Wednesday November 14, 2018
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“Waterford Modified Ace Eyes True Value Modified Series”

Waterford, CT.  – All it takes is one minute of conversation with Waterford, CT; SK Modified standout Rob Janovic, Jr and he’ll quickly point out, “I have been eyeing that series since it started.” That series, the 2007 Waterford track champion is focused on, is the True Value Modified Racing Series, and Janovic, with his race team, VOLJAN Motorsports, has decided to “dip our foot in the True Value pool.”

The 45 year old auto dealership manager has done his homework in advance of the team’s decision to give the True Value series a shot. The 2008 Waterford “Sportsman of the Year” award recipient has paid particular attention to rules, and how the sixth year tour operates. Janovic likes what he’s seen, and what he’s heard, even more.

“I’ve known Mike Holdridge for a long time, we talk often, and he keeps telling me I have to give this tour a try.” Holdridge, coming off a fine 2008 season himself, always speaks highly of the series and its officials. “Mike raves about the series and the way competitors are treated,” said Janovic, adding, “That stood out to me and frankly I have talked to several people, Kirk Alexander included, and they all say the same thing. The officials are helpful and do the job.”  Janovic said the TVMRS was a perfect fit. “Lets face it; we could not afford the other tour.” Another reason why he’s leaning toward the New England based series.

Janovic is taking the same approach as Jeff Zuidema who recently disclosed his team will run a limited schedule. Janovic plans to run the two Waterford events May 9, and Aug 15, is giving strong consideration to the Seekonk dates, and if his schedule allows, may target the Oxford date in July. The mid week special, July 15, at Seekonk, also has the attention of the VOLPAC team. Said Janovic, “We’ll see how it all falls in place, but we are looking at four to six races and an even bigger assault next year.”

Janovic and the VOLJAN team want to be ready when they take their first TVMRS green flag this spring. “We have to teach ourselves a lot of things, we have a lot to learn. We are going to be out of our comfort zone, our team has been at Waterford a long time.” “We’ll need the help, that’s for sure. We want to be good enough especially at Waterford and to be competitive.” 

Janovic is anxious to learn.

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