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Saturday December 16, 2017
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Eagle Valley Speedway
Jim Falls, WI
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Result For August 25, 2016 
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Mid West Modified - Feature
1122 T   Michael Truscott    Chippewa Falls, Wi35.00
2235   Grant Southworth    Bloomer , Wi33.00
3313   Nick Koehler    Bloomer , Wi32.00
443 JR   Shane Halopka    Greenwood , Wi31.00
51421   Jake Smith    Chippewa Falls, Wi30.00
6520C   Denny Cutsforth    Rice Lake, Wi29.00
7724   Darrel Hazelton    Chippewa Falls, Wi28.00
866   Derek Haas    Thorp , Wi27.00
91168   Nick Lindquist     -26.00
108QP   Mike Knopps    Chippewa Falls, Wi25.00
111287   Chris Johnson    Eau Claire, Wi24.00
121063 JR   Brady Larson    Amery , Wi23.00
13919P   Antonio Pintaro    Osseo , Wi22.00DNF
14155HD   Cole Hanson    Thorp , Wi21.00DNF
151339   Bob Wood    Cadott , Wi0.00DNS
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Super Stock - Feature
111 M   Curt Myers    Cameron , Wi35.00
227R   Tommy Richards    Mondovi , Wi33.00
333 R   Danny Richards    Mondovi , Wi32.00
44245   James Cimfl    Clayton , Wi31.00
5523 E   Terry Kroening    Colby , Wi30.00
6622K   Terran Spacek    Phillips , Wi29.00
779ER   Troy Fransway    Eau Claire, Wi28.00
8893 H   Steve Davidson    Richland Center, Wi27.00
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Street Stock - Feature
163 R   Danny Richards    Mondovi , Wi35.00
2142K   Mike Knudtson    Osseo , Wi33.00
329   Durand Peterson    Glenwood , Mn32.00
4393W   C.j. Waggner    Rice Lake, Wi31.00
552 H   Travis Hazelton    Chippewa Falls, Wi30.00
645   Bob Seidler    Altona , Wi29.00
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Modified - Feature
1157   Mike Anderson    Colfax , Wi35.00
2240   Kevin Adams    Cameron , Wi33.00
3522E   Kevin Eder    Ashland , Wi32.00
44R1   Jay Richardson    Spring Valley, Wi31.00
5327H   Steve Hallquist    Eau Claire, Wi30.00
664   Cory Bruggeman    Stillwater , Mn29.00
7845C   Donnie Cimfl    Weyerhauser , Wi28.00
871   Ashley Anderson    Elk Mound, Wi0.00DNS
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Pure Stock - Feature
115R   George Richards    Mondovi , Wi35.00
22XG   Lucas Kallenbach    Eau Claire, Wi33.00
34R44   Pat Smith    Eau Claire, Wi32.00
4549   Dean Pronschinke    Strum , Wi31.00
532 B   Nicholas Hazelton    Chippewa Falls, Wi30.00
6666T   James Thur    Neilsville , Wi29.00
7740 B   Wayne Braun Sr   Haugen , Wi28.00
8814   Lou Puzio     -27.00
9963   Ken Larson    Balsom Lake, Wi0.00DNS
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Hornets - Feature
1329L   Armond Love    Eau Claire, Wi35.00
2117   Brad York    Colfax , Wi33.00
324   Dan Prissel    Mondovi , Wi32.00
4454   Chad Prissel    Durand , Wi31.00
57007   Jess Seim    Glendwood City, Wi30.00
6514B   Jason Bauer    Durand , Wi29.00
7876   Jake Halterman    Stanley , Wi28.00
8621   Chuck Wald    Chippewa Falls, Wi27.00
99X7   Chad Halterman    Stanley , Wi26.00
101218B   Dean Butler    Wheeler , Wi25.00
111167H   Dale Holte    Elk Mound, Wi24.00
12105   Ashley Seidler     , Wi23.00
131767   Jason Holte    Elk Mound, Wi22.00
14139H   Cole Hill    Colfax , Wi21.00
151526   Russel Nelson    Chippewa Falls, Wi20.00
16144H0   Adam Hover     -19.00
171622   Kevin Kadinger    Colfax , Wi18.00DNF
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