Saturday October 20, 2018
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Loveday breaks Ferris Winning Streak

June 12th, 2009

The weather was cool once again in the Rainy River District and it seemed throughout much of the day that the heavens were going to open up and force a cancellation due to rain. However, it turned out better than expected and even with the low temperatures, drivers and fans alike appeared for the third week in a row at the Emo Speedway.There were some new faces at the track for 2009. Local driver, yet long distance traveler, Brad Loveday made his way to Emo due to rainouts almost everywhere else in WISSOTA country. John Hettinga returned to the WISSOTA Midwest Modified class for the first time this year. He ran a limited schedule in 2008 and was not able to start until July 19. Starting out much earlier this season, Hettinga was in top form for his heat race, winning it over Ken Anderson. Local driver, Rob Anderson made a return appearance for the first time since 2007. They were able to complete the car just in time for the evening’s races but his night didn’t turn out very well, finishing last in the heat and the feature. The Street Stock feature experienced a large boast in car counts as racers missing from last week returned. Compared to a total of five last week, this week saw the number more than double to twelve. Dean Martin returned to the scene in the Streets for the first time in 2009, but was unable to start the feature due to the lack of a spare tire. Wes Morriseau also returned from a one year hiatus and finished with a decent top five at the end of the night.

Attendance was similar to the previous two weeks in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified division as a total of sixteen cars were ordered into two heats of eight. In heat two, Dwayne Pihulak continued his dominance in the heat races as he flew past five cars to win over Kendal Gamsby and Christopher Leek.  However, it was the feature that proved exciting. On the front row was long distance traveler Bill Reimer on the inside of town local, Christopher Leek. At the start, Reimer moved up high, causing Leek to move up the track to avoid a rub in between the two. A door was left open, and several cars slipped past the starters. The race soon became a battle of the veterans as Ken Anderson held the lead by about half a car length on Dwayne Pihulak. The race was close between the two of them, but there was some distance from second to third place where Chuck Lambert and Kendal Gamsby struggled to catch up to the speed demons. Pihulak was able to get beside Anderson a few times, but was unable to finish the job. Anderson crossed the line with the win, becoming the third different driver in as many weeks to win the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had a fair share of entertainment too. The twelve cars were split into two heats, with Brad Loveday winning the first heat and Dwayne Pelepetz drove around the track at full speed to win the second heat. In the feature, it was a Brad Loveday and Greg Ferris show. They proved during the entire race to be the fastest and the smoothest. While it seemed many of the other Modifieds were falling off the track or at least having a tough time maintaining a solid fast groove, Loveday and Ferris made it look easy. The two cars pulled away with Ferris trying to play catch up. With one restart about halfway through the race, Ferris had his best chance to make a move on Loveday, but he was not quick enough to gain any position. The two cars kept at even distance about a car length or so apart and Loveday remained alert, running an almost perfect race. Neither driver missed a beat with the sheer speed of their cars getting the fans fired up. Ferris tried his best using as much as the track as possible to find a faster groove, but could not find enough to beat Loveday, ending his short, but sweet winning streak.

The Street Stocks had a high car count compared to last week with twelve cars appearing instead of last week’s five. In the first heat, Scott Messner continued to dominate, as Jeff Wickstrom moved through the field to finish second. In the second heat, Don Bowman and Tylar Wilson struggled to gain a threshold on each other but Bowman held on through the corners to win it. The feature was a war of attrition as eleven started and only five would finish. Due to the invert, both Messner and Bowman started in seventh and eighth respectively. As the green flag waved, Messner and Bowman started to make passes to the front. Soon, there was a battle between Tylar Wilson and Messner, but bad luck plagued Wilson as his right rear axle broke right off and his tire flew across the track into a neighboring ditch, ending his night early. After the restart, the track was noticeably getting faster with every lap and Messner was clear of traffic with Bowman in second. The race was not over with surprises yet as rookie driver Linz Bourre lost some control of her car as a high flying Tyler Wickstrom drove towards her on the backstretch. Bourre could not hold on to the car and Wickstrom’s rear tire drove over Bourre’s causing him to fly in the air sideways and rollover in dramatic fashion on the track. Thankfully, as the ambulance rushed towards the damaged car, Wickstrom was able to get out on his own power and was checked by the paramedics. Bourre finished her night but found out later there was little damage to her car. The rest of the race was history as Messner and Bowman pulled away from the field. Messner received his second win of the season.

In the chase for the points, it is Greg Ferris in the WISSOTA Modifieds with a strong lead over Brady Caul, while Dwayne Pihulak and Dwayne Pelepetz are only a couple points behind second. But it is in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds where the points chase is the tightest ever seen in the class. Three-time defending champion, Kendal Gamsby is in the lead, two points above second place, Tridell Champlin. Third, fourth, and fifth are tied three points behind the leader, while Chuck Lambert is in sixth spot, four points back. It is anyone’s point race currently. In the Street Stocks, Scott Messner of Bemidji, Minnesota is seven points over Richard Visser. The two drivers share the wins so far this season in the division.

It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds has had some exciting racing with three different winners so far this season. As the summer draws in, car counts will continue to rise which will result in the opportunity of having many more different winners. On June 13, at the Emo Speedway, action heats up again with Car Rides during intermission! Visit for more information on events, ticket prices, and other up to date information.

Chuck Lambert wins his first Midwest Mod Feature at Emo

August 28th, 2007

In heat one, Chris Shine and Richard Visser fought side by side for half the race until Shine was able to hold Visser off at the line by a couple feet. In the second heat, it seemed that Tylar Wilson was going to win it. But after a few laps, Darryl Desserre of Dryden, Ontario started to creep up on Wilson. Lap after lap Desserre edged closer until they were side by side. On to the front stretch out of turn four Desserre got ahead just enough to finish in first by a foot.

The action in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds was contained in two heats. The first heat had Don Smith in first and Chuck Lambert second. Rookie Cody Wolkoski had another good run finishing third. In the second heat, Tridell Champlin took the lead right off the get go and was able to hold off Anthony Visser and defending champion, Kendal Gamsby. The points battle, which had Gamsby ahead by four points before the heat, was cut in half to two points after Smith grabbed the win in the qualifier. All Smith needed was a win in the feature to tie Gamsby and win the track championship. There was plenty of pressure on the defending champ going into the feature.

In the WISSOTA Modifieds, Gavin Paull showed once again what racing action is all about, as he powered his way from fifth in the heat to narrowly beat Jason Anderson at the line. The finish was so close that the fans rose from their seats as the two cars came out of turn four. The crowd cheered with excitement as Paull took the win. In the second heat, last Saturday’s Fall Fair winner, Joey Galloway took away the win from Greg Ferris. Ferris had a good run going, but could not keep up, and settled ahead of Pelepetz for second. In the third heat of WISSOTA Modified action, starting on the front row was Brian Nelson and Curtis Kamm. Nelson held out against the fast Kamm, only to fade towards the end of the race. With one lap to go, Kamm took the lead and won.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds went green to checker and fans knew that the pressure and most exciting racing would be between Gamsby and Smith. Both started on the front row, the two cars battled side by side against each other, while passing cars on the high side, low side, and anywhere they could find room. Finally, at about halfway, they both spotted the leader, Chuck Lambert. Smith knew he needed the win in order to get the championship. Gamsby was not giving up and continued to stay alongside Smith fighting for second and hopefully the lead. Lambert stayed to the inside, and with the exception of one slip up which allowed both Gamsby and Smith to get beside him, he was able to hold off the competitors. Chuck Lambert took his first feature win ever and Kendal Gamsby was able to win his second championship in two years.

The Street Stock feature was full of excitement as ten cars started the feature event. Starting on the front row was Rick Bourre and Wes Morriseau. Off the start, Bourre took an early lead over Morriseau. Quickly moving up the field was Chris Shine who had started fifth. He quickly challenged for the lead and took it four laps in. However, Jeff Wickstrom had found some room on the bottom and moved from ninth to first by halfway through the race. Shine held a strong second, but was being covered by Richard Visser and Carlee Bosma. An unfortunate accident occurred when the leader broke a rear axle coming of of turn four. Shine took the lead at the restart. Tylar Wilson was now in third and was coming on strong. Three laps after the restart, Wes Morriseau rolled over two times landing on his wheels. Another broken axle was to blame. Luckily, he was ok and got on top of the car and waved to the crowd. After the races he stated, “It was such a soft roll, I barely even felt it.” After a short clean up, Chris Shine had his hands full holding on to the lead. Tylar Wilson wanted the win and after some side by side racing, was able to get by Shine for his second win of the season.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had an exciting race as seventeen cars started the feature event. Gary Wilson started outside front row with Glen Strachan inside. On the first lap, a caution was out after a minor wreck involving Bill Witherspoon and Denny Trimble. Another caution soon after, led to a third complete restart. The action continued at the front with Gary Wilson leading the first lap. Curtis Kamm was able to get by Wilson on lap two with Dwayne Pelepetz and Greg Ferris moving up as well. A hard charging Gavin Paull who was leading the points chase, overtook Pelepetz on lap five. Ferris was on the back bumper of Kamm. Ferris took the inside and took the lead on lap eight. Two laps later, a caution was thrown. On the restart, Ferris, Kamm, and Paull started in the first three spots. Kamm tried to challenge Ferris for the lead on the start but could not keep up. Meanwhile, Joey Galloway who started eighth moved up to fourth behind Gavin Paull. The field remained unchanged for the last two to three laps with Paull making a last attempt for second over Kamm. Greg Ferris took his second win of the season while Kamm edged out Paull by meer inches.

The Powder Puff included Carlee Bosma, Charlene Nicolson, Melanie McCready, and Chelsey Craig. All four cars seemed to be on a roll as Bosma pulled a sizable lead over the field. Nicholson tried the best to catch up, but was unsuccessful. In the Modified Powder Puff, Melanie McCready took the win.
Congratulations to Ron Westover in the Street Stocks, Kendal Gamsby in WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and Gavin Paull in WISSOTA Modifieds for their 2007 Emo Speedway track championships. The next race at Emo Speedway is the Keith McNally Memorial Fan Appreciation Night on September 8 starting at 3pm with Hot Laps.

Emo Speedway Holds Great Back-to-Back Nights of Racing

August 24th, 2007

All was ok though and the boys somehow got it mostly together for the rest of the race. There was a bit of a glitch near the end when there were two cautions one right after the other, but other than that the race was a total hit. The flag came down with Chad Jonson and Kyle Gavel battling over first. Gavel won out and managed to secure his spot for most of the race. But Jonson was not giving up, and a few others behind him wanted a taste of first as well. Jason Anderson was one of them and spent a greater part of the race moving his way up behind Jonson and Gavel. Then, in the last few laps of the race, Gavel had to leave the track due to car trouble and Anderson snagged his spot. Behind him, Jamie Davis had moved his way up as well and was working on getting past Jonson and Anderson when the checkered flag came down. Anderson finished in first, Jonson finished in second, and Davis got third, while Tyler Clark took fourth and Ricky Roche took fifth.

And then there was Saturday’s feature. There was only one restart but the cautions got a little nuts. Right after lap one was completed, there was a caution. A few laps later, there was another one, and another one right after. Eventually, the guys did manage to get themselves together and get some racing in, but it took them awhile. Joey Galloway took the lead for the first part of the race, but was passed by Jason Anderson at about the midway point. Anderson held on to first for another good chunk of the race until the last couple laps when Galloway snuck past and took first. Anderson would have gotten second if it weren’t for Jamie Davis who took the same opportunity as Galloway to move up. Coming across the finish, it was Galloway in first, Davis in second, and Anderson in third. Behind them, Bill Witherspoon managed to sneak into fourth, while Tyler Hynnes took fifth.

The Midwest Modifieds also had a couple wild and wacky features. The Friday feature had a very rough beginning with a restart and about four cautions in quick succession. After that little glitch, however, the boys got back on track. Ron Westover started the race in the lead but was quickly passed by Ron Saurer, who then refused to give up first for anything. Westover was then passed again by Tom Smart who had every intention of claiming first for himself but was never presented with the opportunity. Kendal Gamsby also snuck his way up there, landing in third right behind Smart. Saurer crossed the finish in first, Smart in second, and Gamsby in third. Behind those three, Cody Wolkowski got fourth, while John Hettinga took fifth.

The Saturday feature was just as action packed but a little smoother than the night before. The boys started without a problem, but had a few cautions before they could get going. After that it was clear sailing, for the most part. Tom Smart and Don Smith spent the entire race deciding who was going to take first. Both wanted it and neither was going to give up. Smart held the lead for a while and then was passed by Smith who was again passed by Smart who was once more passed by Smith who came out first. Smart was right on his tail in second. In third, meanwhile, John Hettinga had worked to get there and was not leaving. Ron Saurer tried to get past and actually did for a little while. But Hettinga wanted that spot and took it back in the last lap of the race. Passing the finish line, it was Smith in first, Smart in second, Hettinga in third, Saurer in fourth, and Danny Rea in fifth.

The Street Stocks Friday feature was very exciting. They had more cars than they have had all year. The even had a restart, which is unusual for they don’t often have that many cars driving. After they finally got going, Jeff Wickstrom took the lead and stayed there. He decided in lap one that he wanted first and he got it. Second, on the other hand, was anyone’s game. John Bosma had it for a good portion of the race, fending off both Tylar Wilson and Darryl Desserre. It wasn’t to be, however, and Bosma was eventually passed by Ron Westover. Then Bosma had to worry about Don Craig but just managed to stay far enough in front of him to claim third. Across the finish line, it was Wickstrom, Westover, Bosma, and Craig in first, second, third, and fourth, respectively. Fifth went to Wilson.

The Saturday Street Stock feature was also very exciting and only had a couple of cautions. Don Craig did exactly as Jeff Wickstrom had done the night before and claimed first right away. He did not move from the spot. Behind him, John Bosma was trying to move up but couldn’t quite get away from the crowd. He was eventually passed by Ron Westover and James Wall. After that, it was Craig in the lead with James Wall behind him and Tylar Wilson gaining quickly. Darryl Desserre was in there too for a while, but was passed by Jeff Wickstrom in the last lap of the race. In the end, it was Craig in first, Wall in second, Wilson in third, Wickstrom in fourth, and Desserre in fifth.

The heats, as usual, went well. There were significantly more cautions, but that’s to be expected with so many cars. The heats for Friday night went as follows: the Modifieds heat one finished with Chad Jonson in first, Aaron Holton in second, and Tylar Clark in third. Heat two finished with Marc Johnson in first, Ricky Roche in second, and Gavin Paull in third. Heat three finished with Kyle Gavel in first, Kevin Monteith in second, and Jason Anderson in third. Heat four finished with Jamie Davis in first, Dwayne Pelepetz in second, and Greg Ferris in third. Heat one of the Midwest Modifieds ended with Tom Smart in first, Danny Rea in second, and Terry Martin in third. Heat two ended with Cody Wolkowski in first, Ron Saurer in second, and Scott Bruce in third. Heat three ended with Ron Westover in first, Kendal Gamsby in second, and Anthony Visser in third. Don Smith took first in Heat one of the Street Stocks, while John Bosma took second and Tylar Wilson took third. Heat two, meanwhile, ended with Ron Westover, Darryl Desserre, and Chris Shine in first, second and third respectively. Heat three had James Wall in first, Jeff Wickstrom in second, and Dean Martin in third.

Saturday’s heats went well also. They were completed as such: heat one for the Modifieds saw Chad Jonson take first, Gary Wilson in second, and Jake Kamm in third. Heat two had Gavin Paull in first, Kevin Monteith in second, and Jamie Davis in third. Heat three ended with Jason Anderson in first, Brian Nelson in second, and Dwayne Pelepetz in third. Heat four finished with Tyler Hynnes in first, Joey Galloway in second, and Bill Witherspoon in second. Heat one of the Midwest Modifieds had Jori Hughes in first, Gary Labine in second, and Matthew Mutz in third. Heat two had Don Smith in first, Danny Rea in second, and Tridell Champlan in third. Heat three had Tom Smart in first, Anthony Visser in second, and Brady Caul in third. Heat four finished with John Hettinga in first, Ron Westover in second, and Ron Saurer in third. The Street Stocks heat one finished with James Wall in first, Don Craig in second, and John Bosma in third. Heat two ended with Ron Westover in first, Tylar Wilson in second, and Darryl Desserre in third. Overall, it was an excellent and engaging two nights of racing. Besides getting to drive two nights in a row, the boys who earned the most overall points got a little extra appreciation. The Modifieds point winner was Jason Anderson, while Tom Smart and Don Craig took the Midwest Modified and the Street Stock, respectively. Everyone have a good week, get those cars fixed up, and we will see everyone next week.

Craig Halts Westover’s Winning Streak

August 14th, 2007

There were a couple new drivers in each feature, including Andrew Trimble and Don Craig in the Street Stocks. The Streets’ feature started out with Chris Shine in first, but was passed by Don Craig in the first couple of laps. Craig managed to put some distance between himself and the others, but it almost wasn’t enough. Jeff Wickstrom, Ron Westover, Tylar Wilson, and Shine were all in hot pursuit of first place. It was quite a cluster for a few laps until Westover maneuvered himself out of there and took off after Craig. It was very close as this is usually Westover’s race and Craig wasn’t going down without a good fight. Going into the last lap, Craig just barely held the lead, and coming into the last turn they were bumper to bumper. Coming under the flag, though, it was Craig who gave the last push and came out in first. Westover came in a well deserved second, while behind him Tylar Wilson managed to snag third with Chris Shine just behind him in fourth.

That’s not to say that the Modifieds didn’t have a good race. Theirs was jam packed with excitement as well. With seventeen cars out there it’s impossible not to have a great race. Brian Nelson started out in the lead and refused to give it up throughout the entire race. He really had to work for it though; there was a very large fast moving cluster of cars behind him consisting of Keith Sether, Gavin Paull, Chris Shine, Glen Strachan, and Joey Galloway, all of them wanting to claim first place as their own. There was a point were Nelson was almost knocked out of first by Galloway, but to Nelson’s advantage, a caution was called and Nelson kept his first. Driving full speed into the last turn, it was Nelson in first, with Anderson in a close second, Paull in third, and Galloway in fourth.

The Midwest Modifieds had a very good race. They also had seventeen cars driving so it was a little hectic. The cars were all bunched up for a good portion of the race. After awhile, however, they started to spread out and Don Smith snagged the lead. He held the lead from then on, even with Steve Boyum and Anthony Visser right on his tail. There was one caution, but overall the boys raced a very high paced, continuous race. Smith, as mentioned above, came out on top, while John Hettinga snuck his way up to second in the last couple laps of the race. Third went to Westover, who had been right behind Hettinga for most of the race. Fourth went to Kendal Gamsby.

The heats were as exciting as they usually are. Heat one of the Modifieds finished with Jason Anderson in first, Brian Nelson in second, and Chris Shine in third, while heat two finished with Bill Witherspoon in first, Joey Galloway in second, and Dwayne Pelepetz in third and heat three finished with Gavin Paull in first, Glen Strachan in first, and Keith Sether in third. Heat one of the Midwest Modifieds ended with Ron Westover in first, Kendal Gamsby in second, and Matt DePiero in third. Heat two had Anthony Visser in first, John Hettinga in second, and Brady Caul in third. Heat three ended with Don Smith in first, Jeff Marshall in second, and Jori Hughes in third. Jeff Wickstrom took first in heat one of the Street Stocks, while Tylar Wilson took second and Chris Shine took third. Heat two had Ron Westover in first, Don Craig in second, and Richard Visser in third. Just another great night of racing and we hope to see you all there next week at the Emo Fall Fair. Hot Laps at 6:00pm and Racing at 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday.

Smith Takes Fifth Win of Season, Anderson Rockets to Win in Mods

August 9th, 2007

A total of sixteen WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds attended on Saturday including current points leader Don Smith of Grand Rapids, MN and defending champion Kendal Gamsby of Atikokan, ON. The first heat had them both competing against each other for a points gain. However, outside pole driver Anthony Visser outdid Smith and Gamsby by winning the first round. The second heat involved some inexperienced drivers and also some experienced drivers. Starting on the front row was rookie Matthew Mutz, with former Mini-Sprint driver, Ken Perry on the outside. Perry picked a smooth outside line and was able to hold off the crowd. The final heat placed Chuck Lambert inside pole beside Ron Westover. First year driver Cody Wolkoski from Thunder Bay, took advantage of Lambert’s and Westover’s mistakes to take an early lead. Bart Porter of Duluth, Mn. tried to get used to a track he had never visited before, while rookie driver Christopher Leek and veteran Ron Westover were sent off the track for causing two cautions each.

The Street Stocks provided some tight action once again. To the crowds’ amazement, Carlee Bosma, Tylar Wilson, Richard Visser, and Wes Morriseau tried to go four wide and were able to make it around turns three and four without touching. Ron Westover worked hard to get by the sprawling field. He would take the lead halfway through to win over second place driver Wilson.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had a competitive first heat as Curtis Kamm of Dryden, Ontario challenged Gavin Paull of Fort Frances, ON side by side for almost the entire race. Kamm was able to hold off Paull by half a car across the finish line. The second heat saw Jason Anderson of Fort Frances dominate by gaining a quick lead going almost three wide between Fort Frances driver Ron Korpi, and International Falls resident, Brian Nelson. Dwayne Pelepetz moved from the back to finish second. Korpi would finish third.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature had two rookies on the front row. Brady Caul and Matthew Mutz had fourteen cars behind them all wanting the win. The pressure didn’t seem too hot to handle as Caul would lead the first couple laps before being heavily challenged. Mutz later ran into trouble as cars seemed to be getting looser because of the drier conditions on the track. Points leader Don Smith started ninth and was quickly picking his way through the field. Taking the low line for most of the race, Smith moved up with current runner up Kendal Gamsby and contender Anthony Visser. While things were getting messy further back as cars started falling off, Smith gained a large lead from Gamsby. He would be uncatchable and crossed the finish line while Gamsby and Visser were just coming out of turn four. A last lap tangle froze the field before all the cars crossed over the finish line. This is Smith’s fifth win of the year including four top five finishes in the nine races that have been run at Emo.

The Street Stock feature was raced three and at times four wide, making it tricky for the lineup of mostly veteran race car drivers. Chris Shine, who has been looking for his first win of the season, pushed hard to keep pace with Tylar Wilson. Shine was hoping for a break and took a middle line as Wilson went to the bottom and Westover moved to the top. Shine stayed up close to Wilson, but Westover held a half car lead throughout most of the race. Westover crossed the line getting his seventh win of the season.

The WISSOTA Modifieds started with Dwayne Pihulak and Ron Korpi on the front row. A rare occasion occurred when the front runners tried to pull four wide coming to complete the first lap. Brian Nelson, Pihulak, and Korpi all crossed in front of the flagstand at the same time. Fifth place starter, Jason Anderson fooled them all and found a low groove to get by them. Curtis Kamm, who had started towards the front was shuffled back at the start, but found a groove on the high side and started moving up the field. Gavin Paull was fighting a tight racecar for much of the race but found a place to stick and started to move up as well. Kamm was busy trying to catch up to the leader, and was looking all over to find a way around Korpi. Kamm took the inside of Korpi coming out of turn four and got a bit of a lead over him at the flagstand. Korpi was out of room on the outside and fell off the track by himself. At the restart, Korpi could not find enough power to challenge Anderson. Dwayne Pelepetz took advantage of a slip up by Korpi and passed him, with Paull following suit. At the finish line Pelepetz and Paull were side by side at the line with Paull taking second by little more than a bumper.
With only one week to go before the two day double-header Fall Fair, drivers are keeping a close eye on the points championship and also hoping to stay in contention for the biggest weekend of the year. Currently, the tightest points race is in the WISSOTA Modifieds class with Bill Witherspoon barely holding off Jake Kamm by five points and Gavin Paull by eight. This weekend is the previously rain-delayed Piston Ring Mid-Season Summer Shootout.

Northern Super Series Coming to Emo Speedway

July 20th, 2007

Last season, a total of fifteen Super Stocks from Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin attended the first Super Stock Special at Emo in almost ten years. Last year’s event was exciting as the race went three wide for the lead towards the final moments of the feature. #74 Gary Nelson Jr. of Blackduck, Minnesota was the eventual winner, with #66 Todd Bonney of Ashland, Wisconsin finishing second, and Winnipeg driver Mike McCaughan finishing third.

This weekend is the second race of the Northern Super Stock Touring Series. The first race was held on June 9 at Greenbush Race Park with the attendance of thirty-two cars. Gary Nelson Jr. was the big winner, with Manitoba driver George Balcaen finishing second.

Included with the WISSOTA Super Stocks is the full fledged weekly program of Street Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and WISSOTA Modifieds. The weekly classes have been extremely exciting this season. The addition of Super Stocks will definitely add to the excitement of the night.

Sharon Trimble, President of the Borderland Racing Association, is very excited about the special, “We are very lucky to have the opportunity once again to show off just how great the Emo racing facility is, and how great the town itself is. We want to be able to give the fans in this district and around the region something back for all their support.”

Supporters of this event include Veert Landscaping Inc., Tom Veert Contracting, Nor-Fab Transportation, Ed’s Plumbing & Heating, Green’s Barbeque Bar, Barwick Service, Glen Jackson, J&P Gagnon, Albert Leek, Wiseguys On Campus, Atek Parts & Service, Ron’s Autobody, Vern Thompson, and Darren Blattner.

The event will be more than just a treat for the fans and drivers who come week in and week out at the track, “We want to be able to show new people who have never been here to see how great dirt track racing really is. This is a great chance to check it out and see the tight competition at the local level and at the regional level.”

Bringing people together to see the races every Saturday has always been an integral part of the Borderland Racing Association’s mission, “We want to provide great family entertainment at a reasonable cost and put on a great show every time. This event gives everyone a chance to see something different, while at the same time, gives local drivers a chance to show off to the crowd.”

Don’t miss this unique and awesome event this Saturday night at the Emo Speedway. Grandstand entrance opens at 6:00pm. $10.00 for Adults, $6.00 for Students and Seniors, Ages 6-12 $4.00, Under 5 is free, and Family Packages are $25. Hot Laps at 7:00pm and racing at 7:30pm. Raindate is in effect for Sunday at 1:00pm. Please visit or for more information

Gamsby wins his first Midwest Mod Feature, Ferris Dominates Mods at Emo Byline: Anthony Leek

July 10th, 2007

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds had an exciting feature that saw the last place driver win it all. Starting on the front row, Anthony Visser and Chuck Lambert pulled away from the field. Visser had a sizable lead on Lambert, but after five or so laps, the battle for first was on. Meanwhile Gamsby, and Grand Rapids driver Don Smith, moved up the field along with John Hettinga. Coming into turn three, Lambert made a move on Visser and passed him on the inside. Lambert slid up in front of Visser and spun out. Visser had nowhere to go and hit head on into the drivers’ side of the car. The result of crash sent Lambert to the back and Visser onto the monorail for a flat tire. Lambert would finish sixth, and Visser in last. The restart put Gamsby, Smith, and Hettinga closer to the top. The last few laps saw Gamsby stay ahead of current points leader Don Smith, and Ron Westover finished third.

The Street Stock feature only saw five cars with two of them falling off the bank of the track on the first two laps. The cars got separated and no one had enough steam to keep up with Tylar Wilson. Ron Westover, who didn’t start his heat, started the feature but retired after two laps.

The WISSOTA Modifieds had quite a show all night for the fans in the covered stands. The first heat had many battles for the lead, including an almost four-wide race in turn three and four at midpoint. Almost every driver in the heat led a lap with the eventual winner being Gavin Paull, who started last.

The Modified feature was exciting as well. Greg Ferris started on the front row, with Glen Strachan on the outside. Greg pulled away from the field immediately, while Strachan pulled from third place. However, Strachan developed a strong push coming out of turn four which caused him to slowly fall back. Soon, Bill Witherspoon got by Strachan for second. Ferris continued to lead. A caution came out for Ron Korpi who flew off the track coming into turn three. A seized transmission ended his night early. On the restart, Ferris continued to stay in front. There was only one driver who had a chance to beat him. Gavin Paull was moving up fast, cleanly passing six or so cars while moving up towards the front. With Chad Jonson in front of him, and Strachan not much further, Paull went low. Coming out of turn four, Strachan started to spin slowly around. Paull seemed to have gotten by Strachan but suddenly was clipped in the right rear as Strachan came down the track. Paull would end up finishing sixth, while Strachan was towed to the pits.

The last restart of the night put Ferris ahead of Witherspoon once again. It would be the last chance anyone would have on the dominating driver. Further back, Gary Wilson, who has been racing in Emo since the early 1970s, came out of nowhere and passed three cars in three laps. He was quickly catching up to third place when he ran out of laps.

This weekend, July 14th is the Piston Ring Mid-Season Summer Shootout. Celebrate the middle of summer at the Emo Speedway. Hot Laps at 7pm and racing at 7:30pm.