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Saturday May 28, 2016
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Rice Lake Speedway
Rice Lake, WI
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Result For May 21, 2016 
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Modified - A Feature
1740   Kevin Adams    Cameron , Wi35.00
2213   Mark Hessler    Menomonie , Wi33.00
3657   Mike Anderson    Colfax , Wi32.00
4411D   Tim Mcmann    Duluth , Mn31.00
5327H   Steve Hallquist    Eau Claire, Wi30.00
61068M   Scott Miller    Rice Lake, Wi29.00
713H   Bryan Hessler    Chetek , Wi28.00
8818P   Wayne Poteet    Spooner , Wi27.00
95308   Pat Hoffman    Rice Lake, Wi26.00DNF
109104   Bud Mayala    Barron , Wi25.00DNF
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Super Stock - A Feature
141M   Curt Myers    Cameron , Wi35.00
299   Adam Soltis    Ladysmith , Wi33.00
3131E   Eric Olson    Ladysmith , Wi32.00
4740   Nick Traynor    Barron , Wi31.00
582S   Bart Steffen    Eau Claire, Wi30.00
6692   Aaron Wilson    Eau Claire, Wi29.00
72245   Jim Cimfl    Turtle Lake, Wi28.00
813Z   Eric Zitelman    Osceda , Wi27.00
91210   Kyle Helling    Rice Lake, Wi26.00
101096   Lucas Schultz    Cameron , Wi25.00
11538   Simon Wahlstrom    Rice Lake, Wi24.00DNF
1211145   John Erickson    Rice Lake, Wi23.00DNF
1338   James Harris    Menomonie , Wi22.00DNF
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Midwest Mod - A Feature
1637   Travis Anderson    Colfax , Wi35.00
2520   Austin Ellis    Rice Lake, Wi33.00
385   Joe Chaplin Jr   Cameron , Wi32.00
473JR   Shane Halopka    Greenwood , Wi31.00
51219   Josh Wahlstrom    Rice Lake, Wi30.00
693   Ryan Viltz    Chetek , Wi29.00
71993B   Cooper Berlin    Rice Lake, Wi28.00
8189   Scott Meeds    Shell Lake, Wi27.00
9185B   Derek Berg    Siren , Wi26.00DNF
101729   Brent Miller    Cameron , Wi25.00DNF
111528H   Fran Hanson    Almena , Wi24.00DNF
12146   Derek Haas    Thorp , Wi23.00DNF
13223   Kyle Runkle    Chetek , Wi22.00DNF
14415   Karl Kolek    Menomonie , Wi21.00DNF
151101   Bryce Johnson    Barron , Wi20.00DNF
161073   Timothy Ekdahl    Cameron , Wi19.00DNF
171655   John Meeds    Spooner , Wi18.00DNF
18320O   Dennis Cutsforth    Rice Lake, Wi17.00DNF
191399   Daniel Roatch    Cameron , Wi0.00DQ
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Street Stock - A Feature
1784   Hunter Vangilder    Rice Lake, Wi35.00
2512K   Jay Kesan    Weyerhaeuser , Wi33.00
3882   Kevin Bogdanovic    Wausau , Wi32.00
41012   Cody Kummer    Medford , Wi31.00
5321X   Chris Peterson    Amery , Wi30.00
6293   Cj Wagner    Rice Lake, Wi29.00
749K   Kolby Kiehl    Barron , Wi28.00
8988   Robert Wahlstrom    Chetek , Wi27.00
9121K   Mitchell Kesan    Medford , Wi26.00
10611   Samuel Fankhauser    Rice Lake, Wi25.00DNF
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Pure Stock - A Feature
135R   George Richards    Mondovi , Wi35.00
2893K   Michael Knopps    Chippewa Falls, Wi33.00
375H   Jason Havel    Rice Lake, Wi32.00
4929M   Michael Miller    Barron , Wi31.00
5224   James Clausen    Rice Lake, Wi30.00
6611   Tucker Quinn    Ladysmith , Wi29.00
75XJR   Austin Workman    Barron , Wi28.00
84101   Michael Grover    Chetek , Wi27.00
91377   Andrew Ladd    Cumberland , Wi26.00
101040B   Wayne Braun Jr   Spooner , Wi25.00
111422H   Robert Holmstrom    Cameron , Wi24.00
12123   Jake Sandmann    Rice Lake, Wi23.00DNF
131266T   James Thur    Neillsville , Wi22.00DNF
141181   Jack Bowers    Ridgeland , Wi21.00DNF
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