Wednesday November 14, 2018
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Wayne Anderson Wins Race #1 for Bright House Super Late Model Challenge at Orlando SpeedWorld

Orlando, FL.  May 6, 2011, by Jane Smith

With a new moon overhead and a perfect spring almost summer night, sixteen Super Lates took to the high banks of Orlando SpeedWorld for the Bright House Challenge Super Late Model 50. 

It was the familiar No. 84 of Wayne Anderson who set fast time for the 50 lap event with a 13.480 lap followed by David Rogers with a 13.502 lap and Sean Bass with a 13.539 lap.  After the pill draw, it was Dusty Cornelius of Cocoa who set on the pole for the 50 lap event.

After an on-track autograph session with the Super Lates and Legends, it was time to go racing.  The Super Late field was increased by three more cars that did not take time – Bob Greene, Chad Pierce, and Scott McKinley who came late to the track after doing some last minute preparations on his car.

The green flag waved but before a lap was down, the yellow came out for Brian Finney of Merritt Island who spun in turns 1 and 2.  This called for a complete restart as Cornelius once again took the pole position.

This time it was a good start as Cornelius took the point followed by Wayne Anderson, Jason Vail, David Rogers and Rich Clouser.  Anderson put the heat on Cornelius and took over first as Cornelius went to second followed now by David Rogers, Jason Vail and Rich Clouser.

After arriving late and not qualifying, Scott McKinley took the No. 12 off the field and into the pits as Anderson continued to lead the way.  The second caution came out when Bobby Good tapped Brian Finney in turn 4 as Alan Bruns and Sean Bass spin to avoid Finney and Good.  Good and Finney go to the rear for the restart.

But before a lap was down, the caution came out again for David Hart and Bobby Good who made contact in turns 1 and 2.  Hart hits the wall hard, ending his night on the hook.  Another complete restart is in order as Anderson once again leads the way over David Rogers, Dusty Cornelius, Jason Vail and Rich Clouser.

Daniel Webster puts the heat on Jeff Scofield and takes over sixth as Scofield goes to seventh.  It is now Anderson, Rogers, Vail, Cornelius, Clouser, Webster, Scofield, Bass, Bruns, Honaker, Finney, Good, McCormick, Pierce, Jacalone, and Greene.

Greene now retires his machine to the pits along with Bass who has stopped in turns 3 and 4 with overheating problems.  The field is now down to 13 cars as Anderson once again takes the point on the restart followed by Rogers, Vail, Cornelius, and Webster.

Alan Bruns brings out the next caution as he spins in turns 1 and 2.  Bruns joins the field in the rear as Anderson leads the way on the green followed by Rogers, Vail, Cornelius, and Webster.

McCormick and Jacalone get together in turn 3.  Jacalone has problems refiring as the buggy helps him around the field to refire the car.  Finally it does refire and we are ready for green again as Anderson once again takes the point over Rogers, Vail, Cornelius and Webster.

Webster finds his hands full of a hard charging Scofield for fifth.  Scofield takes fifth as Webster goes to sixth and once again the yellow comes out as Cornelius and Scofield get together with Cornelius spinning in turn 2.  Cornelius and Scofield are sent to the rear with Honaker retiring to the pits for the night.

Anderson leads the way on the green followed by Rogers, Vail, Webster, and Clouser.  With two laps to go, Alan Bruns brings out the caution as he spins at the bottom of the frontstretch.

Two laps to go as Anderson leads the way over Rogers, Vail, Webster and Clouser.  Anderson takes the checkered followed by David Rogers, Jason Vail, Daniel Webster, and Rich Clouser.

Heat races saw William Hindman and Luis Guillen, Jr. take the wins for the Strictly Stocks but it was Shane Sutorus all the way for the feature win.

Joshua Todd and Earl Beckner took the E-Mod heats with Joshua Todd taking the feature win for the E-Mods.

Donny Williams took the heat win for the Sportsman division but it was Andy Nichols who took the feature win.

Young Jeff Cuddy took the heat win for the Super Stocks but it was Shannon Kelly who took the feature win.

Kory Abott took not only the heat win but the feature win for the Legends.

Next Friday night, May 13th at Orlando SpeedWorld, it is a Modified 50, Pro Truck 50, Mini Stocks, Strictly Stocks, Legends, and Bandoleros.

The Second Race for the Bright House Super Late Model Challenge will be May 28th at New Smyrna Speedway.



MAY 6, 2011


1.  #84 Wayne Anderson

 2.  #11 David Rogers

 3.  #407 Jason Vail

 4.  #33 Daniel Webster

 5.  #9 Rich Closuer

 6.  #22 Dusty Cornelius

 7.  #80 Brian Finney

 8.  #92 Jeff Scofield

 9.  #34 Shaughn McCormick

10. #57 Chad Pierce

11. #4b Alan Bruns

12. #38 Joe Jacalone

13. #2 Skip Honaker

14. #27 Bobby Good

15. #28 Sean Bass

16. #13 Bob Greene

17. #20 Anthony Sergi

18. #6 David Hart

19. #12 Scott McKinley


1.  #0 Joshua Todd

 2.  #98 Matthew Jarrett

 3.  #6 Chris Brannon

 4.  #11 Earl Beckner

 5.  #00 John Hodge

 6.  #97 Dennis Wheeler

 7.  #10 Jeff Bailey

 8.  #15 Bruce Packer

 9.  #81 Ricky Wood

10. #38 Robert Glover

11. #51 William Hindman

12. #112 Jarrett Korpi

13. #72X Tony Van Allen  DNS

14. #55 Shain Held   DNS


 1.  #66 Andy Nicholls

 2.  #3 James Frisbie

 3.  #111 Donny Williams

 4.  #57 Eduardo Marques

 5.  #20s Ron Dicandio

 6.  #13b Mike Barr

 7.  #8 Austin Carr


 1.  #23 Shannon Kelly

 2.  #60 Ernie Tummenillo

 3.  #721 John Bennett

 4.  #16D Steve Daniels

 5.  #35 Gino Tummenillo

 6.  #911 Ray Mullis

 7.  #46 Brian Frank

 8. #37 Art Hendren

 9.  #4Q Ron McCreary

10. #316 Joe Bandur

11. #18 Billy Rouse

12. #51 Wes Railing

13. #64 Jeff Cuddy


1.  #5 Kory Abbott

 2.  #17 Dave Gleason

 3.  #71 Mason Ketterman

 4.  #8 Donovan Ponder

 5.  #22 Don Ketterman


 1.  #3 Shane Sutorus

 2.  #8x Luis Guillen, Jr.

 3.  #4 Megan Matheny

 4.  #081 Jimmy Barron

 5.  #50 Marty McLaughlin

 6.  #85 Rex Hollinger

 7.  #12 Cory Freed

 8.  #27T Scott Tyler

 9.  #31 Paul Cornelius

10. #89 William Hindman

11. #44x Dustin Higdon

12. #50X Axel Reinheiler

13. #18 Travis Little

14. #44 Frank Sutorus

15. #09 Robert Skinner

16. #836 Randy Alewine

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