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Saturday November 18, 2017
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Slinger Super Speedway
Slinger, WI
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Result For September 10, 2017 
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Area Sportsman - Feature
1553W   Paul Wagner    Iron Ridge, Wi95.00
2729S   Jake Schraufnagel    Slinger , Wi72.00
3445W   Rich Wagner    Slinger , Wi63.00
4632W   Andy Welter    Cedarburg , Wi56.00
5211B   Adam Bleskan    Menomonee Falls, Wi49.00
61074S   Joe Shelby    Neenah , Wi45.00
719B   Chris Beine    Slinger , Wi41.00
8398B   Dean Bleecker    Watertown , Wi38.00
9832R   Randy Ruth    Menomonee Falls, Wi36.00
10927K   Jay Kalbus    Watertown , Wi0.00DNS

Area Sportsman - Heat
1653W   Paul Wagner    Iron Ridge, Wi0.00
2829S   Jake Schraufnagel    Slinger , Wi0.00
3211B   Adam Bleskan    Menomonee Falls, Wi0.00
4732W   Andy Welter    Cedarburg , Wi0.00
5445W   Rich Wagner    Slinger , Wi0.00
6574S   Joe Shelby    Neenah , Wi0.00
719B   Chris Beine    Slinger , Wi0.00
8398B   Dean Bleecker    Watertown , Wi0.00
9932R   Randy Ruth    Menomonee Falls, Wi0.00

Area Sportsman - Qualifying
1429S   Jake Schraufnagel    Slinger , Wi5.00
2632W   Andy Welter    Cedarburg , Wi4.00
3853W   Paul Wagner    Iron Ridge, Wi3.00
4974S   Joe Shelby    Neenah , Wi2.00
5745W   Rich Wagner    Slinger , Wi1.00
61098B   Dean Bleecker    Watertown , Wi0.00
7211B   Adam Bleskan    Menomonee Falls, Wi0.00
819B   Chris Beine    Slinger , Wi0.00
9532R   Randy Ruth    Menomonee Falls, Wi0.00
10327K   Jay Kalbus    Watertown , Wi0.00


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