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Thursday November 15, 2018
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Hickory Motor Speedway
Newton, NC
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Result For June 30, 2018 
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Limited Late Model - Paramount Race
1114   Vince Midas    Catawba , Nc50.00
2212P   Gage Painter    Statesville , Nc48.00
3312L   Mason Ludwig    N. Branch, Mi46.00
4521   Monty Cox    Granite Falls, Nc44.00
5744   Josh Kossek    Tobaccoville , Nc42.00
6415G   Taylor Gray    Mooresville , Nc40.00
7151P   Brody Pope    Harrisonville , Nc38.00
8115B   Hannah Bell    Raleigh , Nc36.00
964W   Dylon Wilson    Taylorsville , Nc34.00
10834   Pat Rachels    China Grove, Nc32.00
11947J   Chase Janes    Harrisburg , Nc30.00
121022L   Brandon Lemke    Eagle , Wi28.00
131350M   Todd Midas    Catawba , Nc26.00
141218D   Cody Demarmels    Newton , Nc24.00
151651H   Chris Huffman    Connelly Springs, Nc22.00
161429F   David Flynn    White Pine, Tn20.00
171753   Kyle Dager    Huntersville , Nc18.00

Limited Late Model - Qualifying
1414   Vince Midas    Catawba , Nc0.00
2212P   Gage Painter    Statesville , Nc0.00
3812L   Mason Ludwig    N. Branch, Mi0.00
4315G   Taylor Gray    Mooresville , Nc0.00
51221   Monty Cox    Granite Falls, Nc0.00
664W   Dylon Wilson    Taylorsville , Nc0.00
7544   Josh Kossek    Tobaccoville , Nc0.00
8134   Pat Rachels    China Grove, Nc0.00
9947J   Chase Janes    Harrisburg , Nc0.00
10722L   Brandon Lemke    Eagle , Wi0.00
11105B   Hannah Bell    Raleigh , Nc0.00
121118D   Cody Demarmels    Newton , Nc0.00
131750M   Todd Midas    Catawba , Nc0.00
141329F   David Flynn    White Pine, Tn0.00
15151P   Brody Pope    Harrisonville , Nc0.00
161451H   Chris Huffman    Connelly Springs, Nc0.00
171653   Kyle Dager    Huntersville , Nc0.00DNS


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