Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Drivers Race Mother Nature at Deer Creek

Spring Valley MN–With weather moving into the area 104 cars showed up to do battle at Deer Creek Speedway. After spending just over 1 hour to run all of the heat races the feature action took to the track. When the races were completed in 2 hours and 45 minutes there was about 5 minutes before the rains hit. Have to say thanks to all of the drivers who put in the extra effort to keep the show moving as fast as possible. In fact only 12 caution flags were thrown throughout the evening and four out of five features went green, white and checkers.

The first feature event of the night was the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Bryan Hernandez jumped out to the early lead with Cody Gardner in second and Jared Boumeester in third. Cory Crapser moved into fourth on lap two while Boumeester moved into second and started to challenge Hernandez for the lead. Rusty Kollman moved into fifth with Dustin Scott challenging him for the position. With four completed, Crapser moved into third behind Hernandez with Scott working into fifth. Crapser moved past Hernandez the next lap to take over second while Gardner tried to fend off Scott for the fourth spot.. With six down Boumeester had a four car length lead while Scott and Hernandez were side by side for third. Two laps later Scott moved into third as Gardner and Kollman raced for fifth. Scott kept charging and moved up to race with Crapser for the second spot on lap nine. Crapser held the slight edge until lap twelve when they swapped lines. Crapser did it to hold off Scott who was running the bottom line, but Crapser was not as solid down there
and Scott bolted to his outside to take over second. The checkers waved over the field without a yellow as Boumeester took home the win. Scott was in second followed by Crapser, Hernandez and Gardner.

Only eight cars checked into the back gate for the Cap N Cork Wine & Spirits WISSOTA Street Stocks but the race up front was spectacular all night. Troy Voth jumped out to the early lead with Derek Ludington in second. Danny Hanson quickly took over the third spot from his back row starting spot. With two down Hanson moved into second while Fred Prudoehl moved into the third spot. Nicholas Schwebach moved into the fourth spot. Hanson started to work on Voth for the lead on lap five, while Mike Blowers moved into the top five. Hanson and Voth continued to battle up front while Blowers moved past Schwebach on lap eight. ON lap eleven Blowers moved past Prudoehl in third as Voth finally wrestled the lead away from Hanson to sit alone out front. With fourteen down Blowers and Hanson were racing for the second spot. Blowers quickly took over the spot and started chasing down Voth for the lead. Blowers and Voth raced under the white flag side by side with Blowers pulling away on the backstretch to take home the win. At the finish it was Blowers, Voth, Hanson, Prudoehl and Schwebach in the top five after a caution free race.

The Hinz Trucking USRA B-Modifieds took to the track for their feature. After the first two features when green, white and checkers the B-Modifieds had a hard time getting going. After four restarts the field was put in single file order and then they went to the finish without any cautions. Josh Smith took the early lead with Parker Hale and Kylie Kath racing for second. Kath took over second on lap two and then shot under Smith to take over the lead. Erik Kanz charged up to fourth with Shaun Walski following him into fifth. With five down Kanz battled with Hale for the second spot while Walski moved into fourth. Walski had the high side working and flew around Hale and Kanz on lap six to take over the second spot. Jacob Bleess worked into the top five while Kanz finally got past Hale for the third spot. With eight down Bleess moved into the fourth spot and on lap eleven moved under Kanz for the third spot. Up front it was all Kath picking off lap cars one by one and cruising home to the win, followed by Walski, Bleess, Kanz and Dan Wheeler.

Ten Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stocks were on hand tonight with Schatney Sanders leading the way. Michael Hofer blasted into the lead out of turn two while Kelly Anderson, Jeff Brauer and Kevin Hager were three wide for the third spot on lap two. Brauer took over the third spot on lap four. On lap seven Brauer and Ryan Siegle raced for the second spot. Brauer took over the position as Hofer now was out to a full straight away lead. A caution with ten down negated all of Hofer’s hard work as Brauer now sat on his bumper. Anderson and Siegle raced hard for third on the restart and Brauer worked on Hofer up front. On lap twelve Brauer took over the top spot and race away with the win. A late restart on lap seventeen saw Hofer work the top side of the speedway and was really wheeling it against the wall however Brauer was too strong down low and took home the win ahead of Hofer, Siegle, Brian Fetting and Anderson.

Another Green White, Checker finish was up next in the Altenburg Construction WISSOTA Late Models. Jerry Bloom, Jordan Yaggy and Justin Sass were three wide for the lead on lap one. Yaggy crossed the line first while Bloom and Sass were side by side for second. With three laps down Bloom moved along Yaggy and took over the lead. Mike Prochnow moved into third on lap four while Bloom held off Yaggy down low. Yaggy moved to the middle of the track leaving Prochnow the top side and Bloom the bottom. Lance Matthees was in fourth also running the bottom of the speedway. Yaggy, Prochnow and Matthees were three wide for second on lap ten while Bloom continued to lead out front. With eleven down Prochnow blasted around the outside of Bloom for the lead while Matthees, Yaggy and Kyle Jumbeck were three wide for third. With eighteen down Jumbeck and Bloom raced for second. Jumbeck took over second while Yaggy and Bloom continued to race for third. As the checkers flew over the feature it was Prochnow leading, Jumbeck second. Yaggy beat Bloom for third out of turn four the last time and Nick Beyenhof came home fifth.

The Napa Auto Care USRA Modifieds were up for the final feature of the night. Looking at Radar the rain was about on us at the start of the feature. Mike Sorensen jumped into the early lead with Steve Wetzstein in second. Kelly Shryock and Pat Graham raced for third.. Further back Nate Wasmund and Todd Scharkey raced for fifth. Wetzstein moved up to the high side and was gaining on Sorensen when the caution came out on lap four. With the rest of the laps raced under green Sorensen jumped back out front. Wasmund, Shryock and Wetzstein were three wide for second. With six down Sorensen and Shryock were side by side for the lead. Sorensen held on as Wasmund moved into the second spot. Wasmund’s move was quickly erased as Wetzstein was humming around the top side and flew past Wasmund and Sorensen to take over the lead on lap eight. Wasmund moved into the second spot as Jason Cummins moved into the top five. Shryock kept worked on Sorensen and on then on lap thirteen took over the third spot with Cummins following through into fourth. On lap seventeen Wasmund and Shryock were side by side for the second spot. Shryock took over the second spot as Cummins worked into the third spot shortly thereafter. Sorensen moved back past Wasmund to take home fourth as the checkers waved over the field. Wetzstein took home his second straight win at the speedway.

Racing action resumes next Saturday with a 5:00 start time.

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