Tuesday November 20, 2018
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Posts in 'Wissota 100' Track

Matthees and Eischens headline WISSOTA 100 opening night winners

September 18th, 2017

Wednesday kicked off the running of the 32nd Annual WISSOTA 100 at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, South Dakota. Heat races and qualifying features were contested in in the Street Stock, Midwest Mod, Super Stock, Modified and Late Model divisions.

The 15 lap features locked the top eight finishers into Saturday’s main event for each respective division. Wednesday competitors were running for starting spots on the inside row of the main event.

The Late Models provided arguably the race of the night. Scott Ward blasted by Chad Becker on a restart then turned underneath him exiting turn two a lap later. Ward drove away and looked poised for victory. However, coming to the white flag, Lance Matthees, shot below Ward and took the checkers in a thriller.
The final race of the night was the Modified feature. It was all Don Eischens as he kept his competitors at bay.

Other feature winners include; Dave Mass – Super Stock, Shane Halopka – Midwest Mod and Mike Jans – Street Stock.

Racing resumes Thursday evening for night two of the WISSOTA 100. It will be an identical format to Wednesday with remaining competitors vying for the outside row starting positions.
All qualifying nights are also WISSOTA national Point nights. The show begins at 5 PM, we will have it all LIVE on PPV.

WISSOTA Promoters Association and MYRACEPASS begin new relationship in 2017 MYRACEPASS begins new era for scoring for WISSOTA Promoters Association

May 16th, 2017

WISSOTA tracks now utilizing MyRacePass
DASSEL, MN – MyRacePass (MRP), a nearly 10-year old Lincoln, NE based technology and marketing company with a flagship product of the same name, has replaced the Speednet program that all WISSOTA tracks used the past few years. MyRacePass purchased Speednet Direct and its software in the fall of 2015.

Josh Holt, one of the three co-founders of MyRacePass, offered a little history. “In 2013 we began seeing tracks who were using Speednet transition to MyRacePass. Then, in the fall of 2015 we learned that Speednet was for sale and we realized that in order to learn more about the program and the scorers that use the program, we needed to purchase the company. We wanted to learn from all the users of Speednet to see what we could do to make the program or our MRP Race Management System more efficient,” he said.

WISSOTA put together a team to sit with the MyRacePass team for four days in February to train on the newly developed software and set things up. “There have been many hours put into it and we are still making notes for more things to be added to some parts of the program,” said Holt.

Speednet was designed in the late 90s and technology has changed a great deal since then. At the time it purchased Speednet, MyRacePass already had a software program that worked for tracks, drivers, and fans. The major challenge was incorporating and updating features of the Speednet system on the administrative side of WISSOTA, including the Championship Points, Suspension Management and Track Management features.

The MyRacePass developers have been able to fix issues which cropped up with the old software and have made it easier to get this information to WISSOTA more quickly and efficiently. “Things have been amazing using the new MyRacePass system thus far,” explained Callie Sullivan of the WISSOTA office. “They generally turn around my requests in no time. I understand there is a learning curve, but after having been around when we first introduced Speednet to everyone, in comparison we’ve had a much better success rate and quicker learning curve with MyRacePass,”?she added. “The MyRacePass team is dedicated to making your lives easier as promoters and scorers.”

“The MRP Race Management System is a lot like Speednet but made for the 20th century,” said Nikki Elton, a scorer for Ogilvie Raceway and WISSOTA board member.

The biggest difference is that MyRacePass is a web-based program whereas Speednet was install-based. With a web-based program, scorers and promoters are able to login to their system from multiple devices, wherever they may be located, with whatever computer or tablet they have at the moment. If there are problems, support can login directly to a track’s MRP Race Management System and help. Also, updates happen automatically; if there are issues with the software, they get fixed once and every user benefits immediately. Track employees do not need not to worry about downloading updates or backing up their database.

“There is obviously a learning process for us all. So far, after a few tracks have now run their first, second and third nights of racing, we have had good feedback and have heard mainly that track staffs are satisfied with the new MRP system,” said Elton.

Holt said, “A few people have gotten frustrated trying to adapt. If you are having any problems, reach out to us with any suggestions for improvements. The development and support staff at MyRacePass is second to none, so we need as much input as we can get to help make this better and better each and every week.”

Elton noted, “I considered myself a diehard Speednet user and was certainly not happy to change, but I took the time to learn the system, sat in the webinars earlier this spring, utilized the main points of the program and prepared myself for the first race. Our opening night was a huge success and I’ve never been able to get through the back-gate check-in process that quickly before. I’ve now had four successful weekends using MyRacePass.”

WISSOTA Driver Features:

There has been some misunderstanding of what MyRacePass does and can do for drivers. Your driver profile is shared throughout the network of MyRacePass. Drivers need to think of their MRP Profiles as if it’s a Facebook profile. Track announcers use your biography information while announcing the races, and you can use your profile to keep tabs on your own race results, sponsor information, bio information, race schedule, photos, and news articles. It does not cost a driver anything to do this – just a few minutes of time.

Drivers have the option to upgrade their account and get a website or take advantage of other options that MRP has to offer. Drivers may, but are not required to, claim their MRP?profile for free. It is a no-cost option for drivers and another way to promote race teams. If you purchased your WISSOTA license online you have already created a username and password, your username is the email address you used for the MyRacePass account. You can enter this information into the claim profile screen. It will tell you to check your email to verify your account. Follow the steps in the email and you will quickly be set up.

All drivers will receive a MRP hard card in their WISSOTA packet and that hard card has a bar code on the back. This MRP hard card is your WISSOTA license. If you are licensed in two or more classes, you still only need the one MRP hard card. Bring this card with you to the track; if the track uses MyRacePass for their race management, your card will work to get you in. If you purchased your license on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, be sure to bring your paid receipt to the next track you attend, and every track thereafter, until you have received your driver packet from the WISSOTA office which will include your MRP hard card. This is your personal racing ID card and you should keep it to use from year to year.

Promoters & Scorers:

“We had many training sessions on this program and you should have made sure that your scorers have watched these and also played with the program in the MyRacePass sandbox,”?said Elton. The MRP Sandbox is a tool in which you can use the system and what you do is not ‘live’.

Be sure the scorers watch the training videos and utilize the MRP Sandbox so they fully understand how to get through each night.

WISSOTA has put together a MRP committee to help with suggestions to forward to MyRacePass and its developers. Email any of the following with suggestions for improvements:

For assistance, promoters and scorers can visit the help desk at www.MRPHelp.com and click on “Help” to learn more about various topics. You can also search for MyRacePass on YouTube and click on the #TeamMRP Channel to view tutorial videos.

Jobbers Performance Warehouse sponsors WISSOTA

March 18th, 2017

The WISSOTA Promoters Association is very pleased to announce that Jobbers Warehouse Supply, Inc. (JPW) of Minneapolis, MN has joined its group of marketing partners as the “Official Engine Parts Supplier” of WISSOTA. “JPW is an intricate part of the chain that all works together in supporting and bringing the sport of stock car racing to our area tracks every week throughout the season,” said Terry Voeltz of WISSOTA. “JPW is the main engine parts supplier to most if not all of our region’s top engine builders for WISSOTA drivers,” continued Voeltz. “One of their specialties is components for the WISSOTA Modified, Midwest Mod and Street Stock Concept Engines,” he added.

“Tom Marks, the President & CEO , Terry Saunders, the Director Sales & Marketing, and the whole staff at JPW have done an outstanding job with sales and growth of their company. Now they are showing their appreciation by giving back to those that do business with them in the WISSOTA market. That is the way it is supposed to work,” said Voeltz, “and it’s very much appreciated.” Jobbers Warehouse Supply is the region’s official source for these brands and many, many more used in building quality race engines: ARP Fasteners, ATI Balancers, Callies Crankshafts, Champion Oils, Mahle/Clevite Engine Parts, Cloyes Timing Components, Cometic Gaskets, Comp Cams, Compstar, Carillo, CVR Products, Dart Machinery, Diamond Pistons, Driven Oil, Eagle Specialty Products, Fel-Pro Gaskets, Fast Ignition, Ferrea Racing, Icon/KB Pistons, Isky Cams, JE Pistons, PAC Racing Springs, Jesel Rockers & Lifters, Kevko Pans, King Engine Bearings, Lunati,, Manley Performance, Mahle Motorsports, Melling Engine Parts, Edelbrock, Russell, MSD, Holley/Quick Fuel, Moroso Pans, Scat Cranks, Speed Pro, Total Seal Rings, Weiand Intakes, Wiseco Pistons and World Products.

Marks had this to say about the newly formed partnership with WISSOTA:

“One of the keys of having a successful business and our main philosophy is about having strong relationships. From the manufactures that we purchase product from, to the machine shops, parts stores and engine builders that we sell to, there is always a relationship that we try to build. Our customers know that dealing with JPW is not just about “The Sale” it’s about how we get there. We see this opportunity of partnering up with WISSOTA as strengthening our current relationships and making new ones along the way. WISSOTA is a great sanctioning body that we are proud to support not only in the 2017 racing season, but we hope for many years to come.” Saunders added, “When we learned about WISSOTA developing a Concept Engine, we were all in and wanted to be a key part this new program. We knew that it would benefit the race fans, tracks, racers, engine builders, manufacturers and local business. Everybody wins with the Concept. We would like to thank WISSOTA and the engine builders for letting us be a part of it.” “Welcome aboard JPW and thank you for your support of WISSOTA Auto Racing,” concluded Voeltz.

In addition to high performance and racing engine components, JPW also supplies components for a variety of other uses to parts stores, rebuilders and repair facilities throughout the region, including Automotive Aftermarket, Medium Duty Diesel, Ag/Tractor/Industrial/ Forklift parts. For more information about Jobbers Warehouse Supply, (JPW) visit www.enginepartspro.com.

WISSOTA 100 is LIVE on Pay Per View!

September 14th, 2016

The 2016 Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 is THIS weekend at the Dakota State Fair Speedway
in Huron, SD. Wall to wall action kicks off this Wednesday night.

A reminder that if you arent able to be in Huron live and in person, you can get the next best thing by ordering our LIVE pay per view video coverage for the first time ever this year! WISSOTA 100 to be available live on pay-per-view The WISSOTA Board of Directors and RacinDirt.com are excited to share details of the first ever live pay-per-view broadcast of the 31st annual WISSOTA 100 from Dakota State Fair Speedway in Huron, SD. Kicking off on Wednesday, September 14, every lap will be carried live at www.RacinDirt.com. The four day marquee event always attracts a huge field of drivers in all six divisions with an expected car
count of over 300 entries.

For fans unable to make the trek to catch the Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 in person, coverage will be available for nightly purchase or a discounted multi-day package. The broadcast will include multiple camera angles, a full broadcast team, instant replay and exclusive driver interviews. Racindirt.com is bringing all the action to living rooms all over the United States and Canada, for the first time ever! RacinDirt.com CEO Trenton Berry shared his enthusiasm for the event. “We have wanted to be a part of what WISSOTA is doing for racing for a while now. This is the perfect opportunity to share with race fans across the country the power and thrilling racing action WISSOTA presents. The entire Board of Directors and promoters have been a joy to work with.”

WISSOTA Board of Directors member and WISSOTA 100 Race Director Chris Stepan echoed Berry’s statement. “We have been working for a couple of years now to get to this point where we can broadcast WISSOTA’s biggest event live and working with Trenton and Austin from RacinDirt.com has been great so far. We look forward to an excellent partnership to bring the action of the WISSOTA 100 to race fans across the world,” said Stepan. Live WISSOTA 100 pay-per-view will be available for purchase on RacinDirt.com beginning Monday, September 13. Simply select “Live Video” at the top of the home page, choose the package, submit payment information and tune in when the action begins in Huron! Every lap, of all six divisions, all four nights, will be available live with turn-by-turn and lap-by-lap coverage of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night’s qualifying, all of the AFCO Races of Champions, and Saturday’s championship night, which will include the famous WISSOTA parade of champions.

Veteran announcers Ron Krog and Donn MacArthur will bring you the call while Stepan will handle victory lane ceremonies each night as well. The following pricing is in place for pay-per-view of the event:
*Wednesday, Sept. 14 – $23.95
*Thursday, Sept. 15 – $23.95
*Friday, Sept. 16 – $25.95
*Saturday, Sept. 17 – $29.95
*4 Day Pkg. – $89.95 (a savings of over $10!)
As a bonus to those tuning in for the live pay-per-view, RacinDirt gives all viewers a free one month subscription to the on-demand service. This added feature allows race fans to check out exclusive video footage, feature replays, interviews, special in-depth stories and more from this and other races throughout the midwest and beyond.

WISSOTA 100 Daily Schedule of Events

2016 Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100
Dakota State Fair Speedway * Huron, South Dakota
Racing Begins At 5:00 p.m. Each Day

No tearing around in any vehicle on or off the track or grounds. All ATVs must
be registered with the track and have proper identification. Only one car per driver
per class. Please be aware that the schedule of events may be adjusted if needed,
it is the driver’s responsibility to know when he or she races. Racing begins at
5:00 daily.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2016: 5:00 p.m.
Street Stocks, Midwest Mods, Super Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models will run their first round of heat races. All heat races will be 8 laps in length. Line ups will be by draw as you register. Passing points will determine if you make it to the night’s Qualifying Feature – top 24 drivers from heats will be in Qualifying Feature. All Qualifying Features will be 15 laps in length with the top 8 finishers transferring straight up to the inside row of the Feature on Saturday night. A driver may choose to give up his/her earned feature position from Wednesday and try to improve it on Thursday.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016: 5:00 p.m.
Street Stocks, Midwest Mods, Super Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models will run their second round of heat races. All heat races will be 8 laps in length. Line ups will be from your Wednesday night draw. Passing points will determine if you make it to the night’s Qualifying Feature – top 24 drivers from heats will be in Qualifying Feature. All Qualifying Features will be 15 laps in length with the top 8 finishers transferring straight up to the outside row of the Feature on Saturday night. A driver may choose to give up his/her earned feature position from Thursday and try to improve it on Friday. The night will conclude with AFCO Race Of Champions for the Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks and Late Models.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2016: 5:00 p.m.
Street Stocks, Midwest Mods, Super Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models will run their third round of heat races. All heat races will be 8 laps in length. Line ups will be from your Wednesday night draw. Passing points will determine if you make it to the night’s Qualifying Feature – top 24 drivers from heats will be in Qualifying
Feature. All Qualifying Features will be 15 laps in length with the top 8 finishers transferring straight up to the middle row of the Feature on Saturday night. Mod Fours will also run heat races and Qualifying Feature on Friday. The finish of the Mod Four Qualifying feature will be the starting lineup for the Saturday night
feature. The AFCO Race Of Champions for the Mod Fours, Super Stocks and Modifieds will then be held.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2016: 5:00 p.m.
Saturday will include final qualifying, then all six Championship Feature events. First, there will be Last Chance Races in the Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Mods and Street Stocks. These races will be open to the top 16 drivers in each division based on the points they have accumulated during the event; each race will be 15 laps in length with a 15 minute time limit. Finally, there will be a draw for the final 3 Championship Feature spots in each division from all non qualifiers.

To be eligible for the drawing, you must have raced all 3 previous nights. Orv’s $10,000 Pot Of Gold will be given away, and we will have the Parade of Champions and all six Championship Features to close out the event.

Ricky Weiss Crowned WISSOTA Late Model National Champion

October 16th, 2014

Headingly, Manitoba, Canada – The 2014 WISSOTA season is now complete, and Ricky Weiss is officially the WISSOTA Late Model National Champion his #7 Derrick’s Sandblasting/Bloomquist/ Pro Power Racing Engine Super Late Model.

Weiss claimed his third WISSOTA National Championship by 28 markers over Brad Seng while Scott Ward, Harry Hanson, and Mike Balcaen rounded out the top five in the final standings.

Ricky enjoyed a great year behind the wheel of his Super Late Model that also found him winning nineteen of forty-six events entered as well as the Blaine Brother WISSOTA Challenge Series championship.

“Thanks to all of my great sponsors, team members, and fans that supported me this season,” said Weiss. “The year started pretty rough, but once we got rolling it turned into an amazing season. I’m already pumped for next year.”

While the 2014 season may be in the books, Ricky and his team are already busily planning an aggressive 2015 schedule. Stay tuned to www.WeissRacing7.comfor the latest team news and schedule information.

Ricky Weiss would like to thank his marketing partners and sponsors including Derrick’s Sandblasting. A.I.E. Bell Mobility, Hands On Excavating Inc., J&C Trucking, Turk Enterprises, Eibach Springs, Metalz In Motion, Speedworld Indoor Kart Track, New Vision Graphics, and MSRMafia.com Marketing Services.

For more information on Ricky Weiss please visit his website at www.WeissRacing7.com.

Wissota hires a Public Relations Director

January 25th, 2012

ABERDEEN, SD- WISSOTA has hired Jeffrey M. Olson as its new Dart Challenge Series Director and Public Relations Director.

A native of Chatfield, MN, Olson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Rec, Park &Leisure Services from the Minnesota State University – Mankato. He is also a graduate of Rochester Community &Technical College in Rochester, MN.

For the past several years, as he finished his degree, Olson has worked at Deer Creek Speedway as the Activities Director on an internship basis; he has worked alongside members of the Queensland family at the highly successful track since 2009 in a variety of promotional capacities.

Olson, 26, has had a passion for racing since he was a child. “I have been a huge race fan since I was a kid; it’s always been my dream to work for a racing facility or company” said Olson.

“And I have learned a great amount from the Queensland family,” he stated.

Olson will immediately begin to assume responsibilities for the scheduling and marketing of the Dart Challenge Series for WISSOTA Late Models in 2012.

“Terry (Voeltz)has been working on scheduling already, so I know we’re on solid footing there at the start,” Jeff said. “He and I will get together to see what else needs to be put in place.”

Olson is eager to get the series planned and then get on the road to meet the race track staff members and racers.

“I’m sure it will be a big challenge in establishing my relationship with the drivers. Some of these guys I know, if they’ve been down in my area, but many of them I don’t. So we’ll have to get to know each other on the road. I expect it to be a lot of work but also a lot of fun,” Olson shared.

As part of his public relations responsibilities, Olson will develop relationships and work with print, broadcast and online media regarding happenings within WISSOTA.

“Over the course of time,” said Voeltz, “we also hope Jeff will also become a hands-on manager of the association’s web presence and administrator of its social media sites. He will also work closely with the staff at All The Dirt in making sure all drivers are kept aware of news in the organization.”

“We have needed someone to dedicate full-time to our public relations needs for some time,” offered WISSOTA president Jay Richardson.

“Communication with our promoters, racers, crews and fans is extremely important and there are always ways to improve on what we do in WISSOTA,”he added. “Having Jeff in place to be working on this will be a big benefit to our members and our audiences.”

The board of directors is wasting no time getting Olson involved and he is starting his new job immediately.

He’ll also be hitting the road as a WISSOTA representative in the coming days.

“We have already made arrangements for Jeff to attend the RPM Workshops in a couple weeks along with me,” said Voeltz. “We will introduce him to many key players in the racing industry while we’re there and it should be a great experience for him to meet promoters from all around the country,” added Voeltz.

Olson will continue to be based in Rochester at this time. Contact information for him will be available soon on the WISSOTA website.