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Friday January 19, 2018
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Legit Speedway Park
West Plains, MO
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Result For October 01, 2016 
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Bone Stock - A-Main
1314JR   Ethan Rushin    Poplar Bluff, Mo100.00
2208   Ray Chaney    Birch Tree, Mo95.00
3855   Joseph Thompson    West Plains, Mo91.00
4716   Kenny Underwood    Birch Tree, Mo87.00
5522   Davey Chaney    Birch Tree, Mo84.00
61013BW   Jordan Wilkins    Summersville , Mo81.00
7697R   Robbie Underwood    Birch Tree, Mo78.00
8111W   Junior Wiles    Ash Flat, Ar76.00
991/2G   Steven Crigler    Alton , Mo50.00DNS
10431   Bailey Harlan    Pomona , Mo50.00DNS
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Hobby Stock - A-Main
11188R   Chuck Russell    West Plains, Mo100.00
2811   Robert Nash    Eminence , Mo95.00
3751   Blaine Mattey    Mountain Home, Ar91.00
41526S   Will Smart    West Plains, Mo87.00
5955L   Lee Skinner    Moody , Mo84.00
6433H   Kaleb Herring    Hardy , Ar81.00
7692   Eric Lacy    Poplar Bluff, Mo78.00
81219   Chris Eash    Hardy , Ar76.00
9322D   Bub Duncan    Alton , Mo74.00
10144   Chris Murray    West Plains, Mo72.00
11599   Becky Alford    Poplar Bluff, Mo70.00
122180   Allen Mcchesney    Squires , Mo68.00
131711H   Billy Harden    Ava , Mo66.00
141098JR   Kevin May Jr.   Pomona , Mo64.00
151917   Stewart Pringle    Willow Springs, Mo62.00
161630   Dean Wilder    Doniphan , Mo60.00
1722   Kevin Collins    West Plains, Mo58.00
182065   Dennis Hammond    Mountain Home, Ar56.00
19181   Kenny Carroll    West Plains, Mo55.00
20138H   Donny Herring    Hardy , Ar50.00DNS
21188   Darren Fox    Mtn. Grove, Mo50.00DQ
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USRA B-Mod - A-Main
1111   Sawyer Crigler    Alton , Mo100.00
2434   Kaden Miller    Cabool , Mo95.00
3212   Blake Horton    Thayer , Mo91.00
4671   Jason Snodgrass    Mountain Home, Ar87.00
5375JR   Chad Tilley    Dexter , Mo84.00
6721   Justin Rigel    Thayer , Mo81.00
7510   Lonnie Judd    Caulfield , Mo78.00
8820M   Mike Mansker    Republic , Mo76.00
91011A   Cody Acklin    Calico Rock, Ar74.00
10993   Jay Croney    West Plains, Mo72.00
111219   Jaron Story    Willow Springs, Mo70.00
121104   Matt Howard    Willow Springs, Mo45.00DNS
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Super Stock - A-Main
1526M   Donnie Miller    West Plains, Mo100.00
2313   Chris Piper    West Plains, Mo95.00
3688M   Damon Mayfield    West Plains, Mo91.00
4196N   Jeff North    West Plains, Mo87.00
5413B   Ben Piper    West Plains, Mo84.00
6835DK   Herman Kelly    Birch Tree, Mo81.00
7263   Robert Bond    Thayer , Mo78.00
879A   Austin Vincent    Moody , Mo76.00
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IMCA Modified - A-Main
135   Jeff Taylor    Cave City, Ar0.00
2527B   Matt Barry    West Plains, Mo0.00
31D97   Daryl Hay    Doniphan , Mo0.00
442SLY   Shane Kelley    Jonesboro , Ar0.00
52129   Lance Stillings    Ava , Mo0.00
6873B   Brandon Walsh    Ash Flat, Ar0.00
7710R   Ricky Engles    Mt. Pleasant, Ar0.00
8625M   Tony Myers    Alton , Mo0.00
9914C   Jerry Croney    West Plains, Mo0.00
1010B12   Jordan Turner    Batesville , Ar0.00
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UMP Late Model - A-Main
1298   Justin Wells    Aurora , Mo100.00
2400   Jesse Stovall    Billings , Mo95.00
3312   Scott Crigler    Alton , Mo91.00
4166   Robby Moore    Brosley , Mo87.00
5533K   Kaleb Stolba    Willow Springs, Mo84.00
67F1   Jeff Floyd    Walnut Ridge, Ar81.00
71041J   Jarryd Holshouser    Boaz , Ky78.00
8841   Kanyan Methvin    Yellville , Ar76.00
91211   Tim Mevert    Marion , Il74.00
10990   Bobby Prosise    Neelyville , Mo72.00
111154A   Becky Alford    Poplar Bluff, Mo70.00
1262M   Carl Murphy    Caulfied , Mo68.00
13135   Randal Atchison    Eminence , Mo66.00
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