Tuesday July 17, 2018
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Posts Tagged ‘Dennis Prunty’

Dennis Prunty edges Steve Apel in Miller Lite 75

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Slinger, Wis., April 24— As the laps wound down, Dennis Prunty outdueled Steve Apel in heavy traffic to capture the victory in the season opening Miller Lite 75 Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.
“We just got into lapped traffic and I was following Steve (Apel), “ Prunty stated from victory lane, describing the winning pass with three laps to go, “He was slipping and sliding and I was slipping and sliding and when he went down there, I just stuck it on the outside and it worked for me.”
Alex Prunty and Gary LaMonte led the field to the green flag and they swapped the lead in the opening laps before LaMonte eventually prevailed to take the top spot from the outside lane. Brad Mueller also used the outer groove to challenge Prunty for second place, taking the position after a few laps of side by side racing and Steve Apel followed suite with a similar outside move to grab the third spot. Conrad Morgan’s car slowed to the inside on lap ten to draw the first caution flag with LaMonte leading over Mueller, Apel, and Prunty. Despite losing several positions, Morgan was able to continue in the event as the field began to form for the restart.
LaMonte maintained the lead on the restart as Mueller challenged for the top spot on the outside as racing resumed while Jeff Holtz and Dennis Prunty joined the lead group alongside Apel and Alex Prunty. Mueller was able to work the outside long enough to take the lead on lap 17 while LaMonte and Holtz remained glued on his bumper with Apel and Dennis Prunty side by side behind them. Mueller was unable to protect both the high and low side and after a nudge from Holtz in turn three, he skated up the track allowing the inside running LaMonte, Holtz and Apel to charge by and into the first three spots. By the time Mueller gathered up his car, Prunty also slipped by as the race remained under green. With LaMonte out front, Apel went to work on Holtz for second, first making a charge on the inside before moving to the outside lane to finally complete the pass. Dennis Prunty and Mueller also took to the outside to work their way around Holtz and into third and fourth respectively as Apel tried to track down LaMonte for the lead. Apel, Prunty, and Mueller were able to close on LaMonte as the leaders began to work lapped traffic as the heavy traffic took its toll further in the field as Conrad Morgan and Jamie Wallace exited the event after suffering damage as the result of contact with a lapped machine. While still in traffic, Apel used the outside groove to pin LaMonte behind a lapped car, allowing the defending track champion to take the lead and bring Prunty and Mueller along with him as LaMonte fell to fourth. Still amidst lapped cars, Prunty looked to the inside of Apel for the lead but could only pull alongside before being blocked by traffic with less than ten laps to go. With three laps to go, Prunty moved to the outside and was able to get a run alongside Apel off turn two in effect, pinning him behind the lapped machines and allowing Prunty to take the lead. Apel could only charge to Prunty’s rear bumper in the closing laps as Prunty scored the win while Apel had to settle for second. Brad Mueller finished a close third while Gary LaMonte and Jeff Holtz rounded out the top five finishers.
Rob Braun edged James Swan to win the 30-lap super late model semi-feature as they along with third place Mitch McGrath and fourth place Brad Keith transferred to the main event. Grant Griesbach finished fifth. Super late model heat race victories were recorded by Jerry Eckhardt, Jerry Mueller, Casey Johnson, and Alex Prunty while Jeff Holtz was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.239 seconds.
Jordan DeVoy won the 40-lap late model feature over Kyle Chwala and Mike Held. Earlier leader Brian Holtz finished fourth while Mike Meyerhofer was fifth.
Holtz charged to the early lead over Tyler James, Ryan Gutknecht, Meyerhofer, and DeVoy while Chwala and Held raced close behind. The inside groove worked best early on and James, Meyerhofer, and Held advanced ahead while Gutknecht and DeVoy worked the outside with Holtz still leading. As Held passed Gutknecht on the front straightaway, his right rear made slight contact with Gutknecht’s left front which edged Gutknecht into the wall to draw the first caution on lap five. Held restarted from the rear of the field while Gutknecht retired from the race as Holtz led James, Meyerhofer, Chwala, and DeVoy. Holtz maintained his lead as racing resumed while James and DeVoy were able to move forward on the inside ahead of Meyerhofer and Chwala. Tyler Schley also worked the inside to get in front of Meyerhofer and Chwala while Mike Held worked his way forward from the rear of the field. A spin in turn four by Tyler Hromadka produced a caution flag on lap 14 with Holtz leading over DeVoy, James, Held, and Schley. On the restart, DeVoy was able to power ahead of Holtz from the outside lane to take the lead while James and Schley raced for third as Held battled with Chwala and Al Stippich just behind them. As the field raced off turn four Schley’s car swung wide in the outside lane and as he corrected it, side contact with James caused James’ car to spin across the track to produce another caution flag. As racing resumed, DeVoy continued to lead over Holtz while Stippich battled with Chwala and Held for third. Holtz became caught on the outside and he faded back as Stippich, Chwala and Held battled for second behind the leader DeVoy. With just four laps to go smoke began to billow from Stippich’s car and the caution waved as fluid was on the track. DeVoy was up to the task during the final laps and he drove to the victory over Chwala and Held while Holtz and Meyerhofer rounded out the top five.
Jordan DeVoy and Justin Poenitsch each won a late model heat race and Mike Held set a new track record in qualifying with a lap of 12.053 seconds.
Andy Welter won the 30-lap Area Sporstman feature over Paul Wagner and Jake Schraufnagel while Jay Kalbus and Adam Bleskan rounded out the top five. Scott Reidner won the Area Sportsman heat race and Jake Schraufnagel was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.953 seconds.
Tom Berens won the 25-lap Slinger Bee feature over Steve Zoromski and Nick Schmidt. Kyle Sikora won the Slinger Bee semi-feature over Jayden Buckley and Jason Hennes. Slinger Bee heat races were won by Kyle Sikora and David Schmidt while Brandon Tackes set fast time with a lap of 14.933 seconds. Scott Goetzke was the winner of the Figure 8 race.

Rain Brings An Early End To Slinger Speedway Action

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Slinger, Wis., June 1—Sudden rain showers brought an early and abrupt end to Round One of the Pepsi Challenge at the Slinger Super Speedway Sunday night just after a majority of the heat races were completed. Not enough of the event was complete so all competitors will be awarded 25 show up points. Rides for kids in race cars will be rescheduled.

Dennis Prunty captured the victory in the super late model fast heat race, besting Mike Egan at the stripe while Tim Lampmann took the checkered flag in third. Austin Luedtke and Lowell Bennett rounded out the top five finsihers. Conrad Morgan held off Brad Mueller to take top honors in the second super late model heat race while John DeAngelis, Rob Braun, and Travis Dassow were third through fifth respectively. Casey Johnson drove Chris Ratajczyk’s car to the win in the final super late model heat event ahead of Braison Bennett and Fred Winn. Chris Blawat and Curt Tillman completed the top five. Steve Apel was the super late model fastest qualifier after touring the track in 11.339 seconds.

Jack Stern was the winner of the opening Midwest Sportsman heat race, finishing ahead of Dennis Eichhorst and Cody Erdmann. Scott Shambeau finished fourth and Nick Egan was fifth. Brad Keith claimed the top prize in the second Midwest Sportsman heat event over Brian Holtz and Jay Shambeau. Ryan Gutknecht and Kenny Joosten followed in fourth and fifth. Eric Lingford set fast time for the Midwest Sportsman division with a lap of 12.898 seconds.
Alex Prunty was the fastest late model qualifier after circling the speedway in 12.605 seconds.

Jared Deming celebrated his 15th birthday with his first career win as he scored the victory in the opening Slinger Bee heat race over Nicole Mueller and Jayden Buckley. Steve Zoromski and Thomas Dieringer finished fourth and fifth respectively. The second Slinger Bees heat race was won by Brandon Berens over Kevin Bush and Matt Urban. Triston Dorzok and Isaac Daniel finished in fourth and fifth. The rains began to fall during the final Slinger Bee heat race and the deteriorating track conditions forced officials to cancel the remaining races. Jacob Schraufnagel blistered the speedway in 14.882 seconds to become the fastest Slinger Bees qualifier.

Story by Dan Margetta

Dennis Prunty best Austin Luedtke in Slinger Labor Day Celebration

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Slinger, Wis., Sept. 1—Proving he is never to be counted out, Dennis Prunty won the 100-lap super late model feature with a thrilling and controversial last lap pass on Austin Luedtke while Steve Apel claimed the 2013 super late model track championship Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Luedtke, who earlier wrestled the lead away from Prunty by running the outside lane, led at the white flag with a firm grip on the inside groove as Prunty set just outside his right quarter panel in the high lane while Apel also remained a factor racing close behind in third. Luedtke cleared Prunty exiting turn two but as the leaders entered turn three, Prunty dove hard into the corner, deep enough to get alongside Luedtke and when the cars touched wheels, Luedtke shot high on the speedway as Prunty drove off turn four for the victory. The impact cost Luedtke as Apel also drove under him to finish second and claim the 2013 Slinger Speedway super late model track championship while Luedtke was forced to settle for third.

“You open the door, I’m coming in,” Prunty told the extremely vocal crowd from victory lane as a mixed crescendo of cheers and cat calls rained down on the speedway. “I saw he stayed high and thought, I’ll drive her in hard,” Prunty continued, “We may have bounced tires but it was all good. I called Chuck Norris this morning and he said ‘do not take second and we’ll deal with the consequences.’”

“I don’t have anything to say but we had that one in the bag,” a disappointed Luedtke stated after sprinting to victory lane to confront Prunty about the finish. “I thought me and Dennis (Prunty) were over our differences and we were going to have a good cordial relationship when we were racing side by side,” Luedtke continued after being denied his first career Slinger super late model feature win, “He gave it back to us on the last lap and let’s just say the feud has started again and we’ll see who comes out on top next time. That finish is something I’ll remember.”

“We did what we had to do to win the championship,” Apel told the enthusiastic crowd from the front stretch after battling hard and leading laps prior to settling into a strong second place finish. “It got pretty rough out there for a while and we’re here to put on a show for the crowd, “Apel continued, “If that wasn’t a show then I don’t know what is.”

Mike Egan drove a strong race in his #44 Tundra Super Late Model Series ride as he advanced through the field to finish fourth while Brad Mueller also raced with the lead pack throughout the event before crossing the finish line in fifth. Conrad Morgan rebounded from an earlier spin down the front straightaway while racing with Luedtke to finish a respectable sixth while Tim Lampman completed one of his best runs of the season in seventh. Lowell Bennett, Jeff Holtz, and Chris Blawat rounded out the top ten finishers.

Davey Pennel was the winner of the 30-lap super late model semi-feature over Jeff Way and Corey Funk and they along with fourth place finisher Nick Wagner transferred to the main event. Jeff Way, Rich Loch, and Dennis Prunty all claimed super late model heat race wins while Steve Apel was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap at 11.465 seconds.

Jeff Holtz claimed top honors in the 40-lap late model feature, leading flag to flag and turning back numerous challenges en route to victory.

Holtz quickly raced to the lead at the start as Adam Peschek slotted into second ahead of Ryan Farrell, Jack Stern, and Braison Bennett. Behind them, Ryan DeStefano, Mike Lichtfeld, and Alex Prunty all battled for position as Holtz began to extend his lead. The inside groove was the place to be and Stern began to fade back on the high side as Peschek closed to Holtz’s rear bumper as the leaders approached lapped traffic. Bobby Parker’s machine stalled entering turn three to draw the caution flag on lap 23 with Holtz leading over Peschek, Farrell, and Bennett. As the field accelerated for the restart, Peschek tried to get a strong run from the outer groove and in the process, lost control of his car off turn four, spinning in front of the field as they charged into turn one. The resulting melee damaged the cars of Farrell and Bennett as they along with Peschek retired from the event, leaving Holtz to lead over Lichtfeld, DeStefano, and Prunty. As racing resumed, Holtz remained out front as Lichtfeld and DeStefano settled into second and third despite driving cars that sustained damage in the previous incident. With Holtz continuing to lead, Lichtfeld and DeStefano took to the bottom lane as behind them Prunty and John DeAngelis worked the top lane and began to advance forward. A spin by Brittiny Helmers off turn four produced another caution flag with ten laps to go as Holtz led Lichtfeld, Prunty, and DeStefano. As Holtz chose the inside lane for the restart, Prunty took advantage of the restart cone and chose the outside lane as the others remained in the low groove. Prunty made a bid for the lead on the outside as racing resumed then settled into second behind Holtz as Lichtfeld tried to hold off DeStefano and DeAngelis. Holtz would not be denied over the final laps and he drove to the victory with Prunty following in second. Lichtfeld finished third just ahead of DeStefano and DeAngelis in fourth and fifth respectively.

Justin Poenitsch and Jeff Holtz each scored late model heat race wins and Braison Bennett was the fastest qualifier at 12.489 seconds.

Brad Hetzel led flag to flag to win the 30-lap Area Sportsman feature, taking the checkered flag ahead of Mark Fogel and Jason Thoma who charged from the last starting spot to finish third. Kyle Chwala and Kody Hubred were fourth and fifth respectively. Following the event, Fogel’s car failed post-race technical inspection and he was disqualified.

Jason Thoma won the first Area Sportsman heat race over Bill Prietzel and Mark Fogel won the second heat race ahead of Brad Hetzel. Due to earlier rains that delayed the start of the racing program, no Area Sportsman qualifying was completed.

Grant Griesbach scored his first feature victory of the season in the 25-lap Slinger Bees main event as the 11 year old held off defending track champion Nick Schmidt for the victory. Brandon Tackes finished a strong third while Jacob Schraufnagel and Dale Kiley-Schaefer rounded out the top five.

The 15-lap Slinger Bees semi-feature was won by Dave Schmidt over Evan Beattie and Ryan Savage. Carl Benn and Carol Ostovich were fourth and fifth respectively. Slinger Bees heat race wins were recorded by Dave Schmidt, Heather Stark, and Jacob Schraufnagel. Once again due to earlier rain showers, no Slinger Bees qualifying was conducted.
Willy Van Camp closed out the evening with a win in the Figure 8 race over Scott Goetzke and Shane Becker.

Prunty Scores First Win of the Season in Pomp’s Tire 60

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Slinger, Wis., Aug. 18—Defending super late model track champion, Dennis Prunty captured his first feature victory of the season by winning the Pomp’s Tire 60 over Conrad Morgan Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“It feels good and it’s been a long time, “Prunty told the crowd from victory lane, “We’ve been fast all year but just had bad luck everywhere we went.”

“Everybody said Conrad (Morgan) was really flying, “Prunty continued as he described the battle with Morgan, who worked his way through the field into second to have a final shot at the win when a late caution appeared with 13 laps to go, “But they didn’t know I was taking it easy and saving my tires so I had something for him there at the end.”

“I don’t blame Dennis (Prunty) for saving his tires,” Morgan quickly quipped immediately following the winner’s interview, “Because when you start up front you can.” Prunty began the event from the fourth position, three spots ahead of Morgan.

“I tried everything I could do,” Morgan continued, “But this wasn’t the first time he was leading a race when the caution came out late and he did great.”

Eric Fransen and Michael Bilderback led the field to the green flag and while they raced side by side, Fransen was able to edge ahead at the stripe to lead as the caution waved following a spin by Tom Hromadka in turn one. Fransen picked up right where he left off prior to the caution and led the restart as the inside lane proved to be advantageous early with Dale Prunty sliding into second and Dennis Prunty tucked right behind him racing with the outside running Bilderback for third. Dale Prunty was able to peek the nose of his car toward Fransen’s inside exiting turn four and when Fransen attempted to close the door in turn one, his maneuver was met with a nudge in his left rear corner which was enough to allow Dale Prunty to take the lead. Dennis Prunty followed suit the next lap and also worked the inside line to grab second, leaving Fransen to race with Bilderback over third. The Prunty brothers began to drive away out front with Dennis pressuring Dale for the lead and when Dale’s car washed wide in turn four on lap nine, Dennis found the opening he needed to make the inside pass for the top spot. Once out front Dennis began to open up a sizeable advantage over Dale while behind them Steve Apel used the low groove to pass by both Fransen and Bilderback to move into third as Travis Dassow and Conrad Morgan also advanced forward to enter the top five a few laps later. Apel ran down Dale Prunty and latched onto his bumper in a race for second but as the race progressed into the second half, the driver on the move was Morgan, who first passed Dassow to secure fourth and then tracked down Dale Prunty and Apel to set up a three car battle for the second slot. With Dennis Prunty comfortably out front, Apel tried the outside lane in a bid to overtake Dale Prunty for second but the move backfired when Morgan instantly filled the inside lane opening and snagged third place, dispatching Apel to fourth. This time it was Morgan’s turn to try the outside to get around Dale Prunty, but unlike Apel’s bid earlier, Morgan’s car handled well in the top groove and he completed the pass to move into the runner-up spot. Once he was alone in second, Morgan noticeably cut into Dennis Prunty’s lead but appeared to be too far back to mount a serious challenge. That changed drastically on lap 47 when an apparent suspension failure on Michael Bilderback’s car sent him sailing hard into the turn one wall to produce the caution flag and erase Dennis Prunty’s advantage over Morgan. Prunty chose the inside lane for the restart while Morgan lined up alongside in the high groove and after an aborted start, the two raced side by side into turn one. Morgan held tough on the outside and he remained even with Prunty for a lap and a half before Prunty was able to push ahead exiting turn two. Morgan instantly ducked into the inside lane ahead of Apel to secure second while Dale Prunty and Dassow raced for third just ahead of Rob Braun and Lowell Bennett. Dennis Prunty would not be denied over the final laps and he drove to his first super late model feature win of the season while Morgan settled for a strong second. Apel crossed the stripe in third while Travis Dassow finished fourth. Rob Braun gained positions in the closing laps and he rounded out the top five in fifth.

Mike Egan won the super late model semi-feature over Mike Borchardt and Braison Bennett. Corey Funk and Nick Wagner finished fourth and fifth respectively. Super late model heat race wins were recorded by Jake Vanoskey, Fred Winn, and Dennis Prunty. Steve Apel was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap at 11.574 seconds.

Alex Prunty ended a two month victory drought by holding off Mike Lichtfeld to win the 40-lap late model feature.

Jack Stern used the outside lane to lead the early laps before Lichtfeld took over the top spot with an aggressive pass in turn one. After Lichtfeld took the lead, Stern tried to make the high line work but despite being persistent, he gradually faded to fifth as Ryan DeStefano, Dan Church, and Alex Prunty all raced by on the inside. While the top two remained steady, Prunty used the high lane to grab third from Church while Adam Peschek entered the top five in fifth. A hard lick into the turn three wall by Tim Lange drew the first caution flag on lap 29 and as the field lined up for the restart, Prunty took advantage of the cone as he chose to test the outside and lined up next to Lichtfeld who continued to lead. As racing resumed, Lichtfeld and Prunty fiercely battled for the lead, trading paint on some laps before the caution flag waved again on lap 31 when John DeAngelis hit the turn three wall following some hard racing with Jerry Mueller. Just after the caution was shown, Bennett looped his car in turn four and the ensuing traffic jam damaged the cars of Tyler Schley, Jack Stern, and Justin Poenitsch. Lichtfeld and Prunty renewed their battle for the lead on the restart with Lichtfeld in the low lane and Prunty working the top. Lichtfeld’s car kicked loose slightly entering turn one which in turn twitched Prunty’s car loose as well as both drivers maintained control but behind them, Dan Church’s car washed loose after he attempted to allow Lichtfeld and Prunty to save their cars. As Church tried to straighten his car, contact was made with Braison Bennett and Bennett’s car momentarily ramped over Church’s machine as he tried to pass by on the inside. The result was Bennett’s car sliding through the infield and the caution flag waved as cars scattered behind him. Officials deemed the situation was set up by incidental contact between the lead cars and all drivers maintained their positions for the restart. This time Prunty, as the leader, chose the inside line and left Lichtfeld to take the outside groove. The decision paid off as Prunty was able to charge into the lead and hold off Lichtfeld over the final four laps and secure the victory. Lichtfeld finished in second while Ryan DeStefano took the checkered flag in third. Braison Bennett and Adam Peschek rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth respectively.

Ryan Farrell and Mike Lichtfeld were the winner of the late model heat races while Alex Prunty set fast time with a lap of 12.632 seconds.

Kody Hubred drove to his fifth feature victory of the season in the 30-lap Area Sportsman main event.

Ken Schraufnagel paced the early laps over Nick Egan while Mark Fogel, Kody Hubred, and Kyle Chwala sliced their way through the field. Fogel took to the high lane to drive around both Egan and Schraufnagel to take the lead and Hubred and Chwala each made similar moves a few laps later to take over second and third respectively. Hubred dogged Fogel for the lead for several laps first trying the high side to get by and then eventually taking command of the race with an inside pass on Fogel a few laps later. Chwala also used the inside lane to advance into second a few laps later while Bill Prietzel joined the lead battle in fourth. Once out front, Hubred could not be caught and he drove to the victory over Chwala who was forced to settle for second at the checkered flag. Prietzel was able to pass Fogel for third at the finish, leaving Fogel with a fourth place result. Brad Hetzel finished fifth.

Area Sportsman heat race wins were captured by Ken Schraufnagel and Kody Hubred while Kyle Chwala was the fastest qualifier after circling the speedway in 13.279 seconds.

Brandon Tackes passed Nick Schmidt following a late caution flag to win the Slinger Bee feature. Schmidt, who led many laps of the feature, finished in second while Marty Tackes took the checkered flag in third. Heather Stark and Matthew Rose completed the top five finishers in fourth and fifth respectively.

Al Roberts was the winner of the Spectator Eliminator races and Ryan Lovald drove to the win in the Figure 8 event.

By Dan Margetta

Blawat Scores First Feature Win, Prunty Wins Championship

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Slinger, Wis., Sept. 9— Chris Blawat captured his first super late model feature victory Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway in the 80-lap season championship main event while Dennis Prunty edged Steve Apel to win the track championship by a mere ten points.

“This is our first full year in the super late models and we finally got a win, it’s awesome,” Blawat stated from victory lane after passing Dennis Prunty to lead the final 23 laps, “I tried to run as clean as possible and I had a really good run on the outside on that last restart,” “It’s really special to win it like that, passing a potential track champion for the win makes it real special.”

Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel entered the double-point day tied atop the super late model point standings and Apel gained a 20 point advantage early on by setting fast time with a lap of 11.411 seconds while Prunty failed to gain any points after qualifying eleventh. Prunty cut the deficit in half by leading 57 laps of the 80-lap feature to capture the ten point bonus for pacing the most laps before eventually finishing second while Apel charged through the field from his eleventh starting position to finish third, one position behind Prunty. A 20 point difference between the second and third positions in the feature left Prunty with his first Slinger super late model track championship by ten points over Apel.

John Reynolds and Dennis Prunty led the super late model feature field to the green flag and Prunty edged ahead to grab the lead from the outside lane while Reynolds battled with James Swan for second just ahead of Blawat, Jeff Holtz, and David Prunty. Swan overtook Reynolds for second with an outside pass and Blawat repeated the move a lap later as Reynolds began to struggle on the inside. After Holtz also went around Reynolds on the high side, Reynolds dropped to the apron with mechanical issues on lap nine as the sudden slow-down caused a minor scramble behind him that sent Mike Graczkowski’s car around in turn one to draw the caution flag. Prunty chose the inside lane for the restart and as racing resumed, Swan issued a strong challenge on Prunty for the lead from the outside. Swan kept even with Prunty for three laps with each time Prunty being able to just edge ahead slightly off turn four to barely maintain the lead at the stripe. Swan eventually began to slip in the high lane allowing Prunty to claim the lead all to his own while Blawat and Holtz took advantage of the opportunity to fill the gap on the inside to move into second and third respectively. David Prunty was the next in line to take a shot at Swan from the inside, taking the position a lap later as Swan quickly dropped to the inside lane directly ahead of Lowell Bennett. A quick tap to the rear bumper however, sent Swan right back into the outside lane and he lost another position before things settled down as he made his way back to the inside lane. With Prunty leading, championship contender Steve Apel was mired in traffic as he appeared to use patience early to methodically work his way forward one position at a time and found himself up to seventh after working his way by Dale Prunty, Mike Egan, and Brad Mueller. Apel had a minor scare on lap 35 when Dan Jung’s car kicked loose directly in front of him off turn four and skidded towards the apron as Apel and Egan drove by. Jung regained control of his car and entered turn one on the very low side in a brief three-wide situation with David Prunty and Lowell Bennett which sorted itself out as they headed down the backstretch. However as they raced down the front straightaway the following lap, Jung’s car spun into turn one after some contact with David Prunty and the caution flag waved with Dennis Prunty leading over Blawat, Holtz, Swan, and Rob Braun. Blawat once again challenged Prunty for the lead from the outside as the green flag waved but despite his efforts, Prunty maintained the lead at the stripe while Swan went to work on Holtz for third, aggressively trying to take the spot a few laps later while Braun, Mike Strupp, and Apel looked on. The battle with Holtz damaged the fender on Swan’s car which allowed Braun, Strupp, and Apel to pass him on consecutive laps as the handling on Swan’s car began to fade. With Prunty continuing to lead over Blawat, Apel began to make his move toward the front, driving up to third place by lap 57 when Eric Fransen’s car conspicuously came to a stop in turn four to produce a caution flag. This time, Blawat was able to get a strong run from the outside on the restart and he took the lead from Prunty as the championship contenders battled for the second position. Blawat pulled away over the final laps as Prunty, Apel, and Braun raced intensely for second with Prunty eventually keeping the spot with Apel close behind him. Blawat drove to his first career super late model feature win as Prunty finished second, one spot ahead of Apel which was enough to claim the track championship. Rob Braun and Jeff Holtz were fourth and fifth respectively while Mike Egan finished sixth. Brad Mueller, James Swan, and Mike Strupp rounded out the top ten finishers.

Dan Jung won the 30-lap super late model semi-feature over Mike Borchardt and Mike Held. Jerry Eckhardt and Jeremy Schultz were fourth and fifth. Lowell Bennett was the winner of the super late model fast dash while Steve Apel was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.411 seconds.

Ryan DeStefano took top honors in the 35-lap late model feature while Alex Prunty captured his first late model track championship.

Adam Peschek paced the opening laps over Justin Poenitsch and John DeAngelis while Alex Prunty and Ryan DeStefano raced close behind. A traffic jam throughout the field on lap three created a multi-car incident in turn four in which fast qualifier Dan Church sustained the most damage after striking the retaining wall head on. Peschek continued to lead over Poenitsch and Prunty on the restart with DeAngelis and DeStefano right behind them in fourth and fifth. DeStefano used an inside pass to take fourth from DeAngelis and then he and Prunty began to work their way forward, pressuring Poenitsch for second as Peschek continued to lead. Prunty and DeStefano both worked their way around Poenitsch on the inside and began to track Peschek for the lead, catching him by lap 25. Prunty again used the inside to pass Peschek for the lead and DeStefano followed before Peschek broke loose off turn two and spun to the infield on lap 30 to produce the caution flag. During the caution period, smoke began to slowly emit from Prunty’s car however, no fluid was leaking from it and he remained on the speedway for the final restart. As the green flag waved, DeStefano was on his marks and he charged into the lead as Prunty settled into second with the laps winding down. DeStefano raced to the win while Prunty’s second place finish earned him the track championship. Jerry Mueller finished third while Justin Poenitsch and Pat McIntee rounded out the top five as John DeAngelis and Al Stippich crashed hard in turn four while racing to the checkered flag for position.

John DeAngelis won the late model fast dash and Dan Church was the fastest qualifier after circling the speedway in 12.357 seconds.

James Swan and Ryan Farrell have battled for supremacy in the Midwest Sportsman division all season long so it was only fitting that the two would race for the win and the track championship in the final feature of the season with Swan edging Farrell for the win and the track championship.

Brad Keith drove the car normally piloted by Dustin Krebs and he led the opening laps over Kenny Joosten and Brian Holtz while Swan and Farrell began to slice their way forward. Swan’s car was extremely fast on the outside line and he used it to charge into the lead by lap three. Farrell also had is car working on both high side and the low side and he weaved his way to the front, passing Holtz, Joosten, and Keith in successive laps to claim the second spot with Swan as the leader. Carl Benn spun in turn one on lap 16 and was collected briefly by the car of Jimmie Wilson as the caution flag waved with Swan leading over Farrell and Joosten. Farrell challenged Swan for the lead as racing resumed but with each passing lap, Swan turned back the challenges and continued to lead. Debris on the speedway produced the final caution flag on lap 27, setting up a three lap charge to the finish between Swan and Farrell for the victory. Farrell made a valiant effort to unseat Swan for the lead as the green flag appeared but Swan proved to be too strong and drove to the win and along with it, the track championship in the Midwest Sportsman division. Kenny Joosten finished third followed by Brian Holtz and Brad Keith in fourth and fifth respectively.

Jack Stern was the winner of the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Ryan Farrell was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.804 seconds.

Ken Schraufnagel edged Brad Hetzel in a close finish to win the 20-lap Thunderstock feature after a lap 17 caution flag for multiple spins around the speedway set up a three lap dash to the checkered flag. While Hetzel had to settle for the close finish in the feature, the result helped him capture the track championship for the division. Tyler Schley recovered from an earlier spin to finish third while Joe Mueller and John Daley completed the top five. Tyler Schley was the winner of the Thunderstock fast dash and John Daley was the division’s fastest qualifier after lapping the speedway in 13.561 seconds.

Steve Dickson won the 20-lap Slinger Bee feature over Brandon Tackes and Jacob Schraufnagel. Ryan Savage and Dave Lembke took the checkered flag in fourth and fifth place respectively. Steve Dickson also was the winner of the Slinger Bee fast dash while heat race wins were recorded by Jacob Schraufnagel and Russ Davison. Brandon Tackes was the fastest qualifier with an impressive lap of 14.946 seconds while Nick Schmidt captured the track championship in the division.

Joe Mueller scored the victory in the Figure 8 race to close the afternoon and the 2012 season while Willie Van Camp claimed the track championship in the Figure 8 division.

By Dan Margetta