Thursday July 19, 2018
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Florida Sprints Starwars Challenge Series Rescheduled

The Ground Thundering-Pavement Pounding FAST Sprints will match race against the Dirt Slinging “Winged Warriors” The USA Sprints in a series of Heat Races followed by a 30 lap Feature. What will make the racing very intriguing will be that purpose built Pavement Non-Winged 360′s will match race Purpose built Dirt Winged Limited Sprints. The cars have tested together and adjustments have been made to create a competitive “playing field”.

There has been much talk about who will flex thier muscles on both sides of the fence with the FAST Sprints and USA Sprints. Fact is both groups have very accomplished racers who are capable of winning any race in any circumstance. Race fans around the State have cited that a few more drivers who had previous committments will show this time around. One thing is for sure it will be one of the most exciting races that anyone anywhere will see in the State of Florida for Sprintcars.

Qualifying will kick off at 12:00 noon with Racing starting around 2:00pm. Sprintcar Teams and drivers are expected between 9 am and 10 am. Please visit the all new USA Sprints message board @ for all the latest news and updates. Along with the Sprintcars you can also watch the Fastrucks and Fastkids with the Roadwarrior Challenge. Any questions call Donna at the track for more information @ 941-575-7223.

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