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Thursday June 22, 2017
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Merrittville Speedway
St.Catharines, ON
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Result For June 17, 2017 
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358 Modified - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
11225   Erick Rudolph    Ransomvile , Ny60.00
2628Z   Gary Lindberg    Ridgeway , On56.00
3106   Mat Williamson    St. Catharines, On52.00
4871   Mike Bowman    St. Catharines, On50.00
553RS   Ryan Susice    Ransomville , Ny48.00
6242   Pete Bicknell    St. Catharines, On46.00
7113   Chad Brachmann    Sanborn , Ny44.00
8908   Mark D'ilario    Smithville , On42.00
91938   Scott Wood    Thorold , On40.00
101315J   Tim Jones    Port Robinson, On38.00
11337S   Larry Lampman Jr   Port Colborne, On36.00
12196   Fred Carleton    Niagara On, On34.00
1314128   Todd Gordon    Ridgeville , On32.00
141747V   Phil Vigneri Iii   Elba , Ny30.00
151872   Tommy Flannigan    St. Catharines, On28.00
161541   Boyd Mactavish    Ransomville , Ny27.00
177777   Tyler Willard    St. Catharines, On26.00
18437D   Greg Panunte    Port Colborne, On25.00
191627   Jim Zimmerman    Lockport , Ny24.00
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Sportsman - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
177   Cody Mcpherson    St. Catharines, On60.00
2696B   Luke Carleton    Port Colborne, On56.00
3918R   Brad Rouse    St. Catharines, On52.00
448S   Justin Sharp    St. Catharines, On50.00
5816   Brent Begolo    Thorold , On48.00
61052   James Friesen    St. Catharines, On46.00
71120   Jay Mallory    St. Catharines, On44.00
81214   Chad Chevalier    Port Colborne, On42.00
93X   Chris Storm    Thorold , On40.00
101354   Mark Chiddy    Colden , Ny38.00
1152K   Rob Knapp    Niagara Falls, On36.00
121609   Trevor Wright    Smithville , On34.00
1329R   Tom Richau    Cambria , Ny32.00
14181   Robert Goulding    Port Colborne, On30.00
152074   David Flannigan Jr.   St. Catharines, On28.00
161768   Dave Dipietro    Ransomville , Ny27.00
172372   Gord Mcintosh    Smithville , On26.00
18133J   Robbie Johnston    Lockport , Ny25.00
191588   Chris Bellamy    Hamilton , On24.00
20148   Terry Larmet    St. Catharines, On23.00
211966X   Aj Custodi    Lewiston , Ny22.00
222519BB   Dean Scott    Beachville , O21.00
232275   Sean Dominey    St. Catharines, On20.00
242134L   Jeffrey Larmet    St. Catharines, On20.00DNS
252415   Adam Leslie    Port Colborne, On20.00DNS
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Novice Sportsman - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
1335G   Brandon Gruhl    St. Catharines, On60.00
223D   Dave Mamo    Ridgeway , On56.00
3434   Gregg Rauscher    Thorold , On52.00
45M7   Paul Cunningham    Niagara Falls, On50.00
5179   Scott Sonnenberg    Bethel , On48.00
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Open Wheel Lites - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
1807   Chris Watson    Niagara Falls, On60.00
21023   Jeffrey May    Mount Hope, On56.00
3108   Steven Beckett    Fonthill , On52.00
4916   Brent Begolo    Thorold , On50.00
574   Tyler Winger    Fort Erie, On48.00
6426R   Rj Pietz    Port Colborne, On46.00
7339   Marty Demoel    Welland , On44.00
8527   Rob Misener    Welland , On42.00
929   Chris Perry    Angola , Ny40.00
10116S   Ryleigh Sliter    Port Colborne, On38.00
111227W   Tucker Wood    Stevensville , On36.00
12617S   Ray Sliter Jr   Ridgeway , On34.00
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Hoosier Stocks - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
1428   Jim Lampman    Caistor Centre, On60.00
21149   Dave Bailey    Hagersville , On56.00
38M1   Rob Murray    St. Catharines, On52.00
43X   Billy Bleich Jr   Port Robinson, On50.00
5200   James Thompson    St. Catharines, On48.00
697X   Dave Small    Port Colborne, On46.00
7647X   Kyle Pelrine    Smithville , On44.00
81090   Vince Fargnoli    Niagara Falls, On42.00
91372T   Tanner Podwinski    Vineland , On40.00
10122COOK   Kevin Knapp    Port Robinson, On38.00
11723   Trevor Deboer     -36.00
121468   Robin Mortensen    Mt. Hope, On34.00
13596   Steve Shaw    Merlin , On32.00
14172P   Bill Podwinski    Caistor Centre, On30.00
1515211   Go Fast Teeple    Thorold , On0.00DNS
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4 Cylinders - Bobcat of Hamilton Feature
111114   Kyle Rothwell    Welland , On60.00
21517   Alex Riley    Thorold , On56.00
31010   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On52.00
467C   Cole Hardy    Welland , On50.00
51412   Tony Kelly    Niagara Falls, On48.00
6991   Olivier Larocque    Port Colborne, On46.00
71278   Leroy Buscumb    Welland , On44.00
8371W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On42.00
91616L   Lorenzo Mazzuca     -40.00
10838S   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On38.00
111911CT   Carrie Teeple     -36.00
121371   Garnet Wilson    Canfield , On34.00
131738M   Matthew Moore     , On32.00
14429   Jeremy Smith    Caistor Centre, On30.00
1572X   Tom Neale    St. Catharines, On28.00
16561   Chris Laskey    Welland , On27.00
17119   Trevor Want    Niagara Falls, On26.00
18213   Vincent Pagnotta    St. Catharines, On25.00
19184   Jason Coutu    St. Catharines, On24.00
202013M   Dan Mckay    Thorold , On0.00DNS
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