Sunday October 21, 2018
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Posts in 'Grand Rapids Speedway' Track

Shane Sabraski Swept the Final Night of 2015 with 3 Cars, 3 Features and 3 Wins.

October 22nd, 2015

Sauk Rapids, MN – Matthew Hall Lumber sponsored the race event Sunday night at the Granite City Speedway, and as the final race ended, so did the 2015 season. More than 110 drivers signed in Sunday night and put on a great show of WISSOTA PolyDome Dirt Track Race Series action. Shane Sabraski took three feature wins while Justin Pogones, Dean Larson and Pat Doar also earned trophies.

Eric Lamm and Tanner Zweifel led the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the stand for the night’s first feature, and Lamm claimed first. Zweifel grabbed second with Danny Vang and Shane Sabraski rode his rear. Sabraski worked the high groove and slid by Zweifel for second. Sabraski continued on the high line and passed Lamm for first. Lamm moved back to Sabraski’s side but Sabraski drove away. The yellow light flickered on and drivers slowed. Sabraski was alone on the restart with Vang and Lamm to his rear. Donnie Lofdahl dove low to make it three wide for second but Vang and Lamm pulled ahead to keep the battle for second active. Lamm broke free and secured second while Vang, Lofdahl and Dave Mass went three wide for third. Vang moved forward to take third while the top drivers spaced out. Sabraski was deep in lapped traffic and soon Lamm was as well. Contact occurred on the back stretch but the race remained green and Sabraski took the checkers in his West Metro Buick GMC sponsored Midwest Modified.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled on the track for the next feature and Justin Pogones took the immediate lead. Tim Johnson, Jim Gullikson and Ryan Pommerer ran three wide for second and Johnson snagged the point. Gullikson kept the pressure on Johnson but Johnson held second. The top three drivers pulled away from the field and ran within a car length of each other. They remained close but Pogones showed the way. Johnson began to work Pogones’s rear and tried both upper and lower lines to get by, but Pogones remained in first. Pommerer closed the gap with the leaders and put pressure on Gullikson for third. The top four raced hard for points as the white flew. The yellow soon flew as a driver spun on the back chute. Pogones was alone on the restart with Johnson and Gullikson to his rear. They both worked Pogones but Pogones came out of turn four first and took the checkers. The top five drivers crossed the finish line within .83 seconds of each other, but Pogones rolled his Joes Racing Products #01 into victory lane.

The WISSOTA Mod Fours were next on the agenda with Dean Larson and Laramie Peiker on the front line. Larson drove away with the lead while Jamie Flickinger challenged Peiker for second. Andy Mayavski joined the battle for second and they were three wide. Dustin Holtquist and Brandon Linquist went side by side behind the three wide battle. Flickinger and Mayavski continued side by side for second while Linquist, Holtquist and Peiker went three wide. Larson had a great lead built up while others continued to battle. Flickinger moved into second with Mayavski, Holtquist and Linquist at it for third. Holtquist moved forward, took third and then passed Flickinger for second. The top two drivers had a solid lead, but Holtquist slowly reeled in Larson. The white waved and Holtquist was within a few car lengths, but Larson kept his foot down and rolled the Silver Bullet into victory lane.

The best WISSOTA Late Models in the business covered the Granite City Speedway for the night’s next feature. Harry Hanson and Cole Schill brought the drivers to green and Hanson claimed the lead. Schill took second and moved high on the track surface. Schill drove to Hanson’s door for the lead but Hanson nosed ahead. Schill kept close to Hanson while John Kaanta moved into third. Kaanta drove to Schill’s side and slid by him for the runner up point. Kaanta closed in on Hanson while they caught slower drivers. Hanson maintained the lead position, but Kaanta used the whole track and rode the tires to pass Hanson. Hanson was faster on the turn’s exit, but as they entered turns three and four, Kaanta slid by on the low groove and snagged the lead. Kaanta immediately sped away while Doar caught Hanson. Doar passed Hanson on the high side and set eyes on Kaanta. Kaanta was deep in traffic which allowed Doar to catch him in no time. Doar moved to Kaanta’s side with two laps to go. Kaanta and Doar raced door to door on the rear of slower traffic and they split to go three wide. As they exited the turn, and the checkers were raised, they drag raced to the line. Doar crossed the line first and took the win in a photo finish. Kaanta settled in second with Schill, Jeremy Keller and Hanson as the top five.

Donnie Lofdahl and Denis Czech sped off when the WISSOTA Super Stocks wentgreen, however contact occurred on the backstretch and the yellow flew. Lofdahl and Czech were back in front on the restart and Czech grabbed first at the flag stand. Shane Sabraski moved aside Lofdahl for second and they battled behind Czech. The top three pulled away from the pack as Sabraski locked into second. The yellow waved for debris and drivers were sorted. Czech was alone on the restart but Sabraski ran the middle groove and drove into first. Czech came back to Sabraski’s door, but Sabraski pulled away. Lofdahl exited the track and Dexton Koch assumed third. Again the yellow flew and slowed the supers down, but on the restart Sabraski was in command. Sabraski stretched out his lead while Koch and Tim Johnson worked Czech for second. Koch dove low aside Czech but Czech continued to hold the competitors back. Koch and Johnson kept after Czech and again Koch moved to his door. Koch and Czech remained door to door until the checkers flew. Czech earned the second point with Koch, Johnson and Dave Mass in top points. Sabraski took the checkers and rolled his Scott’s Engine Shop #7a into victory lane.

The Superman Mike Stearns and Tim Johnson brought the WISSOTA Modifieds to green for the Final race of the 2015 race season. Johnson snagged the lead as the green waved with Jeremy Nelson and Stearns in a battle for second. Nelson took the point while Jason Thoennes took third. Thoennes then slid by Nelson on the low side to take second. Thoennes chased after Johnson as the yellow appeared. Johnson was in command on the restart with Nelson and Thoennes on his bumper. Thoennes kept glued to Johnson as the race resumed but Johnson slowly inched away. Shane Sabraski flew aside Thoennes’s #52 and moved forward to battle Johnson. Sabraski grabbed the lead point and Johnson fell to second. Thoennes put pressure on Johnson as the yellow waved again. Three cautions kept the drivers slow, but as the race restarted, Sabraski pulled away. Thoennes and Nelson battled for second as contact was made between their tires. Nelson moved into the second point and Ryan Canon slid into third. They ran that order the final couple laps and Shane Sabraski took the last checkers of the year.

The Granite City Speedway would like to extend a huge thank you out to all the drivers, fans, families, crew, sponsors, employees and volunteers who made the 2015 season the success it was. Remember to watch the facebook and twitter pages as well as the website at for banquet and 2016 season news.