Wednesday November 21, 2018
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Kisling and Timm Top Contenders at Mississippi Thunder

Fountain City, WI – It was NAPA Night at Mississippi Thunder Speedway, and there were many prizes for fans as well as feature winners. Multiple wrench sets, coolers, and more were given away to fans while the feature winners received items such as floor jacks, compressors, and tool boxes. Air conditioning would have been a welcomed prize for anyone, however, racing was still a success as no one spontaneously combusted in the sweltering heat.

Danny Hanson collected feature win number five in the WISSOTA Street Stocks while Ben Anderson tallied another win for the USRA B-Mods. Shane Kisling made his second appearance at the speedway much more lucrative this time as he outran the field in the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Bob Timm was in pure form taking the win in the USRA Modifieds.

John Griffin won the 600 Mini Mods, Mike Stevens topped the Senior “A” Mini Mods, and Keagen Einck took the checkers in the Junior “B” Mini Mod division.

Jailhouse Saloon WISSOTA Street Stock feature action set off with Jesse Lutz and defending winner Nick Schwebach in the front row. Schwebach took the early lead followed by Fred Prudoehl, Lutz, and heat one winner Ryan Henderson. Schwebach appeared strong out of the chute, but Prudoehl was on the move. Henderson zipped outside of Prudoehl to race side by side for second behind Schwebach. Danny Hanson quickly moved from eighth to fourth while Lutz continued in fifth place. Henderson was running very strong but had to beat Prudoehl and Hanson off with a stick to remain in a solo second place behind Schwebach. Henderson dove under Schwebach for the lead as Hanson dove under Prudoehl for third. The four cars ran in two rows side by side as if the race had just begun. Schwebach slipped high in turn four which allowed Henderson to the lead and Hanson into second place. Henderson and Hanson then battled for the lead. Shaun Mann gained on Schwebach as he entered the top five. Hanson led the field to the checkers in the caution-free race followed by Henderson, Mann, Prudoehl, and Matt Wolfe.

Troy Langowski and Jake Timm started off the USRA B-Mod feature on the front row ahead of Tucker Breitung and Ben Anderson. An immediate caution in turn one reset the field. Langowski took the lead, but Anderson was around him into first in no time followed by Brandon Hare. Anderson, Hare, and Langowski were followed by Timm and Greg Mattick as drivers raced five-wide for sixth place out of turn four. Another caution reset the field with Anderson on the point and Hare, Timm, and Langowski in pursuit. Timm gained steam as he shot under Langowski into second behind Anderson. Hare moved in behind Timm while Anderson pulled away in the lead. Langowski maintained his fourth-place spot, and Erik Kanz moved in behind to fifth. As the laps wound down, Timm made a charge under Anderson for the lead, but Anderson kept side by side with Timm. Langowski moved back to third, but once again Hare took the spot back. Timm then took over the lead from Anderson, but Timm got a bit squirrely which allowed Anderson back to the lead. Anderson was able to hold on and secure the win and the NAPA air compressor as a bonus. Hare finished second followed by Timm, Langowski, and Kanz.

Shane Kisling started from the pole in the Winona Auto Sales WISSOTA Super Stock main event. Lake City’s Josh Rodewald ran outside pole followed by Gary Wiersgalla and Kevin Hager. Kisling took the lead early while Hager and Wiersgalla raced side by side for third behind Rodewald. Hager gained third over Wiersgalla. Michael Hofer put his nose in on the action as Dennis Earney, Hofer, and Wiersgalla raced three-wide for fourth place. Kelly Anderson slipped into fifth place quickly as there was a lot of movement for fourth and fifth places. In the single-caution race, Wiersgalla’s machine broke away as he exited turn two. Facing the wrong way, Wiersgalla’s machine was hit head on by Jon Duffy with nowhere to go resulting in DNFs for both men. The restart reeled Kisling back into the field as he sat in the front row ahead of Rodewald and Hager. Kisling again headed off into his own world followed by Rodewald while Hofer and Hager raced side by side for third. Hofer slipped back to fifth as Tommy Richards slid under Hager to challenge for the third spot. Richards was on the move as he took over third and left Hager to fend off Anderson and Hofer for fourth. Kisling continued his run up front followed by Rodewald, but Richards also picked off Rodewald for second just after the half-way mark of the race. Anderson ran in fourth as Jeff Brauer and Hager ran side by side for fifth place. Kisling was checked out by this time and headed off for his picture in victory lane. Richards pulled out a second place finish while Anderson, Brauer, and Hofer rounded out the top five.

Heat-three winner Hank Rollinger Jr. climbed into the pole position for the River City Manufacturing USRA Modified main event. Rollinger was pursued right away by Bob Timm and Luke Schott. Schott flew into the lead early, and Timm dipped under Schott, but Schott held his ground. Rollinger raced hard for third as John Doelle closed in followed by Dan Bohr and Shane Wehrs. Schott continued to lead over Timm, Doelle, and Rollinger with no real challenges for some time. By lap 10, Schott moved into lap traffic. A caution with 13 laps down pulled the field back together. Rollinger had been rolling some smoke for several laps, but eventually pulled in during the caution with a flat right rear tire. On the restart, Schott kept his lead over the field while Doelle’s second place he had just taken was stripped back from him by Timm. Brad Waits zoomed his new mod into the top five and became a contender for the lead as Schott, Waits, and Timm briefly ran three-wide for the top spot. Timm eventually got the lead followed hotly by Waits as the two left Schott in their dust in third. Timm was able to pull to a good lead, but Schott gained momentum as Waits then had Schott on his bumper for second place. Timm sailed to the win. Waits pulled in a great first night at the speedway back in a modified followed by Schott. Ben Mattick crept into the top five to finish fourth followed by Bohr.

There will be no races at Mississippi Thunder Speedway Friday, July 29th due to the World Modified Dirt Track Championships at Deer Creek Speedway. Racing will resume on Friday, August 5th on what was to be a night off with the rescheduled USMTS $2,000-to-win show which was rained out on July 15th. The show will also include WISSOTA Street Stocks, USRA B-Mods, as well as the 600 Mini Mods, Senior Mini Mods, and Junior Mini Mods. WISSOTA Super Stocks will have the night off.

The following night on Saturday, August 6th will be will be the scheduled River City Rumble Modified Special which will include all regular track classes. Visit for more details.

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