Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Top Teams Choosing Innovative “Motorsports on Demand” for Team Branding

Charlotte, NC—Top teams from around the U.S. and Australia are now choosing a new and innovative way to market and brand their team called Motorsports on Demand. The concept makes the traditional avenues of marketing and branding obsolete with new technology that brings your presentations to life, on demand.

This concept combines the best of what is available into a concise presentation that comes alive with the click of a link. If you were sending a 25 page presentation booklet, a long and wordy PowerPoint or a video that looked more of a highlight reel then the likelihood of a decision maker taking the time to grasp your message is not realistic.
Motorsports on Demand is a 5-6 minute presentation that takes the most powerful communication vehicles available like PowerPoint, animation, photos, video and voice-over integrated to tell your story and enticing action by the potential marketing partner. Teams such as DirtCar Superstar Brett Hearn, ARCA competitor Andy Belmont Racing, rising Midwest racer Kyle Brinkmann and Australian racer Matt Dicinoski have chosen Motorsports on Demand to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Motorsports on Demand allows you to send the link to your personal branding tool to as many email addresses as desired. The data you receive will tell you who viewed it, when they viewed it and how much of the presentation they viewed and can include personal information on that company and executive.

“I am very pleased to announce the introduction of our new and innovative way to market your team, racetrack, series or business to the motorsports community”, said President Rolfe Schnur. “Motorsports on Demand brings your presentation to life in a short period of time and gives you the opportunity to make an immediate impact with potential marketing partners”.

Simply paste this link http://my.brainshark.com/Brett-Hearn-PBT-981232336 to view a sample of how Motorsports on Demand works. Your package includes design and creative, slide creation and animation, choice of 3 designs, colors, 5 hours of changes throughout the calendar year and hosting for a year and voice-over. For a free consultation on how Motorsports on Demand will differentiate you from the competition please call Rolfe Schnur at 954-224-8661 or send him an email to sponsorland@aol.com.

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