Thursday August 28, 2014
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Welcome to the Speednet Direct Software Resource Center
New Add-ons Available Now
Our research and development continues to come up with great new products including; Speednet Mobile, new Announcer Info and Race Line-up applications. Click here to check out all the add-on options and special offers.
Speednet Direct on Facebook and Twitter
Connect with other scorers and race officials at our Speednet Direct Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! Learn tips, tricks and shortcuts that will make using the Speednet Direct Race Management software even easier. Whether you're a Speednet veteran or a first-time user, our Facebook page is a great place to begin lasting friendships regardless of where you are or what kind of racing you're involved in.

Web Training Classes
If you would like to schedule a one-on-one web training session please create a support ticket and we will set up a time to go step-by-step through the Race Management software and answer all of your questions. For help with specific questions check out our Web Training Videos for fast answers to the most common questions.

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Speednet Website Integration
Speednet Direct now offers WEB INTEGRATION packages starting at only $100 per year. For more information on how our web integration and design services can make your life easier click here. Speednet Direct makes it easy to keep your website looking great all year long.
Help is just a mouse click or phone call away. If you need any assistance with the SpeedNet Race Management software or help in "mirroring" results on your website, create a support ticket at our Sales & Support Portal.

Are you looking for the latest update? Click here to go to the update page and download the most recent version.

We are pleased to be able to provide you with our SpeedNet Race Management software at NO CHARGE! For more information on this incredible program click here!

"Look at what other promoter's have to say about the SpeedNet Race Management software ...
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Ready to use your new software?
Follow the simple steps below to get up and running quickly.
Step:1 Install the software on your PC by downloading the installation file and following the on-screen instructions. Click here to request a download link if you are a track or series that promotes motorsports events. Read the Knowledgebase article on how to properly set up Speednet on a Windows computer.
Step:2 Download the latest software update file to your desktop and install it by clicking the update icon. After you have run the update, you can delete the update file. (This step is not needed when you download the software.)
Step:3 Open the application by clicking the SpeedNet icon on your desktop and begin by filling in the track/series information. It is important that you fill this out accurately because this information is used to register and validate your software.
Step:4 Open the Tutorial from the Help menu, check out our Knowledgebase articles and read the Online Manual for the proper data entry sequence BEFORE YOU START to save yourself time and trouble. In addition to entering your drivers, classes, points and prize structure, you'll want to post your season schedule using our Event Scheduler found under "Internet" on the menu bar.
Step:5 After entering your schedule, upload it to the Internet by clicking the globe icon or selecting "Upload Race Results" from the Web menu. This will also complete the registration and validation of your software. You should do this prior to the start of your race season.
Step:6 If you experience any problems or have any questions, check out the Sales & Support Portal for more information or to contact a technical support representative.