Sunday June 24, 2018
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I-35 Speedway Press Release!

More improvements, more teamwork between tracks, time ticking down, football season over, race season coming, yes, it is February and the days are getting longer and warmer, it will not be long and we will be racing at I-35 Speedway. Practice day is March 11 and opening night is March 18. Work continues with more and more improvements at the track, improvements which have been ongoing for years.

In seasons past the Trackside Bar and Grill was built, a wood floor was added to the cat walk, the pit shack was added, new lights added in the pits, new lights added to the track, and a picnic and camping area was added two years ago. The electronic sign along I-35 Speedway, which was completed this year, was four years in the making. Owners Mike and Kyle Johnson continuously plan and make improvements for the fans, racers, crews, and employees who make up the I-35 Speedway racing family.

The latest improvement is a wooden fence at the entrance to the track. The electronic sign, the pit expansion, and the new bleachers have all been accomplished this off season. Picnic tables will be distributed throughout the facility. Improvements are continuous.

As for the additional teamwork between tracks, as previously reported, US 36 Raceway and I-35 Speedway have introduced THE SHOOTOUT. The Shootout is a joint effort between I-35 Speedway and US 36 Raceway to crown a champion in the shared classes at both tracks (USRA A Mods, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B Mods, Pure Stocks, and E Mods). The Shootout requires a minimum of 75% participation at each of the tracks. Since this championship is based on the lowest score, those not attending the races will be awarded 50 points for each race that is missed until they become ineligible because they can no longer make 75% of the races.

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