Thursday November 15, 2018
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Richards Times Three at Eagle Valley Speedway

Jim Falls, Wisconsin — The Eagle Valley Speedway presented the WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modified, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and EVS Hornets on a beautiful Sunday evening. Feature winners included Mike Anderson, Tommy Richards, Tony Bahr, Danny Richards, George Richards, and Jake Halterman.

The WISSOTA Modified heats were won by Mike Anderson and Grant Southworth as the two battled for the win at feature time too. An initial start was not accepted and a second attempt saw Sam Fankhauser grab the early lead. However, sixth starting Anderson soon was in second position. Anderson used the high line to take over the lead and Michael Truscott raced into second position when the first caution flag flew for a spinning Kent Baxter.

The restart saw Anderson setting the pace as seventh starting Grant Southworth raced his way into the runner up position. Southworth was quick through turns three and four and was able to pull up to Anderson’s bumper at the start finish line. As Southworth continued to attack down low, Anderson maintained his line and they moved away from the field. A caution flew for a Jake Hanson spin putting both Truscott and Southworth directly behind the leader. Anderson again set the pace and the remaining seven laps clicked off as he slowly moved out to a three to four car length lead on his way to the checkered flag. Southworth remained in striking distance but settled for a strong second over Truscott, Steve Hallquist, and Jake Miller.

The WISSOTA Super Stock heats were topped by Curt Myers and Terran Spacek as Tommy Richards was on the top of the podium at feature time. It was Troy Fransway early as he looked very fast throughout the feature as Dan Nissalke moved to second. Nissalke used the high line to pass into the lead as Myers and Richards moved into the top four. As the race moved on, Richards used the low line to move into second as Myers gained third.

Nissalke jumped the cushion in turn two and Richards pounced, taking the lead. Richards stretched his advantage significantly as Spacek began to break into the top five. Spacek methodically moved to the runner up position but Richards had amassed nearly a half lap lead. A spinning Jason Quarders reset the field and dissolved Richards’ huge advantage. There was one more caution on the restart but once under green, they raced to the checkered flag. It was Richards covering the field over Spacek as his fine season continues. Myers finished third over Nissalke and Fransway, who battled for position with the top runners all race long beat Lukas Koski home to finish fifth.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds saw Tony Bahr and Jake Smith wins their heats as Bahr stole the feature win late. A caution on the first lap forced a complete restart. On the start, Josh Smith raced from third to the point as seventh starting Tommy Richards moved into second. However, Steve Dehler broke down and drew the caution flag and once again, there was a complete restart. The seas didn’t immediately part this time for Richards as he was left mired in the pack.

Again, the start saw Josh Smith leading over Derrek Haas but Richards was on the move as he took third position. Hass used the high side to move into the lead as Richards drove low into second. Eighth staring Tony Bahr moved into fourth and looked to be a force to be reckoned with. Another caution slowed the pace and on the restart it was still Richards as Bahr moved into third. Josh Smith and Bahr battled side by side for the runner up position in Richards’ shadow as he set the pace.

Nate Erickson was hard into the turn one and two wall drawing the final yellow of the event. The green, white, checkered restart is what Bahr needed as he took the lead at the white flag and drove home to the victory. Richards was forced to settle for second over Josh and then Jake Smith as Calvin Iverson rounded out the top five.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks saw Karl Knopps win the heat as Danny Richards won again in the feature. Richards quickly moved from third to the lead at the drop of the green and led every lap on his way to the checkered flag. Bob Seidler held the early second position over Dan Svee as Richards moved away. Travis Hazelton joined the fray and raced Seidler side by side until the white flag lap when Seidler bobbled and Hazelton secured the position. Svee also took advantage along with Parker Anderson to finish third and fourth as Seidler came home in fifth.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks equals George Richards at EVS with little argument as he remained perfect on 2018. Patrick Smith and Andrew Hanson each won their heat, but Richards moved from eighth to the lead and win in his normal methodical fashion. It was Cole Hill leading the feature early as Dean Pronschinske ran in second. The pace was slowed twice early for cautions but Hill remained in control. Eventually, Richards reached him and took the position. Shortly thereafter Hill’s night came to an end with a mechanical failure.

It was Richards leading, even through one more caution flag and restart as Hanson raced into second position and claimed the runner up at the checkered flag. Dean Pronschinske made a nice charge to third over Lucas Kallenbach and Kent Deutsch rounded out the top five.

The EVS Hornets saw Jake Halterman and Dan Prissel win heats as Jake Halterman won the feature. Halterman lead from the beginning as Dean Butler moved into second. However, the Prissels moved through the pack to join the battle up front. There was fine side by side racing as action was scattered all over the track. Eventually, Chad Prissel overtook Halterman with one lap remaining. Halterman stuck with the leader though and as Chad Prissel got way out of shape in turn three on the final circuit, Halterman snuck back to the point and drove on to the victory. Dan Prissel also took advantage and gained the second position as Chad Prissel recovered for third over Jason Helegson and Butler in fifth.

The Eagle Valley Speedway is off next week and returns to action the following Saturday night, July 21, 2018, for the Advantage RV’s Modified Tour – Attack Shocks 40 and Iverson Trucking 40. It will pay out $1500 to win the WISSOTA Modifieds and $2000 to win WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds with $200 just to start the feature. The main gate opens at 5:00 pm with the pits opening at 4:30 pm. The draw cut off is 6:30 pm with hot laps at the same time. Racing will begin at 7:00 pm. The WISSOTA Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds, Pure Stocks, and EVS Hornets will all take the track.

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