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Monday May 29, 2017
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Valley Speedway
Independence, MO
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Result For October 15, 2016 
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USRA B-Mods - Feature
12C3   Chad Staus    Otterville , Mo0.00
2511P   Jeremy Price    Independence , Mo0.00
3928S   Shawn Burns    Overland Park, Ks0.00
4323B   Curtis Berry    Raymore , Mo0.00
569T   Jim Blaine    Oak Grove, Mo0.00
61181J   Jeff Jackson    Liberty , Mo0.00
710711   Jessica Zuklin    Buckner , Mo0.00DNF
8413M   Kraig Maple    Independence , mo0.00DNF
91299M   Skyler Nolker    Richmond , Mo0.00DNF
10873   Bobby Grove    Blue Springs, Mo0.00DNF
11116R   Josh Reisdorph    Bates City, Mo0.00DNF
127926   Morgan Frewaldt    Garretson , Sd0.00DNF
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Outlaw Streets - Feature
11211X   Jerry Schmidt    Blue Summit, Mo110.00
21315   Nick Drew    Kansas City, Ks107.00
3160   Jimmy Ngo    Independence , Mo104.00
423X   Bobby Russ Wood    Rayville , Mo101.00
5300   Nick Whalen    Kansas City, Ks98.00
6844   Larry Mccrackin    Edgerton , Mo95.00
71028K   Chris Kircher    Drexel , Mo92.00
81127   Whit Boughan    Lone Jack, Mo89.00
959   Steven Littrell    Independence , Mo86.00
10770   Gary Wise    Blue Springs, Mo83.00DNF
11922   Joey Holdren    Lee's Summit, Mo80.00DNF
12415B   Steve Blake    Shawnee , Ks77.00DNF
13667   Devin Irvin    Cleveland , Mo74.00DNF
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Dirt Demons - Feature
1353   Austin King    Lone Jack, Mo110.00
21121   Eric Schmidt    Independence , Mo107.00
354B   Brandon Box    Kansas City, Mo104.00
428   Rocky Rhodes    Independence , Mo101.00
5787   Ron Feo    Independence , Mo98.00
6114   Jim Witt    Grandview , Mo95.00
7141J   Jessica Lane    Grandview , Mo92.00
8945C   Robert Razo    Riverside , Mo89.00
9424J   James Wagner    Bonner Springs, Ks86.00
101233C   Anthony Lane    Belton , Mo83.00
11133J   Jim Nelson Jr   Grain Valley, Mo80.00
121512X   Callaway Schmidt    Blue Summit, Mo77.00
13651   Aj Engle    Higginsville , Mo74.00
1485   Dj Barnes    Pleasant Hill, Mo20.00DNS
151045   Shawn Box    Kansas City, Mo20.00DNS
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Valley Sprints - Feature
1511W   Wyatt Burks    Topeka , Ks110.00
219   Casey Baker    Lone Jack, Mo107.00
3238   Cody Baker    Lone Jack, Mo104.00
4490   Riley Kreisel    Warsaw , Mo101.00
5624C   Craig Carroll    Collinsville , Ok98.00
6727X   Danny Thoman    Lexington , Mo95.00
7924   Kevin Risley    Collinsville , Ok92.00
81477H   Rob Hockett    Lone Jack, Mo89.00
91624X   Lanny Carpenter    Clarksburg , Mo86.00
101152   Dean Bowers    Knob Knoster, Mo83.00
11184M   Morgan Frewaldt    Garretson , Sd80.00DNF
121015B   Quinton Benson    Emma , Mo77.00DNF
13388   Chad Tye    Independence , Mo74.00DNF
141312   Andy Helm    Kearney , Mo71.00DNF
15893   Taylor Walton    Warrensburg , Mo68.00DNF
161221M   Michael Moore    Grain Valley, Mo65.00DNF
171576   Matthew Sharon    Barnett , Mo20.00DNS
181777   Clinton Boyles    Greenwood , Mo20.00DNS
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POWRi Outlaw Midgets - Feature
1128   Kory Schudy    Springfield , Mo110.00
2493K   Riley Kreisel    Warsaw , Mo107.00
32321   Chad Winfrey    Gladstone , Mo104.00
452L   Luke Howard    Overland Park, Ks101.00
577S   Pat Schudy    Springfield , Mo98.00
6648M   Rick Murcko    Iola , Ks95.00
7801   Bobby Layne    Kansas City, Mo92.00
8122   Jason Billups    Holt , Mo89.00
91110   Jason Walls    St James, Mo86.00
10160   Johnny Murdock    St Louis, Mo83.00
111984X   Shaun Shapel    Wichita , Ks80.00
12144   Beau Heavelow    Sibley , Mo77.00
131049   Clinton Boyles    Greenwood , Mo74.00
14344   Wesley Smith    Nixa , Mo71.00
1592K   Kyle Lewis    Spring Hill, Ks68.00
161377M   Paden Moreland    Bethany , Mo65.00
172013S   Matthew Sharon    Barnett , Mo62.00
181514   Brian Cobb    Overland Park, Ks59.00
19180A   Hunter Lane    Milo , Ia56.00DNF
20177RS   Merril Lamb    Iola , Ks53.00DNF
212115H   Tony Hudlin    Iola , Ks50.00DNF
22229   Cody Baker    Lone Jack, Mo47.00DNF
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E-Mods - Feature
1718   Cole Wayman    Lincoln , Ne110.00
2215E   Dakota Earls    Independence , Mo107.00
36007   James Bond    Kansas City, Mo104.00
4433J   Jeremy Curless    Grain Valley, Mo101.00DNF
5123B   Casey Burnett    Osborn , Mo98.00DNF
6515J   Jason Earls    Independence , Mo95.00DNF
7399   Emma Martin    Platte City, Mo92.00DNF
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