Sunday November 18, 2018
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Ticket Packages available at Dacotah Speedway

As the recently voted, “Best Place for Family Entertainment” by the Bismarck Tribune, this ticket package is the perfect way to experience the races with friends or family. Check out the perks below.
We know your summer schedule can be super busy which is why this VIP Ticket Package allows you to pick which races you want to attend. As the VIP Ticket Package owner, you have the flexibility to share these tickets with friends or family or use them yourself.

Free Admission
In theory, of course! These tickets are already paid for so all you have to do is show your ticket stub at the gate. VIP Tickets are only valid for the Mandan Dirt Series Events but you have the option to pay the difference at our special racing events such as Dakota Classic Modified Tour or Governors Cup.

Free VIP Beverage
Fuel up on a free beverage of your choice while you’re at the races. We know it can get hot so cool down with an ice-cold soda, water or adult beverage. Feeling extra thirsty, no worries. As owner of this VIP Ticket Package, you have the option to use all five of your VIP Beverage Coupons (or as many as you want) whenever you want. So, if you want to use all five in one night, you sure can! However, once your VIP Drink Coupons are gone, they are gone. Each VIP Beverage Coupon is only good for one beverage.

Free VIP Food Entrée
Each VIP Ticket comes with a VIP Entrée Coupon. Enjoy a tasty (Cheese)Burger, Double (Cheese)Burger, Taco in a Bag or Pulled Pork Sandwich for FREE. Sometimes, we know you get a craving for pizza or a hot dog. No worries, this VIP Entrée Coupon is also good for two pizza slices or two Hot Dogs. Feeling extra hungry? Feel free to use all five VIP Entrée Coupons (or as many as you want) whenever you want. However, once your VIP Entrée Coupons are gone, they are gone. Each VIP Entrée Coupon is only good for one food item or pizza/hot dog combo.

Free VIP Side-item
While you’re at the concession window, grab yourself a free VIP Side-Item. You can choose between French fries, nachos, chips, popcorn or candy. Got a sweet tooth? No worries, feel free to use all five of your VIP Side-Items Coupons (or as many as you want) whenever you want. Each VIP Side-Item Coupon is good for one side-item.

Free VIP Track Tour
New for 2018, enjoy a personal tour of Dacotah Speedway on our VIP Fan Bus. We will take you through the pits, allow you to meet some of the drivers, check out the cars up close, observe the crews wrenching on the cars and feel the speed of the race cars as you watch the races from the infield.

Free Swag
We love our fans and as a token of our appreciation, we hope you enjoy these free Dacotah Speedway freebies. Perfect for the races.

Highly Affordable!
Who doesn’t love to save money? Well, you just did by purchasing this VIP Ticket Package! All of these amazing perks is a $200 value!

The Perfect Gift
We know you will love your Dacotah Speedway VIP Ticket Package. These VIP Ticket Packages are a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or even a way to say Thank You! Ticket packages are $125.00 and are available online at or at the novelty stand during the races.
For further information email us or find us on our social media channels

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