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Tuesday August 21, 2018
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Hickory Motor Speedway
Newton, NC
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Result For May 12, 2018 
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Late Model - Twin II
1957C   Justin Carroll    Concord , Nc50.00
2595H   Jacob Heafner    Dallas , Nc48.00
382G   Tanner Gray     -46.00
4312B   Annabeth Barnes Crum   Hiddenite , Nc44.00
5228H   Chris Hudspeth    Ronda , Nc42.00
61029M   Mitch Walker    Newton , Nc40.00
7621   Monty Cox    Granite Falls, Nc38.00
8121G   Eric Gerchak    China Grove, Nc36.00
9418R   Alex Reece    Granite Falls, Nc34.00
10755B   Zachary Bruenger    Granite Falls, Nc32.00

Late Model - Twin I
1157C   Justin Carroll    Concord , Nc50.00
232G   Tanner Gray     -48.00
3755B   Zachary Bruenger    Granite Falls, Nc46.00
4221   Monty Cox    Granite Falls, Nc44.00
5895H   Jacob Heafner    Dallas , Nc42.00
6418R   Alex Reece    Granite Falls, Nc40.00
7512B   Annabeth Barnes Crum   Hiddenite , Nc38.00
8628H   Chris Hudspeth    Ronda , Nc36.00
9921G   Eric Gerchak    China Grove, Nc34.00
101029M   Mitch Walker    Newton , Nc32.00

Late Model - Qualifying
1357C   Justin Carroll    Concord , Nc0.00
2421   Monty Cox    Granite Falls, Nc0.00
392G   Tanner Gray     -0.00
4618R   Alex Reece    Granite Falls, Nc0.00
5712B   Annabeth Barnes Crum   Hiddenite , Nc0.00
6528H   Chris Hudspeth    Ronda , Nc0.00
71055B   Zachary Bruenger    Granite Falls, Nc0.00
8195H   Jacob Heafner    Dallas , Nc0.00
9821G   Eric Gerchak    China Grove, Nc0.00
10229M   Mitch Walker    Newton , Nc0.00


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