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Friday March 24, 2017
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Merrittville Speedway
St.Catharines, ON
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Result For September 09, 2016 
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4 Cylinders - LOWRS Feature
1312   Tony Kelly    Niagara Falls, On0.00
22X   Sam Iftody    Fenwick , On0.00
312X   Tom Neale    St. Catharines, On0.00
4416   Mike Sadusek    Niagara Falls, On0.00
51296   Alex Riley    Thorold , On0.00
6527   Nick Sarantokos     -0.00
7810   Jay Moulton    St. Catharines, On0.00
8613   Vincent Pagnotta    St. Catharines, On0.00
9112   Cole Hardy    Welland , On0.00
101011T   Go Fast Teeple    Thorold , On0.00
11913G   Gregg Lounsbury    St. Catharines, On0.00
121371W   Austyn Werstroh    Notl , On0.00
13717X   Kyle Rothwell    Welland , On0.00
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International Open Wheels Lite - TUSA Tour
161   Paul Klager    Beamsville , On0.00
2917   Josh Sliter    Ridgeway , On0.00
359W   Doug Williams    Central Square, Ny0.00
41023   Jeffrey May    Mount Hope, On0.00
5207   Chris Watson    Niagara Falls, On0.00
636   Rob Misener    Welland , On0.00
7126R   Rj Pietz    Port Colborne, On0.00
81308   Steven Beckett    Fonthill , On0.00
911811   Joe Garafolo    Oswego , Ny0.00
1088M   Mark Marcucci    West Middlesex, Pa0.00
111221   Rod Jones    West Middlesex, Pa0.00
1244   Tyler Winger    Fort Erie, On0.00
13753   Tim Anderson    Port Colborne, On0.00
141420   Vivian Jones     -0.00
151522   Craig Martin    Beamsville , On0.00
161627   Ray Sliter Jr   Ridgeway , On0.00
17176S   Ryleigh Sliter    Port Colborne, On0.00
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4 Cylinder Trucks - LOWRS Feature
1454T   Kyle Tomaski    Dain City, On60.00
2232A   Andy Imbeault    Port Colborne, On56.00
3513   Dylan Llord    St. Catharines, On52.00
46444   Danny Wurster    Niagara Falls, On50.00
571   Tony Spitery    Wainfleet , On48.00
6923   Craig Vlasic    Port Colborne, On46.00
7328   Mitch Dumont    Welland , On44.00
81086   Terry Ronning    Thorold , On42.00
989   Kevin Conley    St. Catharines, On40.00
101219   Tyler Puchalski    Port Colborne, On38.00
111112P   Emily Puchalski    Port Colborne, On36.00
1212V   Mike Toovey    St. Catharines, On34.00
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