Saturday October 20, 2018
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Posts in 'Deerfield Raceway' Track

Halloween Classic

October 19th, 2015

Magrell Pizza Jr. Sprint feature went to first time feature winner Michael Lutz Jr.  Lutz Jr. won this season championship race over Ayden Cipriano. Charlie Biskup finished 3rd followed by Chase Nicheols and Samuel Darby. Heats went to Lutz Jr. and Roman Jones.

Jacob Cozadd-Teeters wins the Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman season championship over Cody Stillion. Stillion finished second for the eighth time this year. Jacob Eakin finished third and Jenna Golden finished fourth. Heat went to Teeters.

Majestic Trailer Micro Sprints had twenty nine cars qualify for the opportunity to race in the Mike Boracic Sr. Memorial Race. With three micros on the trailer after the heat races.  Deerfield promotors said start the remainder.

Return to Racing at Deerfield

July 12th, 2015

DEERFIELD OH, Last month, Deerfield played host to a historic feat of auto racing. 16 features and just as many heat races made for a great night of racing. The weather gods must not have enjoyed the amount of racing and decided to shut it down for a month. Here we are. One month later on a Friday, promoters Paul and Kay Miller opened the gate and welcomed pits of 120+ cars. Fans packed the stands and pits. It was a reunion for many. Jokingly, drivers said “I forgot what you looked like!” as they quipped at their friends and friendly rivals. The Reunion was great and ther

Deerfield Raceway Gets Them In

May 5th, 2014

Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprint Division saw Deerfield Raceway’s first two time feature winner of the year as Roman Jones remains undefeated.  Jones started fourth and after one lap crossed the line second.  Jones went outside Toto on lap six and drove away.  Toto held off Aaron Mulrooney Jr., Ty Miller, Mason Arrington who rounded out the top five. Heat went to Jones and Mulrooney.

Feature – Jones, Toto, Mulrooney Jr., Miller, Arrington, Simmons, Tuttle, Cipriano

In the Summit Racing Classic division Matt Good won his second feature of the year at Deerfield Raceway.  Good is now the points leader in the division as  his brother Jim Good was the 2012 and 2013 Hoosier Tire Point Champ.  Good took the lead from vet Terry Ohl on lap 4.  Ohl pulled even even and sometimes ahead of Good but was unable to make the pass. As the two battled for the win Jason Myers and Adam Buttermore crept up on the leaders to make it a very exciting last lap.  The finish was Good, Ohl, Myers, Buttermore and rookie Rich Johnston with a strong fifth place.  Heats – Buttermore and Good

Feature – Good, Ohl, Myers, Buttermore, Johnston, Davis, Myers, Chambers, Smith, Loy

A-1 Auto and Spring E-Mod division had a new winner as George Vestal won his first at Deerfield Raceway.  Craig Humphreys led the first three laps giving way to a quick Ray Gregory who led the next nine laps. Vestal took the lead on lap thirteen and was followed across the line by Gregory, Craig Humphreys, Carl Humphreys and current point leader William Thorla. Heats were won by Dennis Dellinger and Tim Schmitt Jr.

Feature – Vestal, Gregory, Craig Humphreys, Carl Humphreys, Thorla, Dellinger, Lapcevich, Smith, Schmitt, Hrdlicka, Orth, Mueller

Mel’s Towing Compact division saw Jason Shaw win his second feature of the early season.  Shaw has already established himself as the man to beat in 2014.  The real race was for second as Robert Workman passed Jaret Sams on lap six for second, but on lap eleven Sams goes back by Workman in a nice battle for the runner up spot. When the checkered flew it was Shaw, Sams, Workman, Jason Large and Johnny Bruce. Heats were won by Large and Shaw.

Feature – Shaw, Sams, Workman, Large, Bruce, Ring, Belknap, Wilkinson, Peebles, Jordan

The Majestic Trailer Micro Sprint division after two weeks has two different feature winners but the last name remains the same, Fredericks. Brandon Fredericks won his first feature ever at Deerfield Raceway and did it the second week of his sophomore season, following older brother Ryan who won opening day.  Polesitter Fredericks led ever lap but had to fight off Deerfield’s hot dogs Todd Reusser, brother Ryan, Brandon Hawkins and Kyle Coldwell who completed the top 5.  Heats were won by Jeff Haefke, Reusser, Ryan Fredericks

Feature – B. Fredericks, Reusser, R. Fredericks, Hawkins, Colwell, Davis, McVay, Keefe, Flatt, Kerr, Stemmrich, Brunkenhoefer, Borawiec Jr., S. Hawkins, Heafke, Cavoto, Eakin, Forney

The Smith Body Shop Mod Lite division was down on car count but up on excitement. Nick Groves from his outside starting position jumped into the lead.  Jim Gump spun on lap two to bring out the first of four yellows.  Lap 3 found Shayne Meadows in the infield.  The dry slick surface had Groves and his friends racing the surface as much as each other. Dave Innes who ran second from lap 3, saw an opening on lap 10, put the car in there and made contact with Groves. Both off the gas to save their race cars they watched Todd Rhoads motor by to lead lap 11.  Lap 13 found Meadows trying to find a way around Gump for the third spot. Contact was made and Meadows left on the hook.  James Good and Groves end up in the pit chute exit but both were able to finish. Rounding out the top five behind Rhoads were Innes, Gump, Bill Van Fossen and Good. Heat went to Meadows.

Feature – Rhoads, Innes, Gump, Van Fossen, Good, Groves Hixenbaugh, Meadows

Chris Smith started outside in the 600 Micro division at Deerfield Raceway and jumped into the lead on lap 1 and led every lap followed closely by Scott Scholl. Smith and Scholl were followed by Mike Borawiec Jr. and Brooke Coggin in this new division. Heat – Scholl

The Summit Racing Charger division saw Ted Williams Sr. win his second feature of the 2014 season. Chas Wolbert driving Tiffany Williams 2013 Point Champ car owned by John Smith jumped into the lead from his outside pole starting spot. Wolbert led the first 7 laps before being pursued by a pressing Williams Sr. After the 15 lap race Wolbert found himself between two Ted Willians. Sr. first, Wolbert second, Teddy Williams Jr. third, fourth going to Larry Rhoads and fifth to Jim Golden. The heat saw Williams Sr. steal the heat win from Larry Rhoads at the checked Flag.

Feature – Ted Williams, Wolbert, Teddy Williams, Rhoads, Golden, Ross, Van Fossen


Mike Borawiec Sr. Memorial Race and Season Championship at Deerfield Raceway

September 24th, 2013

Outside polesitter Tim Schmitt lead all 15 laps in the Hard Cores Emod division, on this Season Championship race night at Deerfield Raceway.  4th place starter Roger Hermann grabbed the 2nd spot to the end on lap8.  Bud Hrdlicka started the race sixth, ended the race 3rd.  Craig Humphries and Mike Smith completed the top 5.  2 Cautions flew.  Josh Mueller captured the 2013 Hoosier Tire Point Championship in the Hard Cores Emod division.  Heats – Schmitt, Mueller

Ryan Boano and Cody Stillion tied for the Season Championhip race in the Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprint division.  Stillion led the first 10 laps, Boano lap 11, Stillion laps 12 & 13,  Boano lap 14 and Boano and Stillion tied on lap 15. After reviewing the tape several times a single winner could not be determined.  Ty Miller claimed 3rd followed by Jacob Eakin and Roman Jones.  Eakin won the Hoosier Tire Point Championship 2013.  Heats – Boano, Eakin

Polesitter Kenny Meadows led 14 of the 15 laps in the Season championship race in the Smith Body Shop Mod Lite division at Deerfield Raceway, Saturday night.  Unfortunately the only lap that could give Meadows the race victory he ran 2nd.  Nephew Shayne Meadows dove under Uncle Kenny coming off of turn 4 to nip his uncle for the win, at the checkered.  K. Meadows ended the race runner-up but went home with a smile on his face after capturing his first Hoosier Tire Point Championship in the Mod Lite division at Deerfield Raceway.  3rd place starter Rod Jones ended the race 3rd followed by 5th place starter Todd Rhoads who finished the race 4th.  6th place Brian Stuhldreher completed the top 5 running order.  Heats – Jim Gump, Jones, K. Meadows

Joe Grzelak Jr. claimed the Season championship race win in the Summit Racing Charger division.  Grzelak started 8th , fell back to 11th on lap 5, so in 10 laps Grzelak advanced 10 spots.  Ted Williams, polesitter led 14 or the 15 settling for 2nd.  2013 Hoosier Tire Point Champ Tiffany Williams ended the race 3rd.  T. Williams and Angie Grzelak  were in a hard fought battle for the points.  Tiffany Williams won by one point.  Angie Grzelak finished in the 4th slot followed by Deerfield vet and former 2013 feature winner Steve Mix. Heats – J. Grzelak, Jeff Eboch

Feature – Grzelak, Williams, Williams, Grzelak, Mix, Eboch, Williams, Rhoads, Williams Jr., Van Fossen, Sparks, Jewell

Twenty eight Micro Sprints started the Mike Borawiec Sr. race Saturday Night at Deerfield Raceway. Fastest qualifier DJ Furney started on the pole and took home the win.  7th place starter Todd Reusser clawed his way through his fellow racers for some passing action to end the race 2nd.  6th place starter Ryan Fredericks advanced 3 spots to claim 4th.  Visiting Ryan McAndrew started 4th advanced one to end the race 3rd.  Brother Sean McAndrew broke on lap 16 of 25 after starting 2nd and running 2nd before he was forced to the pit area due to mechanical difficulties.  Rod Jones filling in for traveling Tim Eakin completed the top 5.  Eakin sealed the Micro Hoosier Tire point Championship for 2013 last week at Deerfield Raceway.  Heats – Furney, Johnny Walker, Brandon Fredericks, Al Cavoto

Carson Miller held on for a Season Championship race win in the Hoowier Tire Jr. Sportsman division. Vivian Jones made a last lap corner effort to pass Miller on the outside after Miller bobbled but fell a foot short at the finish line. Jones claimed end, Brian Toto claimed 3rd and Erich Law 4th.  Miller also won the first Hoosier Tire Point Championship for this new division.  Heat – Jones

In the Summit Racing Classics Todd Lawrence took the lead from “Coach” Greg Davis on lap 4 to 15, this season championship night at Deerfield Raceway, 5th place starter and newly crowned 2013 Hoosier Tire Point Champ Jim Good caught Lawrence on lap 8 but was unable to make the pass. Bob Boano ended the race third in this 15 car-15 lap feature event.  Greg Davis ended the race 4th for a great run followed by Ben Davis for a equally great run.  Heats – Lawrence, Bill Van Fossen

Scott Scholl won again in the 600 Micros, a new division at Deerfield Raceway. Scholl started on the pole and led all 15 laps of this season championship race. Following Scholl were, Chris Smith, Clayton Mullett and Butch Beasley (Riney). Riney captured the 2013 Hoosier Tire Point Championship in this division.

Nick Groves took the lead from early leader Jason Shaw on lap 6 in the Mel’s Towing Compact championship race Saturday night at Deerfield Raceway.  Groves led it to the end.  Shaw settled for 2nd followed by Deerfield vet and 8th place starter Jeremy Ross. Polesitter Dale Stoner slid to 4th which was still a respectable finish considering 17 cars started this 15 lap feature.  Rounding out the top 5 was Robert Workman who traveled the furthest coming all the way from 13th.  Groves again took the divisions Hoosier Tire point championship. Heats – Ross, Groves, Jaret Sams

9-11 Memorial at Deerfield Raceway

September 12th, 2013

At Deerfield Raceway the first September night of the 2013 race season the Demyan Towing Micro Sprint division ran their Season Championship race one week early because they are set to run their annual Mike Borawiec Sr. Memorial Race next Saturday night.  Greg Lazzara started on the pole and led all 15 laps of this hard charging event.  Tim Eakin claimed his first Hoosier Tire Point Championship as the points also ended on this championship race night. 2nd place starter in the race ended in the 2nd spot, DJ Furney.  New 2013 point champ Eakin ended the race 3rd, followed by last place starter Ryan Fredericks who passed a bunch of cars.  Mike Borawiec Jr. (Brother-in-law to Eakin) completed the top 5 in this fast paced division.

Feature – Lazzara, Furney, Eakin, Fredericks, M. Borawiec Jr., B. Fredericks, B. Borawiec Jr., Slattman, Young, Reusser, Cecil, Golf

Kenny Meadows sat on the pole of the Smith’s Body Shop Mod Lite feature event inside of the Deerfield vet Todd Rhoads.  Meadows had track position and dominated the race leading all 15 laps.  Rhoads challenged Meadows on starts and restarts and kept the rest of the field in his rear view mirror.  Last week’s winner Doug Stanley came from 7th to end the race 3rd.  Brian Stuhldreher snuck past Shayne Meadows for the 4th spot.  Shayne Meadows ended the race 5th in this competitive Mod Lite division.  Heats – Stanley, K.  Meadows

Feature – K. Meadows, Rhoads, Stanley, Stuhldreher, S. Meadows, Groves, Debolt, Gump, Eckstrom, Walters, Innes, Kintz

Polesitter Todd Lawrence led all 15 laps in the Summit Racing Sportsman Classic division.  7th place starter Jim Good snuck past 2nd place runner Terry Ohl on the last lap.  Ohl ended the race 3rd. followed by Bob Boano who started all the way back in 10th.  Jason Myers completed the top 5 finishers. Only 2 cautions flew in this 16 car, 15 lap event.  Heats – Ohl, Shaun Loy, Good

Feature – Lawrence, Good, Ohl, Boano, Myers, Stillion, Davis, G. Davis, Van Fossen, Chambers, Myers, Smith, Went, Ingersoll, Platt

Carson Miller passed early race leader Erich Law on lap 3 in the Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman division for the win.  3rd place starter Brian Toto grabbed the 2nd spot on lap 12 from Vivian Jones who ended the race 3rd.  Erich Law ended the race 4th.  Heat – Jones

Summit Racing Chargers needed three attempts to get a lap scored. Finally after starting single file Ted Williams Sr. lead the first three laps before being passed by a very hungry Steve Mix.  Mix who has been shut out of the feature winner circle this year would not be denied this night.  Mix held off charges by both Tiffany Williams and Angie Grzelak. When the checker flag flew it was Mix, A. Grzelak, Tiffany Williams, Ted Williams Sr., and Larry Rhoads. Heats were won by Tiffany Williams and Joey Grzelak

Feature – Mix, A. Grzelak, Tiffany Williams, Ted Williams, L. Rhoads, Ted Williams Jr., J. Eboch, J. Van Fossen, J. Grzelak, M. Sparks, Art Williams

A-1 Auto and Spring 600 Micros started the feature with a bobble taking the green.  The green stayed out the race went green to checker.  Veteran Bryan Grove jumped all over the early race bobble and came from his 4th starting position to lead lap one and the remaining 14 laps.  Finishing second was Hoosier Tire point leader Clay Riney.  Third went to last week’s feature winner Scott Scholl who started the race sixth.  Fourth went to polesitter Chris Smith.  Rounding out the field was Trevor Baker and Clayton Mullett.  Heat went to Grove.

Feature – Grove, Riney, Scholl, Smith, Baker, Mullett

Josh Mueller got the big win Saturday night at Deerfield Raceway in the Hard Cores E-Mod division.  Mike Smith advanced to second on lap 15 followed by Dan Rummes. Jeff Mundell scratched and clawed his way up through the pack to end the race 4th.  Nicole Hrdlicka had a good run finishing 5th.  The heat races were won by Blaine Heater and Mike Smith.

Feature – Mueller, Smith, Rummes, Mundell, Hrdlicka, Heater, Hermann, Orth, Humphreys, Dellinger, Wilson, Walker

7th place starter Nick Groves came from 7th to 1st by lap 6 in the Mel’s Towing Compact feature event at Deerfield Raceway the first week of September racing.  Groves passed polesitter Dan Marshall for the lead.  Marshall ended the race 2nd.  8th place starter Dale Stoner ended the race 3rd, followed by Patrick Madison and Robert Workman.  Heats went to Groves and Ray Gregory.

Feature – Groves, Marshall, Stoner, Madison, Workman, Cecil, Sams, Johnston, Peebles, Gregory, Wilson, Jordan, Bruce, Ross

Roman Jones won his first ever feature event in the Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprint race. Jones sat on the pole leading all 12 laps.  5th place starter Ryan Boano ended the race 2nd.  Followed by Cody Stillion (3).  Jacob Eakin and Ty Miller completed the top 5 running order. Heats – Boano, Eakin

Feature – Jones, Boano. Stillion, Eakin, Miller, Walters, Van Orman, Arrington, Purnell



August 24, 2013 Deerfield Raceway

September 8th, 2013

Roger Herman led the first 10 laps of the Hard Cores E-Mod division. A transmission lead got worse as the race went on causing him to sping while in the lead.  Josh Mueller came from the 5th spot to be on Hermann’s bumper by lap 3 and was there to take advantage of Hermann’s mishap for the win.  Craig Humphreys came from 11th to end the race 4th while Mike Smith who started 10th, climbed to 5th by lap 11 to clinch the position.  Dennis Dellinger worked his way from poles after Mundell drove every lap 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ending the race 3rd.  Heats – Tim Schmitt, Dellinger, Mundell

Feature – Mueller, Dellinger, Mundell, Humphreys, Smith, Schmitt, Harris, Hermann, Hrdlicka, Wilson, Heater, Walker, Summers, Boano, Rummes

Nick Groves started in the 6th spot in the Mel’s Towing Compact division feature event but by the 4th circuit was running in the top spot.  Fans just use a couple workd to describe Nick, “He’s Tough!” Jeremy Ross also a top compact driver finished the race right behind Groves.  Jason Shaw came from the 8th spot to take 3rd. Dale Stoner fell all the way to 8th but worked his way through the crowd to finish 4th.  Deerfield’s own Robert Workman completed the top 5.  Only 2 cautions flew throughout this 15 lap feature.  Heats – Ross, Groves

Feature – Groves, Ross, Shaw, Stoner, Workman, Bruce, Jordan, Cecil, Sams, Wilson, Ingram, Peebles, Johnston

DJ Furney took home the win in the Demyan Towing Micro Sprint division.  Todd Reusser (6th place starter) caught Furney on lap 12 after getting past Wes Liebert who rac the first 11 laps either 1st or 2nd.  When Reusser did pass Liebert Greig Lazzara was right on Reussers bumper, to claim 3rd place.  Tim Eakin snuck past Liebert on lap 13 then Mike Borawiec Jr. on lap 14.  Liebert ended the race 6th in this highly competitive division.  Heats – Lazzara, Reusser

Rookie Ty Miller had a break through night winning the feature event in the Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprint division.  Miller passed Jonah Walters for the lead on lap 5, to the checkered.  Ryan Boano advance 5 spots to end the race 2nd, Cody Stillion last weeks feature winner ended the 3rd, followed by rookies Roman Jones and Tyler Purnell.  Heats – Stillion, Jacob Eakin

Feature – Miller, Boano, Stillion, Jones, Purnell, Eakin, Walters, Cozadd-Teeters, Van Orman, Arrington

Clay Riney took home a win this Saturday night at Deerfield Raceway in the A-1 Auton and Spring 600 Micros. Riney took the lead from Jeff Haefke on lap 10.  Chris Smith settled into 3rd place, Scott Scholl and Clayton Mullett completed the top 5.  Heat – Scholl

In the Summit Racing Classic division Kenny Meadows (Magrell) started 4th in this 16 car, 15 lap feature event.  Meadows took the lead from Jim Good on lap 3 to the win.  Good ended the race 2nd, followed by Jason Myers, Bob Boano and Bill Van Fossen. Only 3 cautions plagued this event and kudos go out to young Bob Boano advancing 5 spots and Van Fosen advancing 7 spots.  Meadows won back to back feature events. (Mod Lites and Classics) Heats- Ken Platt, Meadows, Todd Lawrence

Feature – Meadows, Good, Myers, Boano, Van Fossen, Lawrence, Platt, Myers, Davis, Ohl, Smith, Went, Chambers, Gregory, Ingersoll, Stillion

7th place starter Kenny Meadows passed nephew Shayne Meados on lap 12 for the lead in the Smith’s Body Shop Mod Lites at Deerfield Raceway Saturday night.  The battle ensued on lap 4 and ended on lap 12.  Following the Meadows, was 2012 Hoosier Tire Point Champ Doug Stanley and 2013 feature winner Dave Innes for 3rd and 4th.  Wayne Kintz had a great run ending the race 5th.  Heats – K. Meadows, Innes

Feature – Meadows, Meadows, Stanley, Innes, Kintz, Gump, Walters, Eckstrom, Groves, Stuhldreher, Debolt, Rhoads

Joe Grzelak Jr. came form the 3rd spot on the 1st circuit in the Summit Racing Charger division, getting past Jeff Eboch and Ted Williams. Eboch ended the race 2nd.  Art Williams came from 6th place to finish 3rd, followed by 7th place starter Tiffany Williams and 5th place starter Larry Rhoads.  Heats – Grzelak, Eboch

Feature – Grzelak, Eboch, Williams, Williams, Rhoads, Grzelak, Williams, Williams, Van Fossen, Sparks

Brian Toto won the feature event in the Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman. Vivian Jones, Austin Teeters, Carson Miller, Erich Law and Jenna Golden complete the running order.  This 10-18 Yr. old division has been growing weekly.  Toto led all but one of the 12 laps recorded.  Heat went to Carson Miller.



Mueller Finally Claimed at Feature at Deerfield

August 18th, 2013

Deerfield regular Josh Mueller finally claimed a feature win in the Hard Cores E-Mod division at Deerfield Raceway. We say finally because Mueller has come so close to a win, so many times this season.  So again we say finally Mueller got his due, and it wasn’t a cake walk since Dan Rummes, former feature winner ran 2nd 14 of the 15 circuits.  Blaine Heater also a 2013 feature winner claimed 3rd by fellow competitors, Roger Herman and Mike Smith.  Heats – Mueller, Heater

From the 3rd startin spot Carson Miller jumped into the lead on lap3 passing early race leader Austin Teeters in the Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman division.Brian Toto took home 2nd.  Vivian Jones worked her way from the 4th spot to take 3rd followed by Austin Teeters.  Heat – Miller

In the Magrell’s Pizza Jr. Sprints Ryan Boano came from the 7th starting spot to take the top spot from early race leader Roman Jones on lap 3, Jacob Eakin ended the race 2nd followed by Roman Jones, Tyler Purnell and Cody Stillion.  Heats – Eakin and Jones

Todd Reusser sat on the pole of the 14 car, 15 lap feature event in the Demyan Towing Micro Sprint division at Deerfield Raceway Saturday night ,sitting in front of 13 other fierce competitors.  Suspense over, Reusser commanded the feature event.  At the beginning of the race Wes Liebert and Tim Eakin started the event 2nd and 3rd. On lap one they switched spots to the checkered.  DJ Furney started 8th, finished 4th.  Greg Lazzara traveled the furthest coming from 12th to complete the top 5 for a great run.  Heats – Liebert, Reusser

On a special night at Deerfield Raceway in the Mel’s Towing Compact division Jason Shaw  took home with him Saturday night a big payout and a great trophy.  Deerfield and the Wertz Family honored former and past racer Phil Wertz.  2012 Hoosier Tire Point Champ Nick Groves was in 2nd by the 1st lap and 6th place starter and current points leader Jeremy Ross ran 2nd on the 2nd circuit.  On lap 5 Groves Tire got cut on a caution and he had to enter the pits and return to the race at the tail and Ross had Mechanical problems forcing him to the pits for the entirety of the race.  Dale Stoner ran 2nd laps 6-13. At the end of the race Nick Groves got 2nd. Patrick Madison 3rd. Stoner 4th. and Don Peebles rounded out the top 5. Heats – Shaw, Stoner, Johnston

Polesitter Kenny Meadows added another slash in the win column, in the Smith’s Body Shop Mod Lite division. Todd Rhoads fell into a respectable 2nd place spot with Shayne Meadows nipping at his heels.  But S. Meadows didn’t have an easy time of it because Levi Walters was tucking his nose under S. Meadows racer.  Then as we go back through the top 5 Jim Gump also looked under Walters for plenty of laps.  All raced as gentlemen and finished as they raced K. Meadows, Rhoads, S. Meadows, Walters and Gump.  K Meadows had clean air and the pack was pretty much racing for 2nd.  Heats – Rhoads, S. Meadows

In the Summit Racing Charger division Rod Jones filling in for Joe Grzelak Jr. won the 15 lap feature event on Deerfield’s visit from Twin State Racing Club.  Steve Mix shadowed Jones from the 4th circuit on.  Mix settled for 2nd followed by Angie Grzelak who started the race 7th.  Brothers Art and Ted Williams rounded out the top 5 in this quick paced division. Heats – Larry Rhoads and A. Grzelak

In the Summit Racing Classics Chuck Magrell won his first ever feature event from the 3rd slot.  Magrell Pizza took the lead on the 4th lap and held on to the checkered.  This was Magrell’s first division win since he moved from the compact division.  4th place starter Ken Platt ended the race 2nd advancing 2.  Terry Ohl came from 5th to the 3rd spot by lap 7 .  Young Bob Boano led the first 3 laps of the feature event but lost it in the turn and was sent to the tail.  Boano kept his nose clean, avoiding mishaps the rest of the race to claim 4th.  Jason Myers completed the top 5.  Heats – Magrell and Platt

Nick Krchelich took the lead on the 1st circuit from the 3rd spot to lead all 15 laps in the 600 Micro Feature event at Deerfield Raceway.  Jeff Haefke started next to last and finished on the heels of Krchelich.  Young Clay Riney ended the race formidable 3rd spot in this all star division.  Chris Smith ad Clayton Mullett completed the top 5.  Heats – Riney, Bryan Grove.

The Show Must Go On

July 22nd, 2013

Tim Gillette went the 100 laps to win Enduro II at Deerfield Raceway.  2nd place went to Andrea Williamson who completed 93 laps.  The winner of the 2013 Enduro I Nick Sanor took home the thrid spot completing 85 laps followed by Jody Burkey who was able to maneuver the slick track for 80 laps.

Enduro III “Night of Destruction II” is scheduled for September 21.

The Push Pull Race was won by the race team, Jason Shaw and Jeremy Ross.

Race car bowling was won by Ken Sanor.

The Compact Invitational went to first time winner Bob Workman Jr. Polesitter Jason Shaw was running away with the race until Jeremy Ross spun out on lap 8.  That caution tightened the field and 4th place starter Bob Workman just wouldn’t go away, from the leader Shaw.  After the lap 8 caution the lead was swapped as follows; second place Workman took the lead from Shaw on lap 9, Shaw again took the lead for laps 10-12 and workman 13-15. After battling the rain all evening these drivers drove a great race.

May 18th – Deerfield Raceway

June 5th, 2013

At Deerfield Raceway in the new 2013 Hoosier Tire Jr. Sportsman division Carson Miller started 1st and Brian Toto started 2nd. After running 10 laps Miller won, Toto finished 2nd. Toto won the heat.



Ryan Boano started in the first spot in the Hoosier Tire Jr. Sprint division and after 15 laps raced he ended in that same spot for the win.  Jacob Eakin and Danielle Tuttle, two of the top contenders in this youth division ended the race 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Rookies Ty Miller and Cody Stillion completed the top 5 in that order.

Feature – Boano, Eakin, Tuttle, Miller, Stillion, Purnell, Cozadd-Teeters, Walters, Toto, Jones

Clay Riney led all 15 laps in this newcomer 600 Micro division at Deerfield Raceway.  Scott Scholl ended the race 2nd followed by Clayton Mullett and Bryan Grove. Heat went to Scott Scholl.

Third place starter Ken Platt led laps 4-15 in the 15 lap, 18 car Summit Racing Classic division.  5th place starter Paul Miller Jr. filling in for Jason Myers captured second for  the race team. Newcomer and 2nd place starter Zack Anthony ended the race in a coveted 3rd place finish.  Kenny Meadows filling in for Chuck Magrell and (Coach) Greg Davis finished filling in the top 5 in this fan favorite division.  Heats – Jim Gump, Meadows, Miller Jr.

Feature – Platt, Myers, Anthony, Magrell, Davis, Good, Myers, Smith, VanFossen, Harris, Shaffer, Ohl, Gump, Davis, Boano, Ingersoll, Chambers, M. Good

In the Summit Racing Chargers Angie Grzelak won the big race of the night which didn’t come easy.  Deerfield vet Art Williams led the first 5 laps,  Grzelak the remaining laps.  Sibling Joe Grzelak Jr. took a nasty tumble coming off of turn 2 on lap 5 sending this 2013 feature winner to the pit area.  Then when the win looked secure Tiffany Williams challenged Grzelak on lap 10 for the lead pulling even with her on the back stretch.  Going into turn 3 Williams gave the lead back to Grzelak holding onto her car but forcing her to the back of the pack. Art Williams ended the race 2nd.  Brother Ted Williams ended the race 3rd.  Deerfield vets Steve Mix and Larry Rhoads completed the top 5.  Heats – A. Grzelak, J. Grzelak

Feature – A. Grzelak, A. Williams, T. Williams, Mix, Rhoads, Eboch, T. Williams, Van Fossen, T. Williams Jr., J. Grzelak

Polesitter Dave Innes led 15 of 15, in the 15 car field in the Smith Body Shop Mod Lite division, at Deerfield Raceway Saturday Night.  Outside polesitter Brian Stuhldreher finished the race 2nd after a fierce battle with 2nd year division racer Shayne Meadows who finished 3rd.  James Gump started 4th and ended 4th getting passed by only Meadows.  Todd Rhoads tumbled to 5th from the 3rd starting spot which is still a feat in this competitive field of cars. The most interesting fact about this face was that it unfortunately was plagued with 8 caution flags in 15 laps among this talented group of drivers.  Heats – Doug Stanley, Chas Wolbert, Mark Marcucci

Feature – Innes, Stuhldreher, Meadows, Gump, Rhoads, Stanley, Darocha, K. Meadows, Walters, Kintz, Groves, Eckstrom, Wolbert, Platt, Marucci

Former Hoosier Tire track champ in the Hard Core E-Mod division Roger Herman grabbed his first win of the early 2013 season.  Newcomer to the division Josh Mueller took home 2nd followed by Blaine Heater, Nicole Hrdlicka and Tim Schmitt Jr.  Heater lead the first four in the feature event, lap 5-15 were led by Hermann.  Rookie Mike Wilson finished 6th and Deerfield regular Craig Humphreys 7th.

Feature – Hermann, Mueller, Heater, Hrdlicka, Schmitt, Wilson, Humphreys

In the Mel’s Towing Compacts 4th place starter Dale Stoner made his way into the top spot in the feature event by lap 3 and lead every lap following to take his first ever feature win in this division.  Last race winner at Deerfield, Jeremy Ross came from 8th to end the race runner up.  6th place starter Dustin Scott, followed Ross under the checkered.  Larry Ingram started 11th and climbed 7 slots to fill in the 4th place finish.  Rich Johnston completed the top 5.  Heats – Scott, Nick Groves, Stoner

Feature – Stoner, Ross, Scott, Ingram, Johnston, Cecil, Madison, Peebles, Means, Wilson, Sams, Cecil, Jordan, Conner, Groves, Bruce, Workman, Large, Cogan

In the Demyan Towing Micro Sprints DJ Furney won the big race of the night to make it two in a row after the 3rd install of the 2013 racing season at Deerfield Raceway.  Furney (Watson Family Racing) took the top spot from early race leader Ryan Fredericks, outside polesitter.  Furney has been burning up the sometimes tricky clay ¼ mile coming all the way from the 9th starting slot.  5th place starter Tim Eakin compled the task for the second spot on lap 14.  Fredericks settled for third followed by 10th place starter Brett Brunkenhoefer and Rookie Brandon Fredericks.  Heats – Todd Reusser, Eakin

Feature – Furney, Eakin, Fredericks, Brunkenhoefer, Fredericks, Walker, Haueter, Slattman, Sampson, McVay, Davis Jr., Libert, Borawiec, Reusser, Sampson, Young, Forster