Friday June 22, 2018
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Princeton Die Hard Fans Get a Treat with Great Racing Action

Princeton, MN — Around 100 drivers signed into the pits Friday night at the Princeton Speedway for a night of WISSOTA Amosoil Dirt Track Racing series action. The radar was not in the tracks favor, and the low temps really proved who the die hard racers and fans were, but with the exception of the WISSOTA Modifieds, the rest of the nights races were completed with some exciting racing action.

Brad Schmidt and John Adams led the WISSOTA Street Stocks onto the track for the first feature of the night. As the Green waved Schmidt spun around in turn two and drivers scattered to miss him. They were all sorted and realigned with Ryan Kostreba and Jon Gunderson taking over the front row. Kostreba took the lead as the race began and Justin Pogones challenged Gunderson for second. Dave Read joined Pogones and Gunderson for second and the battle went three-wide. Read was faster out of the turns and took second with Behn Mensen sliding next to Gunderson for third. Mehnsen took third and Pogones took over fourth. Kostreba ran strong in first with Read, Mehnsen and Pogones in the top four, and they were putting distance between them and Gunderson in fifth. Read then moved next to Kostreba for first and took the point
putting Kostreba into second. John Adams then went around in turn one and the yellow flew. Read was first on the restart with Kostreba and Mensen in tow. Read and Kostreba pulled away on the restart as Pogones battled Mensen for the third point. The yellow however flew again and slowed down the drivers. As they drivers lined up Kostreba went to the infield with a mechanical issue moving Mensen into second and Pogones into third. Read was still the leader when the green flew with Mensen and Pogones right behind him. Gunderson moved next to Pogones for third but Pogones held him off and kept the point as the checkered was in sight. Read took the Street Stock feature win making it two in a row for the 2012 season.

The Coors Light WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next up to race with Justin Oestreich and Tim Siercks on the front line. Oestreich took the lead with Bud Martini and Alan Bohlman moving in behind him as the green flew. Martini moved next to Oestreich for the lead and after a short battle Martini took the lead. Oestreich held onto second with Dan Ebert, Denis Czech and Bohlman going three-wide behind him. Oestreich pulled away as Ebert grabbed third and Czech took fourth. Shane Sabraski and Jason VandeKamp battled for fourth as Ebert began to close in on Oestreich. Jacob Putnam went off the side of the track in turn two bringing out the yellow. The restart was Martini with Oestreich and Ebert side by side. Oestreich and Ebert battled for second with VandeKamp on their rears when the yellow flew again. As the green waved for the restart Ebert took over second and moved next to Martini for the lead. Martini, Ebert, Oestreich, VandeKamp and Sabraski all ran close together in points one through five. They started to space out with Martini still in the lead. Ebert continued to work Martini for first while Oestreich battled off VandeKamp and Sabraski. As the checkered flew Martini took the win and Ebert got second. Sabraski and VandeKamp both passed Oestreich taking third and fourth with Oestreich finishing fifth.

The Viking Coke WISSOTA Mod Fours were next up to race with Jason Bloch and Dustin Zieske leading the cars. Zieske took first when the green flew with Dean Larson taking second. Mitch Hribar and Bloch battled for third with Matt Halls moving in. Halls took third and moved next to Larson for second as Hribar locked in fourth and Tyler Larson took fifth. Zieske wasted no time and began to stretch out a lead on other drivers while Hribar closed in on D. Larson for third as a caution came out. Zieske was alone in front on the restart with Halls and D. Larson behind him. D. Larson and Halls battled for second when the green flew while Kyle Thell took fourth from Hribar. Thell moved next to D. Larson for third and took the point. D. Larson was now in fourth with Hribar on his bumper. The sprinkles began to fall as the leaders began to lap other drivers. Thell was able to catch Halls for second with two laps to go. Halls and Thell were side by side as the race came to a close. Zieske took the win with Thell, Halls, D. Larson and Hribar taking the top five points.

Mother Nature wasn’t sure what she was doing as the Ray’s Auto Body WISSOTA Super Stocks rolled onto the track. After a couple of laps around the track, the sprinkles were light enough that the Supers decided to race. Mike Mueller and Chris Wark took off as the race began and Mueller took the lead. Wark and Donnie Lofdahl battled for second with Mike Loomis, Dan Gullikson, and Dave Mass battling three-wide for fourth. Mass moved into third and battled Lofdahl for second. Mass took the point and Loomis moved in on Lofdahl. Gullikson and Wark were battling for fifth as Mass took the lead from Mueller. Loomis took over second and Gullikson took third, but Gullikson moved next to Loomis for second and took the spot. Mass had a good lead by now but Kyle Robideau then went off the track and the yellow flew. A few more cautions would follow that one until the drivers finally got it together. Mass was still in the lead with Loomis and Gullikson behind him. Gullikson took second and Loomis kept third while Shane Sabraski and Lofdahl battled for fourth. Sabraski took fourth and Lofdahl held onto fifth the final laps as Mass took the checkered flags and the win.

The Grand Casino WISSOTA Modifieds came onto the track, but the sprinkles became more of a rain and the track started to get slick. The drivers were pulled off the track and the night was called as completed. Racing will resume next Friday night at 7pm. Make sure to watch the website and facebook page for feature make up information, we hope to see you all next week at the Bullring.

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