Monday May 21, 2018
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The Future of Speednet

Press Release:
Starting in February, will be replaced with a newly updated The new MyRacePass site will feature a litany of tools to help you promote your track or series, as well as provide fans and drivers a more direct spot to follow race results and standings.

MyRacePass – Lincoln, Nebraska – MyRacePass is proud to announce the future of the Speednet Direct website, As of spring 2017, the Speednet domain will redirect to MyRacePass, Once this occurs, the Speednet direct website will no longer be available, although the data itself will remain accessible from the new MyRacePass (MRP) website.This new site will preserve virtually all of the past Speednet data including results, stats, points, and schedules in addition to the MyRacePass data that has been accumulating since 2008.

Read full press release about all the exciting new changes here!
What does this mean for you?

* If you’re a Speednet user, and your website has a link to, this will need to be updated. We want to make sure your site doesn’t have any broken links!
* If your site has a Speednet program integration, you or your website creator should contact us at 402-302-2464.

What about Race Management?

* The Speednet race management program is being replaced by the new MyRacePass Race Management 2.0.
* We will include very limited support for Speednet in 2017, focusing our effort on our new 2.0 programming.
* You do have the option to continue to use Speednet, however, the price has increased. Your cost is a $396 subscription plus a $400 set-up fee.
* The cost for MyRacePass Race Managment 2.0 is just $396 per year. However, you get much more than just race management.

Next Steps

* DON’T WAIT! Call us today at 402-302-2464 to schedule a walk-through on the new Race Management 2.0 programming!
* Have your webmaster contact us regarding setting up your website Race Management 2.0 integration and the replacement link on your website.
* SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE PRO-RATED! The sooner you re-subscribe, the more money you’ll save!

What’s Included with a MyRacePass Subscription?

* Race Management 2.0 – We’ve learned from Speednet to bring you the best!
* Online Ticket Sales – Your events are important, we let you sell tickets online to ALL of them at no extra charge
* Online Single Order Apparel Sales – Easily sell apparel online with NO overhead,
inventory or hassles
* Online Registration – Allow your drivers to register for your events
* Fully-Integrated Website – Update your content quickly and easily
* MRP App – The newest tool coming from MRP in spring of 2017
* MRP Live – Integrate with your existing transponder system
* Power of the MRP Network – With thousands of drivers and millions of fans, we’ll help get you noticed!
* Discounts off Print Design – Banners, flyers, schedule cards, posters, and more!

Additional Resources

* Future of Speednet
- What YOU need to know!
* What’s Included with your MyRacePass subscription?

 - Race management & more!
* Trackside Internet
 - Get an Internet connection - anywhere!
* 1099 Information
 - How to be prepared for tax season!
* What current MyRacePass users have to say...
 - Hundreds of tracks nationwide use MRP!
* MRP Support Database
 - An online user manual for MRP!

Get Your Race Managment Ready for 2017 & Save Money! 402-302-2464

We will also be on hand at these remaining off-season events:
RPM Daytona

We look forward to meeting and working with you, The MyRacePass Team

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