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Tuesday March 28, 2017
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Eagle River Speedway
Eagle River, WI
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Result For September 02, 2016 
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Midwest Modifieds - Feature
1422T   Michael Truscott    Chippewa Falls, Wi35.00
261STAD   Jerry Grasse    Phelps , Wi33.00
3725A   Jesse Aho    Toivola , Mi32.00
457X   Duane Dunbar    Marenisco , Mi31.00
5999   John Kallas    Hurley , Wi30.00
61076   Jonathan Miller   Eagle River, Wi29.00
71265G   Frank Gasperini    Eagle River, Wi28.00
8824T   Jesse Raffaelli    Toivola , Mi27.00
9230   Guy Carley    Eagle River, Wi26.00DNF
1010   Clay Passuello    Ironwood , Mi25.00DNF
11347   Tad Schoonover    Eagle River, Wi24.00DNF
1211710   Josh Fleischmann    Iron River, Mi0.00DNS
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Street Stock - Feature
1373   Dustin White    Conover , Wi35.00
2126B   Brit Bromann    Eagle River, Wi33.00
345   Ryan Valeria    Rhinelander , Wi32.00
4265G   Frank Gasperini    Eagle River, Wi31.00DNF
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Pure Stock - Feature
17001   Jake Ison    Eagle River, Wi35.00
251   Don Scharf    Eagle River, Wi33.00
33838   Jason Eisel    Rhinelander , Wi32.00
4816   David Blackberg    Eagle River, Wi31.00
546   Isabelle Valeria    Eagle River, Wi30.00
6253   Louis Malluege    Merrill , Wi29.00
7621D   Dennis Lacrosse Jr   Rhinelander , Wi28.00
817J   Charlie Jackson    Land O, Wi27.00
910308   Kyle Schneider    Eagle River, Wi26.00
101173   Josh Kallas    Hurley , Wi25.00
11933   Ethan Holm    Crandon , Wi24.00DNF
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Micro Sprints - Feature
143T   Ty Springer    Eagle River, Wi35.00
2217S   Jerry Reif    Deer Brook, Wi33.00
316T   Tommie Jo Springer    Eagle River, Wi32.00
43777   Dylan Larsen    Shiocton , Wi31.00
5577   Denver Larsen    Shiocton , Wi30.00
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Junior Sprints - Feature
147D   Dayton Rein    Conover , Wi35.00
231STAD   Dustin Kangas    Phelps , Wi33.00
3511   Avry Corrigan    Escanaba , Mi32.00
427   Josie Reif    Deerbrook , Wi31.00
5610H   Haden Frazer    Escanaba , Wi30.00
6810   Chip Nevoraski    Minocqua , Wi29.00
7722   Elliot Corrigan    Escanaba , Mi28.00DNF
817Z   Aaron Towne    Boulder Junction, Wi0.00DNS
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