Sunday June 24, 2018
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Choquette Outguns Scofield for AACS Win

The Bombers were up next to make their run at the pole for the second 50-lap shoot out of the season. Allen Bragg who is a big supporter of the class gave the 21 machines signed in more incentive to run fast, putting up $50 for fast qualifier and an extra $50 for the winner. Every driver had their own approach to claim fast time but late in the session it was Chester Lusk breaking the track record set by Dave Davis. Lusk recorded a 19.13 time to eclipse the 19.21 by Davis. But there is a reason why they call the driver of the #6 “Dynamite” as Davis came out just a short time later and dropped the record to a 19.03 for fast time and the extra $50.

Hoosier Cup AACS

With the inversion it was James Powell III who jumped out to the lead when the green dropped. Jeff Scofield who has overcame early season woes to battle back for the lead in the points slid into the second spot with fast qualifier Jeff Choquette moving into the third spot. The mad scramble for positions behind them saw Joe Boyd move into the fourth spot. McLeod had mechanical problems that dropped him out of the race early finishing 17th.

The veteran driver Powell had his handsful trying to keep Scofield behind him. Scofield had his own problems as Choquette stayed right on him trying to take the second spot away. When Scofield would try to make a run on the high side Choquette would stick the nose of the 70x machine under him. The trio would make contact several times looking like they would all go spinning wildly but each time they would gather it up and continue on in the high powered event. Eventually Scofield was able to loosen up Powell sending him high allowing himself and Choquette to get by. Several other drivers were also able to get by Powell sending him out of the top five.

Several cautions slowed the event but the big one came late in the race when fluid leaked on the track sent the mid pack cars spinning wildly into turn one. Powell, Wayne Jefferson, and Jimmy Cope were some of the drivers involved in the mêlée and retired for the evening. Scot Walters was also part of the crash in a back up car but was able to continue with body damage but still finished a strong 6th.

The race came down to the final 20 laps with Scofield and Choquette racing for the top spot. Choquette put his ride high and low on the track trying to get around the ’04 champ but each time Scofield was able to avoid the move. With five laps left to go Choquette got a run on the leader down the front stretch on the inside, going right down on the apron of the race track into turn one Choquette was able to hold on and take over the top in turn two and cruised to win, Scofield took second. Chris Fontaine was able to hold on for the third spot, with a solid run all evening long Joe Boyd took fourth and rounding out the top five was James Glover.


Sleep Inn Suites Bombers

The bombers once again put on a wild show for the fans in their 50-lap shootout. From the drop of the green flag the field was swapping sheet metal going three and four wide battling for the top spot. When the smoke cleared it was “Dynamite” Dave Davis who won his second fifty lapper in a row. Davis dominated the field winning by a full straight away over the rest of the pack. The real battle on the speedway was for the second spot between “Radical” Rick Germony and “The Mayor” John Stewart. Stewart has had his problems of late but had it together tonight. Stewart ran high and low trying to get around Germony but the driver of the #8 machine was able to hold him off to take the second spot with Stewart finishing a strong third, fourth went to Jerome “Sideways” Watland and in fifth “the X Man” Jay King.


Trailer Supercenter Mini-Stocks

The Mini-Stock feature came down to the wire with “Gentleman” Jon Bailey and Todd Freed Jr. Battling for the top spot. Freed tried to make a daring last lap pass on Bailey and the duo made contact coming down the front stretch. Both cars went spinning wildly with Freed making hard contact with the wall. Bailey edged him out by a fender taking the win, Freed was second third went to Dean Butrum, fourth across the stripe was Phil Cruse and fifth Cameron Cruse.


1.Marty Neikens
2.Chris Thornton
3.Ray Folwell
4.Clay Joseph
5.Bryan Wagner

Pyramid Employers Pure Stocks

1.Jimmie Best
2.Richie Shepard
3.Darrin Ellis
4.Richard McClough
5.Dave Cleary

Outlaw LM

1.Ed Kidd
2.Mark Nelson
3.Robert Crisp
4.Brian Teeters
5.Jim Kelly

NAPA Auto Parts Cowboy Caddies

1.Joe Gagen
2.Roger Swinton
3.Anthony Easton
4.Troy Buckles
5.Tony Pace

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