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River Cities Speedway
Grand Forks, ND
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Result For August 16, 2014 
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Sprint Cars - Feature
1121K   Thomas Kennedy    Winnipeg , Mb35.00
2482   Dusty Zomer    Sioux Falls, Sd33.00
398   Casey Mack    East Grand, Mn32.00
41718   Ian Madsen     -31.00
572A   Austin Pierce    Grand Forks, Nd30.00
651K   Chris Shirek    Thompson , Nd29.00
729N   Wade Nygaard    Grand Forks, Nd28.00
8127   Trent Stengl    Oslo , Mn27.00
9130   Nick Omdahl    East Grand, Mn26.00
101592   Mitch Mack    East Grand, Mn25.00
1188H   Jade Hastings    Grand Forks, Nd24.00
121831   Shane Roemeling    Grand Forks, Nd23.00
132099   Jordan Graham    Grand Forks, Nd22.00
141920A   Jordan Adams    Reynolds , Nd21.00
152210   Amber Balcaen    Winnipeg , Mb20.00
16106   Zach Wilde    Thief River, Mn19.00
172327   Nick Ranten     -18.00
18310TR   Bob Martin    East Grand, Mn17.00
192420   Kevin Lawson    Minot , Nd16.00
202122   Tanner Wisk    East Grand, Mn15.00
21145   Dave Glennon    Casselton , Nd14.00DNF
221119   Ryan Wilson    Superior , Wi13.00DNF
23162K   Kevin Ingle    Huron , Sd12.00DNF
24613   Mark Dobmeier    Grand Forks, Nd11.00DNF
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Late Models - Feature
1315   Donny Schatz    Fargo , Nd35.00
2212S   Brad Seng    Grand Forks, Nd33.00
355E   Shane Edginton    Winnipeg , Mb32.00
4110   Mike Balcaen    Winnipeg , Mb31.00
5871A   Steffen Snare    Hallock , Mn30.00
6107P   Joey Pederson    East Grand, Nd29.00
7149   Steve Anderson    Grand Forks, Nd28.00
8629   Norman Olson    West Fargo, Nd27.00
9944S   Cole Schill    West Fargo, Nd26.00
107T1   Tom Corcoran    E Grand, Mn25.00
1113Z17   Zach Naastad    Northwood , Nd24.00
121916   Jason Storbakken    Epping , Nd23.00
131111M   Paul Mueller    Bismarck , Nd22.00
14162   Bill Mooney    Selkirk , Mb21.00
15151   Dusty Peterson    Fargo , Nd20.00
16174*   Harold Schill    West Fargo, Nd19.00
171255   Dustin Burke    Grafton , Nd18.00
181816S   Jeff Hapala    West Fargo, Nd17.00
192044   Jeff Mcdonald    Forest River, Nd16.00
20471   Dustin Strand    Grand Forks, Nd15.00DNF
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