Wednesday May 23, 2018
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Czech, Pogones, Voss, Thell, Sabraski and Shiek claim 2015 Track Championships

Sauk Rapids, MN- Friday night’s races under the lights concluded the regular race season at the Granite City Speedway. The night of WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series action was sponsored by Auto value and also featured mechanics races. Kris Berg, Mark Jacobs and Brandon Kellen won the mechanics races while Shane Sabraski, Justin Pogones, Tim Lavoi, Keith Thell, Dave Mass, Jake Hagemann and Jeremy Nelson grabbed feature wins.

The night also determined the track champions with some close points battles going into the night. As the night concluded, Denis Czech, Justin Pogones, Levi Voss, Keith Thell and Charlie Shiek were crowned champions and Shane Sabraski took two.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were the first feature of the night and began with Tom Gill and Randy Laage on the front row. Gill, Laage and Denis Czech went three wide as the green flew and Czech broke away with the point. Laage kept close as Travis Schulte, Ryan Studanski and Gill went three wide for third. Laage worked the high groove and flew by Czech for first. Studanski grabbed third while Shane Sabraski moved to his door. Sabraski moved into third and closed in on Czech. Sabraski rode Czech’s bumper before he dropped to the low side. Sabraski passed Czech and slid to the high groove. Czech kept close, but Sabraski pulled away. Sabraski continued in his forward motion and was aside Laage with two laps to go. Laage and Sabraski caught slower traffic and Sabraski drove the low groove and took the lead. Sabraski led the final lap and took the checkers in his West Metro Buick GMC #7a.

Aaron Johnson and Jim Gullikson brought the WISSOTA Street Stocks to the stand and Gullikson grabbed the lead when the green waved. Johnson moved into second but Justin Pogones moved to his side. They battled side by side for second as the laps went by. Pogones nosed ahead on the exit of turn four, but Johnson moved back to his door. Pogones pulled ahead in turn two and secured second with Johnson to his rear. Pogones closed in on Gullikson and ducked down to his side. Gullikson was faster on the exit to hold first, but Pogones came back. Pogones kept aside Gullikson’s door, but Pogones slid by and took the lead. Gullikson and Johnson grabbed Pogones’s bumper, but Pogones stretched out his lead. Johnson moved into second and Gullikson settled in third. Pogones led the final laps and rolled his Joes Racing Products #01 into victory lane.

The WISSOTA Hornets started their feature with a quick caution, but when they resumed, Jeremy Jutz, Tim Lavoi and Ashley Bell were three wide for first. Lavoi pulled ahead with the point while Bell took second. Lavoi stretched out his lead while Joe Martin took Bell’s side. Martin took second and began to chase Lavoi as Lavoi battled slower traffic. Drivers covered the entire track as Ashton Schulte kept after Martin for second. They also battled lapped traffic as Schulte rode Martin’s rear. Schulte and Martin went three wide with a slower car for second with the checkers in sight. Lavoi took the checkers and rolled into victory lane.

Rod Berg shot by the front row and grabbed first as the WISSOTA Mod Fours went green. Matt Halls and Mike Rau battled for second and Halls took the point. Halls rode the rear of Berg and soon Halls and Andy Mayavski moved passed him. Halls assumed the lead with Mayavski and Dustin Holtquist in top points. Keith Thell moved into the third point and caught Mayavski for second. Mayavski and Thell battled side by side for second as they weaved in traffic. Thell took second and chased after Halls. Within laps, Thell was outside of Halls’ #5e. Thell and Halls battled door to door, but with two laps to go, Thell grabbed the lead. Thell took the feature win in his Wollak Construction #00t.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next up on the agenda with Kurt Becken and James Trantina on the front row. Trantina claimed the early lead with Jason Forehand and Dexton Koch in tow. Shane Sabraski moved aside Dexton Koch for third and remained low on the track. Sabraski passed Forehand for second while Dave Mass grabbed third. Mass chased down Sabraski and they ran side by side down the chute. They joined a slower driver and went three wide for second. Sabraski held second but Mass didn’t budge from his side. Mass grabbed the high groove and drove aside Sabraski. Mass pulled ahead and secured the second point. Mass caught and worked Trantina for first while Sabraski closed in. Mass kept true to the low side and slid by Trantina for first. Sabraski also passed Trantina as Mass pulled away. Mass never looked back as he began to lap drivers. Mass started eighth in the feature and dominated his way into victory lane.

Jake Hagemann took first and drove away as the Pure Stock feature commenced. Roman Siltman took second while David Dosh and Charlie Shiek battled for third. Shiek broke away from Dosh and passed Siltman. Shiek looked towards Hagemann for first and began to reel him in. Laps went by with Hagemann in a solid lead, but Shiek closed the gap. With four laps to go, Shiek and Hagemann were door to door for first. Hagemann kept his foot down and broke free from Shiek. Hagemann had two car lengths on Shiek as the checkers waved and he rolled into victory lane.

The WISSOTA Modifieds took the clay with J.T. Johnson and Jeremy Nelson on the front row. Nelson moved into first and Johnson held second while Clayton Wagamon took third. Wagamon passed Johnson on the high side then down low to secure his point. Shane Sabraski, Johnson and Don Eischens were nearly three wide in the turns as Sabraski took second. The top three drivers pulled away from the pack with Nelson in a solid lead. Sabraski kept pressure on Wagamon but Wagamon continued to hold second. Dave Mass closed the gap the leaders built up as Nelson stretched out his lead. Sabraski again moved aside Wagamon for second and took the point. Nelson continued to put space between him and the other drivers and took the checkers. Nelson rolled his D&N Trucking #06 into victory lane.

The mechanics race’s wrapped up the night with three races. Kris Berg and Greg Thell entertained the crowd in the first race with side by side action to the end. As the checkers were in sight, Berg broke free of Thell and took the win in Brandon Linquist’s #3 Mod Four. The second race took the clay and was dominated by Mark Jacobs in Denis Czech’s #2. Jacobs grabbed the lead shortly into the race and flew around the surface. Jacobs lapped a couple drivers before taking the checkers. One final mechanics race wowed the fans and Eric Cleasby grabbed the lead. Brandon Kellen made his way around the low groove and took the lead. A caution slowed the drivers down but Kellen remained in control. Shane Patrin moved into second but drifted high in the curve and Logan Atkinson moved back to his door. Patrin pulled away and closed in on Kellen. Kellen put his foot down and took the win in Dalton Landwehr’s #2x.

The Granite City Speedway will take the next couple weeks off, but will be back in action on Sunday September 27th. The night will feature a WISSOTA Modified special as well as the Northern Vintage Stock Car racers. Races will resume that day at 5:30pm.

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