Saturday October 20, 2018
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Archive for August, 2009

Lakeside Continues To WoW Fans Late Into The Season… Bidinger, Winkler & Christy Back In Victory Lane

Monday, August 31st, 2009

lakeside3.jpgKansas City, KS – After a well deserved week off, the racers of the Lakeside Speedway were ready to show the fans that they were ready to get back to action on Friday night.

Coming into the night, there were just 4 points races left to be run at Lakeside Speedway. Friday night you could tell that the tension and the pressure was floating in the air. Some drivers step up, while others fall by the way side. Darrin Christy stood tall on Friday night as he won the Factory Stock A Main. The victory was the 3rd for Christy on the season, but more importantly he was able to shave 17 points off the lead. Coming into tonight Christy was 23 points behind the leader, now he only trails by 6 points with 3 points races to go.

Justin Seifert has his best run of the season at Lakeside on Friday night. For several laps he stayed out in front of the field. A rookie this season, Seifert has been making strides to becoming a better racer. Tonight he showed that his hard work is paying off. Brett Heeter and Jason Ryun would find their ways to the front only to have mechanical problems that took them out of the race. Seifert would go back to the lead and Christy began to stalk the rookie driver. Christy waited until the last lap to make his move. He chased Seifert down and made a successful pass coming out of turn two and held on all the way to the finish line. Seifert would hold on for 2nd, Sean Foster finished in 3rd, 4th went to Nate Barnes and rounding out the top 5, after hitting the implement tire on the track, was Kelby Ostrander.

Thirty-eight modifieds checked in at the beginning of the night. Several new modifieds were on hand to give it a go. The thought was that these drivers were looking to gain some experience while also trying to secure a front row spot for next week’s Tom Karrick Modified Memorial. The win boosted Bidinger’s standings a little bit, but more importantly the 2nd win of the season will do more for his confidence than anything else. Cody Owens and Bidinger jumped to the front of the pack early. Owens got the early advantage. Bidinger would be held back and needed to make a run to the top spot. He would do just that. Racing is a tough and grueling sport. Bidinger battled with Tim Karrick for awhile and then worked his way past the leader. After passing for the lead, Bidinger set sail on the field. Excitement was just around the corner. Late in the race, Tim Karrick and Owens were putting on a good show for the fans of Lakeside. Owens got sideways out of turn 4 and over corrected his car. When he did this, it put him squarely into the back half of Karrick’s car. The two cars would spin down the front strait wall while coming to a stop. Each driver would be penalized for the infraction and sent to the rear of the field. Another late yellow would come out and this time it put former feature winner, Justin Boney, closer to the leader, Bidinger. Terry Wantland dropped the green flag on the field. Boney made a mad dash for the bottom. It didn’t stick well and it also didn’t look like it was coming off the corner well in turn 2. Bidinger shot back to the lead and his 2nd victory at Lakeside Speedway in his rookie campaign. Boney would get 2nd, 3rd went to John O’Neal Jr., driving to his best finish of 4th place was Tim Billings and finishing 5th was Mark Schafman. Jimmy Winkler has won his share races at Lakeside Speedway. Friday night you could add another win to his credit as, Winkler, walked away with win #2 on the season. Winkler was smooth and fast on the big 1/2 mile track in KCK.

Winkler might have been on his way to the win, but several others were trying to finish in the best spot they could hold down. 2nd place went to Mike Taylor Jr., but the battle that most fans were watching was between Jeff Herbers and Tim Shields for the 3rd spot. Working the high groove and the low groove some cars found what they wanted and some drivers listen to what their car is telling them before they go off and do something drastic. Herbers would go on to win the battle for 3rd, Shields finished 4th and rounding out the top 5 was Brad Dibben.

Racing continues next week for the Tom Karrick Modified Memorial. For more information contact their web site

Strehles Dominate Volusia Saturday Night

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Barberville, FL (August 29, 2009)  It was definitely a hot August afternoon and evening at Volusia Speedway Park as 79 cars filled the pits.  Shaved Ice was the hit of the day and everyone was headed to their trailer at one time or another during the evening.

As race time got closer, the sun went down slowly giving the overheated fans and drivers a little cooler air.

John Rankin and Joe Kump took the heat wins for the Late Model division with P.J. Wiggins and Jamie Carter taking the Modified heat wins.  Sportsman saw Steve Shead and Ronnie Ponce take their heat wins with Scott Mooers and Randy Strehle taking the Thunder Stock heat wins.  The 4 Cylinder Challengers did not run heats as they ran their rainout feature from August 1st and also their Saturday night feature.

In the rainout feature for the 4 Cylinder Challengers, it was Dalton Strehle on the pole.  Strehle quickly jumped to the point on the green followed by Danny Lunn, RJ Glaser, Gilbert Epsy, and Mike Lane.  Lunn has problems right off the bat and is forced to retire his ride to the pits ending his race very early.  Lane takes over third as Glaser slips to fourth and Davey Wolf takes over fifth.  Wolf quickly passes Glaser and takes over fourth as Glaser goes to fifth.    Hank Goodrich has an overheating problem and retires his ride to the pits.

Strehle has a five car lead over the field as he leads the way over Epsy, Lane, Glaser and Wolf.  Lap 6 sees Alan Scott tap the outside frontside wall but it does not stop him as he continues on racing without bringing out a yellow.  At he halfway point, it is Strehle, Epsy, Lane, Glaser and Wolf leading the pack.

Lap 15 Strehle hits lap traffic but nothing is stopping this young man on his way to a win.  Epsy tries to challenge Strehle but Strehle quickly shuts the door.  Epsy tries again but Strehle shuts the door.  On the last lap, Strehle and Epsy are now side-by-side going for the checkered.   Strehle has the crowd on their feet as he takes the win over Epsy by 1/4 of an inch.  RJ Glaser failed to go thru tech after the race and was dq’d making the finishing order Dalton Strehle, Gilbert Epsy, Mike Lane, Dave Wolf, and David Ladrie.

Seventeen Late Models took the green flag with Bobby Richardson on the pole and Lawton Minchew on the outside pole.  Minchew quickly takes the point on the green over Richardson, Richard Ferry, Stanton Mills and Donnie Chappell.  By lap 3, Richardson and Ferry are going side-by-side as Ferry takes over second and Richardson goes to third. 

Lap 4 see Darell Padgett high in turn 4 with a right rear tire down.  Padgett takes his hurt ride into the pits but does not return for the restart.  With Ferry on the inside and Minchew on the outside, the race goes back green as Minchew takes the lead over Ferry, Mills, Richardson, and Joe Kump.

By lap 5, Ferry and Minchew are side-by-side for the lead but Minchew holds strong and maintains the point.  It is now Minchew, Ferry, Mills, Chappell, Kump, Richardson, Jack Nosbisch, Jr., John Rankin, Andy Schell and Jeff Phipps leading the way.  Nosbisch puts the heat on and takes over fifth.

With no cautions by lap 19 it is Minchew, Ferry, Mills, Chappell, Nosbisch, Richardson, Schell, Rankin, Kump, Phipps, Sweet and Freeman leading the way.  By now Minchew has a ten car lead over Ferry.

Lap 24 sees the yellow come out for Andy Schell who has spun at the bottom of turn 2.  Phipps has a right rear flat and takes his ride into the pits.  It is a white/green flag as Minchew leads the way over Ferry, Mills, Chappell, and Nosbisch.  As they are coming to the checkered, Chappell spins in turn 2 after being in fourth.  Minchew takes the checkered followed by Richard Ferry, Stanton Mills, Bobby Richardson, and John Rankin.

Kent Corbin had the pole for the Modified feature with Dale Murray on the outside pole.  Murray takes the point on the green only to spin before a lap is down calling for a complete restart.  PJ Wiggins gets caught up in the mess and takes his ride in for the night.  On the second restart, Corbin takes the point over Jamie Carter, Charlie Macnichol, Dale Murray and Jason Davis.  Carter quickly takes the point from Corbin with Charlie Macnichol in second, Corbin in third, Davis fourth and Murray and Rob Underwood fighting for fifth. 

Lap 3 sees the RED come out for Larry Mott and Rick Scott on the backstretch.  As the fans stand up to make sure both drivers are okay, the word comes out on the P.A. that both are fine just not their cars.  Mott is doubled hooked – front and back to get his car into the pits as Scott is pushed in.  A very scary moment for everyone as they hit hard.

On the restart, it is Carter on the inside, Corbin on the outside.  Carter takes the point followed by Davis, Corbin, Underwood, and Murray.  Underwood passes Corbin and takes over third.  Davis is now on the hunt as he checks out Carter but Carter quickly shuts the door.  But by lap 10, Davis makes his move and takes over the point followed by Carter, Murray, Larry Burkins, Corbin, Barry Sheffield, Underwood, Macnichol, James Smith, Darron Smith, and Chris Williams.

Davis quickly does what he does best, builds up a 10 car lead over second place.  Lap 12 sees the caution come out for Sheffield who has spun at the pit entrance.  With the halfway point gone, it is a single file restart as Davis leads the way over Carter, Murray, Burkins, and Corbin.  Corbin slides backwards allowing Underwood to take over fifth.

The caution comes out again on lap 13 for Macnichol, Williams, Sheffield and Darron Smith as they all get together on the frontstretch with Sheffield and Smith in the frontstretch wall.  Both drivers are fine but done for the night.

Davis once again takes the point on the restart.  Davis once again builds up his lead and takes the checkered over Jamie Carter, Larry Burkins, Rob Underwood and Dale Murray.

Marc Kinley had the pole for the Sportsman feature with Paul Shead on the outside.  Shead quickly jumps to the point over Kinley, Danny Vogel, Jr., Dan Lane and Ronnie Ponce.  Vogel takes over second as Kinley slides to third.  Alan Peacock passes Ponce for fifth then passes Kinley for third as Kinley settles into fourth and Lane fifth.

The caution comes out on lap 2 for Ponce, Drew Smith, and Timothy Miller as they get together in turn 4.  Miller is towed in, done for the night as Ponce does a quick in and out.  On the restart it is Shead on the inside, Vogel on the outside.  Shead once again takes the point followed by Vogel, Peacock, Daugharty, and Kinley.

Vogel shows his muscle as he takes over the point followed by Shead, Peacock, Daugharty, and Kinley.  Aaron Barsness shows his muscle as he passes Kinley and takes over fifth.  Suddenly Paul Shead begins to smoke.  Shead slows and on lap 6, goes into the pits.

Vogel continues to lead the way over Peacock, Daugharty, Barsness, and Steve Shead. Lap 9 sees the yellow come out for Garrett Stewart who has spun at the bottom of turn 2.   With Vogel inside, Peacock outside, the green is shown but comes out before another lap is down for Kinley who has spun at the bottom of turn 2.   Another try for the green but it is a bad start.  With Peacock inside and Vogel outside, the green finally waves as Vogel leads the way over Peacock, Daugharty, Barsness, and Shead who has a hard charging Ronnie Ponce right beside him. 

Ponce proves he is the stronger of the two and takes over fifth then fourth.  But the yellow comes out again for Kyle Chappell who has spun.  Since it is the halfway point, a single file restart is  now in order.  Vogel quickly takes the point over Peacock, Daugharty, Barsness, and Ponce.  Lap 11 sees Peacock challenge Vogel for the point but Vogel quickly shuts the door. 

Lap 14 sees the yellow for Levi Cribbs as he has spun.  The green comes back out quickly as Vogel leads the way over Peacock, Barsness, Daugharty, and Ponce.  Barsness shows his muscle on Peacock but Peacock quickly shuts the door.  Just as it is getting really hot, the caution comes out on lap 16 for a car at the bottom of turn 4.

Vogel quickly takes the point over Barsness, Peacock, Ponce and Daugharty.  Peacock comes back adn retakes second putting Barsness back to third.  Lap 18 sees Cribbs go in with sheet metal everywhere.  Vogel takes the checkered followed by Alan Peacock, Aaron Barsness, Ronnie Ponce and Steve Shead.

Thunder Stocks saw Robert Schrunk on the pole and Steve Mooers on the outside pole for their feature event.  Mooers took the point on the green followed by Schrunk, Matthew Schell, Randy Strehle, and Skip Land.  Land finds his hands full of a hard charging Scott Mooers who takes over fifth as Land goes to sixth. 

The caution comes out on lap 2 for Mooers who has spun all by himself in turn 2.  It takes two restarts before they get it right as Steve Mooers takes the point over Schell, Strehle, Schrunk, and Tim Hughes.  By lap 4, Schell goes for the point and takes it as Mooers goes to second followed by Strehle, Mooers, and Hughes.  Strehle puts the heat on Steve Mooers and takes over second.  Strehle then sets his eyes on Schell and by lap 6, has the point.

The caution comes out on lap 6 for Skip Land who has spun in turn 2.  Land rejoins the field in the rear as Strehle is on the inside and Schell on the outside for the restart.  But once again it is a bad start and a second restart is in order.  On the second restart, Strehle quickly takes the point over Scott Mooers, Schell, Hughes, and Steve Mooers.   Suddenly Steve Mooers begins to slow and begins to fall backwards in the field as Schrunk takes over fifth.

By lap 11, Strehle and Schell are side-by-side for first but Strehle holds his position.  It is now Strehle, Schell, Scott Mooers, Hughes, and Eddie Tovet.  Strehle holds on to the point and takes the checkered for his first win over Matthew Schell, Scott Mooers, Tim Hughes, and Eddie Tovet.

For the second feature for the 4 Cyl Challengers it is Davey Wolf on the pole with Dalton Strehle on the outside pole.  Strehle quickly jumps to the point on the green over Gilbert Epsy, Mike Lane, Wolf, and RJ Glaser.  Wolf and Glaser touch slightly as Wolf hits alittle air but is able to control the car and go on.  Glaser comes back and challenges Wolf again for fourth and takes it this time as Wolf slides back to fifth. 

Lap 6 sees the caution for Brian Smith who has shreaded his right rear tire on the frontstretch.  Strehle outside, Epsy inside for the restart.  Strehle takes the point but it is a short green as the caution comes out on lap 7 for Wolf who has spun sideways in turn 4. 

Strehle once again leads the way on the restart followed by Epsy, Glaser, Casey Feaster, and Kevin Dugan.    Gilbert Williams brings out the caution on lap 10 as he has spun in turn 2.  Strehle takes the point on the restart followed by Epsy, Glaser, Feaster, and Dugan.   Williams spins again in turn 4 but this time does not bring out the caution and continues on.

Lap 11 sees Epsy challenge Strehle for the point but Strehle quickly shuts the door.  Strehle takes the checkered for his second feature win of the night followed by Gilbert Epsy, RJ Glaser, Casey Feaster, and Kevin Dugan.

Next week, September 5th, it is the Labor Day Late Model Shootout with the United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series with $3,000 to win plus Sportsman, Street Stocks and double Mini Stock features for $500 to win.  Mini Stocks will run their regular feature plus the rainout feature from August 1st.  General admission is $15.00.

AUGUST 29, 2009


 1.  #75 Dalton Strehle
 2.  #39 Gilbert Epsy
 3.  #911 Mike Lane
 4.  #01 Davey Wolf
 5.  #11 David Ladrie
 6.  #5S Kevin Dugan
 7.  #29L Daniel Laird
 8.  #B12 Brian Smith
 9.  #75 Gilbert Williams
10. #27S Alan Scott
11. #1X Jordan Myers
12. #7E Hank Goodrich
13. #39.5 Danny Lunn
14. #004 RJ Glaser DQ’D
15. #20 Casey Feaster DNS
16. #1.5 Butch Jett DNS
17. #15V Raymond Vann DNS
18. #17X CJ Johnston DNS
19. #31 Art Souther DNS
20. #37M Michael Morgan DNS
21. #49 Larry Langston DNS
22. #71 Ed Richards DNS
23. #88 Steve Cox DNS
24. #88X Harold Lewis DNS
25. #96 Vinnie Richards DNS
26. #H17 John Shelnut DNS


 1.  #23 Lawton Minchew, Deleon Springs
 2.  #17 Richard Ferry, MacClenny
 3.  #16M Stanton Mills, St. Augustine
 4.  #45 Bobby Richardson, Eustis
 5.  #53 John Rankin, Ocala
 6.  #NOC Andy Schell, Pierson
 7.  #12 Jack Nosbisch, Jr., Riverview
 8.  #J17 Joe Kump, Lake Helen
 9.  #71 Scott Sweet, Jacksonville
10. #21Q Chris Freeman, Enterprise
11. #25 Donnie Chappell, Jacksonville
12. #32P Jeff Phipps, Longwood
13. #31 Tracey Butler, Marathon
14. #46P Darell Padgett, Jacksonville
15. #10X David Ponton, Lake City
16. #57X Michael McMillan  DNS
17. #w5 Mark Whitener, Middleburg DNS


 1.  #145 Jason Davis
 2.  #15X Jamie Carter
 3.  #54B Larry Burkins
 4.  #09 Rob Underwood
 5.  #66 Dale Murray
 6.  #OK Kent Corbin
 7.  #40 James Smith
 8.  #77X Chris Williams
 9.  #11M Charlie Macnichol
10. #41B Barry Sheffield
11. #41D Darron Smith
12. #Z06 Larry Mott
13. #8 Rick Scott
14. #410 PJ Wiggins
15. #94X Jeff Bagent DNS


  1.  #99 Danny Vogel, Jr.
  2.  #5 Alan Peacock
  3.  #11 Aaron Barsness
  4.  #57P Ronnie Ponce
  5.  #10 Steve Shead
  6.  #67 Garrett Stewart
  7.  #00 Shaun Daugharty
  8.  #17K Marc Kinley
  9.  #05 Dan Lane, Sr.
 10. #29 Drew Smith
 11. #3C Levi Cribbs
 12. #57 Karl Haas
 13. #66C Kyle Chappell
 14. #46 Richard Wells, Jr.
 15. #80 Paul Shead
 16. #42M Timothy Miller
 17. #65 Shane Nichols DNS


 1.  #24 Randy Strehle
 2.  #57 Matthew Schell
 3.  #10 Scott Mooers
 4.  #33 Tim Hughes
 5.  #00 Eddie Tovet
 6.  #03 Robert Schrunk
 7.  #0 Skip Land
 8.  #17 D.J. Nobles
 9.  #9 Steve Mooers
10. #18 Justin Merry
11. #1 Jamie Anderson
12. #07 Richard Calmes
13. #D10 Michael Rood  DNS


 1.  #75 Dalton Strehle
 2.  #37E Gilbert Epsy
 3.  #004 RJ Glaser
 4.  #20 Casey Feaster
 5.  #5S Kevin Dugan
 6.  #48W Davey Wolf
 7.  #11 David Ladrie
 8.  #66 Leonard Underwood, Jr.
 9.  #39K Gilford Williams
10. #27S Alan Scott
11. #1X Jordan Myers
12. #911 Mike Lane
13. #B12 Brian Smith
14. #29L Daniel Laird
15. #39.5 Danny Lunn
16. #7E Hank Goodrich  DNS
17. #75 Karen Hartzell DNS



1.  Bryce Wolf  age 4


1.  Arianna Iorio  age 5


1.  Jeremy Iorio  age 6
2.  Andrew         age 6


1.  Drew Defew  age 7

GIRLS AGE 9 – 10

1.  Leigha Iorio  age 9
2.  Mia             age 8

BOYS AGE 9 – 10

1.  Taylor Motes  age 9

ABC Season Finale Wet Dale, Lawrence, Haderly, Stuart, Coddington, Carbon & Carlson are ’09 champs

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Ashland, WI, — What had figured to be a dramatic finish to a competitive 2009 racing season at the ABC Raceway ended up all wet.

All-day showers combined with cool temperatures forced track officials to cancel the Fan Appreciation Night season finale, presented by Northstar Beverages and WIMI-FM, on Saturday night. With the cancellation, the regular season points standings are final, resulting in four first-time champions and three repeat titlists in the track’s six divisions.

Duane Dale of Aurora, MN, has made the long trip to Ashland on a weekly basis over the past two seasons, and it has now paid off in his first-ever ABC points title in the WISSOTA modified class. Dale’s 33-point advantage over former four-time track champ Al Uotinen of Superior would have been nearly impossible to overcome had the show been run on Saturday.

Superior’s Scott Lawrence has set the bar incredibly high in the WISSOTA super stock division for some time now at ABC, but with his ninth track title he becomes the Raceway’s all-time leader in championships. The ’09 trophy is also his sixth straight, tying him with Brule’s Don Copp for the longest string of consecutive titles. Lawrence edged Ladysmith’s Eric Olson by ten points for the crown. Larry Haderly of Marengo earned his second straight WISSOTA street stock championship and fourth since 2002, finishing 19 points up on Ashland’s Dennis Groom in what will be the final season of street stocks as a regular weekly division at ABC.

Steve Stuart of Ashland will hold the distinction of being the only WISSOTA Midwest modified points champ at ABC for at least one more season. Stuart’s second straight title and third of his career (he was the six-cylinder champ in 2006) comes after finishing a mere three points ahead of Jimmy Latvala of Solon Springs. Dale Coddington of Hayward finished just one point behind Pat Beeksma of Ironwood in last year’s final six-cylinder points rundown. But Coddington collected two straight feature wins over the final two nights of racing here this summer and took over the points lead jsut last week. The championship is Coddington’s first in Ashland, with a margin of just 14 points over Shawn McFadden, Jr, of Ashland.

The pure stock title will be shared for 2009 by first-time champs Tim Carbon of Highbridge and Tim Carlson of Superior. The pair led the track’s closest points race, as only 12 points separated the top six drivers in the final standings. The Raceway staff will now spend the next few weeks preparing for the 34th annual Red Clay Classic, to be held on Friday and Saturday, October 2-3. The long-standing traditional end-of season event will feature a 50-lap, $4,000-to-win WISSOTA late model feature, the championship round of the WISSOTA-sanctioned Como Oil & Propane Modified Series, a huge field of WISSOTA super stocks, and, for the first time ever, a fourth division – the WISSOTA Midwest modifieds. A purse of over $75,000 is scheduled to be paid out.

The ABC Raceway is located 3-1/2 miles south of Ashland on State Highway 13 and one mile west on Butterworth Road. “Racenight” will air on WBSZ, 93.3 FM, prior to the racing programs on both Friday and Saturday night with up-to-date track news and weather information. For raceday information call (715) 682-4990, or log on to the track’s website,

Season Points Champions Crowned At Chateau Raceway But First Time Winners Steal The Show

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The 2009 AMSOIL Dirt Track Racing Season is officially into the Home Stretch at Chateau Raceway in Lansing, Powered by Miners
Outdoor Power and Recreation, as Season Championship Night was run Friday Night. It was the final night for Track Points to
determine the season Track Champions for the year. Two Track Championships were decided before the night even started as a pair of drivers already had insurmountable leads going into the nights action. Those two, Doug Hillson of Blooming Prairie in the
“Frenches Repair and Fabrication USRA Modifieds” and Mike Blowers of Waseca in the Senior Division of the “S and S Auto Salvage
Hornet Class” were able to relax and enjoy the nights festivities, while other drivers were in for one big battle to either hold onto
there leads are put up a big numbers on the night to move to the top on the final standings. As it turned out the other five
Champions crowned on the night were the drivers who lead the points coming into the night. While they all didn’t take home feature wins, they all did enough to hang onto there points leads and grab there titles.

In the “RS Auto Rebuilders WISSOTA Street Stock” Class A. J. Zvorak of Blooming Prairie claimed his second straight Championship in the class. Cole Queensland of Grand Meadow also came home a Track Champion for the second year in a row as he claimed the “Farm Boy BBQ WISSOTA Super Stock” Track Title. In the “Power 96 WISSOTA Midwest Modified” points battle it was Bryan Hernandez of Blooming Prairie who took his third title in the last seven years. Bryan was also Track Champion in the class in 2002 and 2004. The title in the Junior Division of the Hornet class went to Jacob Stark of Austin. It was Jacobs first Track Championship and added his name to the list of Fathers and Sons who have claimed titles at the track over the years. Jacobs dad, Matt, won the WISSOTA Midwest Modified Title at the Track in 2001. The final Champion is Kylie Kath of Owatonna who won his first Track Championship taking home top honors in the “Pizza Ranch Pure Stocks.”

The Track Championships were just part of the evenings activity as there was plenty of exciting racing as well with six of the seven feature winners picking up there first feature wins of the season at Chateau. In post race interviews three of the six said they were in fact there first career feature wins as well. The first of the trio of first time winners came in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified Class where Mike Paulson of Rochester pulled into victory lane for the first time in his career. Paulson drew the pole for the main event and out ran the front of the field to lead the first lap before the first of two cautions waved on lap two. On the restart he had a trio of the top cars at the track lining up behind him with Jerry Young of Blooming Prairie in second just ahead of AJ Wiste of Adams and Bryan Hernandez of Blooming Prairie. Wiste was Herandez’s closest rival for the Track Championship and was working hard to get to the front to get all the points he could in trying to catch Bryan for the title. Shortly after the green went back out Wiste made his move for second but was unable to make any kind of move on Paulson and ran around in second for the rest of the race. Hernandez’s Championship almost took a hit on a late caution when he ended up having to pit while running fourth with just five laps remaining. He was able to make it back out before the green flag flew but running in twelfth place which would have put him in a tie with Wiste in the points if AJ could get to the front. Bryan picked up one spot over the balance of the race to finish eleventh, and with Wiste ending up second Bryan ended up holding on to the
title by just three points. Young ended up finishing third followed by Jason Born of Medford and Bob Bunne of Ostrander. Paulson also scored a win in his heat giving him a sweep for the night while the other heat win went to Wiste.

Also scoring his first career feature win was WISSOTA Super Stock driver Brett Dulas of Waseca. Brett started inside row two but wasted no time sweeping to the front on the first lap of the feature. Jeff Brauer of Rochester who had taken home the classes lone heat win earlier in the night quickly moved up to second and put the pressure on Brent. Dulas survived two early cautions to hold Jeff off on the restarts and lead flag to flag to claim that first career feature victory. Brauer held on to second ahead of Track Champion Cole Queensland. Cole just needed to take the green flag to wrap up his title.

In the Junior Hornet feature Charlie Steinberg of Kasson jumped out of row two on the drop of the green to get to the point and raced off to his first career feature win. The race was slowed by a pair of cautions including one scary head on incident in turn two on lap two. Garitt Wytaske of Lansing got turned around in the middle of the turn and Linsy Hershberger of New Richland came head on into him. Both cars suffered major damage but both drivers appeared okay as they rode back to the pits on the end of the wreckers. Brandon Vogt of Rose Creek came up just short in his bid to take Jacob Starks Track Championship away from him. Vogt trailed Stark by five points going to the feature after winning one of his heats in which Stark managed just a third place finish. Vogt came up from row three to take home second in the race but with Jacob finishing in fifth he ended up two points short of overtaking him. Casey Trom of Zumbrota and Matt Brooks of Austin finished third and fourth. Wytaske claimed the classes other heat win.

While it wasn’t his first career feature win it was his first feature win of the season at Lansing for Scott Olson of Rochester in
the WISSOTA Street Stock class. Olson started front row along with Bobby Kilby of Austin in the main event. Kilby got the better jump on the drop of the green and lead the races first four laps with the two running side by side a good share of the time. On lap five Olson found an opening on the bottom of turn two and moved on by for the lead as the two went down the back straightaway. Kilby kept it close for awhile but Olson held his line and opened up a bit of a lead as the laps wound down to the checkers. Dan Holland of Brownsdale came home in third followed by Ryan Goergen of Stacyville Iowa and Track Champion AJ Zvorak. Zvorak had enough of a lead in the points after the heat that he just needed to take the green flag to claim his title. Olson also claimed a heat win on the night giving him a sweep. The other heat win went to Holland.

In USRA Modified action Steve Wetzstein of West Concord has a bunch of feature wins around the region this summer as he currently leads the USRA National Modified Points race, however he had yet to pick one up at Lansing this summer, that is until Friday Night. Steve started outside row four and was running sixth after lap one which was lead by Dustin Steinbrink of Austin. Tommy Myer of Blooming Prairie came out of row two to run second to Steinbrink for the races first two laps before making his move to the front on lap three. Wetstein meanwhile was making his way forward rather quickly. He picked up one spot on lap two and two more on lap three to move up to third. It took him three more laps to reel in Steinbrink and make the move to take over second. From there it was going to take some help as Myer had checked out on the field and had built up a sizeable lead that was going to be tough to crack. That help came in the form of a yellow flag on lap twenty-one after the field had ran nineteen caution free laps since an early lap two caution. The caution would not only cost Myer the win as Wetzstein wasted no time on the restart sweeping past Tommy for the lead, it also cost Todd Scharkey of Kasson a solid finish. Todd was running
third just ahead of Jason Cummins of New Richland when the yellow came out. While circling around under caution Todds right front tire went down. He pitted as the race was about to go back green leaving him with a disappointing fifteenth place finish. Wetzstein, Myer and Cummins finished one-two-three followed by Steinbrink and 2009 Track Champion Doug Hillson. Wetzstein ended up with a sweep on the night after also taking one of the classes heat wins. Myer also had a heat win along with Mike Sorensen of Rochester.

Aso getting his first Chateau feature win was Dylan Nelson of Freeborn. Dylan started outside front row and out ran the field on
the drop of the green to take the early lead, a lead he would not give back. Brandon Shaner of Owatonna had a nice run. After
starting back in row four Shaner picked his way through the field to come home in second just ahead of Kevin Vogt of Rose Creek. Ryan Henderson of Holmen Wisconsin and Jason Newkirk of Austin rounded out the top five. Newkirk was trying to make a last ditch effort to move past Kath for the Track Championship but with his fifth place finish and Kath coming home in eleventh he ended up three points short. In victory lane Nelson said while it was his first feature win at Lansing it was his second of the summer and of his career. Dylan also picked up a sweep on the night as he picked up a heat win at the start of the night. Also getting heat wins were Newkirk, and James Weber of Austin.

Breaking up the party for the first time feature winners was Mike Blowers of Waseca in the Senior Hornet Division where he walked away with his thirteenth feature win of the season. With another heat win on the night as well he also scored a sweep for the twelfth time this year. Jason McShane of Waseca finished second followed by Dale Stucky of Kenyon, Paul Kroneman of Austin and Gary Stahl of Kasson. McShane picked up the classes other heat win.

While it was Season Championship Night it was far from the final action of the season at Lansing. The Track will host show eleven of the eighteen race schedule for the “USMTS Hunt for the Caseys General Store Championship Series” next weekend. Racing action next Friday night will get underway with hot laps shortly after 7:00 and racing action to follow about 7:30. Joining the USMTS Modifieds on the show next week will be WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Pure Stock and Hornet classes. The following weekend, Friday Night September 11th and Saturday Night September 12th it will be the two night “Midwest Modified Fall Nationals” with WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds competing for extra cash and a chance at improving there standings in the National Points Race. Also running in the Third Annual Fall Nationals weekend will be the WISSOTA Street Stocks, WISSOTA Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, and USRA Modifieds. Both nights will be complete shows. Than to wrap up the 2009 racing season it
will be the Third Annual “Buzz Festival” featuring the two Hornet Divisions. That will also be a two night show, Friday Night October 2nd and Saturday Night October 3rd with two complete shows. All seven of the tracks Class Divisions will run both nights of the Festival for one last go before packing it in for the season.

Brian Birkhofer Wins Fourth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series of the Year on Friday Night at Lawrenceburg Speedway

Monday, August 31st, 2009

LAWRENCEBURG, IN – Taking the lead with two laps to go Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA went on to score his fourth Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of 2009 on Friday Night at Lawrenceburg Speedway. Birkhofer passed Jeep VanWormer of Pinconning, MI with two laps to after VanWormer had led the entire race up until that point as Birkhofer denied VanWormer his first ever Lucas Oil Series win. VanWormer then jumped the cushion on the final lap as Birkhofer pulled away for the $10,000 victory. VanWormer finished second followed by Matt Miller of Waterville, OH, Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN and Eddie Carrier Jr. of Salt Rock, WV.

Miller and VanWormer started on the front row of the 50 lap main event as VanWormer took the lead at the start of the race. Miller, Scott James, Zack Dohm and Bloomquist were running in the top five with a lap scored. The first caution flew after one lap was complete for Steve Casebolt who went pitside.

When the race resumed VanWormer held the point with pressure from Miller and James as the top three drivers had opened up some distance between themselves and the rest of the field. Carrier then charged up to fourth using the bottom groove of the race track as he started to put the heat on James, who was running third.

James and Carrier would go back and forth for a few laps with Carrier moving into third place. Carrier then moved closer to the two frontrunners as VanWormer and Miller saw their lead erased in a hurry as Carrier was moving fast on the bottom of the track.

The second caution came out with 19 laps scored as Jimmy Owens and Terry Casey came to a halt in turn four. Owens, who
entered the race second in the Lucas Oil Series points pitted and returned to the lineup on the tail. The restart would see VanWormer maintain his lead with Miller riding his bumper around the top of the track.

James would slow on lap 36 with a vibration as he went pitside giving up his third spot the same time Ray Cook left with a broken driveshaft. The last restart of the race would see Birkhofer work the inside of the track to perfection as he passed Miller for second on lap 41. Birkhofer then set his sights on VanWormer who had a three car length lead with five to go, but Birkhofer chopped into VanWormer’s lead.

Birkhofer then edged ahead of VanWormer with two laps to go and as the two took the white flag they were even at the flagstand. VanWormer then jumped the cushion in turn two as his hopes for his first career series win went by the wayside as Birkhofer headed home to the checkered flag for his fourth series win of 2009 in his MB Customs Chassis/Pro Power Engines #15B.

VanWormer finished a disappointing second followed by Miller, Bloomquist, who now holds a 235 point lead over Owens who finished eighth. Carrier was fifth followed by Earl Pearson Jr., Dale McDowell, Owens, Don O’Neal and Brad Neat.

In Lucas Oil victory lane Birkhofer said running the bottom obviously made the different in his win. “I am not really use to running up the cushion as much as Jeep and Matt were, our car ran better on the bottom, there was enough moisture down there and we got good traction and I didn’t think we could catch Jeep, but with two to go I was able to get pull even with him, man I can’t thank the crew enough for their help and thanks to the fans for coming out tonight.”

To find out more about the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, log on to www.lucasoil.comor call the series office at (951) 532-2503.