Friday June 22, 2018
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USA Sprints Posse Storms Hialeah Speedway

These cars are often seen pulling wheelies and sometimes they may flip wildly end over end at speeds well over 140 mph if the driver’s wheels touch. Sprintcar Racing is one the most exciting forms of oval racing there is and some of the very best racers in the world are sprintcar drivers like NASCAR stars, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kasey Kahne. Indy Car greats like Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Pancho Carter & Johnny Rutherford are bonified Sprintcar Drivers too!

The USA Sprints are a traveling “Winged Dirt Sprintcar Series” that has racers who have Won hundreds of Races and Dozens of Championships.The USA Sprints are a Nationally recognized All-Star Series that has a $40,000 contingency program with National Sponsors and All-Star Drivers who live in States as far away as New York and Colorodo and Arizona.

Sean Namor who is one of the top USA Sprints drivers states “When there is a chance to race locally to showcase our cars and talents that gets everyone pumped”. Family, friends,co-workers and neighors will be in attendance says Bob Parrow. ” People are always asking me when are we going to race locally “. According to Bob Parrow now is thier time!

These Sprintcars are some of the most powerful types of oval track cars that will ever race in the Miami area. They weigh about 1400 lbs and have over 500 horse-power with no transmissions or batteries and no starters. They burn methanol fuel and need to get push started.These cars have 25 sqaure feet wings on top and 12 square foot front nose wings.The top wings develope well over 700 lbs of downforce @ 100 mph.

Its easy to see how the level of excitement has been raised from the addition to the local racing schedule and what it means to these local racers to race near home. Be sure to come out and visit the Famed Hialeah Speedway Saturday night March 5th at 7pm and witness the first ever race for “Winged Dirt Sprintcars” on pavement in the Miami area.

All the USA Stars will be there including 2004 Champ Andy Hammer Down” Kelly and 2003 Champ Shane Kriedler. David “Skeeter” Kelly who was 2003 Thundercross Champ along with USA newcomers Larry “The Magician” Gentsch and “Hot-Rod” Rod Sanders in the Pro-One racing J & J Chassis mount.Call Andrew for more information at the Track (305) 821-6644 or visit USA Sprints website @

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