momentum into the 100-lapper. Zidar was on the back bumper of Brickler throughout the race but on lap 17, Zidar got loose in turn two to open up the lead further. Zidar would begin falling as he got caught up in the wrong spot.

Finishing second would be the son of the two-time Herald & Review 100 winner Ed Bauman (1997-98) in a crate Late Model. Dennis Vandermeersch, who’s left rear axle was nearly about the come off during the early stages of the race, took third. Chris Dick took fourth and Jayme Zidar in fifth before Kyle Logue.

Mike Pickering grabbed his third Street Stock feature of 2009, starting from the pole position, and tried to close the gap on points championship. Points leader Blake Shelley finished second with Larry Russell, Jr. in third.

For the second-straight week, Michael Pundt, Jr. took the Pro Hornets feature. It was a mite easier this time as he had a larger lead on the second place car, Riverton’s Zach Dodd. The Amateur Hornet feature would go to Richard Johnson, who was immediately greeted by his cousin David Reed who let him drive the car in the class. The feature for Johnson would be his second of the season.

A huge week of racing is soon-awaiting Macon Speedway. Thursday will be the 29th Herald & Review 100 as the UMP Summernationals tour makes its annual stop of the fastest 1/5th-mile track. The UMP Late Models will try not only to win, but to survive the grueling 100-lap event in which the winner will pocket $6,000. Log on to to select who you think will win the race and if you are correct, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Family Pack for Night of NASCAR Stars with Kasey Kahne on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Following the incredible night of racing with the Late Models, Modifieds and Street Stocks, our nation’s birthday will be celebrated with the running of the 95Q Firecracker 40s as Modifieds and Street Stocks will each run 40-lap features. Also, the POWRi Mini Sprints, Touchstone Energy Sportsman and Pro and Amateur Hornets will run. And, don’t forget our HUGE fireworks display!

By Brett Zerfowski

Paul Wins Second Straight in SKs; Thomas, Coates, Oldham and James also win

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Waterford, CT – The Waterford Speedbowl celebrated Norwich Night on June 27, honoring the City of Norwich’s 350th birthday with great racing. Jeffrey Paul picked up his second consecutive SK Modified win, Bruce Thomas Jr. returned to Speedbowl victory Lane in the Bob Valenti Auto Mall Late Models, while it was veteran competitor Allen Coates taking the checkered in the NEATV Truck Series. Kyle James and Ronnie Oldham Jr. rounded out the night’s winners capturing the Norwich Bulletin Mini Stock and Street Stock events respectively. With threatening skies looming overhead during the evening, the full five-division event was completed by 9:15pm.

The 35-lap SK Modified main event was led to the green by Joe Perry and Frank Mucciacciaro. Perry would take the lead on lap one, but Salem drivers Jeff Pearl and Dennis Gada were both in hot pursuit from the drop of the green. Pearl made a daring inside maneuver on Perry in turn three on lap two to take command. Gada followed Pearl past Perry while Rob Janovic Jr., previous event winner Paul, and points leader Keith Rocco settled in to the top-five. The first caution waved on lap five for a tangle between Wayne Arute and Rich Hammann. When racing resumed, a melee on the restart ended with Pete Pavone taking a hard shot into the turn three wall. Dennis Charette was also involved.

Pearl moved out to a five car lead when racing action returned, with Paul moving to third and challenging Gada for second. Arute and Wendell Dailey spun in turn two on lap 12 for caution again, resetting the field a second time. Paul, from Ledyard, successfully moved to second and Janovic into third on the restart. He quickly moved to Pearl’s bumper and began to apply pressure. Paul looked outside Pearl and pulled alongside to move to the lead on lap 20. He stretched his advantage to a straightaway with the race staying green, while Pearl raced a half-straight ahead of a battle for third between Janovic, Rocco, and Gada. Rocco secured the position with just six laps remaining, but ran out of time to challenge for second. The race finished the final 23 laps under green and Paul went on to a commanding win, his second straight. Pearl, Rocco, Janovic and Gada completed the top-five.

With the back to back wins Paul takes momentum into next week’s SK 100, part of the Pepsi 300 festivities. He is the defending race winner, one of three extra-distance races of the year for the SK division.

Young Jeff Smith was the early leader of The Bob Valenti Auto Mall Late Model main event. Vin Esposito challenged him through the first several laps, while the field behind raced two and three wide. Caution waved for a three car incident in turn 1 which resulted in a lengthy cleanup for damp track conditions. As the race progressed, Groton resident Thomas was advancing through the field along with Tim Jordan. Thomas moved to the outside of Smith and secured sole possession of the lead at the event’s halfway mark. Jordan duplicated the move for second place when caution waved one lap later for a spin in turn one. Thomas held ground over Jordan during several more restarts to go on to the 30-lap victory, his fifth win of the year. Thomas stretched his points lead over Rich Staskowski to 48 points.

The NEATV Truck Series started the night off with a great 25-lap main event. Howard Payne and Bill Leonard led the field to green and raced side-by-side for the top spot over several laps. Scott Gregory was looking for room in third, with Gee Perry and Mike Anzalone also in hot pursuit. Coates, who set fast time in time trials earlier in the day, was making his way to the front from the last starting position. The race stayed green with Payne and Leonard still side-by-side at halfway, with teammates Gregory and Coates tucked in closely behind the lead duo. The first caution waved on lap 14 when Brad Caddick’s machine went up in smoke, putting down fluid in turns one and two.

When racing resumed the battle for the lead raged on. Payne finally seized control of the event from Leonard, while Coates moved past both Gregory and Leonard to hunt down Payne. Coates made his move to the outside stick and would drive on to his fourth consecutive NEATV Truck Series win of the year, and the 68th of his Speedbowl career. Payne, Gregory, Leonard and Gee Perry rounded out the top-five finishers.

Speedbowl veteran Louis Bellisle III was the leader early in the 20-lap Norwich Bulletin Mini Stock event. The top ten cars raced under a blanket in the first half of the event, with drivers battling on the track to challenge for the top positions. Kyle James worked through the pack to challenge Bellisle and take the lead with an inside move. The competitive and intense battle for the top ten was halted for a spin in turn four on lap 11.

Cautions in the second half of the race took their toll on the field, including points leader Danny Field who wrecked in the backstretch. James continued to hold strong through the restarts and the Ashaway, RI driver would go on to his first win of the season and third of his Speedbowl career. He is the eighth different winner in nine Mini Stock events this season. James closed to within 18 points of Field.

Ted Dupre took command at the commence of the hotly contested 20-lap Street Stock race. Walt Hovey, Al Stone III and Ron Oldham raced hard and made their way to the top three positions as the race stayed green. The trio moved out to a straightaway advantage over the rest of the field which continued to sort itself out behind. The first caution of the event came with just three laps remaining when Jim Procaccini came to rest against the wall in turn 3.

On the restart the complexion of the race got interesting. The action in the lead pack intensified and contact crossed up several cars including that of Hovey, the race leader. Hovey went sideways into turn one but was able to save his car momentarily as Stone challenged him for the top spot. Brandon Plemons, Phil Evans and others spun off the apron of turn two, but Stone and Hovey also made contact spinning into turn three. Caution waved and the running order was completely reset. Oldham, from Old Saybrook, emerged from the turmoil unscathed and would go on to his second win of the year over Steve Barrett, Ted Dupre, Mark Cooper, and Jack Aquilina. Oldham stretched his points lead over Plemons and Stone in the process.

Next weekend is an Independence Day celebration at the ‘Bowl. Saturday, July 4th marks the 12th annual Pepsi 300, the second of the Speedbowl ‘Triple Crown’ events. One hundred lap features for the SK Modifieds and Bob Valenti Auto Mall Late Models headline the action, along with 50 laps for the Street Stocks and Norwich Bulletin Mini Stocks. Time trials will set the field. The main events get underway at 7:00pm, with qualifying preceding. Adult grandstands admission is $23, while youth age 6-14 is just $5. Kids 5 and under will be admitted free.

On Sunday July 5th, a ‘Night of Destruction’ is on tap when anything and everything in sight will be obliterated. Demo derbies, trailer race, ski race, and more Speedbowl surprises are all in store. The earth-shattering action gets underway at 7:00pm and is just $14 for adult admission, $5 youth age 6-14, and kids 5 and under admitted free.

Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday returns for another edition on Wednesday July 1st. Event time is 7:00pm and adult price is just $7 with all youth 14 & under admitted free.

For more information on these and all upcoming events, visit or contact the track office at 860.442.1585.