Sunday October 21, 2018
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Archive for August, 2010

Bennett Edges Wallace In LeRoy Meats Of Horizon 60!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

lowellbennett2.jpgSlinger, Wis., —After battling illness all week, Lowell Bennett slipped past Jamie Wallace in the final turn of the last lap to edge Wallace by a half car-length at the finish line to win the Leroy Meats of Horicon 60-lap super late model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“I’ve been under the weather pretty bad the last week, “ a noticeably winded Bennett stated from victory lane, “Last night, I started coughing up blood and ended up in the emergency room overnight and they told me I had pneumonia. I had to decide what to do to…either come here or stay home, so I came here for some medicine.” Wallace quickly paced the opening lap before the lone caution flag of the event flew when Conrad Morgan’s car momentarily broke loose in turn two, stacking up the field and triggering an accordion-like effect that sent the cars of Austin Luedtke, Tommy Hromadka, and Terry Patnode into the infield grass. All were able to continue with the exception of Luedtke and as racing resumed, Wallace once again took the point, leading over Steve Schultz, and Fred Winn while behind them, Bennett, Morgan, Dennis Prunty, and Steve Apel battled over fourth. Bennett had his car working on the inside line and by lap ten, he made his way into second place as Morgan followed soon thereafter with an inside move around Schultz for third as Prunty and Apel settled a relatively clean side by side battle for position in fifth and sixth respectively. Bennett began to narrow the gap between himself and Wallace in the lead while Prunty and Apel worked their way around Schultz in fourth and began to chase down Morgan in the third spot. Bennett caught up to Wallace’s rear bumper near the half way mark and eased the nose of his car inside Wallace’s door in a bid for the lead on lap 32. Wallace gave room on the outside and both he and Bennett raced for the lead side by side with Wallace holding the edge slightly upon the exit of the turns. The door to door racing for the lead enabled Morgan and Prunty to close in to make it a four-car battle for the top spot while Bennett quickly ducked back in line as the top four raced nose to tail through lapped traffic.  Wallace and Bennett opened up a slight gap on Morgan and Prunty once they cleared the lapped machines with Bennett racing directly in Wallace’s tire tracks as the laps wound down. Wallace took the white flag as the leader with Bennett still directly behind him as they both cleared another lapped car down the backstretch. Wallace maintained the lead as they entered turn three but in the middle of the corner, Wallace’s car skated up just a bit, opening the door on the inside for Bennett to make a run for the checkered flag. Bennett seized on the opportunity and cut to the inside of Wallace exiting turn four, winning the drag race to the checkered flag by .036 seconds for the victory. Conrad Morgan finished a strong third while Dennis Prunty crossed the finish line in fourth place ahead of Steve Apel in fifth. Mike Egan finished in sixth place and Al Schill was seventh while Steve Schultz, Randy Schuler, and Scott Schoeni rounded out the top ten.


Mike Egan took top honors in the 25-lap super late model qualifying race over Austin Luedtke and Randy Schuler. Scott Schoeni finished fourth, ahead of Tommy Hromadka who was fifth. Steve Schultz won the super late model fast dash and Dennis Prunty’s lap of 11.529 seconds earned him fast qualifier honors on the night.


Pat McIntee captured the victory in the 35-lap late model main event over Rob Braun and Dave McCardle.
McIntee and Braun led the field to the green flag with McIntee taking the early lead as Braun worked the high line in second ahead of Ryan DeStefano, McCardle, Bill Shavlik, and Wayne Freimund. Contact between Braun and DeStefano in turn one bunched up the field, triggering a caution flag and damaging the cars of Freimund, John DeAngelis, and Mike Graczkowski. Of the three, Freimund was the only one to return to the event, minus the front end, as racing resumed with McIntee leading over McCardle and John Reynolds Jr. With McIntee out front, Reynolds and McCardle raced side by side as Travis Dassow advanced through the field to join the leaders in fourth. By lap seven, Dassow used the inside line to grab third place from McCardle and two laps later, he dove to the inside to take second from Reynolds. Chris Blawat also worked his way forward, making his way around McCardle and Reynolds for third place by lap 18. A spin by Dan Wood in turn two on lap 25 drew the caution flag with McIntee leading over Dassow, Blawat, Reynolds, and McCardle. McIntee chose the inside for the restart with Dassow alongside and the two raced door to door for the lead as racing resumed. As the leaders entered turn three, McIntee’s car appeared to slide up slightly, rubbing against Dassow’s door. Dassow’s car then spun toward the inside of the track exiting turn four, right in the path of those behind him as Reynolds and Blawat piled in, with Blawat’s car momentarily ramping over Reynolds’ machine. The impact from Reynolds’ car turned Dassow’s ride back to the right where it met the turn four wall head on as the caution flag waved again. McIntee led over McCardle for the restart with Rob Braun and Wayne Freimund working their way back into the mix after earlier problems. As McIntee led, Braun raced to the inside of McCardle in turn two and took over second place, leaving McCardle to battle with Freimund for third. McIntee drove to the victory over Braun while McCardle held off Freimund for third. Ryan DeStefano finished fifth. DeStefano also was the winner of the late model fast dash and Jon Reynolds Jr. set fast time with a lap of 12.620 seconds.


James Swan drove to his sixth feature win in the 30-lap Midwest Sportsman main event. Swan raced with Jack Stern for the lead in the beginning laps before taking command of the event on lap four while Jay Shambeau, Brian Holtz, and Ryan Farrell raced for position behind them. The caution flag flew on lap four as Jimmie Evans and Gregg Pawelski tangled in turn three with Swan leading over Stern, Jay Shambeau, and Brian Holtz. Swan held the point on the restart over Stern and Shambeau while Farrell and Andy Haver worked their way into fourth and fifth respectively. A caution for debris on lap nine slowed the field again and as racing resumed, Haver advanced to fourth place as Mike Lange moved forward and into fifth. On lap 13, Farrell’s car broke loose off turn two and as he tried to save it, the car headed toward the infield grass, collecting Pawelski in the process as the caution waved again with Swan leading over Stern, Shambeau, Haver, and Lange. Swan continued to lead as the green flag appeared while Stern became caught in the outside lane with Shambeau, Lange, and Brian Holtz all making their way around. A spin by Josh Wenninger on the frontstretch on lap 26 drew another caution as Swan led over Shambeau and Lange. Swan again charged to the front on the restart as Lange moved around Shambeau for second place on lap 28. Swan drove to the checkered flag to score his sixth win of the season over Lange who finished second. Jay Shambeau was third while Brian Holtz and Scott Shambeau rounded out the top five. Jimmie Evans won the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Andy Haver set fast time at 12.912 seconds.
Al Stippich won the 20-lap Thunderstock feature, taking the checkered flag ahead of Eric Lingford, Ken Schraufnagel, and John Daley.


Jordan DeVoy led the first lap before Jake Larson took over the top spot on lap two while Stippich charged forward and into second place by lap four just before a spin by DeVoy in turn one brought out the caution flag. Larson led on the restart but Stippich powered by on the outside, clearing Larson for the lead while exiting turn two while Andy Welter and Ken Schraufnagel raced behind them. With Stippich out front, Welter challenged Larson for second and the hard racing between them produced the caution flag on lap nine when Welter’s car looped around in turn four. Stippich led over Schraufnagel as racing resumed while Eric Lingford advanced from deep in the field to enter the top five by lap eleven. Stippich continued to hold the top spot while Lingford charged ahead into fourth place just before another caution waved when Doug Passbrig’s car erupted in smoke on lap 13. Once again Stippich charged to the lead on the restart while Lingford first passed Bernie Leonard for third and then caught Schraufnagel for second. Stippich could not be caught in the final laps and he drove to the win while Lingford crossed the line in second place ahead of Schraufnagel in third. John Daley and Adam Peschek rounded out the top five. Nate Fick won the


Thunderstock heat raced over Bernie Leonard and Carl Benn. Chris Beine and Tim Kreuser finished fourth and fifth respectively. Schraufnagel won the Thunderstock fast dash and Andy Welter was the fastest qualifier at 13.580 seconds.


The 20-lap Slinger Bee feature was won by Mark Johler over Kyle Stark and Braison Bennett. Nick Wagner finished fourth and Alex Prunty was fifth. The 15-lap Slinger Bee semi-feature was won by Erica Knutson who took the checkered flag ahead of Joe Shelby and Dave Lembke. Zach Clarke and Josh Fehrman finished in fourth and fifth. Mark Johler won the Slinger Bee fast dash and Nick Wagner’s lap of 15.623 seconds earned him top honors in qualifying. Pat Fischer won the Speedway Guest Car race and Al Strobel won the Spectator Eliminator event. Scott Goetzke edged Shane Becker to win the Figure 8 race to close the evening.

Siefert Scorches Field Taking Home Top Honors in the Mods at Thunderhill

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

(Sturgeon Bay, WI) – Jared Siefert made it a clean sweep in the IMCA Modifieds winning his heat and feature at Prestige Yacht Coatings ThunderHill Raceway. Other feature winners were Dave DeGrave (stockcar), Troy Jerovetz (sport mod), Luke Lemmens (hobby Stock), Jimmy Anderson (street stock) and Jeremy DuBois (four-cylinder).

Former 4-Time Champion Eugene Gregorich set the early stages of the IMCA Modified feature. Gregorich fresh off a big win at 141 Speedway looked to be on his way to another checkered. That was until former Champ Jared Siefert began to work down low on Gregorich’s machine. The pair would run door to until the mid way point, that’s when Siefert would begin to pull away. A caution on lap 13 would set up a 7 lap dash to the finish.

As the green flew Siefert would again distance himself from the field and never look back picking up his first win of the season. Siefert becomes the 12th different Modified winner in the 13 points nights. Kyle Lentz would round out a solid weekend taking second, Defending Champion Shawn Kilgore would place third after starting 12th and Eugene Gregorich would hold on for fourth, with Kyle Kudick fifth. Dave “The Hammer” DeGrave made two in a row picking up the win the IMCA Stock Cars.

Jeremy Jauquet lead the opening 3 circuits before Shawn Havel made his way to the top spot. But his reign up top wouldn’t last long as last weeks winner Dave DeGrave powered by Havel top take the lead. As DeGrave and Havel drove away from the field everyones eyes were glued on the top to point contenders. Greg Gretz and Charlie Kroll would come into the night tied for the points lead. With Gretz starting 11th and Kroll 12th both drivers had there work cut out for them. Kroll would be the first to make a move as he started working through the field. As Kroll worked through the pack, Gretz would shadow every move Kroll made.
The duo worked through the pack and found themselves running third and fourth. With DeGrave and Havel checked out, Kroll and Gretz began their own battle for third. They would run side by side for the remaining laps. Havel would stay within striking distance of DeGrave, but never was able to mount a challenge. DeGrave would picked up the win in the caution free contest, Shawn Havel a close second, Greg Gretz would make a last lap pass and take over the points lead finishing third, Charlie Kroll would place fourth, and Rookie Jeremy Wiitala fifth.

Troy Jerovetz would make it a clean sweep winning the heat and feature in the IMCA Sport Mods. Eric Mahlik led the first 2 laps before Troy Jerovetz would power to the inside and took the lead and never look back. Jerovetz would pull out to over a half a track lead and win the caution free event. This was Jerovetz’s second win of the weekend after taking the checkers at Luxemburg Friday night. After a hard wreck last week Tom Stark would place a strong second, a hard charging Brad Lautenbach third after starting 12th. Dennis Miesler fourth and J.J. Anderson rounded out the top five. Eric Mahlik would cross the stripe in the top four but was disqualified after not pulling into the claim area.

Luke Lemmens picked up his 4th feature win of the season inching closer to his first career title in the IMCA Hobby Stocks.

A series of caution early would put Lemmens to the front of the pack, with CJ Weckler your leader. Lemmens would power to the outside as the duo would run door to door until contact on the backstretch. Weckler would lose control of his racer and clobber the wall, ending his night. Lemmens would go on to win the feature, he would also make it a clean sweep winning his heat race. Marcus Moede second, third for Rookie Travis Hackett, Brandon Peterson fourth and Rookie Dave Schmidt would place fifth after starting 15th.

Jimmy “Windows” Anderson notched his first career feature win in the Street Stocks. Marvin Deny would jump from his front row starting spot to lead the first 2 laps, that’s when Ed Franklin would charge to the outside and take away the lead. But Deny
wasn’t about to go away, he fought back to the inside making the pass at the midway point. Caution would fly on lap 9 bunching the field, and that’s the break Veteran racer Jimmy Anderson needed. When the race resumed Anderson made an aggressive move
coming into turn three. Heavy contact was made but Anderson would take the top spot on lap 10. Anderson quickly pulled away, but the caution would fly two laps later setting up a 3 lap dash to the checkers Anderson would have to the top 2 points drivers of Tony Everard and points leader Geno Sternard right on his back bumper. The green would fly and Sternard would power to the outside of Anderson. The pair would race door to door coming for the checkers with Anderson winning by mere inches at the line. Anderson would make it a clean sweep also winning his heat race. Geno Sternard second, Rookie Tony Everard third, fourth to Les Sternard and fifth to Nick Grovogel.

Points leader Jeremy DuBois led from the drop of the green to win his 6th feature of year in the Four-Cylinders.

Floors by Josh will be the sponsor for Championship night next week, as we will crown Champions in all 6 division.

Thunderhill is located at the John Miles Fair Park on Sturgeon Bay’s east side with racing in the six divisions beginning every Saturday night through the summer at 6:00 PM. For more information, visit the track’s website at You can also follow ThunderHill Raceway on Facebook and Twitter.

Track Championships Decided at the Creek

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Spring Valley MN–Wow, were did the season go already? Track championship night, I didn’t think we were to mid season yet, but what a great season it has been at The Creek.

Jason Rauen and Neil Eckhart battled for the lead early in the Altenburg Construction WISSOTA Late Model division. Rauen took over the point while Doug Herrick moved into second on lap two. Jake Hartung moved under Eckhart to take over third with Waits taking control of fourth quickly. With four complete Hartung was working low on Herrick for the second spot while Mike
Prochnow worked past Eckhart for fifth. On the next lap Keith Foss started to pressure Prochnow for the fifth spot. With nine laps down Herrick and Rauen were side by side for the lead and Foss and Prochnow were still battling for fifth. Lap ten saw Herrick take over the lead and Hartung now was racing Rauen for the second spot. Lap twelve saw Foss in fifth while Prochnow and Kelly Anderson raced for sixth and the track championship which only saw a few points separate the two heading into tonight. Two laps later Hartung took over second. Waits and Foss quickly moved around Rauen to take over third and fourth as t he first caution flag flies over the field on lap twenty. On the restart Herrick lead with Waits into second. Hartung and Foss raced for third with Foss taking over the spot as the white flew. Foss worked up high and used the momentum to move past Waits into the second spot going down the back chute on the last lap. Herrick held on for the win while Prochnow stayed in front of Anderson for the championship.

Dan Bohr led out of turn two in the EZ Fabricating USRA Modified division but Jason Cummins moved past him down the back straight to take over the lead on lap one. Steve Wetzstein and Todd Scharkey were racing for third with Wetzstein taking that spot and then second away from Bohr on lap two. Mark Noble and Nate Wasmund raced for fourth. Darrin Walch moved into
fourth on lap three and then started to pressure Noble for fourth. A restart on lap four saw Cummins continue to fly up top while Wasmund, Wetzstein and Noble were three wide for second. Noble took the spot with Walch moving past the other two into the third spot on lap five. By lap ten Cummins was flying out front but the two battles that would run for the next fifteen laps were starting to show. Walch and Noble raced for second while Wetzstein and Lucas Schott were side by side for fourth. These two battles for position ran down to the last lap with Walch taking second ahead of Noble. Schott came home fourth and Wetzstein fifth while Cummins flew home to the win on the top side of the speedway.

Tony Bloom, Ryan Siegle and Ross Dixon were three wide for the lead in the US ARMY WISSOTA Super Stocks early on in their feature event. Dixon took over the point with Gary Wiersgalla working into the second spot with Siegle and Cole Queensland racing for third. Three complete and Brauer, Queensland and Wiersgalla were three wide for the second spot. Brauer took over second with Siegle in third. Queensland moved around Siegle on lap six while Kelly Anderson moved into the top five. With seven completed the field stretched out slightly as the top three of Dixon, Brauer and Queensland had put some room over the rest of the field. On lap twelve the race for fourth heated up between Siegle, Anderson, Bloom and Nick Wranek. Anderson held onto the fourth spot with a challenge from Wranek on lap thirteen but Wranek lost the handle of his mount but regained it after losing several spots. UP front Brauer was all over Dixon as the last three laps clicked off. On the final lap Brauer drove it in hard in three, slid up in front of Dixon as they went through four and powered out to the checkers for the win. Queensland took home the track title for 2010.

Track Champion Brandon Davis moved past Leigh Volkman to take over the lead in the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature event on lap one. Bryan Hernandez moved past Volkman on lap three to take over the second spot. Dustin Scott started working on Volkman for third while Cody Gardner sat in fifth on lap three. A restart on lap four saw Davis leading,
Hernandez in second and Jerry Young and Gardner racing for fourth. Another caution on lap six saw Scott move into second behind Davis. Hernandez in third and Gardner in fourth. Young and Jared Boumeester raced for fifth. With twelve down Davis started to pull away again and cruised home to the win over Scott and Hernandez. Boumeester worked past Gardner for fourth as
the race ended.

Danny Hanson had the track championship solidly wrapped up for the BP WISSOTA Street Stocks as they pulled onto the track for their feature event. Troy Voth led out of turn two with Nicholas Schwebach in second.. Mike Blowers and Ryan Goergen raced for third while they were four wide mid pack early on. On lap two Donny Ganz, Hanson and AJ Zvorak were three wide for fifth. Hanson and Zvorak cleared Ganz as the first caution flew on lap three. On the restart Voth led with Blowers in second. Hanson started to pressure Schwebach and on lap five took over the spot. Blowers was pressuring Voth for the lead while sixth through tenth were in a tight pack for position. With seven down Hanson now was racing Blowers for second and by lap nine their battle was now on Voth’s rear bumper as he led the field. Another restart on lap ten saw Voth leading with Hanson trying to get a run up top. Hanson cut back down and moved alongside of Voth at the line with twelve down. Hanson took the lead on lap thirteen. Voth continued to hold off Blowers for the second spot as the laps wound down. Hanson took home the win with his tenth at the speedway this season tying for the most wins in a season at the speedway.

Brandon Hare took home the title in the Hinz Trucking USRA B-Modified division but championship night belonged to Oskaloosa Iowa driver Tyler Groenedyk. Groenedyk took the early lead in the feature event and slowly started to pull away from the field while Jacob Bleess sat in second early. Mike Jaeger and Brandon Hare raced for fourth behind Parker Hale. Hare and Jaeger kept their race going until lap nine when Hare took the spot and eventually moved past Hale on lap ten. By lap twelve Hare moved past Bleess for second but Groenedyk had pulled out to over a full straight away lead by that point. Jaeger and Bleess battled for third for the final three laps with Jaeger taking the position as the checkers flew.

Earlier in the day the Truck Country Slingshots took to the track. The Junior Division was up first with Jackson Koster and Lexi Schott racing for the lead. Schott took the lead but broke on lap two handing the point to Koster. On the restart Koster led with Derek Clement in second and Dustin Sorensen in third. On lap five Matthew Schliesman worked under Sorensen for the third spot while Ryan Wetzstein worked into the top five. Koster took home the win with Clement close behind in second and Schliesman in third.

In the Pee-Wee division Jim Chisholm took the early lead with Garrett Koster in second. Jackson Hale sat in third. Koster pressured Chisholm early but Chisholm was holding strong up front. A spin in turn four brought out a caution just before Chisholm got loose coming out of two. Chisholm got tagged by Koster sending the Chisholm machine tumbling over twice before coming to rest. The Chisholm machine and Jim himself were quickly looked at rejoined the field to take the green. Chisholm jumped out front again with Koster all over his bumper. Despite his best efforts Koster could not overtake Chisholm as the checkers flew. Chisholm took the win over Koster and Hale.

Derek Clement jumped out front in the Senior division with Jeremy Paulson in second. Dustin Sorensen was sitting in third with Matthew Schliesman in fourth and Jackson Koster in fifth. Paulson was pushing Clement hard with four laps down but was unable to muster a pass even though he was able to get alongside of him a few times down the straights. Clement held on for the win over Paulson and Sorensen.

Dave Eckrich Fends Off a Hard Charging Brandon McCormick to Score First Career Lucas Oil MLRA Win!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Wheatland, MO – Oxford, Iowa’s Dave Eckrich scored his first ever Lucas Oil MLRA win on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway as he fought off a hard charging Brandon McCormick for the win by less than a car length at the finish. Tucson, Arizona modified ace R.C. Whitwell made an impressive showing with the Late Models to take third at the finish. Quincy, Illinois’ Mark Burgtorf came across the AAA Finish line in fourth while 15th starting Billy Moyer Jr. advanced 10 positions to finish in the fifth spot. Giltner, Nebraska veteran Al Humphrey was sixth at the finish followed by Republic, Missouri’s Brad Looney in seventh. Alan Vaughn rallied to finish in eighth with Mendon, Illinois’ Denny Woodworth taking the ninth spot. Walnut Grove, Missouri’s Jeremy Kelley drove his all-steel ULMA powered GRT to tenth.

Heat race winners included Dave Eckrich, Al Purkey, Brandon McCormick, and Mark Burgtorf. Billy Moyer Jr., Evan Hubert, Brantlee Gotschall, Justin Wells, David Turner, Joe Kosiski, Matt Johnson, and Rylan Long each captured spots in the A-Main through their finishes in the B features. Lucas Oil MLRA Series Provisionals were earned by Justin Asplin and Aaron Seabaugh. 6-Time Champion Al Purkey made contact with an infield tractor tire while leading at the halfway point damaging the front suspension on his Larry Shaw Race Car ultimately finishing in the 22nd spot. Brad Looney held on for a 7th place finish despite running the last 15 laps with a quickly deflating left front tire. The caution free 40 lap main event was worth $3,000 to win. With Eckrich’s win and the misfortune of point leader Al Purkey, Eckrich has now jumped to the top of the Lucas Oil MLRA point standings by a slim 4 point margin over Purkey. Brad Looney also made up ground on the leaders as he sits in the third spot, just 16 points behind Eckrich. Dirt Late Model Hall of Famer Joe Kosiski has continued to work his way up the standings as he sits in fourth with Springfield,
Missouri’s Terry Phillips slipping to the fifth spot after skipping this weekends action.

Complete and updated Lucas Oil MLRA Points standings are available at

Eckrich’s Barry Wright Race Car is has sponsorship support from Precision Performance. The Lucas Oil MLRA heads north this Friday and Saturday with a visit to the I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska on Friday night September 3rd followed by the only visit of 2010 to the Heartland Park Topeka Dirt Track in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday night September 4th. Both shows will be $3,000 to win Main Events. For more information, please visit and respectively.

Belland Claims Mod Title in Wild TNT Finale

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

THREE LAKES – Action, excitement and drama were in high supply on Saturday at TNT Speedway wrapped up its regular season and crowned its 2010 champions.Bruce Belland, from Eagle River, won the WISSOTA/AMSOIL Midwest Mod Championship with clean sweep and got help when point leader Jerry Grasse was involved in a lap one wreck for the second week in a row.

Baraga, MI’s Jeff Klopstein claimed his second straight WISSOTA/AMSOIL Street Stock Title, but his car didn’t leave the track in one piece after a big wreck among leaders. Eagle River’s Ben Pitlik was the benefactor. In the TNT Bombers, Argonne’s Lee Bradley took the title, but Chetek’s Steve Karshbaum continued his second half domination with his fourth feature win. And in the
TNT Stingers Brandon Ross of Bruce Crossing, MI had a clean sweep, but it was not enough to catch point leader Kasey Gross of Gleason. Belland entered the night two points behind Grasse and cut it to a single point entering the feature after out-dueling Grasse in the heat. Grasse started sixth in the feature, Belland started seventh. Grasse, trying to get the front a quickly as
possible, went up the middle three wide in turn two between Darrel Hazelton and Troy Smart.

The gap wasn’t wide enough. Grasse and Smart banged wheels causing Smart to slow and Grasse to spin by the time he got to turn three. Grasse’s suspension was badly damaged, but he eventually got back into the race just one lap down. That put the pressure Belland to finish on the lead lap. The former track champ delivered, picking his way up through the field and passing Hazelton for the lead on lap seven.

From there, he held on, despite a couple of wobbles in the closing laps to take the title. Hazelton, Jeff McDonald, Jesse Aho and Smart rounded out the top five. Grasse finished tenth, two laps down and finished nine points out of first. Jeff Klopstein had his second track championship locked up before the feature Saturday. It proved to be a good thing as he was involved in a three-car smash up on lap 14. Jordan Kurtti led much of the first half of the race, but was in a dogfight with Jason Zdroik when the yellow came out on lap 11 for a spin involving Ron Van Dusen.

Zdroik had been pressuring high before the yellow and chose the outside line for the double file restart. Kurtti drifted high to block, opening the door for Klopstein to challenge for the lead on the inside. Kurtti and Klopstein battled side by side for two laps. Then Zdroik decided to force the issue, planting his car to the inside of the track, making it three wide in turn two. The cars remained three wide down the backstretch and into turns three and four. It got ugly off four as Zdroik drifted high, Kurtti pinched low and Klopstein refused to back off. The three pancaked one another and plowed into the outside wall by the time the hit turn one. The race was red flagged for a bit as track officials worked to separate the three cars. Kurtti and Klopstein were out, while Zdroik was able to continue. It handed to the lead to Jake Ison, who was gunning for a popular win, behind the wheel of Jake Mullins’ #3. But Pitlik made the pass with five laps to go and held off on Zdroik on two green-white-checkered restarts to claim his second win of the year. Nick Visser, Leo Nippa and Shaina Aho rounded out the top five. Ison spun with three laps to go and finished ninth.

In the TNT Stingers, Brandon Ross dominated, clean sweeping on the night. But he entered the night five points behind Kasey Gross because of last week’s wreck and Gross did what he needed to to, keeping the white #2 right in front of him. Gross finished second in both races and won the title by two points.

In the Bombers, Karshbaum rocketed from seventh starting spot to the lead in just three laps. From there, it was a battle for second. Denny Tushoski picked his way to second coming to the white flag and got to keep that position when contact from John Johnson sent him spinning down the backstretch on the last lap. Dan Melton took third and Tim Miller was fourth. Lee Bradley cruised to his first track title with a fifth-place finish. It was a low-stress feature for him, having locked up the title by taking the green flag in the main event.

After back-to-back weeks of wild racing at TNT Speedway, the track takes Labor Day Weekend off so everyone can catch their breath. The racing season ends with a bang with our 16th Annual Fall Special September 10-11. It’s two great nights of racing featuring the WISSOTA/AMSOIL Midwest Mods and Street Stocks and the TNT Bombers and Stingers. The feature winners in the Mods and the Streets will get an extra $100 bonus both nights and the winners in the Bombers and Stingers will get an extra $50.

Hot Laps at 7:00, Racing at 7:45 PM on Friday, September 10. Hot Laps at 6:00, Racing at 6:45 on Saturday, September 11. The Awards Party will be held at the track, rain or shine on Saturday night. For more information, visit