Thursday November 15, 2018
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SpeedNet Direct makes it easy for you to add race results, current point standings and upcoming event information to your website with our Results Feed System Links. It's easy because you only have to set it up once and the content changes automatically as we receive it from the track scorekeepers.

There are two ways that you can display this content. The simplest way is to use our default template page which features a black background and attractive SpeedNet Direct top banner. However, it's not too hard to set up your own template page to duplicate the look and feel of your website.

Either way, your syndication result feed pages are accessed by inserting the code for each link from the Generate Links page into your existing web page. You start by creating the text (or an image) for the link on your page, then just cut and paste the code from the link generator into the hyperlink properties and you are finished!

If you need help, e-mail our web support team and we'll take you step-by-step through the entire process.

Step A (Optional) - To create your own template page, open one of your formatted web pages in an HTML editor (Notepad, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, etc.). It should include your header, footer, menu bars, banner ads and any other page elements that you want to include, then insert the code #syndication_content# in the spot where you want the race results, point standings or schedule content to appear. You only have to create one template page because the content (results, points or schedule) is added in another step. Please limit the file size of your template page to 50Kb.

Step B (Optional) - To activate your custom template page, copy the HTML code of the page you created in Step A to the "Your Custom Template" box on the Add/Edit Template page. There you can also change the settings for the syndication results feed content font type, size and color as well as the color of the content area background to match or contrast with your existing web page. Then proceed with Step 1 to create links to your syndication pages.

Step 1 - Use an HTML editor (Notepad, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, etc.) to open the web page where you want to create the syndication results feed link. Go to the spot on the page where you want to place the link and type the link text (for example, "Click here for current Point Standings") or insert an image (JPG or GIF) that users can click on to take them to your syndication results feed content page.

Step 2 - From the Generate Links page find the type of link that you want (news, race results, current point standings or track schedule) and select the track or series from the drop-down menu. You can preview what the page will look like by clicking on the track or series name in the Direct Link window.

Step 3 - Copy the ENTIRE contents of the link generation box and paste it into your page code as the hyperlink property of the link you created in Step 1.

Step 4 - Publish the new page to your web (using FTP or similar method) and test it out. If you had that page open in a browser window, be sure to "Refresh" the page so you'll see the changes.

Step 5 - Repeat this process for each link you want to create!