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Saturday November 18, 2017
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Slinger Super Speedway
Slinger, WI
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Result For September 10, 2017 
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Late Models - Feature
1342P   Dennis Prunty    Knowles , Wi85.00
2106H   Jakob Hassler    Colgate , Wi72.00
322M   Eddie May    Crystal Lake, Il63.00
4992B   R.j. Braun    Wales , Wi0.00DQ
569B   Braison Bennett    Menasha , Wi49.00
61452R   Nick Roehl    Fond Du, Wi45.00
7588H   Brian Holtz    Muskego , Wi41.00
81326S   Jack Stern    Germantown , Wi38.00
975W   Ej Waldron    Union Grove, Wi36.00
101516D   Jared Deming    Jackson , Wi34.00
111761E   Jerry Eckhardt    Johnson Creek, Wi32.00
12114S   Stephen Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi30.00
131846J   Tom Jasinski    Pewaukee , Wi29.00
14801G   Ryan Gutknecht    Oak Creek, Wi28.00
151930B   Zach Braun    Slinger , Wi27.00
161641H   Brad Hetzel    West Bend, Wi26.00
171249E   Andy Evraets    Menomonee Falls, Wi25.00
1818S   Shaun Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi25.00
19455S   Tyler Schley    Richfield , Wi25.00

Late Models - Semi-Feature
1216D   Jared Deming    Jackson , Wi5.00
2741H   Brad Hetzel    West Bend, Wi0.00
3161E   Jerry Eckhardt    Johnson Creek, Wi0.00
4346J   Tom Jasinski    Pewaukee , Wi0.00
5430B   Zach Braun    Slinger , Wi0.00
653H   Tyler Hromadka    Brookfield , Wi19.00
7648L   Gary Lentz    Watertown , Wi18.00
8822C   Kyle Chwala    Jefferson , Wi0.00DNS

Late Models - Heat 3
1155S   Tyler Schley    Richfield , Wi10.00
239B   Braison Bennett    Menasha , Wi9.00
345W   Ej Waldron    Union Grove, Wi8.00
4792B   R.j. Braun    Wales , Wi7.00
5601G   Ryan Gutknecht    Oak Creek, Wi6.00
6288H   Brian Holtz    Muskego , Wi0.00
7522C   Kyle Chwala    Jefferson , Wi0.00

Late Models - Heat 2
134S   Stephen Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi10.00
2149E   Andy Evraets    Menomonee Falls, Wi9.00
358S   Shaun Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi8.00
4742P   Dennis Prunty    Knowles , Wi7.00
5841H   Brad Hetzel    West Bend, Wi6.00
662M   Eddie May    Crystal Lake, Il0.00
7245S   Steven Schulz    Sussex , Wi0.00
846H   Jakob Hassler    Colgate , Wi0.00

Late Models - Heat 1
1216D   Jared Deming    Jackson , Wi10.00
2452R   Nick Roehl    Fond Du, Wi9.00
3161E   Jerry Eckhardt    Johnson Creek, Wi8.00
4346J   Tom Jasinski    Pewaukee , Wi7.00
583H   Tyler Hromadka    Brookfield , Wi6.00
6648L   Gary Lentz    Watertown , Wi0.00
7526S   Jack Stern    Germantown , Wi0.00
8730B   Zach Braun    Slinger , Wi0.00

Late Models - Qualifying
12392B   R.j. Braun    Wales , Wi5.00
2101G   Ryan Gutknecht    Oak Creek, Wi4.00
31022C   Kyle Chwala    Jefferson , Wi3.00
455W   Ej Waldron    Union Grove, Wi2.00
589B   Braison Bennett    Menasha , Wi1.00
62288H   Brian Holtz    Muskego , Wi0.00
72055S   Tyler Schley    Richfield , Wi0.00
81442P   Dennis Prunty    Knowles , Wi0.00
91341H   Brad Hetzel    West Bend, Wi0.00
1022M   Eddie May    Crystal Lake, Il0.00
1178S   Shaun Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi0.00
1266H   Jakob Hassler    Colgate , Wi0.00
1344S   Stephen Scheel    Lake Mills, Wi0.00
141545S   Steven Schulz    Sussex , Wi0.00
151849E   Andy Evraets    Menomonee Falls, Wi0.00
161126S   Jack Stern    Germantown , Wi0.00
171952R   Nick Roehl    Fond Du, Wi0.00
181230B   Zach Braun    Slinger , Wi0.00
191646J   Tom Jasinski    Pewaukee , Wi0.00
20916D   Jared Deming    Jackson , Wi0.00
212161E   Jerry Eckhardt    Johnson Creek, Wi0.00
2233H   Tyler Hromadka    Brookfield , Wi0.00
231748L   Gary Lentz    Watertown , Wi0.00


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